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1-13 6:15am Tommy, Saints game

Jan 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints loss to Seattle

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy tigers' 6:6 -- in the morning after the morning after talking about -- -- Mike Terry is gonna join us in the second but it wanted to take John first year because he's in leaders right now money cage on your on data to be on the morning. Although it. -- -- good morning already below the line that they should change. -- able to -- that though -- cigarette oh. Lists and I was more disappointed in 2011. You know I kind of expected it -- have a tough game out there and I agreed with the one text that -- Seattle the problem gotta disagree which you know Tom. I say we get them down in the ball. And welcome -- Ers are really think that with the crowd. Also to be so much -- -- -- that will be much more. Are really think you're good at home. It it'd be completely different story -- one thing I noted agricultural and Mike. That's management Mike -- and a please. Okay and think a lot of injuries on defense and I think we need -- -- no one receiver bar and somebody bigger prize -- market is getting old let's get old and arm an epic would be -- global bargain. What a lot young lady called to quit smoking. Advocate -- -- might retaliate joins us right now and admired. Second -- the saints you know scenes game with in the nine body -- slip casino morning Mike. What that was all about earlier I was I just think Seattle's better team and an actuary of if you put him in the dome against -- result is that any different and near John's they would improvements he thinks he made me he thinks need to be me I think the offensive line needs to be sure a -- you tell me where any -- if any -- -- -- right at all. I'll put it that way Seattle was beatable team Saturday. I mean I know fortunately -- Had a superb game but I'll be honest with you political spectacles -- you know it's a very beautiful football these. One to 53 yes Seattle had that -- do it. Band you're gonna keep it felt pretty good in and -- you bought this game I do agree with -- In 2011 laws in its efforts as well. It's something that would you can write it record books you've all really cynical Vietnam wall -- -- that the proposal national pick. Yeah there was a big difference and flow of the game because they were hand loss at at the end correct -- Changes in the final three and a half minutes so I mean the unbelievable game -- watching. -- on this football team I agree with you all and so on. But if you've been needed nub one receiver eyed disbelief that now -- -- MO. To take Jimmy Graham out of the equation. In towards the playing. Part of that golden the other options. Medical students here anymore at this point now like -- -- I think a young player. I don't think that Mitchell report accurately more. There's two things latency and actually -- Terror on their -- plays really well -- vision. And skills. That really. -- the future there and fun you know one running back in part Robinson. I think that it's on the convinced this coaching staff. He's the guy at -- the big document in the football. And I think that is release shall not be certainly. The fuel -- into an election year. The king of Jordan with the team. Would you need to know John Jenkins kid in Apollo. In Q. Really played well as he -- I don't worry about the quarterback position because of them major change in the and you can make some tough decisions. That and why this football team -- -- -- -- -- available -- -- -- -- -- Malcolm -- You didn't compensate. Them do -- cage it's not a major. Job at all. It's putting -- in the right few pieces but what would drop will be very important. Did you grow up a lot of greens and the agency and you gotta -- in the brain. It on if you watch in two years now but there are quoting. Bill Parcells challenging Grammy and other Curtis Martin need -- -- Talk about don't -- Robinson. I think all -- that don't -- that throughout the year when you watched in -- why isn't playing more now. Sometimes to public making the -- -- -- -- if they have nailed it in -- well. Among Everett subtlety and so did the and in the pocket it was preceded -- in training camp you can tell he was -- -- a little bit. Just getting down a little bit but I'll be out with economic right now. He's your best option that's also Rwanda and the big guy who can carry a little bit it was. Not about the a lot of people don't know that you can catch the ball really well in a lot of positives on this football team. But you know make that next step you've got to get better on the offensive line you've got up on a number one receiver. -- gave you got to get better able cornerback and they. My date is yet get a ticker -- Or you can look out of that and capable of basically what happened chain Graham led -- -- -- well impact you. Is inconsistent. Ways in -- well the weather conditions all that was prostitute don't yeah yeah I don't. -- that there. You get a prediction ticket that would like that they actually. But pretty good political ticket and Carol sent told W that would -- a long look at that situation. That got a pretty durable goods. Could he when it grows award when year and one. Last year. Mike I appreciate your time I really -- will be less than this afternoon at forcing guests with. -- tell -- cajun cannon Bobby gave their lives in this overslept a casino on the beach in hand -- counting Mississippi. Went to take on -- saints Seahawks game was close look at the other NFL divisional games at 630 and -- saints coach -- an -- Mike wanting her quick. -- rooms fumble it appeared to me was holding the ball league you're supposed to when you're in traffic -- Didn't -- -- in one hand had both hands and it covered -- present his fault or not. -- added yeah I think you'll -- he's got that ball security situation. On one thing you can plug everybody coaching matters. That the that your -- -- -- -- the -- it is the -- I think. I think that body. Today. All we you'd. Better. Would -- -- just look how cold gene map. Thank you Mike am glad week. I had to spend that get spent some time with him illicitly deceit -- about.

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