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1-11 Bobby Hebert on the Saints game

Jan 11, 2014|

The Cajun Cannon talks about the Saints loss

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's thinking and -- season comes on hand with atypical of all -- Seattle -- well bingo we needed to be -- big game. You know halftime sixty in his funeral I think that's the kind of effort it -- Take hidden. -- the think the Coke bottle top. How was frustrating but. It was basically but I look at it you know the thing on the dance. And what I what I've seen acquiring. As far as I was trying to think of all the way. Now I know they gave Golden State -- ball well I think you know looking at these that. Although onside kick but I'll look at really -- minus one and a turnover ratio and I'll look at -- we needed to be at least plus one. Our claws who defeated team like Seattle on the road. Now if you look at it. If that's the reason that and I'm not gonna count that onside kick with the Saints have only forced. Afford turnovers that we nine. Which is last in the NFL. And you just can't do that. But it's not a good fit a pattern what we've been on the road if if you look. And it now. That's their games you played on the road. Where four at six. We averaged given up 23 points a game what gets black. That you go. We end up giving up when it reports that the that was that surprising. In that regard now. I was really proud that the that the overall outlook the only had sixteen points out that the Greek waters. I thought we played good enough football. Now it's hard to get -- -- John Lynch. I didn't think we can do it I was hoping you don't we helped the 45 yards and it was a different. You know ebb and flow of the game would you look at Marshawn Lynch job. 28 carries a 140 yards. You know five yard average. He kind of does that -- get that number a team. I thought at the beginning this that the film. That Mark Ingram really disappointed. I think his play with all fit on that first few reasons Robson green played on -- third and sixth we definitely had a first down. -- -- he also all had that fumble. I cannot afford to do that if you -- third down efficiency. Seattle had a lot to do that we are only two of -- Eighteenth birthday at about the business outstanding. Five of fourteen the field that 36%. Look at net yards rushing we rushed the ball 26 times. We would have had to be. We definitely a rush to like we did last week 36 times we had 26 rushing attempts. 408 yards four point two average with the Seahawks. Conservative ugly -- whatever you wanna call it but it was -- at the temple 35 with him. 17574. Yards a five -- averaged now with the break kind of went out we had in any game. And at all though we get a break it down and as. As the show goes on but when we quit Brees to meet Jim. I'm -- fifty. You -- -- yard. Outlook I mean sometimes it's better to be lucky the good. When they could that in a sense -- we got the ball on the 45 yard line I mean. -- -- -- we tried run it. I mean it's like -- got so like we gotta go we've got to score and so we did not -- The run the ball that's what you -- I mean you -- they hold it against them. We get affiliate Kane penalty valid first and fifteen Brees hit Ingram a complete. -- they complete their calls then. Not they would try to use that kind of pick would -- -- -- -- -- -- -- put up the sideline that both its lead. Maybe that he got interfered -- But I still think your approach and that's -- that we got -- big break on the long pass late. Well why don't running plays that -- ridiculous weakness rolls. And then it was though 1415 excellent -- -- like it. Go for a few goal ended -- granderson. 48 yarder and agencies like though that it was that maybe meant to be -- Negative they're tough and then I thought overall. It's been frustrated this season what we've been on the road and -- -- the -- if you look. They kind of get things solved it dead. The Saints have failed as the as the team. To score aborted two touchdowns. On the road if you look at -- yards yet. At Atlanta. At Seattle. At Saint Louis. Accurate and Carolina. And back at Seattle. They have not scored boarded two touchdowns that we used -- like. No matter where we're playing. You know haven't. And it has been three if not four or five touchdowns. A -- granted them hope we averaged 34 point. On the road that this year we only averaged nineteen. But that was kind of the saves solve it definitely didn't know we're on the road. Obviously you have to look at the opponent. That it is Seattle Seahawks and that you were going against the best of the best partner. They're number one defense that I thought we had success running on that that did not surprise me I think it's a lot harder to run. Against the likes to listen to forty -- really Carolina. Now you look at on special teams. Now it would -- if you Google type game. Well their kickers made few goals and I'll kick it -- -- you think whether you with a win. -- -- -- Inductees opens up thought the first one definitely have a chance. But but not the second when -- you look at Derek -- -- -- -- Stephen Hodge I don't know it's not like a Russian Islam that but he was unbelievable. Three with three hits along with 49 yard. If you look what he's done all of this season. He is now 36. Of 38. He made his -- -- at the end. And he's been. Three -- three. From fifty plus yards. And out reported a 49 yards she's like twelve of thirteen the bottom line he wasn't is that. But if you look at what Seattle has done throughout the year. Like instead argue with going to be a big challenge. Is that the field now if you look. Carolina was number one albeit with a -- what they could do it the 49ers. Because they could have I think government gains and scored seventeen -- both games. The defense has held opponents to under 21 points this past season. -- you look out of seventeen games this thing -- stepped out of fourteen times. I'll be interested if you with Carolina computer 49ers. Who that they can you wouldn't think they would have accomplished I think. -- fifty times though that low scoring game I just think -- hit the -- -- -- the kind of keep the product that game. It it it was very frustrating. Because. How they were winning at the beginning that's what I think we need to do a pitch movement on the road. And out revealed the plus side and I couldn't reach you. You look at the yards rushing. Overall they had a 174 yards at a 108. If you look at what he's six Tim. I think you would have been ahead. We definitely would have ran the football more. And now we want it to that number to be at the high twenties. Dominique give -- made the benefit of the doubt except. But that lasted me like you mentioned early when we in the fourth quarter and after that lucky -- of greens to beat him. When a couple of their guys especially chancellor had a chance -- villages batted the ball up I don't like Auburn and Georgia. It be given the captain that I thought maybe -- -- -- ran the ball their penalties. I mean both teams eleven on the edge that we get the holding penalties seventh and sixth united at 652. But give me overall. I thought. That out defense hung in there only sixteen points after three quarters. If you look at it I'll keep it gave up big time ball on third down. You got that they love Vegas had his right. I mean the point -- equipment -- they have to eight point. Well what was the final score 23 to fifteen. All figured they'd look at that score at Buick Obama push. You know I don't -- -- get me to think that eight point about professional win or give up eight point that's a big way okay it's right there are. But it if you look at it I thought when this -- we gave. You QB plus one of blood feud there whether you count that Golden Tate fumbled -- I can't. Provided one even and to beat a team like Seattle that it's not good enough but to think that there are things that. Played -- we wanted to get fifteen. And I think that they did. But we got a lot better this Eagles. And this do you all competitive. But you got to -- -- -- you got to swallow your pride. Because that that is the way to game doubtful that.

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