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Jan 13, 2014|

Dave talks about the Saints game against Seattle

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this thirteenth of January 2014. And it's Monday it is indeed and the rains come and on and wet streets just about everywhere you -- kind of adding to the mood opposite -- -- the you know what I'm all over it. Cardiac. I was -- a little bit after the game and of course in -- Sunday at the time to think about it that -- the other game reflect and you know based on how the -- performed a year earlier. And the fact that they came into the playoffs is the sixth seed and my on the road. This pretty much what I expected and they played better Saturday and I thought -- in the second -- -- you know. And you thought that there would be that -- turnover you're out there -- two field -- to dismiss them -- kicking into the cities. -- you know -- into that -- that distance that was -- -- -- hope -- -- anyway yeah. The united chances this field goals being good. Based on the conditions Mary's -- going that direction now. I'm OK with the saints and one half yeah I was just -- the game itself president was just so frustrating. And I found myself just aren't. There's a whole thing and I'm not sure why anyone expected anything different and I'll. -- magnets that that was the script was written. It's been written twice. Yep yep and you can change -- Gatorade and you can change your clothes and you could change the symbol on your fielding your practice facility. You take that turn over out of there that you can't. You can't take it -- it happened and turnovers do happen and. And I don't even blame Mark Ingram that was a very hard -- -- -- -- -- high low on -- one guy out around the legs one guy hit him up top. And did the ball's gonna put that the oblong odd shaped. Ball. And when someone hits that hard under those circumstances sometimes it's gonna pop out of there and in my. I don't. -- that was the one that that I wanted for Austin had yet you know that very thing either a fumble or whatever -- because -- In the as in this game it made all the difference in the world. As tight -- that was even a week. Word you know I had no scoring in the first half like it turned out. And we not have that turn over and anything might happen well our big it's -- ready Brad jaguar opinion poll is what we you'd take away from the saints season with a good year when it wasted opportunities today over achieved today under -- -- And 38% say it was a good year maybe just where Ryan yeah. But more 46%. Today it was wasted -- And then 11% and underachieving 5%. Over achieved. The defense. -- from the worst in NFL history got to number four in the NFL and they fought hard. I mean those tackles say and they were just -- grabbing legs. Do whatever in Ankara in. That's a very good thing is if they had in the number two seed is one of the -- all of them names. The script with a totally different. If road to Super Bowl game through new Portland's. Well I think they could've been anybody absolutely. Not a doubt in my mind. But you know they didn't you don't wanna go there they did he get it done late in the season on the ground. It is what it is I don't know I. And are used him you seem upset by -- -- a lot of lingering -- people 46% powerful which is unscientific well we dentist thing. Are also better now and blanket that. I don't know. -- out of finish as one of the final eight teams in the at a thirty do not ashamed of the season now via text me 87870. Phillips that. Are you come to terms with it pretty happy overall with the way things like that these. -- people angry okay in what we do with that anger now. -- wanted to lose their job. -- all that is -- line. Also coming it's easy to one point seven. Hopefully. Any theories that it's a wet rainy Monday morning we'll take your forecast coming up next we'll get. Mark Menard in here with sports on this Monday morning thank you for starting your day at WW well coming up why. Would people. And in the -- wrong Linksys that's. And an angry acts takes it out and pretty humorous way on you don't have that would -- neighbor testament text and it is 7870. Says anything less than a Super Bowls a failure of a season. Another person those as happy happy happy day of and the other one says hey -- you selling your typical saints fans. Full of excuses. No excuses just -- If you wanna be angry that's fine you can be angry and -- telling you shouldn't beat Norman making excuses for anybody or anything I'm just saying that the defense was much much better. And last year obviously the record was much much better with -- back -- made the playoffs. And to be in the final six to may. Not too bad but some people at the -- -- -- -- And it's a failure as you heard John and Guerrero you're selling Rihanna. Yes sir I think you have. -- Drew Brees get -- bonus money he refuse to work. -- like guys talks. Every -- economy. Recruit agreed to where -- run in Baghdad now you know yeah yeah a lot of we get a guy like Peyton Manning -- he'd never runs the ball. Where adults. What -- saying is if you look at the trio. At a record or break Atlantic quarterback he had a two run ball. If you tell you you you're just not going away. Well usually get go yet it really get running average in the game in and in Philadelphia. But I don't I had drew breeze that's the problem. A year not solution that's the issue with. That you're welcome your opinion down we appreciate call. -- noted John right -- -- as the -- but the saints that Drew Brees doesn't run the ball. Frequently is that the promise that what's wrong with the thing you forecast. We're here Monday clouds and rain likely this morning through lunchtime and even the afternoon said do not get caught without the umbrella or rain gear today. 80% chance of rain with tents and the sixties then tonight clearing skies. And getting breezy it's -- drop into that middle forties. Before hitting back to 63 tomorrow and mostly sunny skies Wednesday a bit cooler 57. And partly cloudy. From the Eyewitness News forecast than I need to brawl just locked out. Thunderstorm right now at the airport in -- were calm winds and 56 degrees cloudy and -- gallon 57 degrees light rain and drizzle mist. Across the region this morning on and off so be ready for that ladies and gentlemen. Also get ready for. Arts and on this Monday morning for Steve Geller who properly predicted by the way. Every single playoff game he picked the winner in all four games congratulations to the but it -- this morning is -- Bernard tells all about what else happened around the NFL yesterday. And everything else in the world what's important there good morning -- power. I'm a little damp and little confused by that last phone call them great health all about it. Well despite a furious fourth quarter rally the New Orleans -- -- other -- an -- in Seattle on Saturday night with their 23 to fifteen loss to the Seahawks but. Despite the disappointment of coming up short of their championship goals senator -- deal Puente says it was a good year for the black and gold. -- his problems. And you know suggesting. As for the Seahawks they found out yesterday afternoon they'll be -- in a familiar foe for the chance to play in the Super Bowl. Third consecutive year at San Francisco 49. Well play in the NFC championship game. The 49ers got their second straight road victory in the playoffs beating the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte 23 to ten. The niners defense came up big holding the Panthers scoreless in the second half to salt away the victory. In the AFC playoffs to Denver Broncos amassed 8240474. Quarter lead and held up as they eventually knocked off the San Diego Chargers 24 to seventeen. The Broncos went out with a New England Patriots for the AFC championship. Setting up another Peyton Manning Tom Brady showdown we'll have both the AFC and NFC championship right here on to WL this Sunday. Over on the hardwood the slumping pelicans are back home that I but the road doesn't get any easier as they host the San Antonio Spurs. The spurs have won seven of their last eight while the -- are in the midst of their longest losing streak of the season having dropped five in a row. At nine and seven though they do have a winning record at home. To time at the NASA is set for seven wide we'll have an on the flagship of the pelicans 105 point three WWL FM. I'm mark -- -- -- early look at. Ports markets got a text from someone who says that last college nine is just in the please please please read this text on there I mean really -- that I just say that or might just. Not quite awake yet now he really said that the problem at the saint is that Drew Brees isn't athletic enough. What do you think I I disagree I don't think the problem with the saints drew breeze. You know he's thrown for 5000 yards three seasons in a row for overall nobody else is ever done that more than once. The problem in the past is that he hasn't had a good defense to back about this year they had a defense. The brakes just kind of didn't didn't fall their way this year as much as they should have maybe even if it really tough schedule and I don't see this season as a disappointment and all overall I don't either I mean losing in the. Playoffs is always disappointing. That's not what I'm -- it. But that's really honestly what I expected to happen based on their track record in Seattle everybody else's track records yeah. I'm gonna give you a silver -- If Seattle wins the Super Bowl. That's going to be. One less team that has never won a Super Bowl but the Atlanta Falcons to warn of -- affected them. But -- system on the you get your banking and when he -- -- sport does view what is. That problem that is keeping the -- going to receivable again what they need to do to fix it. I'll let you know -- not being athletic enough you don't bank I don't think John does lack of shares to more text messages with yet. At -- 7870 -- get your rainy forecast for today right after this. Somebody text -- 77 as John it was the last athletic quarterback to win the super evil yet good question. -- -- Drew Brees is not the problem but they don't do need some new plays everybody knows that the -- and others that dude is crazy. Watch not one of those athletic quarterback to win the Super Bowl Manning or Brady will win and they're both still and it's now. Very interesting more of your text messages coming up after year forecast. -- green common expect thirty year. -- this Monday cloudy and rainy with an 80% chance for showers and storms beginning this morning continuing all the way into the afternoon. Temps in the sixties today and then dropping tonight as ice clear we're down to about 45 degrees. Then for Tuesday mostly sunny and cool highs around 63. And Wednesday -- partly cloudy and even cooler -- at 57. From the Eyewitness News forecasts that are I'm meteorologist Clark buck saudis. It's in a thunderstorm at the airport cloudy and 57 in Slidell Andy thanks for call and holding non do you think that the problem with the saints is Drew Brees just as an athletic enough like Johnson and. -- Really the speed and and the other is -- Albright. Well known well -- and yeah agrees with you playing. A it Ludacris -- Bob Crable and the games are. Over read a lot and -- -- included. A bit. Ago and I think the promise on date they went eleven -- five this season and -- the divisional round of the playoffs. It New England. -- met or you're out of the couple out a halt. The delegate. -- would well. -- appreciate the call. I you can -- you can Monday Morning Quarterback all you want and I think that there's plenty of opportunities to question the play calling but bottom line. We got beat by a better team. OK so one caller says Sean Payton is a problem go to Drew Brees is the problem. -- -- -- Robert got a few seconds they're yours what's wrong with the -- I for a bit more in of course I'm not save the music awards it is there you talk like eight seconds and upload it. It is not the only problem but I think it would have been published in Newsweek and time management. Drew Brees is the problem another. And the open up drinking ever since the game 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL offers news on January 13 fourteenth and its Mon day is indeed I've got -- a gives you a pass on the box office results or do you around the Internet Movie Database that I used to give my. Information about what movies are opening did not include the movie lone survivor of an. As opening this weekend and nobody had a soft opening in a couple of you know markets you know our hands so they -- its wide open world whatever reason it -- -- -- -- -- and I. Have been talking about that movie for a couple of weeks wondering when there was gonna open well whatever happened it was topped the box office yet this weekend. Right and 38 point five million dollars it was the second biggest opening in January movie ever. And he galleries grosans days cool in the number -- spot sure. In its eighth weekend earning fifteen million dollars. And seventeen over all. Oh willful Wall Street scored number three -- out Golden Globes. Not as well the hunt -- coming in third. Nine million dollars it in but he. Weeks ago. Bouncy get a pass on that not much on the thing Nadal were taken with your heart anathema here and you know I had a plan there was a vision. This just didn't come through the last calls. One -- -- robberies that athletic enough. Another guy like Sean Payton says the bad. I've heard those those comply with him. -- angrily it's their fault that the without Sean Peyton we didn't even make the with him we get to the divisional. He's the problem Drew -- best quarterback in saints history. We'll go to one of the quarter best quarterbacks NFL he's a hall of flame yet -- -- -- Sure went. To the saints have problems is no doubt about it we got winning on the road as well we've got I think you can use problem and not enough. Or -- or too much too much of anything gay guys that are not acclimated to which to me only bodes well for next season. You know yet -- they'll they're growing they're mature prior year ago. On what about it you don't think Drew Brees and John -- I don't comment -- I am baffled by the people and text messages people who think that. Overwhelmingly people don't but a good number of people did they are not perfect. You know put -- -- -- more I'd go to you know make adjustments. People are going people who say the troopers on the problem I'll. The guys piloting a plane for Southwest Airlines on who -- land at the wrong airport in Branson. He with the flight from Chicago with a. When he more passengers than they can't grounding. And this is going on as we landed a few miles. The wrong airport the wrong airport month. -- cargo -- -- landed the wrong illnesses are becoming almost common late last year. It. Computers they have radios they have now -- -- Apparently at this airport where they landed I think they were closed for the night they had to scramble around get everybody going get lights turned on -- so let's say. And there. A 706 they're not an item nine actress and it -- close values and -- 99 with the reverend -- -- those numbers don't ruin it with a line in the numbers were at the it's people it's crazy thank you David elected twenty minutes corporate -- -- militants from the courthouse in Gretna. Where in the it's it's scheduled to start today the lawsuit against Jefferson Parish planning. -- Broussard and the Jefferson Parish government for the flooding in the aftermath of Katrina because the -- operators. Were evacuated. -- -- god that's eleven direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good wet Monday morning. Cool yeah I know that this meteorologist Laura but then. Now they -- if Monday's -- hearted not to. Yeah man hey -- it would always look for that great little black dress yeah. 1 you're wearing I am now because it is kind of nasty outside in China where something that would match with my black rain boots. There -- -- that black rain boots black dress you're sent out yet don't have a house without the rain it's an umbrella of the might allow them I do -- But I get out picture I'm just -- yeah like you go to the girl well here's the deal and if not you know on this. This make these kind all the always looking for stuff that does some dirt is that you'll hold that type make likelihood these elections sees it is that. What do you have a problem when you're eating the food following. What people now. Let me just how it. All like it or not that'll hide things rather than like oh look at that white dress she. That I guess I'm not gonna sound a little feminine yet. -- drives me crazy when you Wear black is if you do spill something that you get those weird -- that just like one spot to get us narrow the gap get rid. Or weird like water -- -- then add on how the effect anyway that -- and a with a watermark on on the day it. I can be pretty -- the first kind of back to brain and through this morning but. It's actually another area of heavier rain and a little bit more concern about just because that's going to be steady year. It's gonna be up for much of the morning hours and it's still southwest to the area it's just beginning to move in around the hole but area. Should be in New Orleans by 8910 AM I mean we're talking. Rush hour you know morning time. Through about -- so heavy rain around for the first part of the day after new instill some showers around the rain that completely wrapping up until tonight. All right so wet. Pretty much on and off all -- yeah the worst is going to be the warning up there about lunchtime it's delete this afternoon there will be some kind of off and on out it's kind of cool. She adopted the forties tonight and then highs tomorrow around 63 but I will say that's after today's rain chance. Next seven days look really nice that I'll have much of arrangement after that that sunshine. And heist through Sunday in the upper fifties to sixty odd man out take part near sixty either as -- outran them complain about yet just today it looks like a mass. All right well what woman may be complaining. After she left her husband got remarried on hand got a beautiful home. In Bloomfield hills Michigan -- on the lake -- Rolling Hills. Her ex husband Alan Markowitz that buys the home next door. And in the backyard. Iraq's eight. Eight to ten foot tall statue of a hand. Giving her and her new husband the middle saying -- com on a week twelve yeah apparently so. I mean this had to be like a million dollar home almost an -- -- later is that worth that he advised the house next door and it did statue at the cost him a whole bunch to pressure you put it in the backyard so really unless -- on the lake or in the yard one of their yards to not gonna see it. Yeah and -- -- -- here is bill finger fidelity and her. Off you know forgiveness is for you know up for the other person at a case where that would work you know just let things that you now is that funny or not. That. It's now I don't now if he -- too far economic. I didn't like divorces or ugly I understand you know their little spiteful things that people -- -- back -- what that says this went way too. Well this may make everything make a little more sense Markowitz. Now according to buzz feed whatever that is -- line website is a strip club owner. And author of topless profit the true story of America's most successful gentlemen's club. It's. I'd take that for what it's war -- Can -- do you some insight into mr. mark. And Laura years -- Gupta and I'm glad you're not going to funeral even though I didn't strike me that you wore. I think how do little black dress again not meant to -- that I look like that black suits the black umbrella that you know that it made the whole ensemble together may. The Olympics last if you need to get a brightly colored umbrella -- -- yeah well maybe this morning the fact the rain it's here and the saints are out of the plan that's exactly -- that is exactly thanks -- navigate -- alignment right from Eyewitness News forecasts weigh in Canada thank you for calling. So we've had callers say that the problem with the -- Drew Brees and the -- the saying is Sean -- what do you think the problem with this thing does. The Mormon mom and doing. What went wrong. Well. We didn't good call this year and I mean. You're not -- It. Some call the but I don't column idiots in my text that he was an action that. What it is. If you want. To get hurt or. What -- -- -- -- -- outlook. Just the bottom line here though. But -- -- Are accurate -- anonymous I had a problem. Bottom line. Brought -- bottom -- you think the problem is true grit his arm strength and John Payton play calling just I understand right. Yeah I don't think you are okay. Thanks went. Target with all the -- and more of your thoughts coming up this. One person texts and 8787 at winning Aaron Brooks and Jim has looked back. And -- as Drew Brees threw for over 5000 yards there's nothing wrong with the president the -- the thing is the Seahawks. And -- that hey let's fire Ryan Tom Benson the third cheerleader from the lab -- and share well enough on the road. And along with Brees and Payton -- say all of brilliance about his brilliant ideas as we've been hearing so far this morning sports time for that. We'll find out what he. Thanks in a moment is wrong with the things that didn't get them all the way to the Super Bowl but right now we don't talk about sports good morning -- -- good morning Dave well a New Orleans Saints season came to an end on Saturday 123 to fifteen loss in the playoffs to the Seattle Seahawks. Now it's time look ahead in saint senator -- -- -- says he likes the make up for this team going forward. I think we have a lot of good things going here and he's really like the group the group of guys who love this team the fight to resolve. Characters on this team -- a lot of things we -- excited about the future. Meanwhile the playoffs roll along without the black and gold yesterday afternoon the San Francisco 49ers pushed their ticket to the NFC championship game for the third year in a row corral in the Carolina Panthers 23 attempts to set up an NFC west rematch with Seattle. 49ers -- the two previous match of the season with the Seahawks and over in the AFC side. Denver it's going to -- AFC championship game and books being -- Many residents publicity. Is good news is still a chance to go to the super. The Denver Broncos held on for 4417 victory over the San Diego Chargers setting up -- date with a New England Patriots the patriots blew up the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday night. -- have both championship games for you right here on -- to do well on Sunday afternoon and finally the New Orleans pelicans continue to struggle they lost five straight now. And things won't get any easier tonight when they host the San Antonio Spurs the spurs are 29 and eight on the season and have won seven of their last date. Still the pelicans have been decent at home sporting a 97 mark in the nest. If officer for seven will have every followed bigger role for you on the flagship one -- five point three WW I'll ask him I'm mark minority that your early look at sports. I even here and all the people saying that Drew Brees is lost it's that he's not athletic enough as the army is getting weak Sean Payton to predict the end. I too easily predictable to play caller. Is that -- -- -- -- now. What is wrong with the same thick and then and given they went to the divisional round of the laughter to pretty darn good. But that didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year and some people that's not enough so what do they have to do to get back. To give back the Super Bowl that they need to improve the office of line and at that they got a good start with Toronto -- he looked really good you know the last couple weeks he. Little bit of a rough first outing -- its first NFL start to be expected he's really come on strong. And he he did well look at Seattle's defense which won the what's the best in the league so. I think you know he may be shore up the right side a little bit better you know Zach -- had a rough day. Jahri Evans usually dependable had a rough day maybe it may be the line just had. A little bit of a bad day on the right side but. You know I think if they get the -- -- line and check a little bit and I I think that's really the only thing that was lacking. And if taken -- -- did better during the regular season and and host the playoffs would be much better -- thank you mark absolute we're talking about fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL. Am FM and outcome Ron -- avail thanks for column what do you think the problem is it that. John Payton and Drew -- -- three not at all these -- order should. It it really be seen in these. -- but then again active scene in Google he is involved aren't overall the PG here where a lot he'd been much better. And now about what -- on that they still. And keep -- -- -- -- He's been and now like a court. And won the ever road playoff games again YouTube went out and -- -- there's another one thanks for the call. Cool finally took the call someone who didn't blame Sean Payton -- Drew Brees. 555. It is raining and a lot more rain is on the way if get. Ready for the wet weather showers and thunderstorms on the way throughout the morning into the mid day and even after an hours an 80% chance today. With Temps in the sixties than tonight skies start to clear it's gonna get breezy too lows dropping into the forties. And tomorrow with mostly sunny sky back up to 63. On Wednesday a bit cooler mostly partly cloudy high of 57. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- I mean to brawl just locked out. Thunderstorm at the airport in -- 56 cloudy and 57 at the National Weather Service office and slide -- one text message says. The problem with the saints as they need it fast wide receiver to stretch the field that. So that the underneath wide receivers come open. We need more offensive linemen that can take the pressure off Drew Brees and give him more time to grow. Of those are probably decent. Concerns but space. Kenny stills he's pretty fast and maybe they just need to work on his route running another one says honestly the play calling -- this year was not always good. Some of the blamed on -- shot patent Andrews river 5000 yards because we threw the ball too much as its name testament. The summit next and it's 7070 that you really think Sean Payton is incapable of having a bad day if you knew anything about football you would know the play calling sucked. Sunday. Are no I I do believe Sean Payton is capable of having a bad day and I do think you have every right to question some of his play call. But -- issues with the people who say he's the problem he's got to go. For the people who say it's time to get rid of Drew Brees. And that's what that's -- we started. Know personally and again I and I question John made throughout the season on some of the play calling but noting that I've never called a play in a football game and my life he -- pickup game in the backyard. But and I personally I would I would try to kick a field goal of that wind at that distance that would go on board on fourth down I think that's where the game came apart you miss that field all the momentum shifts. -- you come away with enough -- on that drive early in the game and then you got enough. And that's essentially -- the saints have delayed the game with a -- enough. So do I think John -- capable of having a bad day of course if you -- -- some bad days this season especially on the road yes. -- Drew Brees makes a bad decisions right the horrible interception yet. But to the people of faith error the problem with the saints. I just don't see.

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