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Jan 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and welcome to another edition -- more outdoors and from 7:8 o'clock and we call -- -- -- -- specs and -- -- -- joins us now and -- are you sufficiently warmed up from the deep -- man it was a cold -- You know really what. When did some research and you know we we can all expect things in the path to being more dramatic and actually oil and look at the other numbers from the freeze of 1980 -- to be -- go -- for Christmas there front picking them second. -- below freezing or like. More than 48 out and 4072 hours. The cold -- in that stretch with December points there and we had a high. And doors and actually what that they at 26 pack. -- it -- so yes although it's lose and certainly -- cold stretch at the early part of this week it's it being quite measure that. No I remember that well because I had a broken pipe inside my walls. Wild week we had left foot Christmas party and the temperature drops so quick. Didn't have the girl. In -- happened was when I pulled up that night that was Warner running out of my front dual. I'll -- Christmas. Young Christmas -- spent though pullen wet soggy carpets. Yeah the real bad when I think it was some deaths that occurred. To get our current -- Brought think you're right from dockers -- it's not in March I don't know gave buddy of mine actually on it went biking through that they -- -- -- -- -- They he says it was just just actually credible put but he says. Almost immediately confront past the waters start three and -- just just a crazy and yet you know what Nicole this time -- this that Scott. That's fraud really -- -- anymore while we -- and -- it just does four years ago and in. That was a little bit longer theories and that's when it was actually a couple days that -- days ahead. Lows each night in the low -- so maybe not quite as quite intense with them. Spread at all aboard days and collect not coincidentally that the last stop at the fish. Really stack up -- it was stacked up -- by -- through which they did again of course this week. Went down there on on Tuesday. Oh last Saturday you. When -- sent on -- course you always do and I had brought -- boat but -- rape. In other repetition not by just ordinary Tuesday and -- rocket it was point six degrees. And that was about probably 8930 years on the -- Got out and it's been real quickly caught called -- limit. But so. Happened to me that date has not happened to me ever in my entire trajectory and south Louisiana that's. Every ten or twelve cat so to shake the that I saw my right died there. It literally I. Quite quite interesting but I you know a lot on down there -- -- earlier. In the network show that it's in you know. We knew that it felt like that that actually -- collapse all of that water startled warmup since we've had back out -- it seemed like that that's that's probably beginning. No in knee and you know the gentler -- agree all shall -- via an area. It seems like via the -- is still out report gets there opinion that the red apps which still stacked up one another. I'd suspect you catch and so I don't know what's gonna happen not today actually. Sitting at wants. That chip that. We can go out and cheaply and we catch a few album -- -- Did you hear. Pretty all right I went blowing EB. Five or six mile an hour not too bad yet it is -- -- on the web but fortunately the skies are. Clearing you know electoral victory and now they got -- a lot to talk. -- some dollars and would sit here now on the market it is it's literally may be fifteen minutes away from being clear blue birds god and so let. -- going to be pretty day it's unfortunate but not wet. And I think that's two problem. We -- the and it enables more. Captain Jack -- -- -- in the Delco area and he went edition. Succeeded they prior. Which would have been I guess Thursday in the and so what -- really really dirty. He's he's struggled -- -- about fourteen red -- What they -- forth and so he really struggled part it is sacred property water anywhere not in our buddy. The one out there yesterday went duck hunting and so the water really declared a lot aroma from the previous -- so. Look like things -- moving in the right direction and Jerry you know that that's. Those digits back up again and oak river in it and it really insane numbers of course the boats -- as well. That it was a exclusively -- by until until this this front really last week -- that'll be chillier. Beacon vertical to a red despite some -- in you know I'm guessing it's a -- water warms back up early and more corrected by. Water temperatures -- -- that the leaders are still pretty chilly most of overnight and upper forties. And not many places have reached fifty degrees yet so. That are really the magic number you don't expect to get so many tropical awards have yet surrogate of the books. Well a lot of people are expecting the trial to be ravenous. Probably go on. Long time without eating because it is simply can't call. So hopefully in the wards who reached. Temperature was making it resume feeding at the field that frenzy going on on maybe some good exit for the the next really cool weather comes in on -- Temperature changes hole with a lot of excellent. The water depth to the ball drop and. Yet -- -- right and you know and then indicative yesterday. And it's happening. Temperature wise but -- you look at the that the orca -- certainly grows but it. Now it down there takes a while back a bit -- it at eight or a lot longer Cuba. But what topical management and so like you know this this brought cantor today. But it doesn't look like it's much coal and look at that four days the upper sixties and so. It's going to be -- night stage as good -- I and then you and the tribe curtain back on its it is only a matter either but -- tomorrow. -- is -- a patent law lords. The guys just apple with its -- spoke -- yesterday so. It is it is tournament on -- -- -- that planet -- out today as well as it accurate so. You know -- -- that you get them before areas -- anybody's views and don't grow this program area. Efficient that people think they can probably get more Trout and and that people would think hopefully we want to open. Even that -- on the flat of course that and -- watched. What went. It is well on a deep water so. You know it it's it's kind of what we have to deal with that here we gamble wintertime it's a lot lot of benefits outlook in the -- year. Yet sometimes. A little -- make it make which. Are jobless and -- -- this morning and not start off with that would cap and peace more you know right on the verge of that that beat watt who brought it occurs every year as that. That we winner watt light it's just just so much on what autistic -- in their apps would -- I know a lot of people don't get a chance to do equipment -- it's your chance to use the east ought. It is an out you know windows -- -- -- When -- -- that he would -- -- that stuff and in court right on you at Uga. You hit the midnight lot -- which were right on the verge of all. In and out so we also Charlie Robertson got a text Charlie -- or manipulate those in the water but it's -- into it got to say let's wait a little bit. Right. Charlie is yet today. Be shot in -- -- British -- Now what happened across a lot of those will get that it that's Q and also -- the Democrats are of course in director foresee you -- and then in an earlier on the show it. They've got that that big wrap up this week where recreational -- kind of get together with. Federal and state fisheries officials and talk about. No mention of our species and I think I talk about about red snapper but achieve CA is built into that. -- seminars with and you -- on April it would it would it would only or. Post about it two will let you know the -- at all as such so too well that -- and so. So happy shared and you know being made that story meet the other guys -- So you really get bigger and console at the end it will be. From David. The time we have the pleasure of speaking with captain peace marvel guys haven't saw or talked a little while they get peace are you doing. I'm doing great on our you know birdies -- -- And wait and wait at all. Yes indeed meant when media together and do some. What do you call that cranked him knocking -- crackers but. Lately on it and you know peace. Everybody. Out like say our first proper. After. Keep -- that has all big court about it. Pete how are you report. I'm great doing great. It enjoy it and we wild weather -- weather treaty and it had been treated back this year and been pretty brutal. Yes no doubt about it and really really he's been a bit up in particular you guys who like outside and go to a patient. -- you know and currently it's settled down and were approached net a year Lydia went by -- -- it. Turned out pretty actually squeak out or yesterday. And contrary Judy let me look at two to three. Acts more like where I've. But -- pretty much and it to a side. They did it. Yeah. I've triple lock down on Kenyan. But that that. Now that -- What it would it would be smokers only be interest. I mean probably. Huge. -- I would even come close columns moment somewhere. 4060 pounds in just a cookie or would he count finished. Right and you know in a nutshell what what is pitching like those -- -- it would. Rural parking lot real. Well. Now where the crew when a lot this year. Opt out on -- not person that walked in law angler. The decision is at it. But it went out and doing it now. On paper and printing in the world they'll be -- shoot the three body. In a lot of them whenever they whenever they strike -- -- you know -- now the model actually scandal. I'm in new flat line is from time and he -- No I don't. On that. You'll realize why the regal unconscious -- you can literally smell the real -- And it truly writing in but when -- this year and good -- in the match very. Yeah. Party and no idea why those closely related in probably eight apps were not liking that awhile aptly delicious. No question that I couldn't you know units in their their incredible speed they are really achieve his goal. An and that's. That's kind of set eighty why are -- to that is an area. A -- all distraught and never gives in Canada where -- -- will make real -- Lister Enron and then you know local. A lot quicker and to. But you know it -- -- it. What you liked it would Wear -- -- Rios you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well primarily. -- why he's like he's a lighter not gotten a lot or given it. On -- -- -- our their search our strikers and -- slaughtered like these. Cut me. RO. On the white brought it should eat out collapse slide in Metallica -- only option miners. Of course there's rule with well 130 pound packing. On the -- straight to wire. On there were and actually -- probably got so cool -- either. Treaty or bomber. -- not stretch there CD thirty bombers. On an adult and an -- Euro. Pound and our act. Standards spray and it is a terrible. A bomber a red light bomber. And that your. Write. It and forget about the -- Not a bad spread this short or -- peace typically this year for a what. -- -- ever been on yes and battled pretty close -- its market wrist and arm which seven mile race on both literally. That law is pretty much a sure bet formal. The law won 43. At a mile race in it -- For some double bottom -- Abnormality is what you commit -- -- -- shallow water rig Eddie. If you're pretty much why -- enacted. Whereas I like to come out of out. If it's seven mile and try to crawl -- an interest in an afternoon that. So we did -- -- we actually. Read it or alternate. -- indefinite right now. -- -- -- Release shall variety in the bark no doubt. Peace what about -- about timing when is that when as a piece of that that what. Usually. -- -- through people. Bomb is will be really be on -- probably January and February the end that eight. Although some years I -- I shouldn't we I didn't get fished much in the -- Only spot in the certain smoke you know. No water and number. So already this January in each speller. It it has -- by. On today they kind of tapered off and start catching more through what Kabul we Younes. You know which are twenty good forty by now why do as opposed. -- -- we're catching now that it operative -- out Goddard now watch Whitney. And how to look at it -- Yeah I was it was probably about fifteen years ago actually -- -- -- on the boat we and that allows and number not one state but it's it has been bumped out. Since then probably by -- is that I that you cut the gauntlet. Yet no doubt about it it's a great -- catch -- anybody with an out there to what you want to challenge obviously you -- You gotta gotta be loose with the schedule and yet they'll pick -- days in you know. -- -- by the time you fight a war can't get blown out -- -- actually go on but. You got there at a couple days you know you cannot man does have -- apps let it it's there's so much on. Very very underrated under targets this year in Louisiana but that he's got a chance the the bit that back in October doubted that Bannister the -- for the march meant that he bent and you're neck and it that -- -- -- -- was one of the best you've ever seen a picnic or repeat finished. How to act on that gigabyte still app that are the council now will open it. Well we pretty much focus a lot yesterday and -- are important whatever yesterday -- Actually -- it would allow it -- I don't. That it is Canada have been in (%expletive) I didn't Checchi deep -- -- we -- in the market number one that you went between. That was the one but. That -- -- -- In. Am I -- to release all while the I'm -- to see more. -- out -- out over 200. Unpacking. When it. I'm open -- best interest around about a courtroom -- -- child normal. Where we -- pizza units in the line opened it and then two decades ago which seem like you eat at -- boats in the law. Very few recreational boats and I remember that they got that BYU. And on the boat there's a -- nowadays -- boy it just. But apart and on out there it's. I'm very popular not only shot lead and -- was -- people come to rebuild the country Cuba to that statement fishery. In for those who don't know what is it not -- what is attractive. Well it. -- called then. -- out. Seventeen miles outward -- in the winner on the current idiot in tragic action. That it drives up all the nutrients from bottom basically did is create a well. The current launch all of -- and pretty sharp or and so utterly immature little water is up 280. And that brought that they which in turn of course brought the fish. But -- And. You know where there's any strange and the video that -- they're literally get out -- walker. And now -- each -- It is. The last couple years -- not in nearly tactic on the law. On at 120 years ago that you had a lot I extra couple years currently operational. On an anti China and -- the tribal. A lot of people coming down from all of the countries this year that. It's accurate. And if I didn't get to what you big trouble last year but intrinsically column on -- -- -- meaning today. You know it was a lot of issues actually. Which there well and then there are often quite you know. Oh absolutely no question about it at the -- slightly great you know. What little pieces that didn't mostly. And something he'll be an actual -- at all. Now all we want normal law means people like any other -- to structure that may -- -- And they are not at all while. But typically when -- get there. In the morning -- page out ultra low level well I'll see where there -- they are -- being on the law and help you -- serve the without dwelling or Jack in the it and from that I'll determine. Where -- actually drop my anchored our child. And on Dayton -- not an integral part. I'm not written on and try to help -- much on all it. Yeah he's a lot of children but also a lot of trolling yeah why they didn't need it well lot more. Right near the speed the structural advantage. I'm now good luck pitcher will -- it shall. Right it will say as -- upon Nazi that is that the month of February easily say is number one or. January February march and possibly people. I would say it really differentiate you prepared remarks were all pretty good. And in some years in a lot on. They're in May. Normally people were patient at big schools thirty they'll -- to. But I. Yet January February. March. Peak month. For sure right so -- obviously -- right -- now it is media the weather cooperate it went down and I know you'll be -- you'll be right back out there and he's seen a lot of people listener today native never had a chance -- experience. You know a lot vision. Polly wanna go at the balcony in touch but he. Well I have seen a number out after twenty years spot for. 858. Canada at Abu poor eight by age 88 -- -- and. Armed and of course the only binding on the web T cheaper charters. Well. Peacekeeper -- back on our it will piece thanks so much buffer -- are you out a lot this week well we -- settled down and not. And the two and it -- will be that we. All right and now and get yourself what. Went wrong. Now it's on the Netanyahu assure. I. Don't murder. All right -- -- good like that plan think these marble -- I think I -- few raindrops in the background must be on top but Charlie Thomas -- with a -- -- to get -- on -- it found that pushing through over the. -- -- -- it was routed through its global light tuition -- that. It was government pretty good moment. Well the good news laws that was pretty narrow and moving pretty quick so looks like we in the -- to better. The rest of the week and what we've got left should be allowed what was -- Heck yeah yet whether -- curry coming in all seriousness it's probably year you know we're talking about windows that this happened solve. You know so it's just the way it is you know you can't do anything about it. Right Alitalia. A video he put. On FaceBook. Union that speech yesterday -- like they'll release struggled ending in the boat. Yeah we -- pretty bad that today I think what you forget about number 100 I think it was global struggle that the arms opening at the right right. Yeah you can actually it's will it -- yesterday it was illegal in your mindset when you vote that's that's gonna -- like seat. You know try it seems like net at this coal -- -- moved through letter earlier in the week it's really been exclusively erect despite some reports. Oh start chopping cop but they're really isolated. Went you'd think those this track at turn back on. You know it's not what's funny you say that you know yesterday about -- about -- Trout fisherman. Yesterday muscle so -- -- temperature got up to forty. Well. But that won't have gone public on why -- -- as a trial well you know we've reached by yesterday's detection and -- on the post Olympic Games through. And though we worked real hard with would near -- We tried you know catch fire -- 2000. And your dime and that we didn't activate it's really good areas. So two then that's what it is on the flat result area. And we got in there and Rick Fisher -- so that we stayed there and I mean -- literally until we just entire kitchen but I would -- -- This morning in a column on the -- to let go through march or become the next three days it was so much more of the been moved back to date so. We're gonna take my -- shortened but optical out the sworn in and on the -- -- pension problems in the sense cores and but with the water temperature the way it is at this rainfall and the warmed up a little bit. Part two weeks ago the exact same has happened and that they'd -- wanted to -- to that -- pass. We I mean not yet from pentagon warmer. We ended catch and a lot of -- out -- from really and I strap. Yell at that's that's never -- thing that I mean you get my Papa and you know like you. I liked -- -- quarter before a lot of people to think that it stop or not a whole lot of February. Nominate gigabyte and certainly take them and no doubt about it but but -- around and talked about which he didn't have success with yesterday let's which the senate you know on some -- on the flat. No -- that surprise is that it shouldn't shallow. Number two. -- do you think it's still stacked up in the people's prank that maybe not today -- tomorrow. You go to you know what's funny is that you know I've always been real shallow water fisherman burglar -- my. There's always been shallow water is warmer faster. So efficient to you know picture up on there they become you know if populate the Arctic did you realize that we get it this year street you can cork. -- -- -- It just goes to show you know leave it I'll tell everybody the symptoms so you know walk through that fold in the finished Google bought tickets are. I'll think that -- -- where the fish -- biting really give it chances if you get lucky enough. And you had a little bit of skill to deal fondness yesterday it was locked I mean do we a couple of flat out we -- -- we -- right where. Com grand. By you grind. It out pours in from oak river. In that group -- Paribas we came in by terrible -- the -- Broderick root shell and that we just ran it's little let's change sought to pick pocket right -- it's all about to meet peak. I've been treated with -- and it's it's well omnipotent total -- and a lot of worn out -- -- -- there a couple of weeks ago. Competition problems and to get five tickets -- really nice straw -- ultra. And oh we've moved in there but -- all the red movement in the war room obviously salute you pollution and that we just stop that we had to -- and -- -- triple. With Roland. You know just so some. Plastics and made it really matter what was thrown situation is so thick that everybody that they're efficient. Typical today or other they're efficient article tomorrow. You know -- -- would be is that if fox will be there or should -- the conclusion hold. On to date Sunday. And -- -- produced a moral turpitude warmer from the watched. And all you do to go patrol boat really slow and these -- shallow areas that -- deep water spots. And little Japanese and just see the -- stardom and -- because it's like that -- Solutia well when you see that despite slowed and the stock vision at that point. -- it watch on the school. Hereof and you catch in you know they'll move -- -- in that spot for a certain reason now alternatives. All the initially yes that would looted we do it loaded with. And though we use a lot of potential long streak ale style about that's all that mimic that and that really means different on the plastic by the earth using -- could get a bite. We -- those old war. Write what you know -- Very Gergen invites and in -- and -- from -- -- your over the years your big believer. -- move it'll hold on security now and their actual you move move move move you gotta say that on the year that dispatch support not. Yeah because that we all remember that number one we've got let's walk towards lower. Then number two is that when he gets Cold War you know they'll stand together. So instead of you know 5000 fish being in you know. 200 areas. Now -- 5000 -- That their school up in four areas to watch you find them. You know you -- -- A defiant that you've got to me you got to jump -- -- -- -- and you know just open that you know it just takes time because everybody want to kind of sit and hang out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- -- think -- ago we heard you know how many times you catch this little odd dollars -- -- -- -- just or listening and in neutral -- obviously invaluable tool you know get -- efficient and projected down to make people think. Protect the ticket you -- -- the -- down and they caught on the year ago the year you know so we -- the -- -- that absolute worst deal. Which Hollywood about -- about meets to grow this this time a year let's talk. You know and we move along the legal typing them warmup with a trial turned back on. What eight we -- early this week. All right I'll probably would and the build bodies I like you -- debate this coming year. You know the the trial -- -- -- -- in the PP. So people wore a lot of people to look different colors and without really like to throw it like to -- a lot of low. Or like April the dark speaks. Because it really cute for rush is just blow like Rick Taylor a little short true stale. It worked really well forced or just black church crushed. Or like purple and shall cherish. All of those speech been working really well or an al-Qaeda you know we always laugh about it it's kind of a joke between me in my diet and I would go to left but the old faithful. And what that is short true. Sparkle beetle with a little orange little -- -- Obama you know -- too little hail Mary ward. And we left adult popular because old people because that they just works throughout the entire year and we use those all bunched I'm a year when the heart is at a little bit higher tree. So that he can go there yet -- and stop the when you can't really travel -- our current. -- it happen is that he doesn't it down properly additionally because the bottom and roll down on the bottom right. And it but it doesn't work that well but I mean everybody knows in the Delco area and hope Taylor yeah. You know oak river has been really. Really good solid place to catch Trout right now which could feel a lot from China OK I went. And just explore what it's a couple of guys -- -- a lot. If anybody which -- on lash. That speaks for by you have a lot efficient and lectured by you and it wasn't even the -- In where there. And -- their -- three so -- -- last probably two weeks and I have yet to see a -- there and a lot of -- and -- anybody want to go to -- -- that it's -- -- -- -- well there's a lot of missions to bodies and nobody is there. What play like that -- that there at this in years and thinking about it now that's that's back when the issues shot every year oak river and Michael awhile and they've done. That they haven't been beat for the past few winners and haven't been torturing these two B and -- -- that that you know tried so. That's that's great at all in the wind today sociable party are out and northwest. I can cause water level each each where -- this afternoon tomorrow. You know it it. It's gonna it's gonna affect a little bit you know it should reward them look good but it's not going to be really bad. A -- disrupt -- covered through you know it's -- remembers to parables and -- water number one is strong winds number -- the pressure and this front that passed through -- activity a lot of it's not real high pressure front. So as not to -- push out upon the war arms you know so I think it will be actually sponsoring about it shall run -- out this weekend. The water's not gonna really get that they're definitely -- -- -- with you know just like you said in the past or walkers always been clean and it. Probably since hurricane install we all their dirty water area and for whatever reason epic its site and -- the you know it. This year. You know the -- that Ron Paul and -- a lot really clean water they came into the marsh everywhere meat from triple option -- all across support -- Clean water came into this year the fishing has been phenomenal I'm usually sitting right now on the back porch drinking coffee watch and -- and -- try to ramp. Right now I'm fissionable everyday is efficient so that that I mean system may not quite demanding that you know -- or on vacation to. Upper right right he would off no doubt about -- good stuff -- always things so much joy in -- so we can sneak out today Asia. As an open to do and not be expected to actually let -- know it what happened but it might not in touch with -- in and book a trip there products and it reached. I'd and that's the that's where it -- is still on the web. Captain Charlie dot com attribute that -- to look me up on FaceBook saw that really -- quit because that you sit. I update daily numerous times and at what I'm doing so so -- FaceBook and are efficient. They kind of see what happened during the day with -- kind of mimic what we're you're gonna kinda get little tips and stop. Almost three outraged plus this year is whether -- ago we're gonna be given some freakish and -- away off FaceBook so make sure that follows even you maybe you adopted and that certain Alcatel. Now to the preakness -- no doubt about that. Well it would be a great day in good luck to everybody finished the week and this weekend right here and -- -- and happy new year. Sounds just like Charlotte. And it's not I'm a little confused here maybe you can help straighten this out I got some conflicting information is open about David -- -- from CCA and -- as you can abuse and raping and Lafayette and Baton -- You know I'm not guys' talents and realize that at that -- and -- up when I go. They tell you -- and you. Hear me. If I can Xperia. -- I'm happy -- your ability yet to hear him let's do it. Well thank you David. You know that wraps come -- as we went. Backers. That they did it got a multi fat that it's not. Not just were upset it's also currently it's eight seminar at it yeah it has -- really unique. Opportunity that we were. Members and and frankly non members it is it is being part of the process and get some information all on the same time. You know I think both you guys have been disease these government public. Meeting type events for different reasons. Overtime. And and one of the problems that he recognized -- that. Our experience is under represented at these sorts of things. -- that recreational fishing community just. You know maybe it doesn't superior to the ground which is somebody others and so they have these meeting to its. There's not often a lot of recreational fisherman yourself -- under represented in relation to the other sectors. We thought we would -- -- obviously we we've. You know back it's sort of so we have some great captain government. A -- night -- we have got Dudley at best or what island on the ballot and Chris Moore and come back memories of Steve Smith Billy Broussard. Coming in Lafayette and I that'll. At a little. Accessible incentive for folks and that is interest in federal -- issues to come and have a good time have free meal. And enjoyed the captains but also be introduced to me. The concept that there is some some real. There's a real issues that we deal with rely on public comment problem. From the recreational fishing community to to help make policies so could -- a good. You know a good opportunity for folks to come out and Bhutan and the tradition as Maryland national speakers from now. Yeah Leo well cap and you mentioned are very merry now -- -- court struck it EC events Howell when they've appear. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. Wealth of information that. Always in and that -- pact because I. -- will probably you know four C. -- -- -- with the federal and state fisheries managers. Or maybe you really think they -- it at all. So that's a great question to and you know -- in there are some opportunities where where maybe. Information. Go by the wayside. In this case -- have a difficult time ignoring. A what comes out. You know I think -- has been to our bad -- -- a couple of hundred people packed room. And what I wanna do -- know is that one. When your voice loud it's it's harder and harder than ignored the last golf council meeting she's in New Orleans. We had a good. Large contingent recreational fish in there that pander comments on the public record and I do believe it it was hurt so. It is combination of times where. Where insert in others where where -- not but I think what our job is to get out there and give them every bit of information that we can Stewart can't they can't ignored for long do you have to give. Look you guys -- watching -- nobody's been more. Critical I guess for lack of better term we call council and CCA has been over the years. But we have to get them credit for their -- get out into the public this is really all college aberrant. And federal entries. Management issues so they want to get out your -- and a blankly asked us to help them generate crowds so. Home. For that we we hoped that I'd tell them what we think next Wednesday Thursday and blame thing is that the states ought to be managing these fish. Because they do a better job of it then in the gulf council has done. Historically. And we think that's what's best finish by. But we will have a great crowd -- everybody's out there on your listeners to county go to Baton Rouge and mock the beverage on Wednesday or the -- event. -- -- Chevrolet Thursday. You get -- free of charge of course will actually England Craig. All sorts it and have an opportunity here are some great captain speak but also. Here represented -- both state government and and federal government. Talk talks fish so critical opportunity. On the federal level do you think the conversation well what most -- or is that that the current primary purpose. Yeah I -- think so I think there's really a couple of things that terrible will dominate conversation. One will be red snapper which is -- -- -- pictures. Just sort of the fish we could be talking about now. Whatever happens -- snapper will sort of set the table for. Group or -- jacket trigger efficient gosh who knows maybe even tuna and other things like that as time goes on so. Gator by the snapper and that just happens to be the one that sort of dominates conversation right now the other thing. That has been a big part of the conversation is sectors separation. And that is the concept of of taking chartered. Charters sector and separating it from the regular recreational sector. And in theory that might sound good but it creates some problems without occasion. And days on the water and things of that nature so. I think between those two issues. That will dominate conversation and that's normally you'll speed from medical -- gonna talk mostly about and we need to make sure -- years we -- say. Not just to share -- general. Our general recreational fisherman out there. Right -- you know that guys -- all sort fisherman. Strictly efficient short it will recent state. Just took treatment there as well so much of ears but here in attendance also got CC area like -- yet constituents. Talking about it then it would -- is no question about it so it's -- does that just a great opportunity for people in. You know yet I gotta agree with you again all that is under represented that public -- so -- yet it's kind of good they eat again it people chill out and they'll hear Dennis and -- in the rest of the crew in. At the -- and just just fantastic -- all free information you can go there and at this minute I only caught it on. Can't can't beat that well David it's not that those that want more information that's website. Yet. Go to our web site. In Louisiana -- you could. Paulus at the office -- five to 9200 cars were not there this weekend but. Email me David she's in Louisiana about competence -- anything you need to know. As you said dotted it will be very informational eye to eye opener for some that have not had their eyes opened in the intricacies of history management but also -- And you'll bottle -- about. Out of fishermen -- decision this spring so it should be great. Century can. For for the stark terror and peace in its well well it would be it ceases. We get back -- Atlanta so yeah absolutely and and we can gauge their state convention and ignore it it -- on its should be brought a couple of nights out yet are able thanks so much into it and have a great weekend. -- thanks guys in Canada as. I got that right all right David crests on regular CCA executive direct cut I gotta tell you saw Jonathan at blue skies over here the at the cathedral in in in saint Tammany what's it looking like over there by you. Well you know on the Internet it cleared up one out -- again it's not out now. Thick cloud deck so -- I'm glad to hear that it's it's audio thereby. -- -- -- that's a tetanus late elected be it should be beautiful that it took a little bit. Probably blowing ten or so right now too bad it is it is away. But but not a bad and I am open -- -- -- still going to be clean out that aren't there yet get this west went -- would be great -- Now hopefully give Lewis some of those speckled thrown out of there lethargic. Frozen state and get him thought out and get a Mac. That is definitely part plan no question about it at some reports of a few -- Before the big front on not on them argue rocks so that's kind of -- there's -- here. But also I -- -- purposely giggled target those respite to some bigger ultra. Our managers got a twist on. I will catch up with you again next week same time same place 7:8 AM right -- three W -- speak in the specs and more with -- off. Have a great weekend a friend to you next week. Our -- and you. All right coming up on the next hour. And will be our fourth and final loud going to be joined by Steve Smith who beat pinch hitting for secretary. Robert -- wallet and issues we're gonna talk about some of the activities that took place with regard to. Hunting seasons and other regulations that were discussed and adopted at the last commission meeting. That'll be followed up with a visit from the assistant. Office of the secretary and secretary fisheries Randy Moss scene that will be at 830 in the you're welcome McCall and if you like in participating in the program. 8553956368. Bible where it's 260636. Say we'll be right back into that. After this top of the hour sports update you're listening to three WL thirteen 50 AM new war.

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