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Jan 11, 2014|

Scoot continues to talk about the Saints vs. Seattle NFL PLAYOFF and what the Saints need to do to win.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Evening. Everybody when I'm on the air whether it's this good show on Friday night. About filling in -- somebody during the day. They always played -- song. This is what we've been working -- are just the weekend. It's not only is at the weekend but that everybody is just so. Hyped and ready for the saints playoff game in Seattle against the Seahawks. Less than 24 hours from now. The game is gonna take place and our coverage begins tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock. Here on WWL. But right let's take a moment we -- the radio and crank it out. Your home state was this I'm gonna get to all of your calls here just a moment we're talking about the same shot we have an abbreviated show -- I will be until 1030 and then. Every year during the playoffs at WW carries. So special NFL a player off programming so you'll hear that will be to talk about the saints and that you as well -- stay with this year and Debbie WL. But it's it's so good to be back with you on that I charged have been filling -- -- during the tape recently. Our ticket back reported Mexico's -- take you back to Tuesday December 3. 2013. This is part of a blog that I wrote that day after that Monday night game. It's titled tough loss but get over here's part of -- point. The saints are nine and three. And they're still in a prime position to win the division. And move into the playoffs however last night's loss to the Seahawks. Was a reality check. If the saints couldn't do anything right. The Seahawks couldn't do anything wrong. There were numerous examples of how the Seahawks could enforce their will against the saints. But one example that comes to mind was late in the fourth quarter the Seahawks were leading 3417. The I 34 separate question 347. It was fourth and warned. The Seahawks went for it and pass for a first down completion. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is so yeah they're they're leading 30474. And one and they go fort. That's the kind of guts that you have to have that's that's the killer instinct that Sean Payton has had in the past but I haven't always seen it this season. -- last week. But haven't always seen -- this season. And the Seahawks have a coach in Pete Carroll who is young and brazen which is an attitude that matches his team. Further in note the blog I talk about if if the saints recover from this laws and again I wrote this the day after that Monday night game. If the Seahawks recover from the loss and beat the Panthers next Sunday nights at home in the dome which they did. The criticism will continue that the saints -- an indoor team. But let's remember that the saints will still be in a position to prove those critics wrong. It's possible that the saints will meet the Seahawks again in the playoffs in Seattle. Which would percent another opportunity to prove the critics wrong. Referring to the game -- Monday night. In the blog if I retired I writes from last night's game. May have just set the stage for a bigger drama to unfold. The saints come home. To beat the Carolina Panthers ending their eight game winning streak. And the saints may have the opportunity to play Seattle again when the stakes are even higher. The loss to the Seahawks was a disappointing chapter in a book it is far. From the final chapter being written. But the 2013 2014 season the saints could still prove they're champions. And think about where we are today that's exactly. Where we are today. Upper Mississippi David you're on this -- show and every WL. Very -- and yet it's like we're going to win more monopoly like yeah. I'll believe they're gonna have to we're both about seventy or it's been no more than. They're not -- because -- weather conditions. They need to stop -- -- is that they've got the score their return with the football. They need to play to play ball control. I just silly to think about what there'll ourselves that just pick to take effect here or your spurt fail. They need to slow that game -- They need to control that ball. Drew me to quit -- so many pass -- to throw every parent they have thirty feet just to let him know that we can. But I'm with you about marketing rhubarb thank you should they get picked but -- Robinson under. And then just stroll through they just -- to control the football control okay. Yeah that's why they're gonna do. Ellen that's that's one of the things David it will help take the crowd out of it the twelfth man will be a look that's that's a fanatical. The environment to -- to play and and they will be fanatical and no matter what but that's one way to somewhat so I've -- the crowd down a little bit if you do control of falling and to take the lead. Yeah I agree I think whatever start slow and they'll -- -- here it here. Incomplete pass thirty error error of their neighbors that -- That is discourage -- about play a bit through peer broke Bobby -- effort geared to guys break. But I. Look what I understand you know that -- it is not gonna. Be a good -- ball. And it's the one to really play -- put that well this you know does -- like you go places little Jim goat. Yeah I don't know Lago spoke -- we can't think about what their offenses don't do we have like about why are all -- these this series. Keep the ball well. Play football hall it. And I really like. Well they got cheers Gloria if there are plenty suspected where it would just seventeen more -- I think they have to go there with third fourth bird bath or. They're not gonna overdo it Annika but suspect. David I would not be surprised if this is not the high scoring game that that some people are predicting and in part because of the wind and the weather front. I it just may turn out to be more of a defensive battle and I think you know again I just I think the saints are peaking at the right time and in this Seahawks were not peaking toward the end of the season and now they've had a week off and sometimes that. That week off. It isn't good sometimes is better to just stay in there and keep playing and -- Last last year it did the did the ravens went wild card playoff game -- going to win the Super Bowl -- just broad they just rode the wave right on through. Yes. It's very very. You're you don't expect very big but don't expect that parent comes out and does a fabulous job because you know they're all older worker card. It up or you're right I think it's strange really figure there and it's a lot -- off. And I'm positive about this case an outbreak but you're a little sale. You know not allow troops forms so much. Overlap moral right -- they just keep the ball away a little bit. But I'd say you know that's what teams try to do with the saints keep the ball a lot of recent sands in when we should try to keep the ball under Russell Wilson says because he's a very talented young quarterback. David I'm glad you called the show and go saints. I'm from New Orleans Fred you're under the WL good evening. Hello friends. We're I would put Fred on what -- check back with him in just a moment. From Biloxi dawn you're on the -- show good evening. I may eighth though I don't want -- fair value for -- -- the morning. Yeah amid all. Now I think nine and I'm loving being on -- -- video I spent a lot of years say here is it to -- in the morning. Yep what my question is up in particular about the game tomorrow. Being a woman you know we always wanted to see where the right kind of closed went out well. I have a shot to be paired beacon outlet that tomorrow life people they don't know what nothing -- -- shots. This is just say this is my opinion -- -- opt out of your opinion I wouldn't Wear. Okay somebody may disagree with me but I wouldn't Wear it yes at the black. -- got cornea but I guess you could hurt the candidate I get on Jerry picked out what money out like every other -- we output shot it was good look at CNN political I. I think you should get a refund when -- when -- later when the player goes to another team I think you should get a refill and right right OK I'm done that's just you know I against somebody may disagree with me but I -- I would I would and -- I know it's a saints Jersey but it still I wouldn't Wear. I'll call freeware and thought about your sorry dog goes -- -- and I by the way I would remind all of you. It will be talking about this Monday nights on the -- -- Tommy Tucker will be talking about it first thing Monday morning WWL first news with Tommy Tucker from six to ten. From Algiers Dave welcome to -- show. -- -- -- -- Well. I wasn't aware that it's bad though. What would you. Oral evidence they have to -- five to succeed. It was six and two as a winner record against the 13. Bad to unbelievable. And all but the fact in the giants sort through those -- -- -- so the fact that were to succeed. -- we're the number also. And Dave I can't confirm that that must have been something that Bobby indeed we're talking about on on on sports talk I've I've heard that but I don't have that -- in front of me but. There have been some very successful succeeds so we're in. You know we're in good company. Good to marital one of the other scoop. I wanna see is beat Seattle. Got paid back. -- it's and then had to happen cal -- -- beat -- beat the niners. And then we go to Carolina but it -- the championship game. Please see that too seems to mark the -- and we saw how things play put it anesthesia. And could have -- Pay back that kept job title or Padilla now would be unbelievable. I agree I agree and it did you know the stage is set for all that to happen I would love for that and I kind of have a feeling the 49ers are gonna beat the Panthers but I would. If we win this game I would rather play the Panthers then the 49ers. In in part because it would be great payback of course. Feel we can still look at the forty -- stock in us some of the players in the game that we thought we had one. I'm not long ago we thought we had they game wind and the defense just failed elements ever Cisco came back and knocked us out of the playoffs so. There's there's payback to pay there as well. -- well thought but. But don't put -- Tune -- so concerned about the weather. Well they're talking. The popular are a 100% chance arraigned. I'll watch the TV news now in the all others planned. Well often aren't. Consistent -- often already. And the fact you know O Russell Wilson you know he's Yong. -- these mobile and he can be should not only would -- -- -- -- late -- you know what concerns me they pick and you know well. That there I want to I want you to work propensity to do appropriately so Brees would just pick -- you don't like them. We're winning total -- Gordon Mayo will want you to go to. Do you look at net debt cut down on the turnovers and -- we -- you don't have to change it until we might have a chain has just -- the overthrow was. I agree and I I hope Brees has had a conversation with himself about the game last week and as some of the games this year because there have been many games this year win. The day after the game I have had -- -- did you know Drew Brees look is great quarterback as the years there are many times that he has not looked at -- he has admitted after this this game against the Eagles even though we want. That he tried too much to force the ball and that's something that you cannot do in that environment in Seattle. A drunk why pick it all in all while watching TV news if it's it's almost the wall -- Wall Street coverage. Thought beat it and and it feels like just what would've been played it feels like oh hi all we get our argument is -- All right Dave it's -- they showed they probably had to leave us to go back to watch to watch TV. I was just quickly bring you up to date on the weather as as far as we know. Now again as I said. A 100% chance of rain in Seattle does not mean a downpour however. In this case yeah I there's going to be some heavy rain. The last I heard yesterday it was that the rain may come to an -- by kick off time but we're not -- again we're not we're not sure hopefully that happens I assure that field is designed to drain well because it's an open field in Seattle where it rains a lot. And the wind is going to be something that both teams will have to contend with if your -- stay -- this is this -- show. Fly from New Orleans on this Friday they were talking about the saints Seahawks playoff game tomorrow and we'll be right back on -- WL. You can just sense the intensity of the excitement. But this game tomorrow and needed it it almost feels like a a Super Bowl it almost feels like the NFC championship game. And there's so hot pot of interest in this game for so many reasons that they're just such a drama surrounding it. But you know I realize that there are important things going on in the world they're important things going on in your life if it was breaking news of course we recovered here NW -- But let's let's let's embrace these moments when we can just be distracted from our problems and distracted from some of the things that we have to pay attention to every day. And just -- just if you get involved in the excitement over this. This game. That I think that's one of the great -- purposes that it's sports a place in our lives it. For most people mean there are some of businesses that they'd make more money if the saints win. But there are not that Manning had -- wealthy the areas so most of us are not really financially affected. By the saints winning or losing we're emotionally affected by it. But it let's just use this opportunity to to take a break from some of the things that we. Have to pay attention to and our allies are for our problems don't go away and pay attention to do things that you that you have to pay attention to obviously. But that this is certain this is a nice break and it's it's it's fun especially in a Friday night heading into the weekend it's fun to have something exciting like this to talk about. This is the Schuylkill at WWL here is an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Where will you be watching the saints Seahawks game tomorrow 66%. Paul Malone. And home alone means Ali you know maybe you with your spouse your girlfriend your kids toward literally Paul Malone -- 4% will be at a private party. 10% will be in a bar with video screens. It was a give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com also if you get a grilling -- specialty can also. I Collison tell us about that in this group blog tonight which is titled what kind of fan are you. That's attorney now at WW real dot copy of their those saints fans who were predicting a blowout. Near the Seahawks fans in much of the national media that doesn't lead the saints even have a chance to win the game. But then there are those fans and some people in the media who understand that this a playoff game in the NFL. Any strong bias for one team or another is fanatical. And simply not realistic or rational. But let's be honest the Seahawks three young intelligent talented team with a young talented quarterback in Russell Wilson. The saints are led by a tested record setting veteran quarterback in Drew Brees. The pressure in this playoff game. Is on Seattle. It's also gonna take place in front of the twelfth man crowd that expects the Seahawks to win. They expect the Seahawks to go to the playoffs. So. I'd just I I had this I I had a great feeling before the game last week. Against the Eagles -- -- haven't even stronger feeling and I I could be totally wrong but I just I have this. This vision of the saints winning this game and I see rob Ryan's defense throwing Russell Wilson out of sync. And the experience and talent of Drew Brees prevailing. I also have this vision of the the running game led by more -- from new found passion. Really surprising. The Seahawks defense. -- from Jacksonville Jason your Debbie WL ebitda. Hey who don't know good Jason. Very good odds with the -- by the game. I think. Thank you Sean Payton I bet my money on -- -- he come down in the -- wonder. Always thought for you can -- second half I learned the butterflies get to erupt -- person is first. Playoff game at home. I would agree with you -- the -- win the -- shot I would definitely deferred I think -- Sean Payton would do that. You know -- know toward about the Seahawks defense to be honest with you whether that had a lot of people missing and I really think. The weather would definitely put a damper on their -- And to put the plane I think they really think about that person is different now you know I would think -- And somebody can correct me if I'm stronger disagree with me but I would think this a very mobile quarterback like Russell Wilson would be of benefit if if the weather is bad. We know it in that respect yet as far as offense but as far as Seahawks defense that always part of -- We -- when you cleats are taken when your spot and around. And when -- have a worry about. No no rain personally I think saints win 20/20 seven. And that defense can stop and to be treated I think that's the end of march Italian Robertson. Sparking rumors peer culture -- on the back Kalin and Drew Brees and have that support -- -- game like chill out we should be kept submission game. I agree I think he's gonna do it -- Eric Wedge was singing Jacksonville thanks for calling and let's go to Houston George you're on the -- show -- -- VW -- good evening. So that they can keep it -- about -- -- -- a long time changed and I go way back in 1967. Cash and letting them problems. I'm very -- so you can move. You're. A whole whole Lotta current -- right -- vote. That's -- Until I don't know absolutely sixties in the business world needs now have a chance to earn an overpriced but it does your real -- yeah. You put regarding the -- and in fact you will run it -- that this guy definitely has some kind of weird here. Well you processes what they call -- that could -- guys like game. Yes that's that that was wave activity Purdue from the cup thing affected -- if that's what I started out. A -- but not -- you know throughout I appreciate you then you're great but look here. If her rep would let this take place the ball we we have a great chance and opportunity of one. I thought you'd been not been good feedback back in the day where that Katrina gave us -- Super Bowl and all that stuff and I don't believe that -- -- distinct great. How I was -- without Sean Payton and and my man knot breeze coming under leave out quarterback was. Powerful all of -- goes to a million dollars they had to put appreciate it. I don't know I I. I agree Georgian you know the breeze is not always been short this year he seek a human being like everybody on the field then that he indeed did does that. You know he's involved in every single play you know when it -- he has that he is have a bitter. -- a better opportunity to have bad place because he's he's the focus of of every single play where his. Other players are not intended to focus is not on them the whole time so this could always be more scrutiny of the quarterback because of the position and also. Because he's involved in in every single play the -- is. I definitely tried to to force the ball it's led to some very very costly interceptions George how do you think the game's gonna turn out. I like to think 2713. I don't know we can do it but tell it to the -- -- at -- Didn't you know gets. Although the swollen and employment section but. And breeders don't contact we have a great chance that would change everything really -- -- -- -- on wall breach. And I love him. I -- will be beyond money tomorrow. Georgia going to -- to show and thanks for listing. Here's a text just touched down in Seattle raining. Whatever who -- Yeah these specific fronts I especially this time of year it really throughout most of the most of it this season. In that part of the country be specific fronts come through with some regularity and that this was not necessarily going to be a strong front in the beginning but now it seems like it's going to be a strong front. The fact it is -- Seattle. What else is new. For battery Brian your Adobe WL. -- -- that they've taken a call her right mom they didn't want a specific gonna win it's because people seem to forget. As good as Russell -- -- he's still second year quarterback you know the biggest game of his career they've never had a first robotics. Under Pete Carroll. I don't want to tell you're gonna kill us say we're the favorite no -- we remember that they should even into this game according to the national media trying to stay home. MB ER boy hitting it went warrants that -- -- NFL network deflation even get on the playing in you know and it's like really you know. I he's been doing the happy veterans what they did you know we cannot turn the ball over. And this group that you can run against the defense has done everything you told them that 200 plus at all. My head when you look at these fences -- between belief and Seattle we're. Yeah we did well forty -- less rushing yards on the ground from illegal. Can actually be equal. Only two up three point eight yards a carry them. Seattle -- the three point not a local law you can run the football -- this -- -- that not the 2000 ravens -- So I think they can with wins debate beginning on the body just can't turn up all of her book. Are you write about that Brian I'm going to call to go saints I have a feeling the saints are gonna run the ball as well and news -- said tonight I just I have this feeling that. This may be Mark Ingram sudden. Best game and and I just I look at the way without -- Thomas. You know sometimes when you when you when you lose something or when the when the odds are stacked against you. There's something -- -- view bits that make you better. And it seemed like with the -- appear Thomas last week against the Eagles. The offensive line and the running backs. Just found what they needed inside. To make sure that we had a good running game and we did. And I think that gives them a lot of confidence going into this game. From California Daniel a year and a BWL. I you are hurt barely talking about it. Are eager to -- -- Jacqui here who I -- -- -- he hears you but I'm definitely gonna put on the -- without figures he hears the free hallmark of the vale do. They're we're not -- again. Well like -- we do we do need to run the ball especially. If the wind is gonna be as a powerful factor as at this point it looks like it's going to be. We were gonna nature to run the ball. You're not really I really think. That they might be preparing for us to run it toward blatant over Jahri Evans but I really think we just -- to -- home and arms that a little bit. And his shot from connect -- of talent. What he really did a great job last week -- it goes to show you bed when Sean Payton put him in that position even as a rookie and then. A lot of fans and a lot of media were going hey you know this is not good Sean Payton knew what he was doing. Yes I am wrong I think it's your problem than just a little bit of room -- -- I think you can read it is grateful. There -- times -- Robinson reminds me of Chris IV type -- and may be I'm totally austere but there was success at times he reminded me Chris are you last week. Perrier you looked at nearly hit he look like he's smaller -- they've not too much smaller boat he he -- just like how much that heart and that. They are you know the couple around blankly where he had maybe we need to hear -- one -- and he wanted to get our spirit come our display. How can that get -- picked him. Daniel how do you think the game's gonna turn out. I think it's going to be like any Eagles -- everything good arm even eighteen matter who wins. It's going to be payable at the end probably aren't our management and -- I'm number 123 conference. All right Daniel I'm going to call official -- in California if you wanna join our show with your feelings in your thoughts. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890878. In a text or receive 787 he also remind you that if you are in some fog tonight be sure and drive very carefully if you wanna call us and give us -- update if you feel like you can do that safely. Our numbers 2601870. And also if you have a designated texture in the car and you wanna send a text about some heavy for a bit do you find yourself in weekend. This is this is live radio we can alerts and others on the road in you know we all work together in time like this in Europe. -- your your part of this whole community you can let us know what's going on out there just a couple of quick providers I don't turn your to join you bright lights. In the fog it might did make you think that you're gonna see better but actually there's more -- -- in your eyes. And this is not coming for me this actually comes from the state police. Do not. Do not turn on your hazard flashing lights unless. The vehicle is stopped. Your note if you're in the -- so is everybody else. You're no more special than anybody else don't put on your flashing lights at one of the dangers -- Somebody can come up behind you see the flashing lights. And think that your car is stopped. Slam on their brakes. And cause a chain reaction. So don't turn on your flashing lights if it's a bad bad and you feel like you need to do that. Get off the road. For the Ninth Ward James you're on WWL. Yeah I hope they James. Yeah -- early I think -- -- commercial where it. I was I was trying to be -- about to breathe you're Camilla. They're really don't know what you accomplished but there's been like this press because you know what -- role -- -- victory you know. It's I think you know -- that first real hard on the role. I think the president really off which will -- You know. Well I would I I agree with you I think the pressure is on Russell Wilson in the sea -- in in if you don't have pressure on you that's their grades that's a great state of mind to be it. Yes because group like this before that. Well allow principals are free because the difference -- available to help bring you a game he apparently inherited they're in the with a bad breath that old -- Rig in the meanwhile -- it's a good point yes I think I really think there's. You know -- as my husband got the first well. I think -- Cuba I don't think you try to rally animal. I would agree with you -- I think it is that the -- Employee at game Jim are they'll think you're gonna -- any and it's not who we're and I think that's that's everywhere and a lot of stuff out throughout this show because apparently so you know what I think I think that the BC -- about an -- the street you know. But he's yet to overcome I'm. James I'm glad you called back and I'm glad you got that in and thanks solicited WWL in the Ninth Ward. Here's a check series I think Seattle will be looking ahead to San Francisco. Which equals a saints win the who'd had from Pensacola Tony for seventeenth. Algiers Scott you're under BW -- discuss. Very nobody -- -- -- they dispense kill them all they want that was being outdoors people are back to greet supporters say it's okay. The -- and simple. In -- predicted there was seventeenth statesman suitable. -- -- -- -- We've really came back for the play nine game -- -- what game. And toiled for years ago and actually going to show -- just go and -- -- does. It -- that those guys. -- -- -- Yeah I mean is this the saints are in a perfect position to. To just two to write this incredible chapter. In NFL history. It's it's it's also -- if -- -- saying that has faced Yorker contributor to quote I don't sort of border -- is sort of straight. Can't remember to vote and would've played. -- -- -- -- -- And it would be interesting if the saints played Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl again. A reluctant to quarterback Tim although. I think is really what was very good shape of the collier. Dollar that we have. Actually get what we -- which political. What was. We get -- wrote. Today and then we have heard that includes things. Still beat the Eagles saying go. If you have beat those guys. Do you prevent the match. -- again this did you experience engineered one it was days ago this there was just -- they don't that maybe doesn't the last. Now we thought we had a game one. We shouldn't -- wish you wish noticeable bill. Yeah I greeted defense just totally collapsed and they came back in school where it's got I'm gonna move on what we're what we're different secret code there are younger you. You bet I agree -- called show. Add to our oil you know. We will score because it. Can score on defense I hope soon will it be -- maybe why we will shortly before -- people. Faris got that would be a beautiful thing of like to call the show I did you join us with your feelings he I mean I honestly. And who knows how this game's gonna turn out Seattle's a great team then they're they're young and they're intelligent and they're well coached. And they're playing in Seattle in the twelfth man is indeed a factor in their crowd is a factor in the same way that. Where a factor in the Mercedes-Benz superdome when teams come to town. I just had this. Special feeling I've I've just had just tingling feeling that I think the saints are gonna. Think the saints are gonna win and I think motivation. And the emotion factor is on the side of the saints have fewer -- with your feelings are your thoughts tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. Texas a 7870 years it takes it reads our reining in -- no flaws you know we're expecting some rain through here tonight and into tomorrow morning. This is this good show live from New Orleans and we'll be right back on every WL. Thanks so much excitement about this game tomorrow less than 24 hours away and we're reminded our coverage begins tomorrow morning at 9 AM. So start getting psyched for the game. Starting at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. It's the sequel at Seattle. And our coverage begins at nine -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia antibody we're live from Wal-Mart -- the big story in -- Steve court time and -- will follow them with fans first take from noon to 130 Lamar Ford and -- And then at 130 our crew heads at the French Quarter for the countdown to kick off with Bobby indeed live from buy you burger and -- at Saint Louis. In the French Quarter than we got the best to play by play team a football with Jim Henderson -- guy showing Kristian -- kickoff is at 335. Then after the game the cajun cannon and a big chief will be live with a point after Ed. In the first quarter wall to wall saints coverage for this playoff game and it just it feels like he's been more than a playoff game starts at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning to the flagship station. And your New Orleans Saints. WWL. There was. A video that's been done we talked about this in the show last night but if you if you missed an -- -- after 10 o'clock tonight after 10 o'clock news we have an abbreviated shooter -- -- -- until 1030 because. We have special W if you will NFL play -- program he -- starts at 1030. But the the nfl.com network. Did a promo for all the playoff games. The one they did for the saints Seahawks game. It really. Is degrading to the saints. That order for the audio for -- here today I -- -- -- but it sounds like it came from the -- Not the NFL. But it really is a great motivation tool for Sean -- and the saints. From prairie field both your on the -- showed WWL. Hey -- the -- good. I don't want to say that. At this very good comment and manage big game now or about the clock. Did -- big game that play called no lol did you brief TV can't get a good bad -- Run put it to Montreal whatever you can get. That always get piloted the ought to more part of yardage we get. The better will be fought even if we have the -- to Chase Field position beg your body that abetted chick. So -- big gains. We'll be all right and we'll come I would pubic. Thought I hired I would agree we do have to manage the game part of that is magic squad but we do have to manage the game and if the wind is going to be as strong as it is predicted to be which is. You know maybe gusts to -- around forty miles an hour twenty mile an hour wind that's gonna affect the kicking game and maybe in the passing game of both teams would mainly be kicking game. From Kenner LJ you're under the WL. Hey -- I feel good. Oh right yeah I got two points out listen to talk about a car -- believed to take away about ten. I think everybody you know I'm here so many people saying more about 3 -- -- get flowed out I think it's going to be a shock and and they got to control the game. Inaudible I wanted to make you were talking about earlier yeah I'd like to call -- how much of which he really loses that game awful -- a call. I think -- ought to let each coach have at least to play the thing people don't see anything. Especially when the calls so obvious and all the cloud moves they should do that -- for the NFL to make it true. You know I would I would agree with you I'd I don't know why we don't have instant replay and I've I've I'm sure there's an argument there that maybe it would make the game too long but it is that it that we shouldn't worry about the length of the game as much as we should worry about getting it right. And if Bernie if we're gonna use instant replay to determine if somebody's feet are inbounds when it comes to catching a pass. Then why not to use. I did it still comes down to human judgement. But why not why not review. Why not review some of those those calls tonight I think one of the reasons that they don't want to do that is because the officials have essentially. Been declared infallible. And pray that that's not we know that's not the case. Very and we can lose super cool or warm or cold or it's really good you can go -- -- well the important thing is to control the game to the point where it never comes down to that one or two calls. Very ironic LJ AM I'm going to call not even began I worried that group. Because it's gonna win by chance. I don't. WL. Yeah how you got -- I'm good. I think. How back in news step up then the wraparound and make good tackle. They did not do that in the first came against Seattle December yes sir and made -- to know. They -- they -- -- -- I mean they'd receive would come across the Miller. Then -- rights issues but -- bishop clearly if I had all of them that the triplets. Get a copper -- out like the first call -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Copyright earnest they're going to come Bobbie -- T Bob. Steve court -- Manassas. At all predicted. Like I had the -- are gonna win this they should win out they where there's no guarantee. But it's -- -- -- eight and -- And picked Seattle. Here's detect the rays -- dad's got a group of about twenty who -- taking over the floor dammit tomorrow come on tell my friend. That would be a fun place to watch the game the -- drama. On the beaches which. What's right on the border Florida and Alabama. And many times. And even remember. -- -- we'll be right back under the WL. If there is safe political correctness capital in America it is Washington is Seattle Washington I thank I know this site I. Worked there lived here if there is a political correctness capital it's Seattle Washington. And further proving this. -- radio station in Seattle today. Produced and gave out. Twelfth. Woman to rally towels. To give equality to the designation that the crowd is known as the twelfth man. So seriously. There are giving him alerted donut shop this morning they're giving about the Krispy Kreme tomorrow morning starting at 930 while the supply last. -- the twelfth man we can't just have that we have kept the twelfth a woman. So again if there's a political correctness capital to barricade is indeed Seattle if you wanna join us for your thoughts in your feelings and your excitement about the game or you're. Your concerns about the game. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And it -- embers -- 7870. -- here's a text of my gut tells me the saints beats Seattle tomorrow 2117. Revenge is sweet. And that is from Denise now from Algiers Scott you're under the WL. Right or good. -- What. Quarterly report. You know tomorrow. There -- no change to the beach. Foreigner it always. Human right because it. -- I hope you're right guys. So then you're. Always world. You thought about displaying. And city kid who did today. -- long years but -- situation -- listeners who vote. The -- -- reluctant to quote him. I again I just let me do that at this stage got to -- decoded it but -- this stage is set. The stage is set for the -- to be part of a great. Historic NFL. Story. We think about it. Being embarrassed. On Monday Night Football against -- Seahawks. Going back to Seattle. Beating the Seahawks. They're going to the Super Bowl. And and I think about if the saints did win the Super Bowl where's the Super Bowl being played. New Jersey. And outdoor stadium in New Jersey. In early February. They can be a rough time of year there. When we get closer to the Super Bowl we'll talk about the wisdom. That led to the unifil deciding to -- the Super Bowl to New Jersey and outdoor stadium. But what a way to totally silence the critics not silence the critics. Essentially making the critics shut up. If the saints won the Super Bowl outdoors now again that's 24 in the future for us to focus on. -- solely focused on this game tomorrow. Here's a text we will all know the name Percy Harden tomorrow afternoon it could really hurt the saints injured defensive backs. McCarron Greer plus special teams a Seahawks 26 -- sixteen. And that's from Rodney. Percy -- and is. An excellent player and he does certainly pose a threat to the saints. Be a -- blog tonight is about what kind of theory you. So you can read it and you can share with other there's in the would -- -- and it's it's about what what kind of -- you war -- approach this this game tomorrow but it it also it talks about the that the motivation factor. And I love the way Sean Payton uses. The saints being underdogs the saints being dismissed. As a way to motivate the team and I think he's a brilliant coach doing that. And we've seen signs that he's he's done that last week I did some things that it just changed that. The mentality that that the middle routine in the the physical routine leading up to -- the play -- game mid they'd never won a playoff game on the road. And they did last week in Philadelphia. And -- Sean Payton painted Dave this Seahawks logo which is in the middle of the field at -- century Lincoln field in Seattle paid the logo on the practice field. So hopefully the saints will be crossing that quite often in the in the game tomorrow but Sean Payton is really brilliant with using this. This is the -- emotion factor and he clearly understands the factor of emotion. They pumped in a loud noise they played we have. That we went football so I felt it again I guess I love the way Sean Payton -- years. And motivates the team like you we have to recognize that the Seahawks were very talented team all phases of the game. And their thirteen three record proves that and then there's the motivation the crowd playing in front of the crowd at century link field known as it will -- they they retired Jersey. They retired number twelve they retired 812 man Jersey that's how much they respected. The fans in Seattle. So there are things that give the Seahawks the advantage. But I think the big advantage the saints have is that intangible. That motivation. That emotional factor. I think that that lives within all of us. But it can be resurrected. When. Faced with obstacles. There's more pressure on the Seahawks. Then on the saints in this was the -- -- but last night which was on -- where it's shown a web sites of this compete for every day ensure that. I talked about this often I'm gonna ever repeated again. One of the most inspirational books I've ever read effect I read it probably three or four times. -- highlighted it and go over it is a book titled the winner within. By Pat Riley NBA coach NBA front office guy. Pat Riley in one part of the book says. You gotta dance like nobody's watching. And you got to sing like nobody's listening. Meaning that if there's no pressure on you. That's what you do the best.