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01-10-14 Saints Friday

Jan 11, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk with the fans about who will win and the factors involved; in the Saints vs. Seattle playoff game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right it's the final allowing me aware Rouse has gotten a cause get -- get -- as well give me your take on the Saints and the Seattle feels. -- to vote online at WW out dot com -- you word optimistic it is operated jaguar paid people. On the side to 601878866889. Zero rights and we all at a Rouse has come around Jonathan -- a look at things you want them to distort. In -- city 400 north Carrollton Saints color analyst former saint pokey guys' job -- now an unspoken focus days he was board the plane and hope. The Saints -- one thing you brought me is if you like the way they play last week but this week you had the continued to improve owner wrote. Oh absolutely -- you know it will -- -- and not take you know there was improvement in that Carolina gained. If you know you probably when needed and got that big monkey off your back -- got the W and that was. You obviously the most important thing so. Be -- to see -- -- do but I you've gone out and didn't come -- -- average right now about the weather for mark. And treat probably opportunities you're camera crew could days. But they are they're talking about the win tomorrow. Awfully tired PP ballpark -- feel because. But Davey if they're going to be got to -- the ball around the league usually take Olympic going to be up there pretty good for -- not only -- Back. Hate to wait for exactly approach it it'll hurt you have to -- Kuwait that the Seattle a broken baseball game two years. So he's not sure I was excited about the approaching RB get back it actually put that we get weather could be like that out horrible public -- back here. Deal maroth will from everybody else should be in the passing game. Yeah out okay and I think is stands to reason though you think fifty mile per hour because Scioscia look at. Twenty plus miles an hour as far as steady wins. And so at times maybe. You can't throw -- ball but it might be more conservative bone. Like the screen type play our. You know hit the guy in the flat or like a -- Ralph. Do -- not been working very well right that I did thank god how can you push it but. The question I have I wouldn't I'd be optimistic at all. Except what we did last we -- -- the -- at -- -- than those sea -- defense. Way better than they eagles' defense I mean then that bet -- an Eagles defense but I know it's all about confidence. When -- look at that we -- a voice coach Peyton was patient enough. That we ran 36 times had a 185 yards averaged five point one we didn't see any kind of game like that except for maybe the Cowboys. Over the Cowboys are about like the Eagles as far as an NFC's. And you know not stop and a run but you look at. What Ingram did and first of -- seven point three average. Occur Iran with a five point six Ingram. Was that five point four. And then you look at the end 97 yards and eighteen attempts and the reason why I'm so what do I encourage -- learned over it maybe appears optimistic as I am but. Well look -- -- up from a late they and then Mark Ingram has averaged six point four yards for carry. In Dallas and the saint past three games going into the Eagles game so if you look at it it the past four games. Marking him as that success running the ball and I think uniform. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The golf in Atlanta -- your faith faith in our net but it is your Buick being -- to make sure. But at some -- know be able. Maybe he talked teaching pro up a field obligations yeah okay -- Looked. But yet another bad -- encouraging faith but I mean I think you know is well as I'd do that when it -- she -- the running game. They don't they could be as. I I don't know pick for -- I. Is it -- -- wrote me. Ain't going to -- -- peace they will dictate the opportunity to run the football. Right now and they won't do it in -- you do it. Fish -- will flare route contract problem with the running -- -- -- -- -- -- generally about the -- got while protecting -- had not been working. -- as well as they have in the past and I'd certainly delighted with the see improvement that Mark Ingram is my eighth but let's face it. That Seattle promptly declined to pick a lot they would want that good people throughout the -- week if I'm not stronger. The year pick apart its -- running game that they if they can't do you pay because the improvement is definitely. -- encouraging. Oakland Mark Ingram is gone may feel it appeared promised back it's being game but what Kerry Robinson he's -- it certainly got to make you feel being. About the -- running game. -- -- -- my back relax strictly on that running game. And he would -- -- tactic -- to not be the Seahawks could mark a mark god why am I need yeah he'll get picked market this year. Are what they fade they could possibly be is there ever back in the league he's gonna run handle -- big. In March normally. Well no yeah I mean there's there's the reason that's why are you playing the percentages mean he would have. Almost thirteen hundred yards rushing for nothing at four point two average. To me that's it was amazing along go along with twelve touchdowns how we stopped them. Mean to hole in on the fifty yards I mean. And it I really was shocked I thought I -- -- that but obviously. When we turn over the ball they got that easy give -- -- touchdown you can't afford to do that. Who -- you look at it I think it is good this is Seattle deadly if they're trying to reach this goal. When you look at the at the fourth best rushing attack in the NFL they have or try to iron to 37 yards. Well I think it deadly in this the that -- By Seattle to give Marshawn Lynch. A chance to make plays at his feet so -- you would expect anything -- And -- I still think though it is gonna come down to. Boy can maybe the ball -- so weigh in and does feel on the plus side. In the earlier you don't feel we Indiana hey you know I think it's all behind me if we're minus two I think this -- -- blows out again. But if we get beyond that plus side -- I think we have a chance to win. Yeah Bobby you know it is good that they couldn't Seahawks tried first. You'll puke giveaways as far as there -- big big. They glad that we can take away yeah. I mean most guys -- unlikely. They don't -- kite when he completed turnovers they paid well we've had they create in me and they called it. You know the thing that was accountable maybe -- -- an opponent gave up being beat possibly Bears while I had four turnovers. Yet he had already and he threw four interceptions. Oh okay yeah eight EFA you know that guy they shocked me exactly exactly that's why to me it shows you know how style. The Cardinals -- defense says. Because does that they they put the woods on Russell Wilson Russell Wilson had a terrible game. And I and hopefully. -- he'd have that -- we came against us because really had our best game. -- -- this the ideal for us. He played here in the countdown -- people like to thank you. You know they're. I got paid I believe you gotta keep that -- outright. I think the angles that they were seen. I don't think they could be a book Bears game. If you get -- -- you break that she looked good for me because I can't get that did they could definitely. Paul got here because very few Seattle has proven now that you're not going to be people who. I'll say go and it's -- -- guys out hope have a break always felt good to mark the new. Okay -- -- all right visit WWL. Johnny and -- -- Saturday for the big battle. It's going to be video countdown to kickoff when -- get by you better than in the -- countdown to give up again. This Saturday at 130 bed by your -- I'm okay. The and welcome back he indicated anybody can do go there we ran routes as having a great town -- rounds -- -- -- the -- on Wednesday they were in mid city. On four and all count the -- -- Jonathan love 35 minutes here on Saints radio. If you get you know back to the phone to go Alex on line one thank you for calling debut February oh. Are you doing guys and Alex. I thought well what he wanted to say I'm optimistic about the Saints winning. I mean I'm David -- -- got quite -- seventeen victory -- by field -- but. The thing that got me confident about it is the Saints want to win it more than the Seahawks in my opinion. They're tired they're. They're kind of on the same level at all the info all tired you're saying stuff about the weather we're all sorry about the same stuff about how they can't play working adult it. -- ever really gone away as much as people might think right. Not from -- victory over the Eagles. But I'm I'm confident that their farm there like they've -- pretty much just wanna get this other way now they beat the Hawks. And then it's still there product they'll look and that's where -- where -- -- so maybe it was a fluke or something but. Comfortably -- relevant to lay out their data point to bring -- -- do we talk about it if he -- into big here because of all the tall task but a year run this table you go to and we all. You'd never had the evening about the road he -- you would get you read all either 11. Post season -- and ideas gets a wild card team that would be I think they would be the first five seed. To have a host in his current format -- appears he will post. The six -- -- be the first time I think that -- so a lot lot of things on well without question but to win on the road against this -- -- yeah you have to look at it why I think could be the greatest run ultimately going to win is doable but the reason why would be the greatest -- considering. You undefeated at home we got a win and and -- do anything on the road it if you look at it age you'd have to say that realistically that it wasn't even the same team. -- so frustrating because when you look at. Like OK well whatever it up -- lately though what do you do on the road what you do and at home though it has been it's been two different teams and so you would go. -- you being like that you would go all on the road. And then he beat because I think the 49ers are going to be Carolina hope Carolina went and I know we're better than them for sure. But if we can we beat Seattle and ain't gonna get an -- -- you gotta go to San Francisco. That you have to win in new yard inclement weather probably so -- either greatest to a bowl champs thing in the history. They NFL. And doing the -- -- of that is because but when you look at past six seeds that have won. They haven't had that -- -- Saints have had on the road you look at the Baltimore Ravens. You look at this Steelers whoever you look at the succeed and accomplish great things. Nobody has done what the Saints would accomplish on the road simply because. They were so dominant home undefeated. It's going 34 points at home vs only nineteen on the road yeah and it did you look at defense only given up sixteen points at home. First his point three on the road that you look at the turnover ratio. That we era plus six at home when you minus. It on the road -- to flip the switch. The flip the script so to speak of Elvis thank you beat Philadelphia. Seattle and even the winner are. But Carolina 49ers. The new voters who will bull and I just think Peyton Manning and the Broncos who always can accomplish. No other -- to be the greatest team ever. I don't know that's Gavin Edwards who -- let -- get -- night this time tomorrow I have a battle available but I think about the eyes. That bitten -- like to see gods on that right now and in Vegas. When you want players we have gone to the playoff -- win the dual role because who both Tony Awards ought to win it not put up he had the ability because so. Hey who knows in my in my -- year like that there is Jarvis said. -- time zone turnovers come in bunches ball we sure need that because. We've been the worst team in the NFL's Florida take away takeaways this week. Now whoever we get through -- I was walking around around sucking away the won't be no goal -- -- she's really cute young -- to a certain thing does go through here would it make a school fees for both of them. -- -- how I would like the halfback Ahmad Merritt got -- shaken that it -- just a big you know golf it makes up above now by the Tito entities both. I'll always get -- now and hope this book all you have these back on their tonight Bobby -- you'd yeah huge game. As takes place in ANC between the Indianapolis Colts and always seemingly at bay in the divisional round the New England Patriots. But Sosa the boys have been doing a Patriots jaunt just now Bob we'll topic earlier this week. You know in the in need Tom Brady Eric if not all that not only that in the playoffs. -- not only that it appears around and host of a game this has been in -- up and it's a true comfort level for Tom Brady doing the basic. Why is it -- has been guys and great to be with you. I'd like to hear more about those golf fish must've been a fantastic I think this week you've used the goldfish and every time I feel like it's lunch boxes -- -- -- Bob Bob Bob man's parents go go go -- -- -- if they get that they're irresistible. Out quick break this for a fourth straight year for example the Patriot to have the final wild card round to get to the divisional playoff and fourteen and four in their history at home. Now they have gone three entry in the last six playoff games going back to the wild card round after the 2009 season when really they were -- by the Baltimore Ravens but nonetheless. There -- comfort zone at Gillette Stadium. Especially with Brady quarterback is you know despite all the different parts that are coming on this thing. Now Obama I didn't realize this you know I'll -- the team of the decade. You know you go back the Steelers in the seventies 49ers in the eighties and what the Cowboys did and then nine he's been and this entry. I guess he'd have to give it to the Patriots. You know and then the past decade of success that I didn't realize. That the Colts the Colts had eleven. Post season appearances since 2002. -- that's the most in NFL that the Patriots have cannot and I thought I would I would admit that without would have guessed that would have been the Patriots. Yeah the Colts have won eight division championships I think at that time -- and -- anticipate -- actually won more division title for the Colts that you mentioned to have surpassed him in terms of the number twelve appearances. What's interesting to me. Is so. The contrast between the two organizations and they Politico won't along with Brady quarterback. They've changed many of the parts well they have whereas the Colts. After patient's injury of course a couple of years ago you know really -- and they they went through that to win. A debacle of this season but they've really rebuilt their roster and a great way they've brought in more than a 140 players on the active roster. But cheers complied and you know it's it's not. Like field goal in this event to watch team now and Antonio guys around them. Are new to this level whereas they could still out some -- -- is that one consistent guy back there. Now Bob when you look at -- Tom Brady's been able to do along with coach Belichick. That's why to me never can use injuries as an excuse. And I just talk about what they've accomplished. Considering. A lot of new faces like you mentioned. And then also the second part of that question is. What did they have and and plan and their game plan as far as to contain. Robert Mathis who led the NFL what a club record Nike knapsack. Yeah for sure you know that's going to be a focal point obviously for the offense I think you look at the Patriots first take that initial part of that question. This team has with that a lot of injuries to get to this point. Especially on offense early in the year and on defense late in the air. And not only of course injuries affect any offense but as well whether it's free agent departure like Wes Welker signed with Denver. Are of course the circumstances trotting someone like Aaron Hernandez I love -- county's losses since significant especially in the -- -- for the offense. Tom Brady has continued really I think. Still two weeks seventeen regular season at the end of the regular campaign. They get on the same page with a couple of those guys that are receiving -- because they're mentally changes since last year in the receiving corps for the Patriots. Whereas as well on defense it was a straight early in the year there was much continuity the first quarter this season -- -- -- the defense really was cut it. And they like Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly on the defensive lineman Jerod Mayo was injured as well. The line backing -- more recently reference spikes is really a run stopper a linebacker. Has gone down for them and they've had any number of players that played through injuries that they've had a lot of adversity. -- both sides the ball it more so with regard to injuries or early in the year and certainly a good defense decides late in the season. What are the things that they have done that a competent offensively. They've gone -- -- spread formation during the course of games the last couple contest with a very physical with both regular personnel. Pride and all that running back. They ran the ball very well against Baltimore. In the second the final game of the regular season and then really ran at will against the Buffalo Bills. In this season finale would Garrett want had a breakout performance in that game. He even really between them have had posted 15100 yards rushing one caveat that was -- both have had false security issues. The particular relate they got it to your country you guys to -- -- familiar with of course given his background his -- and Louisiana. Now Bob. Boy you know what I find amazing by coach Belichick -- You could be a great as dominant player as far as being an offensive weapon. And things like he has something in the works for you as far as game plan and how. They gonna come back you Saints fans remember I mean Jimmy Graham who was literally unstoppable. Until we went against the papers finicky Philly even. And how you know Saints fans you talked about -- them living on the edge in. And almost a borderline whether you could call a penalty ever play as far as illegal dog. Our past five yards but I tell me it's not a penalty they don't call it but that's -- Timmy. I'd be shot there's no way TY Hilton. You look against the Chiefs at thirteen receptions what that was tied the second both. In the NFL playoff game that that that Timmy I'd be shocked if -- Y Hilton gets off against the Patriots. He had I think so with just about everybody here -- CMO for bill Belichick's. Chang here as Patriots head coach has then take away the opposition's most effective weapon. And I think you know most famous -- what the Patriots did against Marshall all. Of course in New Orleans in the Super Bowl is is the one. Example that stands out more than any other that the I think the conventional wisdom. Locally is that a good -- it's gonna pick late July ill and who else from the Colts can beat them. It will be interesting to achieve so how significant -- role -- to leave plays in that regard because you mentioned how he shut out Jimmy grabbed. Graham that -- its side and if they can get very very athletic. Whereas hill and as small as he. Quit it's going to be -- what Americans were to leave to take him by his lonesome and jam the line of scrimmage and hold it up. So one expects a lot of combination coverages and safety help over the top perhaps through my agency Alfonzo would be better if he's cable boy if he's healthy enough to play. Tomorrow night they're sharing some of that burden of trying to contain few light on what one would think there's going to be bracket coverage the combination -- man. Along with -- for the Patriots. Against the Colts it's supposed to be very windy and rainy as well. And -- we make she gusts up to forty miles per hour -- at Gillette Stadium that could be huge factor as well because what -- it solid success colonial with people. Bob how can folks value on Twitter. -- -- -- -- And I and I who had a lower lip that I I really don't we felt much it's extremely in -- full in -- say you know it's it's. If it's a part of the business but I'm I'm still. Getting my head around I know -- social media is on the present -- got to be really well versed in that. But tell -- If you're looking for anything tremendously insightful on the Patriots are accurate hit a regular pregame photo for example on -- Gillette Stadium yet but I'll I'll be sure to keep that -- -- if I come across any goldfish are. Oh on -- -- as well. Absolutely one of the best in the business folks the boys at the New England Patriots Boggs host Bob always a pleasure to have a great call tomorrow night. Derek thanks so much trial we appreciate that go to the phones we go getting your take your optimistic about tomorrow night's game but tomorrow evening's game. But this -- to see so far are you a little. I guess you'd say worried. We'll go to Tony down under in Australia I'll visit from Tony in Australia on line six Tony thank you for calling WW it. All the big guys it was make. They're Central Asia armed initially to monologue. All I gotta get after -- easier side and then. This thing endless time with a seasonal alone yeah. And then the other three woods from the east discipline we've got a fourteen year old right we can't afford to get back which -- -- -- the ball. And we can't afford you can live for -- and prefers him. Well you know that that's could be crucial but Tony when you look at it like you think going forward that. You know while we can average. Four yards -- -- -- easier said than done but -- we can be anywhere. Knit group are against the Eagles Joseph average of five yards let's say four yards a carry. And now I -- we rushed the ball thirty times. Like out chances alive. And obviously what you gonna do on third down that could be critical. You know third down offense and defense. If you would go last time the Seahawks lost. At home -- and that was to the Cardinals at the end of the season seventeen to ten. Third -- -- -- -- crucial look down really for both teams. You know -- all of it was only six of 1932%. But this field to only two of thirteen 15%. And where you look at the first time around the Seahawks right 50%. Get 'cause I think there were seven of fourteen on third out so. When you look what's happening to a third on you force in punt. Are you playing field position. You know ball control and and at the -- flooding the court as you do going to be a tough close game. And they just possessed the ball. I've said this earlier this is unbelievable. Time of possession with the saint or second best right now on the NFL. But the Cardinals had the ball basically 37 and a half minutes. To the Seahawks 22 and a half and they'll want seventeen to ten you might have to play and I kind of gave considering the conditions. It just went in the trenches. It would be disciplined got to bring this thing we've -- we've got -- -- people like purely. I'm disciplined penalties yet it because of week where we can push back -- Have to look up we might -- them and we we -- our -- and we can't afford to keep them free yardage. No doubt that this. And you know Tony arguments and -- always good to hear from Vienna to all right Tony thinks that a colleague he had the thing is penalties. We can't have a good play are great playing at all like it's holding. You know they're going. You you gotta be kidding me because Dallas another area where to -- all shot themselves in the foot. They had nine penalties for 102 yards against the Cardinals. And and you don't let them have the penalties the other day that the difference in the game. So a lot to me it's just call on both sides call a tight game if its past five yards it's illegal contact. Arts Holden but don't let him get -- just called a penalty yup and it then I think he'd be just call it -- on both sides. I think -- definitely -- -- -- the -- even know what the wind conditions similar because. Out teams have been able to slow us down. Is splendid play more aggressive in the -- don't. Call it tight game when you -- on their first couple called in tomorrow maybe a second cup that's when saints' coverage starts them on 9 AM John Bobby a big -- Bobby Davis and myself as we will be at Lamar Ford -- the picks so. In Canada starting at nine located noon anyone had things all took. Fans first take with Jumbo Steve call it common -- they'll follow is also their from noon to 130 at the very same location of the ball forward Kenneth. They want thirty will go down into the French Quarter -- by you broke up 503 -- street the world famous for its quota. Pull off the -- like countdown to kickoff they'll and I'll talk game day crew Christie Garrett -- guys -- and the Boston saint Jimmy Anderson. Bring you this Saints in the Seattle Seahawks. Battle by the point after -- beanie seafood in the world famous -- its -- -- towels over ten hours at least that much. Are All Saints radio WWL welcome back Sam PM rob Phillips. Gabriel mix and the risky policy where Ralph is a big event for the divisional game between the Saints. And the C I'll put on out soon as you walk into the books have faith right up to the right here at -- -- -- did a beautiful big city knew all about saint radio. WWL. And welcome back always good to be out around those guys kind of -- thank you all for coming out and John Garcia put sports talk wanna thank mr. Albert Smith is this Sosa's short director. Also we want to thank Scott blow it in the entire staff out here at Ralph -- -- thought -- -- -- location to have a custom and policy made it and of course the round. Family here and -- -- It's the saints' radio WW IA MF MA dot com are you optimistic. -- little worried about tomorrow's match up against Seattle. To the phones we go let's go to fill up on line 50 available about this big optimistically worried they go obviously worth bill thank you for calling WW real. -- included NBA yes. A couple of -- -- you at all and asking about strategy for winning the cons about whether she can run up. Were you blow your blow -- bad you would be I want to figure out. I want to me and my back in the fourth quarter. You know would with a -- Rather -- we got to win -- you back and have a chance to win maybe in the fourth quarter I guarantee you letter grade point -- because I think death could be. Whoever wins the coin toss but his Pete Carroll. Is that whether you receive are are you play defense first there's could be who as that wind and I you wanna play the wind so. Throughout the goalie -- So that he could get scenario -- -- at this -- win. She did you are an option. In the second hand you know I thought I would get work. Seattle though -- area that's about that's Bardem -- to figure out knock them they -- about this now. -- it it don't lift probably gonna stay confident now what's the outcome of the Pacific Ocean. Coming up -- the last I don't know how the configuration Rivers stadium. But it's not all of a sudden. Good they changed I think it's going to be constant weather. I don't know if it's like one is still to the other arts like across the field -- all that comes at the plate now I do you know. That. I would think that Sean Payton. Would want to have the wind at his back -- case. You have to win in that fourth quarter I mean he just stands to reason that the closeout game. That you won every advantage you can have it big game he is close it off field goal type game. Obviously have to feel look I gave you what you win and that was the way to give back to you can't kicking game winning field goal. So I bet they do what you said that the strategy yup that's deadly I think if Pete Carroll think in the same way that's gonna come in the play. What do you receive you know you deferred until the second half thank you thank you. -- the call to grab a -- rock bottom line for rob thank you for calling WW well. I know that there are firm and it's gonna prove. Threw off. Green to the fairway and ended -- do you paying his we think that we can get paid to Europe senior Jeremy -- did. Well I -- out -- thank you for our Robin I think a lot of people do have fate in this thing -- that. That did not so optimistic and blinded that you did think. If you truly objective that we get a blowout the Seahawks on my thing. That they can't happen but. You would think that is going to be a hard fought close game even at the Saints do it I mean he's still going to be positive in. And you look at playoff experience that I Drew Brees over Russell Wilson. None out Russell Wilson has played unbelievable. You look at his -- -- -- -- second season with the Seahawks and and they know what he's done in the Drew Brees has won a Super Bowl and if you look at think -- Griese. Eighteen help we play better. If you look at many through we're just under 47 yards in that loss that was diffuse thing in any game. Since the 2006 season. So I guess I got KC drew haven't. That tied the game back to back I get. The Seattle Seahawks in there when you look at it. I don't see. You know Russell Wilson. I haven't -- kind of game he had looking carry the ball eight times 47 yards youth extending plays throwing the deep ball. He was four -- five on deep completed -- a sixty yard is that -- and a 59 yarder to Doug Boland. If you look at and -- and what he did this year. At -- it was only two times you know we usually Drew Brees throw at the 300 yards. We look at Russell Wilson he only did that two times you pass supported creating yards this season. And then double with ironically the first game against Carolina week one. When they won twelve to seven and then he had an unbelievable game against the Saints when he went 22 of thirty. But three are -- yards and three touchdowns. And and no interceptions but I have a look at as what have you done for me lately. And now look at the end this season since the Saints game he averaged only 171 yards a game. 57 point eight completion percentage in the final four games. Compared to is 63%. But the season. And Bob by the way in those final four games he was also sacked fourteen times so hopefully I'll hopefully we can get after which you when you go lead they -- darn. I think up front line. And they can't jargon and they've done that along with Toni -- You -- have a twelve sacks -- more. Would visit -- and -- that it don't lead again after Russell Wilson at least three or four times Biloxi took him on line at 3 PM thank you for calling Doug. Do you have an elite eight everybody it's very eerily our radio newsman. -- thought he would hurt that the -- through the fourteen point underdog and all that nobody. Nobody nobody is that big he's taken the high line -- -- -- it -- -- ten point favorite over San Diego's a kid and have the end no longer let me point -- Webber may now have eight I don't know. Don't know how much they're -- they're able to balance our notes. That -- -- a few little. Wales thing is not gonna play in BP mile an hour away and like I Drew Brees is going replace. Oh well over yup we got to contain him actually his second season and yeah what really got to contain him in the pocket we cannot let him. Extent plays because that's would be dead. You know getting out the pocket sees one quarterback when he gets out. He's that look it just a run. He might drop back if you bust than there even though he's extending the police still reading the coverage they're trying to make plays though would his arm. And so we got to get him in the pocket and I know one thing. We can now let Marshawn Lynch get all good to Marshawn Lynch. As a big game does that make Russell Wilson better now the first game we start shut down Marshawn Lynch is the Russell Wilson's credit. -- probably created the played his best game in a field uniform against the things absolutely that's the case he can't embodying bad big Bellamy will come back in. A rabbit up talking about the Saints and the Seahawks are here are Saints radio interview. -- And welcome back he is Bobby -- a big -- -- that just instigated sit tomorrow. The good you've been living in Dallas and that we that we had failures. They're going to better down if I know we do win knowing well I found this thing in my bag. So -- adding your pocket and has also then have -- run black eagle on the -- blows things. Right about where you have now lawyers yeah -- can last a while we can you I did it we need use it again. But I do -- is doable we do need to use it again was not picked up tomorrow morning at 9 AM bright and early. Out of Lamar for the -- thought he'd get a Bobby myself anti Bob -- there will be would he gathered -- allowed look from Christie Garrett in Seattle -- -- the ground a future column format. And also have a best sixty -- will follow us from noon to 130. At the big store he can't -- forward with fans first take it 130 come on down the the world famous for its -- the volume -- At 503 -- streak at Saint Louis in the quarters will be there for the fun night countdown to kick off well and -- talk game day crew. What 335 kick off at the point after eight eating seafood in. The French. And you don't because this device faith fans he put your head on the pillow tonight why. You'd be optimistic because you look NFL history not so much Saints history. But it just shows -- parity in the league that. That if you look at the history of the twelve to six feet. Now since 2005. The sixth seed in the post season with -- to the number one seed has won six out of eight games. Phillies 62. Saw that as I was thinking went like oh we're gonna shock the world all that and and you know it on the let's get expect this to beat Seattle that's why we and eight point underdog. But it has haven't before -- can happen. We just don't need to shoot ourself in the foot right we can't afford. To have a tie the game like we had against Philadelphia where we -- minus two it's still in the game. We got to be on the plus side I think -- field today good in the Saints to win. Well played game if they can have a one game that's why I'm optimistic that the ball's gonna finally you -- -- where we get some breaks. Had a cadets in gone all right now had a 1053. Coming up but just a moment. You stick around Sam by you bought 52 AM married to -- will continue to conversation and I -- -- -- He's got a good perspective on a -- -- -- out and their Pacific northwest area for me to use it if you take his take on the Saints. And the Seattle Seahawks who won I think everybody out of mr. Alex Smith -- associate assistant or director mr. Scott -- And the entire staff I -- the rounds on the -- Kelton -- -- -- -- -- that have a copy the entire -- family. Beckett studio we wanna think Derek and -- and down Haynes and all excited to be a butch and Casey out.