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1-13 7:15am Tommy, Saints/Seattle

Jan 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, NFL insider & senior writer for the Sports Xchange, about the Saints loss to Seattle

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talking about the saints in the Seahawks in the season and when it comes to the Tony thirteen saints are you proud angry or disappointed. And we take you calls in a moment to hang on right now we talked to our next guest who is Clark judge. He is a respected NFL writer and with that we want to remain good morning Clark. There are pretty good give me your take on the saints Seahawks game. Com they play himself by I'd like -- when he came -- were aggressive and physical but India and unfortunately that the better team won I mean part of -- -- you get it. You know I I didn't understand -- a couple things on the end and finally get to the -- and the good -- That the decision to kick a field goal with four minutes ago like I I didn't understand Italian market in -- as for the -- -- important that he try to agree we plastic technical and into the weekend with a forty yarder on the argument that feel like. I just don't understand that -- I did not get a touchdown so. But it'll take -- shot -- -- I know maybe -- in the atrocity that well okay that it Drew Brees doesn't get the first down yesterday that you got for it but I didn't. I let me ask you this if mom. This saints go for it picked up the first down pick up a nick touched on do you think saints and again. At that point I think they would get -- -- they really had momentum began I thought immediately on the heels. Really like the way he played honestly you know invited to vote for -- -- to go to Iraq -- get to vote. What a job he did it defense and that -- in the game in the second half. You really had their number in Seattle would have a -- -- the ball and he did what I. If you and I talked about it would if you can't keep Russell wilt in the pocket they did that annually minimize the damage control. It three for twelve on third down and help the saints and he'll tell you that when it comes sit. Next season Lou -- you see the saints improve and one of the primary areas they have to focus on and fans here should be optimistic pessimist. Now that should be optimistic I mean listen it probably honestly if you don't go yet. That team equipped to go to the top -- -- -- can play with anybody because they've got -- -- that you have to -- -- -- the game that you have to look at that. That idea that -- landscape. This past weekend that was fourteen toward. For the top. By -- indeed that's the big guns that. Portuguese where to place -- very difficult ready to think anybody -- -- and so on -- the best team in football team isn't far away. I like the fact she got pregnant at quarterback that -- at receiver and tight -- but what happens when you take Jimmy Graham of the equation we saw happen this weekend. You'd think that they've got that receive an article has been good receivers. Were elected he probably some guys who can stretch the field. Robert -- not that tablet -- in that instant appeal to them. And they're running back showed me that means Kerry Robinson and he is in Indonesia and so I think skeptical far. Like this team I think -- actually right there with the elephant that that the president that unfortunate. Geographical problem this week. Pilot guy -- would -- to go take a lot of calls -- real quick if the rubber game of the match were to happen in the dome. The saints. Good enough to beat Seattle or Seattle just the better teams that they even when no superdome. No they're good enough to beat them just because he didn't say so tight that building and indeed he saw what happened in the second half in the second half I thought the things. Where the better team but that the market is very slim among those three -- attempted -- that predictability fourteen Carolina. But but the thing direct it would it would get to play neurology I didn't think it is. Clark I appreciate you time religion I -- and talk to you next fall. Armament -- -- -- layoffs yeah I look forward origami irked me when I must add down. You put that in Europe iPhone you've done well. Though it's ninety about the playoffs that you Clark. Again.

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