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1-11 Saints Coach Sean Payton

Jan 11, 2014|

Coach Sean Payton after the Saints loss to Seattle in the Divisional Round of the playoffs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

First. But give credit to Seattle for a obviously good -- a hard fought game its disappointing. There we kind of planned on playing it but I obviously a little differently. And -- we just work. If you if you -- it we just. More able might make enough plays the one turn over. With regards to the first half fumble resulted in points. We thought it was going to be a field position game especially with the the early weather. And then as I think as the game went -- that became a little less of a factor from a wing standpoint. But. Improbable way our guys competed. You know -- we were able to get it done in. It would kind of go from here so it's tough -- always tough when you. When you get this far in. And then you're not able finish so many questions. Well they were playing their defense at the one of the things they do very good job with is they don't do. A lot you know they play a lot of single safety zone the kind of keep the ball in front of them are very patient. And they force you to be patient so. You know I thought. The thing it off to go back to watch the film I thought we were able to move it. In spurts especially in the running game and yet then there'd be something to keep us. From taken advantage of that middle field yardage. And to look at the film but they're tough defense they have been all season long in them. You know which is. They force you to really be patient with regards to what you're doing both in the run and pass. Quarters and a confidence that you. Granted you only. Down and distance was what. Fourth of water -- pumped. Yes the fourth and fifteen numbers in that I didn't consider. First half I felt like. It was swirling that we felt the advantage. Was left to right on our sideline which was different and -- you know the last game was coming out of the south. So. As as we were going into it you know it is it just was often wrong you know the big gusts here that are -- so it was tough conditions for everyone and you know again credit credit plays they were able to make him a bit more than we did. Yep just again just that the fortune to be patient patient and now. Oil a lot of that deep. -- -- coverage in. So we gotta find. Start when we're gonna find ways to it. Try to get him more more touches early and he grabs obviously a lot of attention so. That's good on their part. Absolutely absolutely. Wells it was kind of the theme to how we had to play we felt this game. And you know we were gonna we just talked about you know. Playing. Not just the field position battle but understanding the significance of the takeaways. And making making sure that was something that. We found a way to correct from the last time. So anyway but but yeah -- -- I think. With the way this game was was going early you know the -- field goals. So. The look I thought they played hard. You know they got big run late because we were in more -- Kind of an all out run defense and he was able to make great cut back but should they play hard will look at the tape and you know we had opportunities. If we just weren't able. You get enough points and again. It's disappointing. -- -- -- Yeah obviously it's a team we feel like likes to run the football you know they do -- good job with the play action pass I think with the elements that were there where they were in the first half. No I think both defense is certainly felt like it was going to be more challenging to throw the ball down the field and again I thought is that. Game one wrong -- some of that change some but. And obviously. That's a starting point with what they do. Listen. We'll look at film. Explode. Well look it's early. I was proud and am proud of a power guys fought to. Competed this year you know that found a way to win twelve games. Obviously. It wasn't enough. For for what we aspire to do. And their -- it's a young team a lot of new faces so we've got. The important offseason. We've got time -- meetings on Monday and it kind of begin our work towards improving and I thought that fall short this year in this all the things I told him you know. It's disappointing. It's disappointing to lose in a playoff game in being so close to where. You know your final goal is and yet. I thought. There are a lot of good signs from a lot of good young players and veteran players to. -- I would say a little bit better than the last time. Always challenging though there's -- the penalty and there miscommunication. You're not here and I -- look at it. You can't say it doesn't factor in but you just try to middle men realize. You know how it factors in but. Maybe a little bit better than the time before but it still look so problematic so challenging. Have you done. We'll roll right. Listen that we thought obviously we made great improvements from a year ago. He brings an enthusiasm with them a personality that is contagious. There was a great stat. Person's well it's all coaches. Probably staff them in in such a quick time period -- Start with the spring his tire and a lot of new faces and also a lot of injuries. You know we found a way to -- play complementary football for the most part certainly we had games where we we would have liked to play better. But you know I thought. Should the first -- it was a very important. -- for us an important piece of what we're trying to do and he's extremely you know passion about the game so. Obviously. An important step for us and we'll keep we'll keep working and looking closely evaluate our players evaluate what we're doing. And and trying to get better. I'm excited about this team is in. In general when you look at the age of the roster and you look at a lot of young players deploy him. You know again it's hard to be excited about anything this moment. But. -- we got a chance to see some players may be. If everyone was healthy we might not have and that's encouraging. Man it was tough that first half you know we we clearly felt there was one quarter. From you know our right to left that. You know you're going into the -- of that win and it wasn't just a direct when it was kind of swirling but you know again. We were able to run the ball after that second series kind of come out and get it off claw our into the fifty which begin with the outfield position was going to be critical to stayed like that the conditions. And -- we just had the turnover than on or -- fifty. And that resulted in points. So. But it I thought that I thought that weather played more a factor in the first half I guess and second half. -- All listen we're gonna chancellor of the tape figured out. There's a number of things I thought we blocked pretty well in regards or protections. You know we had a few panel as I've looked at the final report so. -- Well listen I think she loves coaching here and you know -- into the offseason. In. And obviously he's he's a coach that I think is going to be a good coach but you know wait till the next couple weeks -- keep you posted.

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