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Jan 11, 2014|

Scoot continues to talk with listeners about their take on the Saints vs. Seattle NFL PLAYOFF.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- we're talking about the saints in the Seahawks the playoff game is less than 44 hours away and tomorrow morning beginning at 9 o'clock hour pregame coverage begins from a march forward. And it goes on all day and even after the game we'll be in the French Quarter with a point after it. -- seafood in every place in between we'll say more about that in just a few minutes. The Pacific northwest seismic network has installed two additional monitors. At the stadium in Seattle to determine if the crowd the twelfth man. Again creates enough noise and vibrations. To register as an earthquake. This happen I think they call a -- that beast. That these quake and it was wind Marcia until it's currently if I'm wrong in this torture -- ran into the play -- game 67 yard touchdown run. Against the saints and indices were. The bouncing off of him like. Like he -- native of rougher cut -- -- I mean did they just didn't tackle this guy. And big the crowd was so excited that it actually registered as an earthquake off a one to 2.0 magnitude earthquake. So they've installed two new monitors to determine if there's going to be another earthquake like environment. And century link field. But you know I'm kind of wondering if if Rob Ryan gets really excited on the sidelines of -- jumping up and down if their point that caused the earthquake effect as well. Also there -- a couple of the Seahawks fans who have produced rap song and video. Is gone viral it's titled better. -- -- -- And a lot of the video in this this music video. Is it Seahawks recent victories over the saints. Now. I have to admit it's a pretty good song you know rapist not. Mind favorite genre I've respected. But this is a pretty good -- when you consider that it came from fans and a lot of stuff to get from from fans and local people is. And a lot of these kind of cheesy and here's -- here's part of this. Now we have the entire song. If the saints win. And I think they -- but if the saints win Monday night you're on the Scotia. We're gonna play that's on. And if the saints win that song is gonna make them look and sound so stupid. Because of what they say in this in this song about about the Seahawks. And about the saints so again we're gonna play that Monday nights if the saints went. Regardless of how the game turns out we'll talk about its splendid on our show what type of fan are you are you the fan that believes -- going to be a blowout. Or are you a fan that believes but this thing's already have a chance are you part of the media that it essentially have a chance to minimize will not even go to the game. Well as you know there -- to be here. Where you the kind of fanned the realizes that this is the playoffs and that the sanctuary and ended in a really good strong position. You have a totally different game than they had. Monday nights December the second. I mean that the latter group of fans but also in that in the Blogosphere bloggers what kind of fan -- units are trending on our website at WW relevant concept. Yeah hopefully we'll help you get psyched up for the game tomorrow afternoon. And you can -- read it and share with other sources Seahawks have very very talented team -- the -- realize that an end and it would be wrong if they didn't realize that in and and they do. Also coming up in just a couple of minutes I wanna play beat the audio from. A video that was done by nfl.com. And I played us on the show last night. And I was really surprised that this came from the NFL it sounds like something that came actually from. From the Seahawks are from seahawk fans are. As Seahawks fan web sites of a play that for you just a moment. From a plus -- here on this good show on WWL good evening. Pay for who I feel good. It's put their right mind these we are other than that nation. And if you think about this that in the past two rubles. Any -- Google was indoors it was always two outdoor teams come and had to play. And it's it was outdoors. I mean come within indoors it was two -- teams don't -- Have you really look at his outdoors this year. Only two indoor teams the saints in the culture so -- -- Pickens people. Wow that would be really interesting -- to indoor teams end up playing in the in the Super -- avoid. Well you're going to -- -- western new laws it was ravens and 49ers. And the year before that was -- and apple cult film it was the giants. And New England before that was Dallas it was Pittsburgh and Green -- and before that it was a Miami that was when the states and the colts want. I had not thought about that very interesting observation over. Thought my numbers and you also think about. They exceed -- always beat number one -- are -- to you know how to do. Yeah -- was talking about this and I I I think it's since 2005 Bobby was saying that. Six of the eight times that a six seed has meat has meant a number one seed -- -- his one. Right that's right with the number that -- Nieminen. She don't kicked up but early in the season but if you look past anybody that kicked their butt during the season they played them again playoffs they look. The numbers on our side who met. Maybe -- -- this -- -- well you know we've we've we've we've got to be cautiously optimistic in cautiously confident -- and I'm glad you called the show again I. I think the saints are gonna win and I also wrote a blog which is it still on them this two page on our website about how I think the saints should win this game and I and I come up -- my reasons why I think the saints should win it. And some of those reasons are. Intangible there there -- those things that -- to motivation and I just think that is such a strong powerful. Human element that that the matchups. Don't matter the stats don't matter the records don't matter. If the human emotion. Is strong enough. -- -- this this audio for -- this -- audio from a video now nfl.com. Did. Movie. There it's movie like trailers. And they did for all the four games this weekend. But -- that the theme of of most of them -- team all of them except the sings the theme is basically. Bomb which team will rise up and be the winner. But the turn of the saints Seahawks play golf promo is is. Very very biased against the saints. The whole theme is all the horror. It's all the horror at the saints. Going back to play Seattle after that Monday night's embarrassing game. Real live before. Purchasing this. -- Hello this is be afraid. Be very afraid to. OK okay. Singing blue green jobs. And it was a Seahawks players say this is a -- everybody here. This is the only positive. -- still in his future. -- get the team on site got all the horror. That's the theme of the nfl.com. Promo for the saints Seahawks game. It's not fair. But I really like it because it's such a strong motivating factor. A restaurant in Seattle has created a special Seahawks cocktails. Now if you enjoy -- nations. I'm sure you'll agree with me that this sounds really really disgusting. I'll tell you about the ingredients. When we come back and also in the psychic world there seems to be a disagreement about who's gonna win the game I thought psychic powers we're not biased but apparently night. We'll get all of that -- When we come back I'm scoots under the WL. This is another exciting moment in the history of New Orleans and history of the saints again it's just a great moment that distracts us from some of the the realities of our lives it doesn't make any of our problems go away but it's. It's it's it's so great is a community to rally around the saints. And let's look at each other. Not literally but figuratively. You know listen to the diversity of the calls. On this show and other shows about the -- Let's think about this is one of the things that brings us together. Because so office we've we've focused on the things that. That divide us and terrorists apart. But we really do have more in common with each other than we might think -- this is one of those moments when we should there should. Realize that -- I mentioned earlier about the radio station radio stations Seattle. As I've come out with 812 woman rally towel. Because the crowds known as the twelfth man. And Seattle is very politically correct it's probably the epicenter. A political correctness of the capital political correctness in America. So a radio station came up with a twelfth woman -- well I'm getting some text about this and this really does make sense. What -- is that does that mean that there are eleven women on the field. She is not released sexist to say the twelfth man. Because there are eleven men on the field. I mean that is a fact that's not somebody's sexist observation. And to say that there's a twelve man in the stands just means -- that's another member of the team which would be a man so the twelfth woman rally towel is. Once again taking political correctness too. In idiotic extremes. A restaurant in Seattle has created special Seahawks can't take. Here's what he is made up. Two ounces. Of tequila. Infused. With green. -- And I would think the greens -- would have the flavor of apple another skills guy. So we're starting off with two ounces. Well first of all two ounces of of tequila that's. That's a pretty good during two ounces of tequila infused with green skills. And controlled. Uncontrolled every -- I mean it's kind of a sweet thing. -- record. -- sour mix garnish with green scandals one of the -- colors of the Seahawks and they -- twelfth man flag. If you enjoy life nations I'm sure you'll agree with me that doesn't sound like something that would be to settling. And once -- system. Let's hope the only drink that really fits the mood after the saints Seahawks game tomorrow is his -- -- critics and critics but if psychics don't all agree on the outcome of the of the saints Seahawks game tomorrow. There seems to be a pattern of those from New Orleans predicting the saints to win and psychic from Seattle predicting the Seahawks who -- what kind of loses. Causes me to lose some credibility in the psyche -- because I thought psychic powers word we're not -- so maybe they don't really predict. I think Carrie Roy is. It is known as New Orleans bush calls herself new orleans' most accurate psychic reader and medium. Think she's from New Orleans. And Kerry -- Roy this is an under article in the Seattle times. It is she says that she's been a psyche for over twenty years Schmidt at the age of seven she could see people who were on the other side. You see dead people. She's in her mother was immediate and in her dad was a large please forgive me for saying that by just really couldn't couldn't pass that up. -- she charges 100 dollars for thirty minutes for reading here's a prediction. I think the saints will end up beating you pretty bad. I'm getting a score of 27 to fourteen. I hear you say -- alliance prediction she is considered to be according to her self and her husband. She is one of America's most foremost psychic entertainers. I like the word entertainer thrown in there. Sheila line and the rock star Seattle and this is from from Seattle. Now the rock star. In Seattle and she'll line the make their predictions. -- to Pike Place Market in Seattle at the market magic and novelty shop. A Sheila line is 67 years old the rock star is a coin operated fortune telling machine that impersonate Elvis Presley. It sits in this magic and novelty shop at Pike Place Market. And apparently this has been here for over ten years over 75 cents. You get an Elvis sounding recording that sings out your fortune. And the Elvis. Impersonating coin operated machine. Said in a song. I see lots of action. For you baby. Right now is a very good time to move forward. And from that they interpret that to mean. A Seahawks victory I don't know how they do that in and Andy did this psychic. Sheila Leon she Sheila Sheila line. Says. It's citing its Chinese Newman our numerology. She predicts the Seahawks are gonna win by at least eight points. But again I went through this whole list in the Seattle times in it just it seems like there's this biased depending on where the psychic comes from and to -- that. That it kind of diminishes they've picked credibility that we should have for the psychic world if you if you haven't I here's a text. It's a top shelf Margarita with scandals yeah is that what this is because I hadn't heard this before it's the vodka is so lesser role. -- Fasano. And I never heard that before the senate that was -- that was about top. Top shelf buckets -- still -- if it still doesn't sound very good to me. Here's a final update on our -- you up pretty -- opinion poll tonight again we have an abbreviated show because coming up just couple of minutes at 1030 we go to. Our annual NFL programming. Which deals with the NFL playoffs and that's going to be coming up next year under the WL. But here's -- it was a WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll question where will you be watching the saints Seahawks game tomorrow. 68% -- watching at home alone or or with their significant other kids or whatever but they'll basically just be at home alone. 25%. Will be deprived party. And only 7% say they're gonna go out to a bar that has video screens. Again tomorrow morning our coverage begins at 9 o'clock a Bobby indeed -- T Bob. Won't be -- -- march forward. The big story Kennard and Steve court -- -- followed that with fans first take from noon to 130 that it one authority. It's countdown to kickoff with Bobby indeed from buy you burger. Suburban Saint Louis in the French Quarter that's a fun place in the game at 335 and in the cajun cannon and the big chief will be. We deployed afterlife and DD seafood in the French Quarter all of that beginning tomorrow morning. At 9 o'clock. The only thing that you can you can you can demand. As a as a football fan you you can't demand. That your team winning game. The only thing that you can demand. Is that your team try as hard -- it can't really think you can demand is a good game. And I think that's the one guarantee. They were all gonna get tomorrow regardless of regardless of your four. It's is going to be an excellent game tomorrow. We'll be talking about it's Monday and WWL regardless of the outcome will be talking about it Monday night for Tommy Tucker we'll talk about it. A Monday morning when they can -- your sister your peers are lucky New Orleans.