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01-10-14 Scoot Saints vs. Seattle Show

Jan 11, 2014|

Scoot talks with listeners about the Saints vs. Seattle nfl playoff game;where they will watch the game, and what the Saints have to do to win.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I am so excited that things are getting ready for their playoff game in Seattle against the Seahawks tomorrow and that's what we're gonna talk about on the show tonight. Now we have an abbreviated show because this time -- your party nights beginning at 1030 we carry special coverage of an NFL playoff show. And that's gonna come up it's at 1030 tonight but between now and then we're gonna talk about the saints and if you wanna join us with your thoughts your feelings your prediction your comments. Our numbers 26 so when he seventy toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text numbers except creativity so we've got some rain on the way for its gonna move through here you just heard -- or don't don't talk about how. I looks like it's gonna be out of here the rainbow should bring to be on your point nine or ten tomorrow. However there is some -- around tonight and if you happen to be in some fog and you wanna call us and give us an update our number is 2601870. If you have somebody in the car with you a designated tax -- you wanna send me text don't do this if you're driving especially in the 400. Our -- numbers 87870. Let's just alert those people who are gonna be out driving we're the thought might be taken alive I don't know if it -- if it's really have your ticket any area right now. But this time of year the fog can be happy. Just a couple of reminders. -- put on your head your bright lights. Dan actually reflects more of the glare from the farm the lights back in your eyes. So while it might seem logical if you're having a hard time seeing to put on your bright lights do not. Put all your bright lights. Also there is this continuing Kosovor controversy about hazard lights. Do not. This is not coming from me this is coming from state police. Do not turn on your hazard lights if the vehicle. Is movie. If you were moving so slowly and waiting for a place to get over navy -- But your hazard lights are not to be used if the car is movie that should designate a car that is. Stopped. And if you if you feel like you have to put these hazard lights on while you're driving then I would suggest that you pull over and and get out of the flawed. Because you're not supposed to to use a hazard lights and again a lot of people feel Michael like in -- because if you put your hazard lights on. Somebody could come up on you and think the third that your car is stopped. They could slam on their brakes. And that could cause a chain reaction of accidents. And and you might get away with with nothing because you're driving along and everybody else behind Jewish involved in a a terrible accidents so you know let's all get together is as human beings at times like this and and and -- the wise thing. I just don't you sure don't you sure you -- like to bless your stopped. Now we're also hearing about the weather in Seattle. Now earlier in this week that would muscling in for Angelo we talk to miles Montgomery from our sister Entercom station the -- of Seattle KI SW miles Montgomery. And and he was talking about how of 100% chance of rain and having lived here I understand that a 100% chance of rain doesn't always mean. Heavy rain in Seattle 100% chance of rain could simply mean. Light mist however it looks to see if there's a very strong front moving through this gonna bring some heavy rain. Colder weather. And a lot of wind. However from from what I heard for miles yesterday eight years a good possibility that the wind will. We'll stay with a brain would come to an end. By game time before we get into tonight's top later date let's go to the -- we right now Austin choices on WWL Austin is -- plug in the Cosworth. Yes it's you know it's pretty thick they got a thought about three miles -- -- -- waves up to go. The medicinal user can't -- -- -- just when you do this can't book yourself but outside on what -- headed -- about them. And it's it's pretty stopping -- -- -- so you. Okay we'll be be careful and just to give yourself a lot of space between you and the car in front of you and that's what everybody should do but I appreciate the update Austin. Yes sir. -- People with bad stretch -- that's what aggravating it that's improper driving there's probably. You know and -- I guess -- this this kind of mentality that as somebody feels like twelve you know like I'm special like gonna put my my hazard lights on when you're in the same situation with everybody else why should you have your hazard lights -- I really I don't -- to drive safely at a place called. I here's a text funny Carrey -- way is getting pretty sick. Here's another checks this August getting pretty bad around Hammond. Another six or go through Slidell if you go into the North Shore causeway is one lane and nobody wants to go over twenty miles per hour. Here is another to actually get short -- today but I just wanted to run through some of this Fargo updates. Information. I here's another text all of the North Shore. The fog is everywhere. It's not as bad in the urban areas. And I downtown I mean I like I can see some -- -- my friends there at the top cancer they're playing a speckled tees in Slidell and then Robin the guys are probably getting their right now because they start playing it. At 9 o'clock. So we don't drive carefully you're heading to the speckled -- -- your relief if you're driving anywhere there's a checks the southbound at the causeway seems to be fine. If you're coming to New Orleans go ahead and take the causeway begin if you wanna join us with. Some information about the fog -- something that you wanna remind people about in the fog assisted the great thing about life radio we all bond together. And hopefully we can help each other -- Through situations that are sometimes a dangerous and I I guess some people just don't always know how to act. But people don't always understand the rules of the road and don't wanna give -- the rules of the road is don't use your hazard lights unless. The vehicle. Is stopped also if you have a designated texture in the car you ought to shoot this text it's 877. It's time for tonight's topic today -- the choppy things we'd like you know which we begin our show tonight a WWL. Number eight. We're talking about the saves tonight our top later date will be dedicated to the saints Seahawks playoff game tomorrow in Seattle. For less than 44 hours away from the kickoff. The Pacific northwest seismic network has installed two additional monitors at the stadium in Seattle. To determine if the crowd noticed the twelfth man. Creates enough noise and enough vibrations to register as an earthquake. And it's happened before when Marshall and lynch went on that 67 yard touchdown run against the saints in the playoff game. For 2011. It actually registered one to two and a I think -- the richter scale. So now they've got two extra monitors. To determine if there's going to be enough seismic activity to register as. An earthquake. And I'm kind of wondering if if Rob Ryan would cause the same effectively starts jumping up and down -- sidelines. -- number seven on tonight's list the top eight at eight. A restaurant in Seattle has created a special Seahawks cocktail and I thought I'd share this with you. Two ounces of five tequila. Infused with green Skittles. -- just think about this for a moment tequila. Infused with green skilling -- green is who wanted to property colors of the Seahawks. Green and that says that certain blue they have. Particularly -- -- -- -- skills. You know when I'm not finished but that sounds bad enough. Then you throw in some some cultural. -- sour mix garnish with green skills and a mini twelve million flag. Now you know that just that just sounds like. Yakking waiting to happen. Let's hope the only drink it really fits the mood of the Seahawks after the game. Is one. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A police officer from a Seattle suburb that was disappointing 2012 for a shouting profanity during a drunken incident at -- Seahawks game. -- is now resigned because there's an ongoing investigation into a drunk driving incident. Back in November. They see I can't imagine any of our police officers in the series being involved in anything like that number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Psychics don't seem to agree on who will win the saints Seahawks playoff game tomorrow. And you would think that the psychic powers in the psychic -- would not be biased. But there's a pattern of psychics from New Orleans predicting the saints will win and psychics from Seattle predicting the Seahawks will win it. I Indian art show tonight we'll have a couple of examples of psychics here in psychics they -- with their different predictions but you know it it. It's not that you should maybe have been -- to this point but it really kind of make you. Wonder about the validity of the whole psychic world this if psychic powers are or bias based on where they emanate from. Net before her in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. An article the Seattle times says that feed the Seahawks are loved in Seattle but their hated outside of Seattle Seahawks territory. The article points out that the the descriptions of the Seahawks are cocky and arrogant. And a -- flaunts its successes. But some of the players say that they're just they're just content. This article is by -- student Larry stone. The Seattle times and here's part of what he says if you're like most Seahawks fans I know bandwagon variety or otherwise you think this team is pretty darn cool. A bunch of likable engaging fellows who do good work in the community and her throat and throwing stuff on the field. But there is a different narrative developing with those who resides outside of the Seahawks sphere of sick infancy. Now how you know I know Seattle's who well read market. How would they have used the word sick infancy. It's fear of sick of it see it in a local paper here sick of NC is. Is a sequel yes flattery. And down the net that they're requires us to define its secrets of a -- as is just it's like is just going overboard if you. If you show. A sequel his love for somebody you do eat it yearly figures like too much in love with them it's safe seats to -- -- say it's it's overbearing so. We're talking about a sequel is flattery. It's -- and it's flattery. To try to win the favor over influential people so. These fear of sick of concede is what they described the Seattle area is being Golden Tate believes the Seahawks are a team of -- common passion. However -- in the Washington Post columnist Norman Chad. Wrote a piece on the Seahawks. And he wrote nobody on the Seahawks just makes a play and goes back to the huddle. They are chirping. Preening like a bunch of look at me I'm the baddest man on the planet show voters. But from the Seahawks golden -- disagrees. He says when we make a great play you know we have a lot of emotion and I think that's what separates us from other squads because we have a lot of emotion. And we love the game so much. We have -- you have guys who are really trying to do the best they -- may be for someone who's never played the game for someone who's just watching from the outside. Maybe it does come off as a little arrogant or cocky but for us. I just feel like. The preparation we put in the work we put in for months and months and months. And really our whole lives with something great happens why not celebrate. Now you do remember that. And I believe it was it was this sea hawk I think it was Golden Tate. Who I didn't he intercepted a pass and he was he was he was running by the don't I guess who's running by the defenders and he ran for touchdown. And he was playing that they were playing the -- remember when he waved goodbye he wasn't the -- yet he was waving goodbye to the defenders. -- its. It's rather obnoxious so let's watch for the young cocky arrogant obnoxious play but the Seahawks tomorrow hopefully we won't get them to reason too many reasons to be cocky. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at H. If there is a capital of political correctness. That capital. Is Seattle Washington. Further advancing that image or radio station in Seattle has produced. And passed out. Twelfth woman to rally towels. To give equality to the designation of the twelfth man. Of the home crowd. They called the crowd the twelfth man. And in the interest of equality and political correctness. Radio station has handed out twelve woman towels. And as I say if there's a political correctness capital in America it is Seattle Washington. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A couple of Seahawks fans have produced a rap song and video that is going viral it's titled better. A Seahawks Santa. And a lot of video that features the Seahawks recent victories over the saints. Now imagine how stupid this song's gonna sound if the saints beat the Seahawks in fact I'm gonna make a -- replace some of the -- effect here's just a little while you're just a little sample. Of this is new -- -- it actually. I have to admit it's. It's pretty good you know -- sometimes fans get together and -- do song sometimes this stuff is really really cheesy and bad. This this as a rap song this isn't too bad but he here's here's part of this. Seattle rap song about the game coming up tomorrow. Hi so I've got coming up and showing just a little while I'll play a little more events and and I wanna remind you that -- if the saints win enough I'm gonna play that Monday night. Here on the -- show. Because that rap song if the saints win if he's gonna sound like they're really really stupid however I have to admit. It's not a bad rap -- And finally tonight's number one. On tonight's list and the only -- the. There are three types of friends who essentially. Which one are you. That's the title of this to blog tonight it's on our website at WWL dot com you can reader didn't share with others and a pick out what kind of thing and you walk. -- kick off is less than 24 hours away. And as we've we think about the types of fans or are they or those saints fans who are predicting a blowout. They'll there might be a blowout but at this point to protect the blow out really -- -- gets a little premature. Then there are the Seahawks fans and much of the national media that believe the Seahawks are gonna totally dominate the saints again. And essentially get the saints no chance of victory in Seattle. And that is a ridiculous. Observation. Then that there are the fans in a few in the medium that understand this is a playoff game in the NFL. And the strong bias for one team or another is founded more in fanatical thinking of fans. Rather than realistic thinking. As I said all this week going to be WLI I think the stage is set for the saints to beat the Seahawks tomorrow in Seattle. And I know how motivation can be derived from being the underdog and that is a very very powerful thing. And when you're expected to be the favorite there's more pressure on -- and you know in life in general if you're the underdog think about the times in your life. Whether richest sports are in it and some other. This situation your life. When you've been the underdog. And didn't just want to pick it up and prove those people wrong. This is a really strong motivating factor. And there are documented cases where. These individuals have shown extraordinary. Restraint and it really ability. Beyond their capacity. To respond to certain dramatic situation so it demonstrates the power of the human factor of emotion. And at this level of the NFL -- it it is softened the intangibles rather than the match -- in the records of the teams and how this team is doing here. You know you can really kind of throw all the stuff out of the window. Because a lot of it comes down to. Emotion. And also if you're if you're one of those types of fans. That is. Just so -- following the saints blowing out the Seahawks four. The saints not even having a chance. Then you really set yourself up for a great disappointment. If the outcome isn't. What's your unwavering prediction is. I will talk about this on the showed right what what type of fan are you and the editor and there are those few saints fans who say you're not really -- -- stand if you don't believe if you don't believe that. I think the saints are gonna win. But nobody should be shocked and surprised if the Seahawks win. And you can't be so blind to say that the Seahawks are not a very good team a young and talented team and they're playing at home. So. It's not stupid to to hope the saints win. But to actually think you know there's no guarantee but yet they are people aren't going to be a blowout to say death. Well that's what you believe in your heart and that's and that's OK but that is not. Realistic. Anyway this good blog three types of fans which one are you and it talks about period the game tomorrow. And it's on our website at WWL dot com for -- to our opinions if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight's our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. Text number is 877. This is this good show live on a Friday night from New Orleans. And -- WL. Later in the show and again we have an abbreviated show tonight run until 1030 because this a time of year during the playoffs -- WW -- special. NFL playoff programming that begins at 101030. But a little bit later in the show I've. I want it and go over parts of personal blog that I wrote for our web -- to -- to -- -- dot com. December 3. 2013. The day after. The Monday night loss it's titled tough loss. But get over it so -- real live a little bit of how we felt right after their game as as as fans. And I'm I'm sure you've heard what I've heard the daddy is -- this coming from some of the players. -- coach Payton told him after that game in Seattle after that embarrassing Monday night loss. Remember how you feel right now. Because we're coming back to Seattle. And indeed. We're back in Seattle. If you wanna join our show with a -- -- we're talking about the saints Seahawks play -- game tonight between 01030. And will be more on that in the NFL special starting at 1030 our number is 26 so. 1878. Told 38668890870. In a text number is 87870. From perera Larry -- WWL a good evening. Maybe. -- -- -- all our prayers are a couple of questions though. Who are -- referees or two more games to you know no I don't know. Well here. And I think we all hope for the same thing and then that is that that they're fair and you know Larry our our our sub conscious minds are so. Powerful that. There're there're so many things about our subconscious that did that people don't. Really understand. But I I can't help but think that there are a lot of situations. When officials as objective as they try to be. Are not objective and they they've they favor. Certain teams in certain situations and I would think unfortunately that if there is a subconscious bias. Is on the part of the referees it's going to be toward the Seahawks. Group possibly is that we hope it's their -- verification that -- We hope you know you're like her some room out there spurs fan but who knew what happened rare. -- -- this brings us back to the question that that I talked about and that is it soon may -- NFL officials should be. More a publicly accountable. For blatant mistakes that they make. Because right now there -- so protective. Here like in this is protected ivory tower they're not accountable to anybody. And they really should be held accountable and and I think it would makes fans feel a little better if they knew. How ref -- were reprimanded -- if their work if they were consequences for. Doing a terrible shop in a situation especially those situations that can determine the outcome of the game. We all should be accountable for our actions at work and I just don't get the impression that there's enough accountability for the officials. Here are great you know -- -- that -- would get a fair shake her and hopefully you know that's -- -- tomorrow so you know. Larry giving another thought about the game -- she's thinking about. What's gonna happen tomorrow in Seattle. I don't know -- -- all -- -- everybody's talking about but this could be really while. Or someone you know have a little. I don't know it's just going to be one way or the other there's this in this whether operators there so the whole thing you look okay. -- do you like GTG kinda just kind of blow off those -- those stands and say God's gonna be a blowout for the fans as say all the saints don't even have a chance -- -- this is the NFL it's a it's a playoff game if you really can't make that prediction that it. It intelligently. No you gays and nurturing term about things will be no -- -- it was nowhere does it. It's going to be close and but I can't fully close. Larry village told the show and they're gonna say it's. -- from Biloxi now as you're under the WL. What's gone off Rupert Tom -- but I am very listed below thanks to. This ancillary. What's been the -- for tomorrow's game actually. A native of Louisiana granted a village to. Guy by the name of Somalia McCauley TDs is yet to be here or did he give us a break. Well. I hope he took a break. But I -- operated very but he does have pretty bitter under the microscope you know could they get downgraded. If they do you know so any sort of fired. I'd like to know more about that in maybe the information is out there and I'm not really paying attention to it but I'd I'd like to I'd I'd like to. I as a fan I'd I'd like to know when officials are are really seriously reprimanded for these these blatant calls that are. Are terrible when I mean I'm I'm judged by what I do -- my job why shouldn't they be judged and held accountable for mistakes that they make and their job. They are they actually get downgraded you know appear remember I think it was -- or duke go away enough are we made a terrible mistake in the home. You know -- attempt -- years this you know -- back up to the status where he can appreciate. Well. Flights gets good to know and I'd I'd like more I'd like more publicity I'd like the NFL to be a little more forthcoming with that with the fans because I think that would really benefit the credibility of the game. Yeah a bomb but who operates and I was thinking about what it -- a coach Payton decided that the other guys you know could. I think it's been with both gonna beat Carolina you know I mean even expert sustain economic at this date you know their flight with a full deck now. What I was pretty may thirteenth. You know or this Seattle and the campus this boat trip and they are aware wrote -- the look psychological -- what do you think. I think that would be you know the other thing about that is it's it's like you already that you're giving a confidence because you're saying hey you know what. Let's just pack for -- Cisco because that's where we think we're of course you know Carolina could win the game I would rather the saints play Carolina in Carolina that place ever Cisco in severance Cisco. But I think the 49ers are going to be the Panthers. I hope I I hope they don't but I think they will. There you're already make the trip duke Carolina that -- I am glad you called -- -- thanks holistic. If you enjoy initially with your comment -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688908. Stephanie. The checks numbers 877 they also want to remind you throughout their driving in the fog going across the causeway from the North Shore pure enough. -- of the volume in an area where there's a lot of -- drive carefully. Don't use your flashing lights unless your vehicle is stopped and don't use your bright lights here's a text -- it's sitting here in Seattle. We should be OK. As long as we play our game of who -- that's from the saints fan in Seattle from -- Josh your own skewed shown to be WL. There's still pretty good evening out. I don't care if you shoot -- prairie tour anybody -- somewhat reply just to. -- and sometimes you have to look it's like winners and I don't know it would. You know what -- are generous worker issue. Don't tell us what the right now where it's it's probably it will be all right. Precious jobs just out of the ordinary for members and there's Europe's traditional light. It's it's. You know our hero agrees it's called the -- -- rice in the ground at various tours and not. Questions difference don't don't you take I -- do you -- -- without an. And also a judge I've noticed that the that the Seahawks have indoor practice facilities so they're out there have always practicing in the -- either. That's that's exactly right that but that's my point. Usage even ground -- -- newsroom but that's the you know that that's that wonderful twelfth where things go like get credit for that it would have a lot of bringing up their opponent no matter yeah. That committee who are just makes it all watch. Or came -- not to mention the fact. We just did what we -- And nobody came to secure Israel attitude that all measures do and what you said last week was exactly right it's almost. I'll pull actually going to play Phillies would not -- Yeah -- and -- -- the guy that I've talked to from our sister station Seattle miles Montgomery he has said the -- you know the Seahawks have not looked that sharp toward the end of their season and I believe they went to into. After they beat the -- on that Monday night game he says you know if you look at the stats. I -- that the Seahawks have not look that strong and they're gonna have to have a really good game. If they expect to be the saints in and Pete Carroll and that the Seahawks are not expecting the same saints team that showed up that Monday night they're expecting a different team. All I want to throw one what they got -- it just petty but why aren't you rights commission. We don't know speak Sheryl Crow -- for many years because. You know PG EY and a lot about not getting it a BCS game and all that stuff aren't circle it carries a much they've -- -- -- -- -- Perhaps the pick. When we play certain changes especially after this kind of -- -- was criticized for it and are pursuing in this stuff -- they don't take it -- -- -- -- -- -- orchestrate those games. And other teams some job he just wasn't there you chose to Sierra -- there. They've got this big one where there rear view mirror to match well we'll repeat. Josh I hope you're right and and thanks for calling -- your passion. However you know I've I've heard Pete Carroll and the Seahawks players and some people in Seattle just talking about how much respect they have for the saints and with the saints getting their running game going last week. They're gonna focus on stopping the running game. I get the -- I am I hope they are taking this things forgot I hope they take an escape for credit. I hope your thinking in their minds this is going to be a -- Effect you know we have -- we talked last night only show about -- that movie trailer like video that the nfl.com produced. And in in one case in that the video for the saints Seahawks game one of the Seahawks as on the sidelines. This is a mismatch get a money here. I hope they think that. This is this good shows your -- stay with us for coming right back -- Debbie WL. We're talking about the saints Seahawks playoff game tomorrow and Seattle less than 24 hours away. But the weather's going to be effective and as a -- of player I just a moment ago it's a factor for both teams. And -- the Seahawks actually practiced inside they have indoor practice facility just like -- the saints do so they're not always used to being out in in adverse weather. Here's our RW WL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight where will you be watching the saints Seahawks game. At home alone. At a private party or at a bar Wii video screens. This -- I -- just hearing so many people talking about. Having parties are going someplace and yet some people -- -- stay home when I say stay home alone I don't mean just dual -- that you and a family you're doing here. Your spouse your boyfriend girlfriend whatever it did do you just your your your private group. Where are you gonna watch the game. Give us your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com who would give an update on that coming appeared in just a few minutes Chris you're on the -- show good evening. They -- don't go do it. There have very. Yeah no less than they like I agree with you both teams are gonna have problems. And you know what about all this talk monopoly result there. You out of this since that would guess what it's not gonna be right about com. Down so yes I'm being realistic that people don't want to -- don't win and turnovers. Big mistake penalties. Andrew's going to be Smart in this one but didn't have to -- it's safe to the FC championship game. He's got to get his receivers open. He's Smart about portion of all -- did you do that they don't would not say there's days where a profitable. Have -- -- anger out there recent don't have a good game against the Eagles and we still won and I think that's an advantage for the saints because a guy like Drew Brees. I tends to not have two consecutive sub par game. Well. Why aren't they it's -- -- -- that this is miraculously pull this game off. Looked out because if we get past Seattle they look like post office. How does this and say that this -- bullet Bob Bailey. There's they would this data would do it how many people will be at the airport right in this city museum beautiful. One of one of the debate going out. And you take care business yet Seattle and just think. What will they would do for rob Bryant I may not look out -- may -- get a strong fail and it's gonna it's gonna happen. And this city is going to be crazy if if if the saints went NN I would agree with you in his came up on our show last night. It somebody taunted. This is the biggest challenge to get to the super bowl of what happens after this is not going to be as big a challenge as his beating Seattle in Seattle. And I agree with that in and sometimes teams. Are tested more getting to the Super Bowl when they actually are in the -- variety. Right and like I got my comment period of Belmont you know I made a pick up T come but if they get past dealt with this miracle they -- you know they pull it -- -- whoever we play next but I think we can take Carolina believe we can take -- emphasis. If you had originally we do come I don't know who really don't I'm afraid and hope. And they can do it I got confidence and they can do it they -- covenants in. We'll see what happens then -- even -- -- -- which way he goes no matter what I screwed. That's up a field to make long story short. This outfield if if they get there they get there -- not. Well look they made in the second round you know they've been had when his season and you know are they because they can do that -- I -- going to go to show and that's something else that you talk about tonight although like I can tell ya I'm. I don't really like to focus on games down the road. I like to really just focus on big game ahead of us which is what we want the team in the coach to do so his fans we should do that too. But since the big game is is gonna happen this weekend as well if we do win the game I guess you could also talk about who you brother plays the Panthers or the 49ers because if we win that we play the winner of that game. I think the 49ers are going to be the Panthers. But I hope the Panthers win because if we win I'd rather play the Panthers. In the forty -- here's an update on our W if you are pretty checkbook and you pulled -- or are you going to be watching the saints Seahawks game tomorrow afternoon. 55%. Will be home alone or with just their significant other -- their their kids. 18% will be any private party in 27%. Are gonna go out to a bar with video screens. Give your opinion by going to WWL dot com and the -- blog tonight is what what what kind of fan are you. But if it talks about. Big game for tomorrow opener also talks about the fans it's a it's gonna be a blow -- the saints are gonna win well that's really nothing you can guarantee. And then there are those who say the saints don't even have a chance. And that's ridiculous. And then there are those who. Who just believe that it's going to be a great game and it's going to be a closer look at might be a blowout but -- you can't. In any way guarantee that this game is going to be a -- tomorrow that's just started intelligent. View of this of this game when you think about the playoffs in the NFL. Bryce you're under the WL -- good evening. Good evening -- not following because I don't think anybody for mr. Belfort but her one of the your own premiere for L. They're never off the Super Bowl. I hadn't thought about -- that's a powerful statistic. It was reported that water that could not defend her oh and a fall Albert they're him. I'm Bryce -- about how you think the game's gonna go. Apple is preparing for gonna turn it around have been through here and here is going and I think we're looking out about 100 yards off. We're through in this format offering we're gonna have won't eat Jumbo that dialogue Graham. We're gonna have -- Coal burn -- in and out myself fired by that goes further around. There and there are times that you know receiver they're not gonna happen number bought a bit -- but I think they're young. It's kind of offered the white Oak Park but they won't be able have a bit. Yeah and also that the saints did a really beautiful job of tackling especially at the outset of their game -- that the saints themselves set the tone for that game Monday night to back in December. Ended that tackling especially after that after the interception that the tackling didn't mean -- that. I -- got into the end zone through the saints the way they were tackling it was a pathetic display of tackle. And I think they psych themselves out from the very very beginning so -- expected to be a lot different this time -- a political Michelle if you're on hold you stay with us now. Coming right back of your comments if you wanna join our show with your thoughts your feelings about the game tomorrow our numbers 2601878. Why even though this -- started out just having a great beginning to this season it was still far too early to predict where they would be at this point in the season because so much can happen during the season. This is a moment when we can really really be excited that win last week was phenomenal. I just I have that can be totally wrong but I I have the sense that that Mark Ingram is gonna play a major part. In this game tomorrow and I just I I love his his passion. And I was one of those guys saying look this guy even need to produce -- we we don't need it and Mark Ingram has been producing. If your whole stay -- this coming right back to your calls here that you just a moment till we get to a text here. The Clear Lake Texas chapter of The Who dat nation will be watching tomorrow and our favorite union tavern. Take a -- typically we have thirty to forty who gets here I remember when I lived in Denver -- was a place of their right to right next to my apartment building. Nine downtown Denver called by you bombs. And it was New Orleans sit type restaurant -- it was really nice to see who -- fans show of the year for -- game. For the Ninth Ward James your WW -- -- -- -- -- Oh you can never use again. Gallup coroner files from a -- is right. You know you've got a match -- -- -- you know. It's curve it a little bit romance when they beat you very upbeat. You know I'm sorry I agree because -- let -- get rid itself the right. One Drew Brees threw two interceptions you're working with Carl but it hurt. Yeah I didn't do -- we want to have a. You mean now doctor in the playoffs but to back in December the Monday night game right. JJ -- I think an I talk about this a lot because at higher I can relate to this. On my own a personal level with what I like I do for a living and also just in my in my life. We all have a very. Strong sub conscious self and it's something else and I also study but I -- to actively playing tennis. Our subconscious is very powerful. The saints were told before that Seahawks game you don't play well on the road you're not gonna win in Seattle the loss in the playoffs to Seattle and in 2011. The weather's not going to be good and I don't think it took much for those sub conscious voices to get loud in the head of the saints have when things did not go well in the beginning. Yes because I heard that the Seattle Seahawks aren't they don't sit back. -- stand up albeit loudly you know it definitely -- -- you know it's just like in your -- merit their romance who. You know I think it's bad because you've got to. If he got almost -- -- not been different got a clear perfect hearing could be the RE PO hurt. Our number who has yet. Before it it went through this before right. And they know what -- what this -- they've got. At the same -- the saints do have to play a good game and what what happened in the last game and I've got a text about -- jury -- death. Did you know it because the women see out of him the very policy it is layoffs weren't so. You know I mean I got them -- -- -- how our friend on the face broke what. But your -- your realistic obedient earned a pair nobody should be totally shocked at it but I was shocked when the rams beat the saints. Nobody should be shocked at the Seahawks beat the saints. What would say come up around the strength in the round the round at this very moment -- the metal they record it seems like you're doing a bit yet because I don't know. The -- what helpful Favre it was so. This go round or flat and they Wear it and I don't think they -- -- to kind of -- its first. So definitely will not permanently or Arafat but it because it -- -- the strength -- You know so well it nearly did. I just gave you so like that you -- like a very realistic. Sanders who do you think should win the game tomorrow. Man. I mean I know you want the saints to win but -- think he's gonna win and quit. I'll also as you know that last little boy and a player out there you -- embarrass the report you know what is suitable. So you don't bring it can't read them clearly differ on what it says that that was -- as -- related to -- -- You know they've got to -- it got to you know try not to do it. You know that the game get out of it and I just thought -- have built these -- -- up and if it has also -- yeah. -- they say they are I'm telling you they are to be admired as fanatical fans chains -- got to get their news prevent a golf related WWL ignited and thanks for calling. So a jury -- -- brings up this this idea that you know the Seahawks that we talked about is the Seahawks played their best game on that Monday night. And the saints played one of their worst gains on that Monday night may be their worst game of the season. That's not gonna happen again that's still could be a blowout but I don't expect that to happen I believe the saints are gonna win.