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1-11 Hokie Gajan on the Saints game

Jan 11, 2014|

WWL's Saints color analyst Hokie Gajan on the Saints loss to Seattle

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Moving in now -- kind of hope you guys I hope these final thoughts on the season Cote can't go back to that. -- because novice but it's it's all those training camp Jews and everything him. And it don't take long hopeful season success rate that's even faster and you know when one thing I would say about this team hoping when they were down like they were. In the first quarter of I didn't think that things will be much the game held his game with a become like Lance wasn't look. When you win a championship you don't take any solace in close calls and this team want to win but. I give credit to fight all -- because they could have mailed to the end but the phone -- secondhand and got 296 and -- Warren thank you -- to the second half is -- You're absolutely right -- in DL him now we're talking about it when you know Seahawks got up. Thirteen nothing you know -- we were thinking you know it is if if they score a touchdown anything I mean it's over we really thought it was over thirteen I think just because. The other sites -- just didn't get anything going and he finally things started to click team. You don't he was forced to because the field position in the weather. -- to go for a couple long field goals in a couple of times three had to go forward on fourth down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- look at the defense made tremendous strides. This year from last year. One of several ball games. For the Saints offensively. I think. Hopefully here in the last few weeks in this offensive linemen in the run game. They proved to Sean Payton we can run the football we we still. Making drew after a scramble too much to yield to me sacks and things like that looked. You're pretty obvious that the you know now -- -- look forward to -- you gotta get something. On the outside speed gun hill view Graham out the thing we need you shut down Jimmy Graham. You don't need to soften its own more but. Nonetheless. Has told Payton said you know it's difficult to talk about something like this I can lofty you know. But I mean there are a lot of high point without question that you could talk about. This season is just a shame that it's over and just like you should -- -- he only broke training camp we were thrilled to death break training camp and it's like OK now on the regular season starts and now it's over him like. Mean you know if we could just have one more week out there because but the Saints. Really felt like they had something to prove going on the road in. Not being able to win. One of the most games against the he ran for -- against Carolina where they could have got that the first round bye but nonetheless to look the few teams in the playoffs community divisional round. You fought back in the ballgame where all the elements were going to influence certainly. In dark around -- -- he -- a lot of things to be proud of what the I think he could also go back and look at and say you know probably. In the entire season if there was maybe a dozen plays that we could do. It would be a whole different outcome of the season but. Every other team in the league could say that it will field if there's one good thing without the little time off now maybe -- -- should finally be back. Anyway me proud of the team -- -- used to be where. Just getting to the playoff that you train for this organization now we expected namely spectacle Favre -- at the you know it is crucial when you -- -- road. He's not as good as they. I I'm thrilled to death you. Both the turnaround that the Saints have made him in the -- good play by a lot of players and I think Sean Payton made it very valid point that because of some of the injuries. The players suffered early in the year. Some of these young guys had -- had to step up and they've made this year that plays and they made their share of bad plays that. It's something that he can hang the channel because they did get some like Clinton going in training camp next year. You know will this guy's going to be a solid contributor or he can be somebody gonna have to upgrade he'll. All in all know who -- nation is the biggest one and that's a tough place to play. To me I think being in this in my favor and move on in. In reference to -- the NFC in the Super Bowl in you possibly legal field. Again getting congratulations to the Saints as far as and we opponent turnaround things the much needed from last year. But now it's come to a halt in. Time for the off season body. Saints currently it's okay guys and I hope that I -- deeply -- the last couple weeks with him made it through opponents don't -- -- -- Has been a long season -- you know it was a long and a good way that I see it was a -- a different way just with the long one yes. In a bit away but a -- like you said -- we were down to the final full certainly we want to get further but. The team fall on a second and it just came up -- And that's and I think that's all you can answer any group of men guilty if you never give up and they certainly didn't. Saints color analyst -- you -- -- -- another great season thank you so much you guys have a safe trip back. Okay thank you too much ET next week.