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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And then you get down the kicked off his shoes and -- -- -- -- fans in the kitchen to them all and on yachts didn't know I don't know. -- -- -- -- In -- moment. And -- Saturday night. -- And it's Saturday morning from the outdoor show on -- to view is we -- out of the deep freeze into what seems to be the -- through monsoon rains in ball yet enough that Saturday morning starting off. Out of a rainy stormy morning fear not it's going to be threw -- area before too long watching the radar all morning it's extending from southwest Mississippi. Through the Florida parishes of Louisiana across -- punch train down the southern -- Lafayette that news Lake Charles already in the clear. But of the those that you want to get out and do some upcoming video running daylight time few east of that. Line that I expect to get some pretty heavy rains and storms and lightning and stuff -- -- will be passing on through and of course -- Wind -- series where around from the west and in the southwest. And eventually becoming -- -- and dropping temperatures again tomorrow. Drop in temperature while this was a week. All the banks fishing bonanza down in saint Bernard parish -- is stacked up in some of the by -- -- -- roadside pitching was great. And that was the subject of this week's WW LTV fish and game report. Right and value neutral if you didn't see it on TV go back tomorrow web page. Down the outdoors guy dot com and eat in kitchen then back will be talking glancing -- just a few minutes. -- went there and finished with he and his son Jonathan and will give you -- up to the minute update visit that pitching is still going on because. As those water temperature rise of traditional lead and scat back down into march but until then. Great opportunity for those -- you without votes to get some nice red beacon of the web site. We've also got lots of new things up there in new radio photo. Got a picture of one of those deals with Hitler's. Story about those freaks of nature. Wanna check that out on our home page also we've got a new shrimp recipe the shrimp lovers. Just in time if you look -- for a new exciting dish for a playoff and Super Bowl parties. Check that out on the way -- also our opinion poll results will update that answering the question of what is the favorite type fishing real. Listen this program. Will give you the latest on that also those of you listening on -- Alabama affiliate those cute little dauphin island goes well their call. Courtesy of the Alabama department conservation and natural resources. We'll explain why that happened. And yes deer season were laid into a but this week I discovered a discrepancy. In the Louisiana. Archery deregulation with regard to either sex -- Arguments going on all over the state whether it was legal to take them with either sex with a -- well I went straight to the source got Dora. In we've got the straight story for you archery -- that's coming up. And of course while most of this was spending Christmas night -- joining -- gifts. This week's bad boy the outdoors well he had other plans -- -- and his brain. A plan that went awry. A Christmas story is a bad boy the outdoors beat you don't want to miss that plus like fishing and hunting reports. I'll get a complete weather update that rate argue employee -- going -- this morning I -- -- -- times for -- -- they -- If -- north and south of these cities. The easier official thirty minute that was on right shooting times. We started mobile 618. And a lot of Alabama you on the -- approaching prime time as we get in the late January that's the peak of rough season there. Biloxi Mississippi 623. New Orleans, Louisiana. It is at 627. As it is in Hattiesburg. We have a Baton Rouge 632. Jackson Mississippi is also 632. That's -- 635. Alexandria 639. And Lake Charles 640. In Shreveport. You can legally get started you're shooting at 647. And one half hour before sunrise. Shooting. I -- got a colorful radar picture this morning in a few -- east of these areas I would suggest delaying your trip depending on how far east of -- -- or anywhere from the next thirty minutes to maybe an hour hour and a half. On talking about homeless -- though. City of New Orleans Slidell. Columbia Mississippi. That diagonal lines is when the heaviest line is of thunderstorms not realty. In his movement pretty quick should be that there have been those viewed down -- they'll grow. Venice. Grand doll leave bill locals it is still to come it's on the way. I strongly suggest waiting it out letting it get out the way in in in -- -- one of those places that has not yet got that fixed and who missed -- on and hope they'll stock declines Sanchez down the Britons -- marina and I you do this morning. Good morning it said that. It's gonna -- real. -- yeah I did it just passed over here at saint Uga is cathedral and kind of shook the walls we had some bundled the lightning and rain that seems like we're in the clear and also. We still got a lot of the weekend uses unlike some of the other ones where it come on you know restore law. -- looks like this baby's movement on through don't know how strong the winds will be behind it. But I tell you a lot of people end up down there and why class he's Shelby chill pill area. Taking advantage of that excellent bank creation we showed on TV is that still going on is that slowing down out of the water is probably one back. And it slowed down and wore warmup but he came back in it so turn it -- well yeah. It's a shame because ball while it's going on is such a wonderful opportunity. Look at -- -- -- it like it waters you know. It was partly a real quick -- -- it was slow it was so well. I mean yeah everybody up and it will he went Perry's -- you know we get there electrician personally over there. And I would note I'd -- -- -- Garland. And then later on until it started. And it at an attic yet how. There knee that inning activated due to mark. Yes those that they'll probably be the lessons the -- came up more and yet some -- -- out in the -- got advantage of it took advantage of -- great if you didn't well might have to wait for the next deep freeze to come out today what they get pretty doggone cold down there. What else might people be able to like we showed million illegal final shallow flats hoist the -- we gonna get some sunshine may be -- -- today. For sure tomorrow the temperature is gonna drop a little bit. I guess that might be a good good suggestion for people who are gonna go all the votes -- He has that I or it will -- it -- an issue that it look at it that solid. You know -- -- can. That's our you know I manage traffic at the future at eight picked up to. Well right registry astronomy and a cheap. They don't allow that frost and well. And then pretty simple -- is subject hit -- shrimp caught. -- -- lottery if you can beyond fairly clean bottom and you'll be able catches some nice finish on trial though you know not much to talk about there because that -- -- have you had any reports of -- deals on -- wondered if anything stock popped up yet. No matter -- -- lot like an April 10 street they looked into and talk to them. Everything looks good so very fortunate yeah. Well maybe it was a gradual enough dropped to win those -- could sense it in in got innocent people warm water. Before they got trapped because that's generally when when the real bad kills a car is a Fisher up shallow there and areas in all suddenly get morals very very drastic drops -- it might drop forty degrees in a matter of a few hours then this Benedict -- -- stock in the and they die but. I'm gonna have -- a single bit later on from wildlife and fisheries and you know get an up to -- an infant found -- Do wanna put the word out to any listeners who going to be out there if you happen to spot any fish floating large schools official news or not. One -- -- but you know new numbers of them you need to report that to the wallet and issues so they can get on and -- -- -- You're you're you're no you're -- -- -- fish kill it like. -- area where. You know it was a Mazen was on how much how loaded those red fish won't move clean audit is chock a block for the -- go Beason. Cramps and model those two big -- and they were pretty good size I don't know how that is channels that moments wallet. -- -- Music channel or -- the current network -- at that opened it a part I'll. Is morality. Open. Although small bridge that -- like Eagles and. -- -- So thank -- -- and bella. Of course is real and it went because it where -- And then you know when it gets real real colon and they can't eat it too lethargic -- -- take any bank was a replaces. While better equipped because immoral scavenger -- Trout. I would imagine as soon as the -- don't feel warm up they gonna go to bite into politics in spots in the Biloxi -- that one attempt to want to -- deuce and some. I sketches -- -- fairly close. Well. -- I -- you know sort it won't pollute but I think it's -- that simple -- -- actually again so. Help out some people so you know like. -- That will definitely help even if you could use it is located because the fish aren't that mobile. And you got to really throw it right on top of -- got to remember that little by all you feel those that sit. Song gonna give you know win. That's why -- slipped. A graphite rat and it would -- perhaps argue that. And the soft -- to in analog and helps to. Heal a lot of big. I know a lot of people country and they'll be happy to be happy. Now. You don't take you Dayton all annually in the US economy it -- situation. Glad -- enjoyed the trip which it would Jonathan is always always a pleasure come down there and said the say that the that the -- finances come when eating out but. And tell people you know be on the lookout next article front take advantage governing did you call them and UB. You know happy to tell when it's on. Those phone. 467612. RU. NN. Interracial longer that that. We captaincy late -- -- the last couple dated issues. Now on yet. You know horrible -- It's just becomes and O'Brien when he gets like that but you're right you can always in the get some decent it is. Glenn thanks that are report we appreciate it enough tell spoke of not going to be too much long before that weather passes over you guys leave you with a nice weekend. Yeah right now we get -- I think the issue being overweight a little bit and actually cut down. Yeah but I figured -- -- in the next -- solution isn't bad boys and two most -- the way. Or -- okay I'll be looking for the needs them -- the idea. -- know people get carried away when their all their name in the guys a lot shouldn't. Let things that are important not -- out of that trip and though it's it would begin next week. Thank you. Lancet says he is at the Britain's marine and hoped. If we get told -- -- off the newsstand and it to the fishing boat for a change cap so where are you this morning. What's gone on the small. -- found in Google does not send you mail it richter. 1 o'clock in the morning come in and -- that night in. Jake -- legal manner immediate. -- again. But. Yet there is only. -- Good. Camera. -- at the start that debate on the about it and -- we can't or -- we. -- didn't eat any animal in. A great -- man. Important you know it here is -- pretty -- uncle. Kind of decades it. -- good window couldn't -- -- on the radio. What it is great what you and those cocker Murray about the fish. But I don't think this week. Did extremely. It's like that it did that so little old and you confusion feet that productive. In the -- that at the spot and yet people. Out a little -- And -- -- the world and the public Salvador. I would vote temple team in the it would let -- point nose and and that -- -- them -- right there. -- Really though you know Irish folk. There's the Asia as part on the threat fish didn't. Hit it dead and we then we can. It. Read it should happen -- who would murky water don't have a vote. Just a -- William Goodman is such -- -- -- Everything the stroke. And you can't catch and it should mean. He yesterday. Yet but he polling data chip -- could get -- that issue on Iraq. You know -- it. That -- you know. Gotta read this stacked up I I found the lowest water temperature rocket -- second on the deacon priest was 38 degrees or are. Was 38 degrees so I'm really gonna be surprised if there on no fish -- reported that in mind it has been gradual enough to win those finished. You know God's got in some safety water before that one out and while we're. Our boys yeah you can check the round on the bullies -- -- you can count -- attempt that was -- active club it was 38 point seven. That it. No no medical home I think a lot of look at the radar right now and blindly must be didn't help that -- -- -- -- toppled the right now but you should be in the -- and. And -- Internet but it it's open. And a and an. Idiot you know. -- open at Everton and I get credit. 61 degree. Yeah. That's gonna change to that talking about frost though up in that area by tomorrow morning. While the crop gets gonna do. One and kind of muggy grungy days stolen you know dries out low latency. You can't appear Monday in local and go back on to -- it restricting. And it didn't know. Then and actually -- this model at 1 o'clock in general on. -- the kitchen thinks that we're too good for Aaliyah. We're going to battle. Can't alive and that that's that's camp life. It's an alert customers at the chalet and in the in the miss the -- that you'd be out of this. A good deal but a statement did that and -- -- here. Is not a problem that came through -- it -- really. Is meant. That even though you might be a sudden exit action -- don't -- -- -- And don't -- netbook. And it's a -- or in the exit at the track doesn't go so well. And the feed is -- known that it and -- -- shallow areas though. Period if -- in new lead in the beating -- immediately ego and everybody don't know go slow ticket you get -- You know in an -- and that some merit -- Obama worked out there and march. Don't know Erica. Is pushing out. I don't know and I don't think that's why I tell people pay up this seat -- memberships at this time the summertime you know yellow mosquitoes as you could you could spend -- night -- that you spent in night out and. No. Not good night and he hit it. Yet that considers it -- -- and and and the planned an exit you know. But it got to pitch or dead and you ended up back tax code and -- -- The gallery -- you know a couple of them who stood six oval -- at the -- You know. And it is there at that 38 degrees you know it's at that temperature it in the country -- Thanks for the water that there really Matt Damon and ma Jie -- oh what is -- temperature. That we're really take. Well it it's based on temperature and length of time stays at that temperatures kind of very. Graduated thing in you know -- course -- the shifty but. Most people greeted him on the -- -- tropical want to get anywhere below forty greeted shut down the -- -- it stays too long in the you know they thought in news. Release basically they deny them. Got them out of there about a cold water fish red fish different story vastly different story from all that but -- very susceptible Cold War. That vote that she -- next couple front or light. You -- so far so good. But generally takes a couple days after you know those issues they do they don't you go on the bottom four walls and pop up in in the so far nothing nothing yet so console. I had a great debt Korea too little footnote as -- -- and. Let's say Clinton did it feel we need to Dix new low -- You get those pictures calls that you get the. Yet it. That they checked that and patient and had been in the year. Score big and the -- and become. As deftly that he. Arrived at the big. You know but and -- you know -- -- -- -- Yeah it. Well like edit a story for you that ten point that we can pick an opponent cameras on easier. Colonel block call or the other night. And we saw the pictures in Maceda in -- -- you -- all the walls -- shoes in view -- is -- all the oh. -- Kyra yeah. That it didn't take any that you -- all of that the Traficant couldn't you can make it. -- You -- let's get lucky -- hotline that doesn't know she's waiting -- calls right now so yeah. Chip yet today -- -- or she actually been. Screwing in. The seat parliament that you -- image and it's a but it -- The telephone. -- or. People on. Six on foreign. And the going to be good people on it didn't show you -- You read and so well he would -- than. Coal -- Bring some -- of backs -- Mac the crime. Ever see -- next week. Louisiana man. Out of I don't -- Hondas before you head out to stand to orderly -- rate which few huge. You know listen in now -- system go on now for several weeks but archery hunting. On the straight story yesterday's game in that -- -- -- -- that is statesman implication on it give you some fishing tips. Because saint Tammany parish fishing pier that was damaged American Isaak is gonna be re opening -- day. At ten -- and the cut the ribbon calling -- soft opening. I've got some tips for a few going to be one of the ones out of the weather should be through -- and should have a great time on the got cancer patient and all the time to watch the saint steak on the Siegel's a lot of you have been emailing and calling me and wondering about the -- -- fishing -- and didn't really get a lot of use out of -- are keen -- took about commission. Destroy -- the buildings wrote to a well -- saint Tammany parish tourist commission. And also the recovery with the BP money and he got back up in shape and ready to go. Fishing out there today this time you went to -- from the you going to be concentrating on finishing the bottom bottom species. Don't expect it gets a lot of speckled Trout there are going to be -- finish line from -- it may -- some flounders. Which you can need to finish the bottom with the day -- shrimp is gonna be best if you -- that. You don't like the use that maybe the senate -- like the week -- but something that they will be able to. Smell in yet to find eight -- melons that a site. When you go on out there remember you become isolated when you know that there's not a lot of stores shopping. Got to bring everything you'd be best to handle lag in ice chest with wheels it just makes it easy -- you era there. Bring in the enough sinkers. Hooks you kids would be using boring enough on the topic -- could lose it. Is a -- down and this obstruction on -- snag. Also gold -- the line at 130 pound does. -- waste crank that he shot this is not what you can bring to the side of the bank of the boat and then you gonna have to -- that -- up to appear. A betting technique -- very effective if you got a single crab you can crab off for the U. Bring a crab net with a long piece of line line on that reached all the way down to the war. Swim the fish over the crab net once he's over the Kremlin and poised to -- -- up with each unit. Apple -- you from breaking laws equally on the -- fish. You gonna use call the only thing that's gonna work now sliding -- if you don't know how to read a sliding -- you can Google it check it out its suspension date. Right near the bottom and still gives you that citing a court indicate that you're getting strike but for the most part. Here's the bottom punishment it shrimp weather conditions and not going to be that bad days that's definitely not come out from the north. Water should be fairly clean enough tickets and it's got -- When you head out to saint Tammany parish fishing pier in will be open from from now on will be bringing you updates from the regular basis. And the best visual polish -- rule is brought to you ask candy -- that's asking and he with a if you check them out -- -- indeed dot com you can fun to watch election dates on sale right now from -- two dollars a bag lots of -- styles and sizes choose from. Now in his third year in business local Louisiana company ask candy -- with a K and I -- and check in now. Let's talk to Jeff rule Geoff boss had a deep freeze work on the bass in this fresh -- mission is -- and I'm glad it's over it true. A couple of reports. Beer in February oh the there have been some reports that. More years currently in and -- -- great response that it that it that it went scattered. How do. Bring this year that they'll pull that back in the PX one incident. At what point one thought you know or sixth street speaker so -- a -- The committee that the I don't currently -- the -- here. And it typically don't burn them here. That you're you're there. And then there -- numbered in and that it Utley topic it it. And Jeff how about one of the biggest -- decision to him the tough a lot of base in the volume black area house at entry into the -- Other reports -- that more about that you don't the rivers. Or put. What did each unit which account -- it back who -- -- and I checked by a bird in north. -- you to -- to go there and marchers Carol -- with a but what are we vehicle. That. It's week to sort them out that the war in order them back pocket and you bet that -- markers were third quarter. -- -- -- -- -- Jeff where are we on on the -- at this point. The ticket on our way to start it sometime. In February that you will on -- -- on it. The -- year that board markets he could occur in the -- that the that way it permanent. The -- there it. On power for either January that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Archer could come later and was you know it on the speaker currently need the perfect -- -- -- -- Are. Jeff I don't think we've seen the last of the the cold weather you got to fish and chip forced advanced vision extreme cold weather. -- -- -- It's not a great year it -- -- -- there's really it is so. That he's really an apartment on the year the temperature all of that get them. That whether constant temperature. And you can -- -- pretty good -- out and now. He could -- and easy deeply affected because that's more. It's a great war and so there aren't pulling to within. Industry where we were not -- with a where -- it's completely. You prepare. Mainly pro ball in people that would -- it shouldn't you are sort thought that. And -- well. Yucca and -- Put -- that occur only when you're buried. My dealer and you are -- the company's unique BP depart from people here that that they. And what about a recommendation for the type rod you would use position on the those days. I need immediate action around the dugout he's been but approximately so. But it -- comedian actually. European Parliament there. 1012 found that on. It turns out port like that you want it to the bottom there at about one more practical. Terms would that. And like that it is there much YouTube and to -- On the bottom. It -- their majority rule or a trick coupled with our then -- try to. It is true. Jeff I just can't imagine you do and not a real hard heavy hooks. Yeah I need to break go over the life -- it right or could it produces trio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But. You're no matter what Google. Couldn't. Jeff what about some tournaments coming up on account. That but -- a couple of pearl Tuesday that they -- about the Internet and you could eat your it's but. That respect and I'm doing oratory there at a party. Nets to a NATO partying. A couple of double outside if you need an added that in the coming year work it more more current spot -- -- between -- -- you. Our market in the name. Calmer -- equipment that your. I'm in new you can get a list today you know I got some sad news this week that the children's miracle network put on biology of the lake out of Baton Rouge one itself morons they are not held in the tournament this this year that is couldn't find the sponsors and couldn't put together some of them look like they're gonna have that tournament this year. Other companies are. That number a lot of -- people the -- are needed to treat. But -- -- so firm that does it really heard that. Are either of these facts and because of the call for and everything with the economy to. They're deliberately -- Yeah and the sponsors have a tough -- -- you know they get home many opportunities and can only so much so. Hopefully things looked and ran -- get that on the back of his that was a good. -- I just boasting and actually taken. There are reports or more -- he would be great joy at lock you out there. -- -- I'm happy anniversary to the way it. I doubt if reports are brought to about Berkeley division fuel efficient mechanism at Berkeley -- -- power gulp and have a dates in just about anything to do with fishing from the line to rods to reels debates. Check c'mon it's Berkeley division of -- -- I would remind you dear hunters he can stay with me we come back after the top of the hour break them in the settlement controversy argument that's been all about the -- season finally got straight scoop for you. Not take you know iPhone with you in the you can listen to want you on the years you walked -- is -- to use. Let's go on anagram I'll see if that thought out -- yet let's talk now -- of real scream -- dot com make him -- you don't. Good morning we dip it's all about right about now we're figuring out and sat there. Yeah jealousy you have a look at the radar here I think you just above -- you have not read the kid is going to maybe getting it right now. Yes it's common now we got a good look like -- normal that the within all of that particular approach going to be so that it didn't habitat there and I hear rolling around out there. Yeah well the good news is it's not gonna last long -- scrambled through here. You know typical front in the holiday issue happen to come on Saturday mornings lately -- let him send him on one. And we did this period winner of the two or three year period where the -- Part exist and they also -- anymore. That's why I'm glad official Thursday's. -- what's been going on that as anybody fish and anybody -- -- drowning crowd have been an endangered species because that is cold temperature in most errors. They have but -- -- -- -- from that look that told about and it does hit that -- The it is playing like the hot spot gold outsider road gets that's because you could break -- for cats actually -- this year and there in the tropical. That's the -- a truck with the team is right next now where you can jump in there and go back out suffer for a few more minutes and get back in the truck again. Yeah yeah I mean it was it was in Somalia and and a road network that are all. Can be a little bit difficult right now because it extraordinarily long structure there that code everywhere so odd code level up. But the I mean there's nothing will try out. You know I'm munitions they haven't really recovered a war -- did bounced back we're not yet these. But. But -- it did become active again it's just you know so topsy turvy right now if she cable pattern. Well. You know one day one day -- 65 degrees in the war kept the G-8 the next you get a Coke Coke in the war of drops down a little board from that -- -- war loading money so organisms that little bit toward the the old faithful recreation Asia and just on -- in the boat beware there eaten -- -- -- -- a warm up. There in the -- on Gil de. You know what -- -- that have been doing lately Doug Fox poll. Britt finished but -- Saturday -- what orchard it just laying there and you can work scenario for real or. Page just constantly. Then you decide to mumble and disease and that -- -- your new book on child remote and scattered everywhere. So they're they're they're just generally in apology here in the cold and George Foreman. That popped and it really good it's time on the struggle to to think cricket because you know they going to be produce in the so. Couple -- -- the bid -- -- in the in the boat always works a little bit. Yeah that that's all you need for the reds now. If somebody was -- -- -- yesterday -- double -- situation light -- somebody could have snuck off shortage talking about it got a chance to run out and try to see -- -- -- -- -- Yeah well. Well Obama that you now that's leaving because. Probably report from now -- former but he. And -- to use yesterday -- it had to be would -- Utley couldn't like retreat and that would be child. I don't know what started what was making it will be that it was students some kind of -- Com -- -- good chance Chandra part in Vietnam. -- layups and -- but it -- got a couple haven't but it tracked down. It's sort of the other road trip and bloom Peter. I've got to track them and now with more on the report not ready to go. Out there -- not having her a lot to -- into larnaca over. Area. Oh or better built a small yellow bill calls last week they ran out these. That was all of that -- we get to. Yeah the web has got to participate in world assault that is warm -- we'll pick things up down there and -- back into the rhythm again now thanks to report if somebody wants to contact you about booking that trip offshore enjoy you do both not a grand I'll tell them how to get. The root -- thought or you can. Very 628. All right sounds good with the -- don't get by and then and you go out and play thanks -- you edit the city you got it. Does Darryl carpenter real screen is that I'm coming up next hour are gonna talk you do you honestly it captain Mike -- coming up front and they yards and update you paddle those and you kayak there's. Also gonna run down some stuff on the website you might be interested in check out that outdoor opinion pulled back -- on it and cast your vote. Look at the -- favorite tactician realist on the outdoors guy dot com and new radio photo -- go with antlers and your favorite. The bad boy the outdoors coming up after the break. Outdoors we've done to -- radio network.

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