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1-11 6:10am Don Dubuc, The Outdoors Show

Jan 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This morning. Well. The -- the you know. Hanging in -- And that tabloid -- listening to own zone read -- in fact those of you in the Baton -- there you can get a chance to -- in here re perform live the read -- -- won't be read in John eight -- via Boudreau and -- those in Baton Rouge. That's on third street and Andrews as the united dolls that's from 10 PM. 2:1 AM. Reid is inviting all the rich stick friends to come -- say hello and talked -- you hear his voice on the you wrote that song in. Performed I. Coming up this hour and a lot of things to talk about and -- deer hunters also those -- who look at the web site. Those of you who enjoy a bad boys and the outdoors got a Christmas. Bad boy -- to a story for -- we -- got that when. I'm sure you'll find that interesting and entertaining but let me get to this -- issue. Talks been -- lately about whether it is legal. To shoot deer in Louisiana with a bowl. Either sex goes and -- All you along regardless of whether a box only season is in progress. Well the confusion stand because if you reboot of the regulations anthem looking at a -- year on the archery season it says. -- six you may be taken in all areas open for deer hunting except one of -- only season is in progress for gun running. And except in -- six from October 1 and fifteenth. In such cases arches must conform to the -- only regulations. Either sixty -- may be taken on Debian Mazen any time an archery season. Except when box only seasons -- in progress on the respective. W him. Now part of that is true. That does apply the WM race but it does not apply to all areas open yet -- private land -- opened the deer in your hunting with a ball. Even though a box only season is in progress with firearms either primitive -- modern. Art cute and say -- go -- There's been a lot of back and forth over this in if you read the regulations it says in here. Very plainly either sex may be taken except one -- -- only season is in progress for Ghana. Well that is not true if you -- an area where as a box only season for gun. You know hunting with a -- you can take a note here I was sure that no one will be cited. And it's different on WMA is in his small area that the course set season as a party over an area six in -- nine so from here on out -- running with the ball. Last year on WMA -- box only is in progress. On privately annual lease lease land you can take -- go to view with the -- And -- I some other things wanna mention to you on the web site down the outdoors guy that -- you know use analog conjunction with the radio show. I'll watch and check out the latest photo we've got to go with as there is a story that was written. Very interesting about it's not. Why it is rare if you think the finals check that out also a look under the latest recipes got a brand new recipe for grilled gulf shrimp. With for a shoot oh Rosemary and call out when is perfect for you. Playoff game was Super Bowl parties check it out and got a lot of recipes there and archive -- fine. If it swims crawls flies you can probably find a recipe for. Also the outdoor opinion poll rushing preference asking you to vote for you favorite fishing real tight. And of course it's unscientific and supplements seemed right with the news that. They'll fly fishermen would be forty the oval on the majority 44%. Of artificial lottery. I can't -- imagine that accurate so that check into that. They asked in spinning a pretty close at 28 point six sentence being cast only at one point 7% but. So and not not not going right there that just don't can't imagine that the 43% of the people. Who'd listen this show and go on the website referred to finish with a fly and it will. Look into that the other changes you can cast your vote W it's at WWW. Down the outdoors guy. Dot com this time to talk to captain Mike Gallo Indian official report from his there. Reports -- brought -- you by seat so and I tell people OC -- a great deal with this time of the year it's especially important because as low. Tide conditions mud flats and of course hypothermic conditions out there you get stranded in the summertime -- one thing this time of the year totally different. For only 169. Dollars a year. Complete peace of mind you get fuel crops -- winced when he was seven jumpstart whatever it takes to get you back in you call Zito. To call and play issue order for that. Once a year 169. Dollar entry -- -- 8804. Seek so it's eight under the -- before a sea -- or go to C dash told dot. As -- captain Mike Gallo and Mike are you warmed up sufficiently from the deep freeze. Yeah I think I finally did that feel market. This would be a -- -- -- let's see what we gonna get back into normal condition and it didn't pay off for some folks the red fish will ganged up in some very accessible places in the holes in both feet not that. Sure hurt the -- vision. He had the trial probably step their noses out in the hood has come out yet. I actually we've had some very good red fish catches in the wall area. Same sort of scenario that you guys take advantage of beach. And so you. You show on. The efficient game report the other night on that you don't you know. And the same sort of situation is going on down over about you have to do about a ten. And over by the wall and water canal area. It may have to troll around a little bit but it seems likes and probably you come across a pocket and it might be under very efficient to just -- every chance. The situation. Yeah it's in unfortunately a lot of people got more than their limit now. Well a lot of citations written will be you know about those in the next few weeks people got to remember don't get carried away. When the fishing gets that good the last that's that's good do you think though that that's probably like it's happening in in no hope they'll shell beach and -- crow. Is that water warms up what it comes and goes out those -- -- -- scattering. Oh yeah that Whitfield in the war starts to warm up they'll find -- back out. As far as threats issued by the love that shallow waters of that board it's back in the fifties and upper fifties and should it -- shallow flats and get back to England France and you know just -- normal patterns. But for right now you know that's -- that's an easy trip to make and -- intensity -- speckled Trout caught at all. You know offered several reports weird you know everybody -- in the -- efficient one trial was -- Probably talked for five different boats. So. You know the transitions is certainly off if you are fishing bait there's been drawn on the initiative. Species that you were talking about that'll probably be around the -- him any -- This morning you know those types with just market based on the bottom. Right how do you think these issued an affair out in your area as far as us. Temperature or maybe cause an impossible sees Q we haven't had any bad reports yet of them popping up -- -- it was still not missed a lot of the woods yet and things. Right when I you know announcing fish killed in the past it's always been a scenario where we have warm temperatures maybe water temperatures in the sixties. And then we get real -- Hard hard freeze and dropped those temperatures down and it seems those -- don't migrate out of that shell war. Into -- water quick enough and that's where it kills them. Our winners this year so Ford didn't really get this -- suddenly the kind of crept up on us and those that were in deep water. We -- -- a few weeks ago and in the coastal waterway which is certainly the so I think most of them have made it to that people water I don't think fiscal I was gonna affect them. The you know this area that that's always puzzled me for wintertime -- is that released. You've got to believe as he does that is that those fish are going to be stacked up in them but nobody seems to be able crack the Coleman catch it and. Yeah I would imagine you know you when you really follow station of course like Q and I do the you'd you'd find. That -- is. Not necessarily all man made areas. But you know the manmade canals do well I'll always think about that Texaco canal system down in -- and there's a lot of dead hands. And -- ward -- release low as much -- kind of rises and falls with them have a lot of slowed to its senses that this audience. And fish don't have to deal with the car. I would think you know obviously before me and came along it was -- But I would certainly think that in Britain believe those these gang up in the areas where they can escape the country. So it could be behind a little or drop ball. -- probably just said I'll Moses could -- the right out that really believes in fifty feet of water. You know they just get a little small pocket when -- the current. Sit on the bottom in the in water that they've become acclimated to and I just kind of wait it out. And it has got to be efficient emphasize on that bridge in -- of you like best of places where everybody. Concentrate so that's where you catch him. Right we've -- the detriment to bridge -- you wonder how they get from one bridge studios. That was sent it to me in the middle. Yeah there's areas in the -- and at certain times we do Ketchum. I often think of the springtime you know people. April can still feel that we indeed you know -- urgently trying to sound bridges in April with plastic. But the wind could pick up and change all that off the lake and -- end -- going to greatly zaireans finishing out the rest Wednesday. We caught some pretty Trout up in the -- against address. Course that's in April and -- -- step out and find as much that is they can't. There there it's just I guess putting in the war and finding them. Yeah you know troll in my view way to find in the right there aren't -- by the -- You're right there are some states alleges they -- -- that's for experience. Or that war really people up close to the shore -- might be a good idea of -- -- Formica houses cannot count the look at the lead to try to get all -- book trip -- -- has been a busy winter for you so far as things look in the as we head in the 2014. Well -- -- already setup shots we get trips booked all the way into December so people like to get on my calendar early -- Dutch. Some people from Texas and people you know. Long established customers get on the books as fast as they can but the calendar ready. We -- ago just wait no more hundred days which shouldn't be much longer. Start getting more -- to warm -- should get more active and I'm sure everybody will be more active myself included. We'll give us -- contact info. You can find -- that guy in the outdoors guy dot com. Or directly -- a of the LA dot com or if you -- -- you can call modeling in line which is 98. 7817811. All right Michael we'll catch up with you again next week in see you know what the situation looks like that thanks for her report as always we appreciate. Now it is time for the panelists fishing report from the -- perspective -- that's brought to you by. The -- to location you're gonna parliament that -- on Jefferson highway also location on main street in river ranch. In Lafayette all the top brands of kayaks largest selection of -- -- anywhere in the state. And lots of lots of accessories for the kayak or -- -- when you're shopping list Brendon de yardage one of a few reporters in Brandon. Out of the catalyst make out with all these icy conditions we would deal with last week. Well we talked some incredible -- red fish. Guys were loading up on the goes deeper -- comment on the -- we have going on look at this time a year and a you know and local area. And maybe not as crowded and go up there actions drop -- in -- boat and -- you know forty tradition that day you know certainly. Keep that many but one. Well looks like that's starting to already started to wane off -- -- -- attempt to want rising -- came in went out through an official scattering we get most of those reports. But that leaves us with a little bit better conditions if you wanna get out you don't you're not really especially our liking to fishing in you know 3020 degree temperatures. Yeah yet but certainly the break in the weather is it's a much needed it to. Well you and I got into your -- candidate pick and warm weather. We're just did note here he -- easy bracket where the weather. Over there won't hit the mark. From the people on where the -- or. All right sounds like a great trip and you guys you know shouldn't be too much longer things on the movement through pretty quickly. Is less thought out west so what's going on over there a big lake duck issue here. You know count -- -- -- -- principally as a betrayal a lot of -- like to go there are out there. Real Cutler and none of those cold conditions we had this week and so people were just kind of regulated. Commission -- -- some of those. Let -- Been steady flow areas with deep water. I would suspect that want to temperatures get back into the mid fifties you Pittman and back into. Let the long term in tort law island re up there. And that may be in the -- -- -- it's got to watch it water temperature is good reason packaged up a little partner and try and take panel now. As to what on the hit show and you know when -- buy and keep a journal entry about new dispute where. I have consistent. Trout fishing on. Well over a mid mid -- local tree would get the seventh annual minimalist challenge coming up and that's always an interest and tell people how that works and -- -- -- signed up for. The year -- Was counting the first of and we attribute angler the year's series are smaller tournament that we have with the club and don't registries and only twenty dollars. And it comes to belittle tackle packet where everybody uses this same tackle. And -- 200 slot available at tournament that's going to be next week and -- You know in the seventies and a we have a couple of -- twenty spot left. And that should be a really great permanent regret that I played pretty equal footing girl. End the marine that will be held out -- it and it took Emery -- And info at BC KFC. Or. -- Delaware you gonna be efficient today how we won -- carbonneau told -- that -- -- road was lined up with folks August has been pretty good down there. And should continue to be good even though water and warm. Yeah I mean that it's not pretty neat kitchen and -- at -- to look -- reasonable bank fiction or non Europe that were gone wrong. My problem big men have ruled it will pretty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of a plan that's a great plan. And by tomorrow what attempt is yet they gonna be back up and guess folks efficient even in the panel craft will be again look at phone for -- where will you think they'll be. You know I would I would start concentrating on -- -- -- -- her flat or longer deeper areas you know. If you work electors picked off by it could be -- record record down 01. Are in either flat aren't here. You know that credible theory that the -- big turnout build wrote that the people frequently get cold murdered there will be. The bigger point the way to pick congregate but -- it. -- -- -- Some of those areas of shallow water. My spread out to -- and those period to -- -- all. It. -- There. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That coupled with a Clinton's -- creep over there you know don't really. You'd expect elect we you'll hear it Louisiana have a lot of areas of their shell. And Shelby cut on the blacks still he kind of looked in that that -- shall eat up really good. In the wintertime and I got guys you know the result over Galveston mayor -- kitchen huge crowds in the -- conditions -- condition might have a and should not test here you know at -- bit different. Wondered if it's a different strain of species that just more accustomed to -- -- but it's it is -- great thing for them you know that happens in this time of the discount conditions. Yet they have that little bark bark and governors. You know that dark shell and not get that it's been a little bit warmer haven't checked out the temperature that they had neatly. And that the main problem we're happened I need to look into bigger -- Yeah well president thanks for the report as always we appreciate it BC KFC dot org is the website good luck to you in the kids today and will be checked with him a couple weeks. -- -- All right areas are expert Adler reporting Brendon -- try to get information this week on the Louisiana coastal conservation association -- kick off the winter and spring fishing seminars starting next week Wednesday night. At 530 yet -- look beverage Budweiser in -- ruthless in this gets beat Carolina. Executive director of CCA David crests on assistant secretary Randy casino from wallet and fisheries. Captain deadly Dudley captain Chris -- captain Tommy eloquent in the gulf council's -- mules. The event is free food and beverages will be provided in this going to be Wednesday night at 530 -- beverages but -- Baton Rouge. Although there are those of you listening to -- in the Canadian and Lafayette -- won the following night Thursday January 16. It will be -- service Chevrolet in Lafayette. David -- on will be speaking again with -- -- Wallace and fisheries commissioner Billy Broussard. Captain Steve Smith that Stillwater outfit sketches those big -- the million will be there. And again Emily from the gulf council an event as always is free food beverages provided any more information on call the CCA office. In Baton Rouge 22595. To 92. All right right after we pause ten seconds from a local stations to identify themselves will be back with a bad ball the outdoors. Christmas edition. Think back a few weeks ago. What would you do -- Christmas night. Well we CN department wallet and fisheries enforcement agents. Was citing a race -- man for alleged deer running violations on eagle island. On Christmas -- the agents received the complaint that the suspect it killed two -- at night in December the twenty. When agents approached the suspect's residence on eagle island on Christmas Day. Agents observed Eric Sapp and Wallace of boy 37 at the rear of his residence with a loaded seven millimeter rifle. A loaded twelve gauge shotgun with buckshot. A loaded 22. In using -- utility street light to shine appears to shoot them at night. No cookies and milk get this stuff. On further investigation agents learn that the near the light -- boy has place several pounds of soybeans on the ground to a crack at the end night. At the Savoy was disowned and questioned by the agents he admitted to harvesting to an atlas -- doing illegal hours on December 20. In attempting to harvest more -- doing illegal hours on Christmas night. Agents cited support for two counts of hunting and taking geared to a legal hours. Failing to take you over limited here taking here illegally do an open season hunting -- without a big game license. And -- with an unplugged shotgun which if convicted. Could result in fines of 4050. Dollars. Plus jail time up to a 120. Days. Savoy is already minus one Remington seven millimeter rifle one -- 22. In 112 gauge shotgun that was confiscated. Her well. We know what he'll be wishing for under the Christmas tree next year. On behalf of all the ethical sportsman of Louisiana special thanks in commendation to the wildlife agents. Lieutenant Joseph or no senior agents -- faults and Ryan -- for spending their Christmas night. Protecting the natural resources. Of Louisiana. And a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you Ericsson boy 37 of Graceland. Bad boy in the outdoors. And a lot of us -- not a reminder of of course you know we talk about bad boy there's a lot of good boys and girls out -- to Louisiana while -- federation is asking you to let them know. If you think someone you know persons organizations. Who have made outstanding contributions to the natural resource. Welfare and environmental quality of -- parishes and state. Their deserving of an award they've got one form and this is called the governor's state conservation achievement award. This is the fiftieth year they'll be presenting those to professional category volunteer. Businesses. Educators -- elected official communications and organizations -- gonna take their nominations. Until February the fourteenth. The judges will determine who the winners are the top award winner gets the governor's award. And that will be presented at a banquet of the Louisiana wildlife federation on March 29. At the lake house reception -- in that if you wanna get an application. You know someone is deserving please do it. Go to LA wildlife fit dot org. Or simply Google Louisiana wildlife federation and you'll find that there. Or if you prefer called our office in Baton Rouge 2253446707. They'll take to the process of making -- nomination. In that way we can recognized people who -- certainly deserving of the award. Well as I look at the radar and I'm looking at the yellows in the greens in the reds extending from gulf war and on down through them we're just clearing Slidell now out there in the channel Matta area and over the Breton sound area and -- yeah -- deja Vu all over again. Last time -- and cajun fishing adventure lodge it was almost. That debacle looking radar. As it's approaching -- a lot -- right now on top of almost just about to hit Brian what's the situation it looks like that stuff is just -- within over you guys. It is but he got some like -- so. It was flawed. Problems sometime late midnight 94. Until right now. Sure this has been a little or control so but. -- big it -- that it -- -- blue shield made doctors being you chill out and. If you -- I think you will. Because it is definitely gonna move through -- -- -- -- little bit of a late start for him but -- really there's your problem there have been and you guys have been dealing with the elements and -- that -- it pretty aren't -- -- -- that for a long time. Yeah it was news what they did. It knocked it back a day that they. Attack stroke or two pretty big -- yet -- never got to bite from trial in the evening you know. But that that -- -- days have been real slow. In other follow yet that is real difficult sort of follow but no wind -- bird should we -- only about forty yesterday. And did you know always today but a pitcher has -- that they can stroke. And could it lead to alone. Street -- page. You don't normally throw. In. Any indications of fish kills I don't know so far it looks good that we might be -- at the -- that you know. Did get a couple here and not keep that down it would get complacent -- no further in the war. But -- -- multiple language did you debate that it will bring it to -- debate yesterday and you know and it is pretty good so. Sure. A late Monday evening and before. I let that logic. Pretty forty. But dark Hitler and the fish. And Dundalk comes early to. This. Is probably quite adequate but we will hit them on amusement an Irish -- -- Then -- now. -- -- -- But they work you'd -- That was critical battle -- and those folks up north and analyze it and I was thinking about going further down -- and only got to practice miles. I think he'll expect -- screws out there and let you cross the really hard. Well I gotta tell you you know as the seasons are headed in the last week of the season in the and I can tell from the look in that you and Joseph. -- in the in Austin all of -- men women you guys look look beat you know and in tough you don't get a lot of hunt you had a busy. Duck season you've dealt with fog and freeze and -- in fronts and all that kind of stuff so but -- -- -- When it's gone it's gone along way before next year's -- Miller. But I doubt that they will -- with Sobel on the actor equally I'm still sort of people. You know -- It it's such a -- year it's -- migrate out alone on the now. Not a migrated the Cole pitched in on the paper. 101000. And you need to integrate them. Will I'm open to Google and a -- and it was falcons a 24 proposal only promote dirty tricks so fly out. Well I saw thousands of divers new arrivals on -- convenience to the Buffalo News. Some go agrees rated and so you know there -- here and -- takes cold ones that push them so. I guess would pretty much get most of the migration we get a CEO on motion limited. They're and there's a lot. The bullet. Will be -- at front it was shall well we could cause to regret first ever -- couldn't -- but with 27 degrees. In and break them all the ways we just couldn't let customers than. A week. We shut down into the back next that the picture many sixty next day in church. And the outlook and do them it was a critical watching. Hundreds of incumbent and because he -- he got it true that you Google charges can get in the -- And that still get in the good chair red heads and great docs and -- krenwinkle stood on. And that's you know praise and -- about it religions and what she looked at a couple there's a bit. Just continue -- races it was a pretty pink I think the content you know I -- -- a little bit. Proper thing in the body in the chest and that's about it now. -- had a relapse second second bottom. There's just you wore me you know but but you know it is what it is. I guess that would group warned of a yes a two year old -- Well what do you approach and would you expect you gonna get this year total you know again with we'll get seven days left. -- -- -- Which we had 3300 epic right now we get shall win this week would get 4000 in. We -- -- picture though it just means that they you know most innocent Morton -- and moderate the discussion got muscle. The book and fishing trip like. It's in the computer journalist. And create a criminal record already so -- developed nation but to open. -- -- Well maybe all this promotion has been going on you know because of the oil spill in the effort to try to tell people things that great here we -- and fish and seafood healthy. And we've got some of the best nation in the country may -- people finally figured Nakajima the only ones in a lot of interest income in Louisiana and it's. We had a great year last year in the and a bigger is can control and that could get my whole base. The economy -- in the whole page is expected track all the local people in it and it'll mobile are in contract and are taken to come back. Out of -- up -- how to appeal although you. They'll have the -- yet. Anyway -- thanks that -- report when that weather passes through and she yelled and have a great dark continent with a water temperature warmed up trying to get active again at Fitch today you know life is good. Yeah that's ordinarily right now also has been -- here and I have -- will go get a. All right if someone wants to get a hold you and talk positions on find out about availability of the logic trip she can and large groups small groups -- element of the. Did -- get you to go to cajun fishing invention that animal. Those guys come in order to comment helpful viable for. I've nine 110. Right you'll talk to you next week thank you for reporters always appreciated bestseller. And Brian Lambert cajun fishing -- as we wrap up the outdoor show you this morning glad to have you tuned in and as always we're back again next week starting at 5 AM. Those of you who are familiar with the toon knows that were roaming free on dauphin island you may notice that they are now gone. Many -- famous -- -- would say they handle more well it involved these these people calling them -- the year on dauphin island Alabama. And what does happen once the Alabama wallet and freshwater fisheries officials found out that they were there they went in removed. Many people on the island on the stand and not happy about that is that this was pats in the -- forming any thing. Well according to spokesperson for the WFF chuck Sikes he -- first and foremost and really the bottom line is using wild animal the August cat. It's wild animal you hear about it every day that somebody has had a dog that all of a sudden by somebody that's domesticated animal it's unpredictable. Yeah addict cute Fuzzy cuddly when they're little but it's a wild animal may think that specific animal wouldn't hurt anybody. But you can't know that for a fact in just about all states it is illegal to. Him to possess any lives while life. On these two bills were were brought there by somebody who lives on dauphin island. And it just kind of roamed around and they they they got used to humans and I even heard reports that -- people's space in. Coddling -- kids in the sink like a very cute situation but. Best -- formed was to remove them because it eventually could become public safety issues and wild animals. Along in the wall. Also in. Get diseases from other animals in if you do come across any walloped bleak. Young law like the best thing to do is leave that alone and let nature take its course the the only. Places that really are licensed to legally old wild animals. Would be -- a game breeders' awesome of these rehabilitation centers that they can actually keep them and they got to follow specific rules and regulations so. At any rate and a lot of people upset about it it was a nice cute thing -- have a couple build you running on the island but unfortunately it is illegal. In the best place form is where they have been transport. All right so that's the case of the dolphin island beer discount recap and what we talked about all the deep freeze is over. And unfortunately. The great Ronald repetitions. Roadside areas in the polls when they were congregated disease Connell weaning off. Good news is so far we have not heard of any fish kills them will. Keep monitoring them asking you if you do see any please report to wildlife and fisheries. Best way to do that would be called operation -- the pot as hotline number. That numbers on the back of your hunting fishing license its 8044 to 2511 also have a tips. App now that you can get in and make the report. If you do come across some trying to determine the species get pretty much is much of account on how many there -- can't. And maybe give them the locations -- GPS in the coordinates and Aiken investigated. I we're gonna say good -- in just a couple of minutes to RO affiliate stations will be back again next week on the 7 AM won -- -- tune into more outdoors. Coming up on my sister station three W helmets thirteen feet beyond Wallace. You can listen live on the web page on the outdoors -- dot com. Todd -- -- Jonas the speaker respects him more with the first segment seven to eight. He's gonna have some fishing -- peace -- them Dennis will be joining us. Captain Charlie Thomason also David crests on executive director. Of the coastal conservation association. And an 8 o'clock it'll be our regular visit with the Louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries giving recap one. This week's commission. Action that was taken Steve Smith who is with these wildlife divisional wallet man openers supervisor -- joins us. -- I talked to Randy policy assistant secretary office of fisheries. And I get an update and found out if they have been any reported fish kills. And maybe get in the battle that more also asking what's what's happen on the snap as seen. The feds have told us so you got a forty day season it's now wheezing and -- what we do. This year in response to that so Long -- surrounded for that you can also catch replays of the radio program right there at the on the out those guys that car. Recipes photographs stories and a whole lot more solar visited note that it -- people who are. Monthly opinion poll. We say good -- to our affiliate stations we'll see you next week right back here again and to our journey to the great outdoors we call the outdoors -- on the radio and.

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