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1-13 10:10am Garland, Col. Mike Edmondson :DMV wait times

Jan 13, 2014|

What the heck is going on at the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicle office? Waiting times are growing exponentially; an already undermanned staff is getting smaller and service complaints are growing. And, is the internet part of the solution? Garland speaks to Col. Mike Edmondson of the Louisiana State Troopers to hear the issue.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right and do not despair. When your going to be talking about the safe -- won't -- me achieve court. 12 o'clock. And through questioned respond to your column that Christian -- do the same starting at 1230. Serve -- more than one last road -- a column and -- questioned from the people that actually know so it would do is set to a twelve. A dog larger the government prescription is just watching. Fox News and it and apparently these periods you know gonna investigate. Christie's use of federal loans during the orb or hopes to sandy Mercury. Talk of that you probably know by now he'd spent like -- half hour and 45 minutes. Strictly. It's saying that. He did everything to do with the bridge -- bridge being shut down for political reasons skip emergency bones and everything else school. -- boy rescued by Chris Christian also so humble local. A politics what's going on there. And this observed warned of a couple of articles that -- -- -- Talk about -- office of motor vehicle it's. Legislative report. Ole generally come back and says the -- -- and we're going where you charter approved by a -- hour and a half and some places. They talk about a state of the drop by 23%. We tell and grown from these little eight to sixteen minutes in 2000. And more than power in 2013. And we're we're doing the show not just because of that we have we have received a number of complaints over the last few moments about when he. And it's all good news reports -- so well perhaps it's time to try to do this story. And thankfully we have book colonel Mike Edmondson Louisiana State troopers and charges that would be with a colonel welcome to show good talk and. And I'll talk about the -- -- the Likud would you like to welcome -- Will be a huge. You'd say. I got the talking ports. That actually door to door service times. Did this that it isn't exactly what we're hearing in this report -- -- No it's not that the performance indicators released that your own time order order hand. Best guess estimates of what was actually going on and that was done at the end of the year they try to go back. And look at India. In different wait times for locations and they want politics. Proper way to put that into the system restored it. And -- well where they actually do want -- On a weekly basis and child on a daily basis look at the baton people to -- transactions. Are you more more of a better look at that. And also which are looking at historical mean we were comparing. We say apple just because as someone goes and story renewable driver's -- Expectations about thirty minutes it's just pretty adequate. And then that was being placed in long can someone going to get a new driver isn't where she could spent well over an -- 21 that was driving gesture written test of course slides out people who warned managers are now -- and driver's license they find out. As a flag where it may be ticketed that hey maybe. He had not paid or some type of I transaction as a driver's licenses they did know there -- -- course. It takes -- most. Much -- to do that -- that's a lot of factors in -- but let me take some and -- most importantly what -- public service oriented so hard jobs serve the public. We don't think people have to wait and eat out. In the unfortunate side of that is you run away. Legal -- for different we -- express slot and all of our 83 options that we knew going if you just want him for a for renewable driver's license. You go on a much shorter line. I've just got to tell you we that 550 employees work not -- motor vehicles and I couldn't be more problems every day of the job they do. And I highly paid. But they come to work it was people that are in -- hurry to get any get out quickly. And I think they do a good job without limitation -- -- -- -- exactly -- -- -- -- -- -- in the -- office. Which while we were so pleased to open up a new office on veterans. The other two locations wanting. You know that -- mantra that opposites and it striving for public service we know -- -- on the nor shall we know that. We -- and that every day. When you go to last year when you go home tobacco Baton Rouge are really is the opposite. Every single day. Our managers. They take their hands on approach they're monitoring the line did everything we can't we could have rovers now. That we can move from all the stock options condenses a three people call in sick. -- -- and an -- people here right now we can actually send additional. Manpower to help that so. Torre can't all of them take a break here in concurrent factor and an Egyptian -- to shows like -- who -- talk about New York. Number -- that things also you and tribute to a kernel before we get back to this absolutely completely -- gotten here. One particular a couple of times. Drug people come in from out of state that will register a car and they've got a -- pretty good percentage. Of the callers W. And they've said enough of those states that don't pay anything at all or are you aware of that. Yeah I mean Hezbollah police you know we certainly don't have any. Any. And put into that portion out. We give him read about it where we can. It was the exact replica that we try to work every area that we can cut taxes for people comment that I did the same thing and about it move again. -- -- allowance you've got to take action we have that states. That's the way it is and we can't. Aren't if you will that bring in some of our listeners. Jordan Covington -- with the -- element. And already -- on good morning Gerald. Just -- and experience that becoming an -- For about. I don't know maybe three weeks site tried to get there very early in the morning and we get in line and so electric unit and out of the just to drop all a couple of plates that I needed to. And and every art got their culture their 7 o'clock or 7:30 or 8 o'clock in the morning and there's thirty people. And and I finally the attention of one of the color of there and let it. They're ignorant can drop the -- got a big servers -- just -- army and -- bit -- got record numbers as well. It was a two hour wait over their country in any area that we. And what again. Having a handle on -- Men and office with the manner whenever there's a lot like that the -- just go into the line to check -- people to see exactly they need. Absolutely you can drop that there's no reason that you could deploy a number when your vehicle to the desk. You could drop resolved and not -- we got the phone here will microphone crawled it make sure that it's not happening it will be an -- you can do that any location. -- will correct that securities and cock while electoral or not the cyclic get walker items that. You're a business out. Not just media opposite Frankel and the yes I saw that happen to me well I'll certainly addressed that. -- -- I curl your own repair its own complaints that -- They -- -- -- -- -- meter rates. Don't like it just shut up and sit down -- leave. -- -- these so workers go through -- -- -- make much money but did they go through in the process at all where they're. Talk who were for the public. Absolutely they go to they they they deal with that a regular basis and 83 offices in Louisiana almost publisher and fifteen employees and there was state at least 34 years and then to pretend that six years customer service and customer. Training is something we do throughout the year out visited almost every single office. -- lines -- those employees I don't. I don't quite see the same ones that people are talking about because I think they're good people think expectations sometimes and some might walks -- off it's that you want it. Don't immediately and and they don't control of there's an issue in your driver's license or which -- registrations that. You know I know the job they have to do it is not a whole lot of them. We've got a lot of things or -- we get a few minutes to talk about some of those also that we try to do just to. Decrease awaiting tablet also add additional locations will keep going to have just couple functions to take. Nor -- talk about expressly things. Yes -- -- -- quick 70%. Of our citizens that received the letters. To go and to do their driver's license. 75% of them don't even music using Internet. A lot of people say you know I don't use anymore because there wouldn't send -- -- sticker. We don't since secret anymore we had a brain you drop inflation when they do so people need to know that. Also. You can always -- -- some letters because every eight years you have to go. Get a new picture feature -- tested. At least every one itself eligible for that -- -- and information and and like that we unlike. Almost every other state in the country -- utilize the Internet for more than Louisiana does I think people just uncomfortable with that and try and encourage. They'll go to two to the express line. Dot org that -- it's pretty easy. Have you to take that thing we're looking especially in New Orleans -- look at themselves Serbs kiosks use in the Mississippi. Several other states were very pleased with how they work. It tests those that'll be another mechanism to go into a location go right to a kiosk. And that thing that you worked out of the public tagging agents as a hundred at a public tagging agents legislator made as -- -- back in the early nineties I believe. -- gave the ability for the public tagging agents to do you call transaction is court transaction. What did change even back then was eventually let them do driver's license renewals now they'll never do a new drugs like you have to go in because integrity of the system. Let's go to a regular office. That'll give you there's 53 of them right now with the ball and equipment. Applied for the ability. On drop supplies and cannot be renewals. We believe that we have won its operating and the battery area. We believe that probably some time and now and February. Force a lot of short mid to latter part of February. We have fifteen of -- that will be operational throughout the state I think that's going to be additional servers everything that we can't the big thing that I'm also got this. Dvds credit courts will probably a couple of weeks away from that now which are available and all the music credit court. So that hopefully would expedite things and so we're consciously doing things. All the talk by talking to customers by talking to commanders on the go employees -- how can we do better how -- -- You know and decrease in time people waiting because we don't want that either and keep in mind the end of the day. And -- think that was another reason by the numbers of our house. Sometimes it's what we're just all not all about could that be the case. They'd be a mix of 7 or 8 o'clock in -- times. But they are -- past hour because they do try to get as many people can and -- that perhaps a lot or some time because. So they can't go home but. You know which -- do everything we can't every day. -- to decrease that waiting. He wanted to be -- Texan as a salute colonel. Was a we couldn't get appointments. To go. You've got to be are going to promise to make a point. Go into a disk call and say almost gone Linden and do whatever I have to do what Don -- compared. We do that growth for -- testing because it makes it easier for those you people are coming into the driver's license the difficulty there is. Let's say you had that that you're not there at get your specific travel on the U. I have 1015 people that are there. You've got assault work I don't know so I think the difficulty is Salt -- and appointments that we just push everything back -- some I would want to come and they would be on time. I think that would be difficult deals bishop in the -- saw I'd have to say that and you have we have 506070. People. They'd be difficult to try to adhere to area. Actual. -- -- to make those. -- let's go to mark -- that remark to room with the current. Mark Cuban -- Here here we go ahead of us. OK you guys that good. Mauresmo well. Good I went to you know you guys almost stock or try to mobilize all its options but every well. Are you I had my license renewed -- more it Ehrlich are August I have to go to. Adjustable renewal of flexible problems are -- security. Walked into the office Obama. Well 11 o'clock currently almost four record -- The lines were long people were standing outside. The original placed Austria or wherever I have a bit in Saudi desert I goodness persona that people will occur on. The office itself I mean it was it was it was like -- opposite -- LT. At one of one entity of the board shall not -- the call but I don't -- the opposite. Not just want him -- the end of our sport right by I would expect the new when. So -- if you're sitting pass the value into the -- you call them and they. -- -- the -- put a body was sold at destroying the era over the course. Com. It was I mean it was it was it was a little bit. And I are so that people nearly all of the bigger the -- I was here first birthday or something dark and you've been kicked out in our media. Not disclosed -- I could not be useful for. Bracket pay to go to war beast you know -- Aldo was that mark -- -- -- was early August. Early August okay and are brought to you what we're certainly not trying to normalize any of the waiting times I can assure that he by goes and wage that time. -- you're right I would wanna be in the issues on that because I understand you wanna get in there as quickly as possible. That particular obviously has some issues with revenue manager there now. Indeed people that were there they would they would. So and they had to leave them and closing the doors that was unfortunate should not have happened and -- take full responsibility that we're fixing that we've got a new mantra and its attendant and to the needed those individuals that waiting I would certainly tried not trying to normalizing which are simply try to make it better. And I'm making -- batters while listening to in the to the customers listen to employees. Changing our system in place to -- that would expedite. Actual transactions Shelton and the other thing that talked about credit course. To -- additional information you go into an office you can actually. -- actually get to I think that's. That stuff. One of the biggest problem we have we have looked out of the last couple weeks especially in the New Orleans office because that is obviously his office. We saw this Friday afternoon was probably some of the worst case. We are seeing people waiting over how. That's unfortunate. But it's so many people against trying to come in the last for a week which -- address but put additional people on there and also by adding -- and anything that we can do. As you -- people in as quickly as possible. That's what we talk about the via the Internet. And we know that you know at least 25 to 40% on a given day can actually use Internet for their transactions. That would be helpful but I think people just have to go -- about it they have to know that they're not gonna get the sticker the regular -- -- an actual driver's license. So that's that's all important but balked -- I appreciate what you're saying. I hear that in I was there your exactly right thing to talk about back in August hopefully those things addressed now. That is something that we look at every single day alternate. Bigger about a a legislative report that. Claims. We being talented shot up by as much news. -- have followers in some places to give driver's license from -- office of motor vehicles. And we have believer of because of that division colonel Mike Edmondson Louisiana State troopers Wear this to respond elections in column at some got a we're gonna pull out -- from texts and phone calls and talk my analysis I've skimmed drone is ridiculous. -- have little experience that the reflects a lot of the tax is -- getting Todd what happened with you. Well Garland last week I I went to the get my license renewed my license plate in my car. And where that's. At the office in the amend the bill. And it took I had to go actually three times garlands and the first time I went I got there at 7 AM. There's already a line outside the door around the building in this is when it was twenty degrees outside. They wait now obviously there's someone in there watching their clock community clock turns they they open the door let everybody file and everybody vehicles a number. By 1030 I still had not been seen yet. By 11 o'clock I had to leave because I had to come into work. I go again the next day again I get there at 730 line around the corner. Go in wait. 11 o'clock. Can't stay come into work finally the third time I ago. I had to call my bosses here and say I had to stay away because I had to get this taken care of again when in 730. Waited. Waited waited. Finally by about 1130. But 1230 I think I finally saw me. Once I got to the -- yeah that was ten minutes. But it's the wait time to get to the counter that I think everyone is complaining about and I don't think anyone's Nolan and noticing this look. And I compare this to the fact that I've lived in three other states. I lived in Texas a live in Alabama lived in Tennessee in this isn't a knock on Louisiana from here love the state. DMV's there or. Off as a motor vehicle there. Every time I have to go. There was a line. There was a lot of people but there was a bay of people working. And you went through and about ten minutes. From start to finish from the minute you waited -- you walked out the door everything was done. This is the only place I've been where I've had to wait that long and it's getting progressively worse as I was talking to the people there waiting. Some of them had also that was their second and third time coming back to wait. Because they couldn't stay all day. Some people were waiting the day before and they finally didn't have enough time to get they had to come back the next day and wait around. People -- -- calling their businesses saying hey I am not going to be and I gotta gotta be off there were kids in school. Saying I'm not going to school today because I got to stay here and get this done I mean. Look I'm a little it's a little bit longer -- you guys are saying that I certainly believe you and and that's unfortunate excusable on the at some about -- offices that and then to market look at that. -- -- employees that work that takes office I think one of them actually workers -- -- for individuals. Network at all this sort of make sure. And did need additional manpower personnel office will put -- -- well it. I'll say this the three days that I was there. It was the same three ladies working. It's unfortunate when you have fifty or sixty people walk their locations free people work and that tell you they don't decreasing at a time so that's unfortunate side of -- But the bottom body is -- believe what we're trying to accomplish. Right now and every day if we move forward. He tried to lessen those wait times and expedite that process and that's what we need to do. And we do that while listening to after the. And didn't do people keep plugging them grants that they are from the -- -- -- do -- some people are key to their numbers and they'll come back and say well he was here yesterday so he gets the go ahead because that's the number were -- -- something that's something negative. Yeah but I you know and and I don't have a problem with that somebody was there waiting all day the day before but but this is not a knock against the the ladies that work in Amanda bill they're doing the best they could. But there's a public tag agent in that same parking lot humbly to -- condition mostly cordial relations I think has been mentioned to -- effective. We that you ought to just opened up in New Orleans east and Bullard and Morse. Right now they legality driver's license renewals. Vehicle registrations and -- slacker in handicap like those types of things that. We're working into him at some point of that beautiful source location but at least the location. The people trying to get quickly it's so places that they go to. It just just one other thing is as far as the location in -- -- and I've -- amend -- -- since a 2004. It has never been that bad. There have been times where I've gone in there and I've gone in. In 10 minutes and I -- out when they had five and six people working. Now you've only got three and one person when someone comes and do the driving test especially these young kids someone -- we even go do that then you're stuck with two people to. -- when I look Kuhn 2000. And actually you have 739. And workers. Here -- 2014. Down to 568. -- that you. Provided. A service when you drop that many people. But at the main thing we looked at closely at -- economic downturns crawls public safety across Allstate agencies. The one -- -- -- possess dues to work to make sure we have the proper people at those locations. I don't the division race ago results that look I need additional manpower here this is lot. And it allowed me to do that so they're allowed me to address those issues -- -- out of this economic downturn I believe that. We had light in the tunnel is actually a light and trying. Just as you know last ought to condemn clash just they have you know -- -- -- troopers -- gonna start -- positions across state governments to those vacancies. That there. That we're going to be don't -- hopefully expedite some of these things one thing that proud about so far as security superintendent I -- like anybody else. We -- out of field position. We have like anybody else I think that's important. I think as we move forward I think everything was saying -- -- -- goal and I'll be on the issue anytime you want to talk about these things and follow up on this but. I want the public to know that we're gonna continue to work to improve operations would continue to explore new ways to do business more efficiently we're gonna continue to demand that employees -- Or adapted and responsive to wait -- -- people out there waiting. It will continue to listen -- that the citizens there -- the most important people. That we -- about it. Colonel we. And our Deborah -- -- jaguar opinion poll. -- tortured experience been like at the MB a short waits 46% and people long -- only 38%. Of people call was -- not going to be able to get to. Had a good experience and slide show good experience in Metairie. Slidell and easy -- talent. We have Jim. To talk about troop beyond Jim go home with colonel at. Despicable. -- brought -- by what do over the last seven days went down to Vietnam veterans it -- to -- driver's license and have a two and a half wait. And nurses are very close friend of mine after it was Yugoslav firecracker just want to pass that off. I appreciate that and cannot do that as. I'm getting pages at least sitting here in Texas and people that there are saying some good things are all that's why I want. Post operative important out there working every day Colin they do on the best they can connect to do to get better I believe that. And we do about it -- all the work that I've I've got in my office right now. Steve Campbell and state you all point to the commissioner of motor vehicle. They don't follow up on the adults in the default on the things people said this morning. To make sure they would do everything became the nation's. The middle we give you know there -- attacks the -- says. I tried review online wouldn't go they wouldn't lumbered through but didn't say why -- only. To go to the amended bill offers -- went for hours. We told I need 300 dollars in cash to re new dish could have been should have been done on line. -- wouldn't says that they get a notice in the mail. About working on Long Island but the notice was three days perhaps bid deadline to do and so. And others are right in and say they never they didn't notice about wrong. Your thoughts. He had you have to get noticed that they don't do it on line and we trust that is basic and keep in mind she's got to win every eight years to figure -- photo in Europe. And Q I tests so only certain of the population could command but he if you get those -- -- that came in if you if offline I'll give you a number of and you could have been called that number of I'll address that partially because I'll find out about that and now. If you do that I'll fly at all -- somebody actually get -- commissioner Stacy actually Colin called him back. -- wanna -- that it that it needs to do is indeed a problem. -- and I'll give I'll give you a number that's not that would what do regional. Aren't the only squeezes and one more call here. Brett it and I'm Bret -- -- -- with the current. I -- gentlemen are numbered and caller talked about their experiences over the last couple days a -- during our entry tractor so I thought I'd give you know basically a lot of support. -- Report sitting in the parking mother being Indian man develop hour and a half. It is nowhere near realistic right now. Backed that up there are certain things when Iowa and number 96. And I just pulled the tag number 98. Sound fairly positive cracked. However -- they need the -- -- Euro Euro although it back around. Before they get the money. So baggage -- realistic. Wait time of what's actually happening right now. You're exactly right we can pull that up right now show's over now awaits them at that location. Yeah and -- just -- want to make weight one time you know I'm number one. I am I mr. -- quickly -- I appreciate you. You know saying that that -- going to dressed up in regards to the personnel man developed what I have done. -- transaction there and had the -- through the wait time up but just what they want thing in regards to the ladies -- that have worked there and help me over the years. I have never had an issue with them ever being rude. To me at all that they've all been very nice and very pleasant. Or quit so I don't put this on now. Now I put it on that date is even more bodies. Well colonel in the in the might -- our cause remove this morning. Look to America and you yourself an operation get a -- a compliments than complaints and it's sounds like you're responding to complaints from. We appreciate galleries pilgrims. I wanna do that more often drawn so much let's at least try to do this -- democracy and if not sooner available you know that. -- -- hear feedback because where that state police as motor vehicle as far marshal's office what it's in gaming. Any other aspect of 2800 employees and our committee we want to thank the right way and we wanna because -- -- -- client oriented. Thank you so much for the time and we were able -- follower purport you have -- -- -- --