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1-13 11:10am Garland, Gov. Christie scandal

Jan 13, 2014|

New Jersey Governor Chris Christi apologized and fired a key aid behind the so-called bridge scandal. Does this incident deserve further investigation? And, has your opinion about Chris Christi changed at all? Garland speaks to Ron Faucheux, Political Analyst & President of Clarus Research Group about his take.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You never know what's gonna -- Jews who would have ever thought the shutting down traffic in the George Washington. Bridge. -- created a national furor. Governor Chris Christie yeah actually yeah fired a couple of his a key people. Are claiming unit knew anything about it of the people claim. Or you should do most politically motivated. Lol official and scientific -- -- -- pro job by opinion poll which asked. Has your opinion about Chris Christie changed since the bridge and yours and we -- -- 83%. Saying no not it'll. And as usual window we're looking for details and that wrenched in the politics. Turned the wrong poachers -- political analyst and president of the research group Russell who does holds within that church group wrong welcome back to the show. -- Well our listeners are telling -- -- -- every problem -- 3% say he's okay. What what are your thoughts emperor was that to a hundred in eight minutes beats it to -- Well you know usually. Yeah yeah it was almost two dollars. And you know there's. If we are going to believe that that -- you know at this stage of the game that he was involved in or knew about it. There is no actually yeah. You get those facts. Karbala that he did -- Oh lord did participate. The not so very different story that that happened. It probably would not -- there's a presidential candidate. If it looks like. What he says that long press conference here that there it was correct in the doctorate of people who did it. And and nobody can pin it on you know. But I think politically weakened -- that. But warned of more with the article out of Reading yesterday's -- that the yeah. Emails were finally released but huge Koreas over heavily protected. In something like this when it comes for prices communications. What would you would act. Areas of these in what what would be in there that the public couldn't story. Well. I think the answer is probably there's information and comments are referring. That there are people. Would not like -- made public you know it's very also -- Excuse me in the course so. Of doing emails about the bridge closure people talk about you know the legislative strategies that political wearing -- double metal things just thanks someplace. Favorable -- somebody or civil special. A civil war they're protected so if that's the case there's no real problem to put down. Apparently they're going to be quite a bit of investigation that should not suspect -- of the investigators will have a chance to look at those. Here if you love had been on board with -- have been hired within Europe by him to -- do polling and to advise him politically what would you told him about the news conference was the link in the tone. Good -- have more benefits and minuses or was that a mistake. I think it was the right thing for him to go to the call in and and talk about it land and to demonstrate that he could stand up there for almost two dollars and didn't take questions and talk about it. And and in as a result of 20 is not make matters more current contract. Perhaps may make matters better for. You know most of the criticism. In terms so there's. This press conference is really. You know. Christie portraying himself -- the victim of where in fact the -- them what the people who were caught the traffic here. School kids in the people -- your work is going to the doctor's -- or errant. And and so he needs to be very very careful -- too much art art -- meet meet me. Which is a problem frankly the current president Barack Obama. It. 11 of the things. Are wondered about when one who watched the news conference. Of what he called his at that point in time closest allies for our troops. Closest workers. Chiefs that happened forget who do you approach must. He acquired him because there were stupid and deceitful. Does that create a problem with the currents that we have he had been when this all blows over. Well it certainly could it depends what current staff -- and iron -- to what extent they can't. Relationships with those people fired what we're not they believe. That the people who fired war contract dishonest and deceitful and still. -- so without the -- you know -- The problem that crispy I think just deal with as little as a manager and as a chief executive. Is -- Why didn't he conduct its own investigation of this. Some time before. After the the stories have been made public in the questions. Originally asked me why did -- have to wait for other people to come up with females in the Kamal developers to shield their trumpet may have been wrong. And borrowed idea that it. Brought him whilst you -- slow and neighbors and did during that period -- funded and usually but he didn't find out why. You know I -- that -- is that we -- where you know he he should be conducted. A real investigation. And it's former prosecutor he knows how to conduct investigations. And he should have been very -- and apparently. Based on what he said what happened actually cast members of the stand out. Whether they were involved there's inherent in the what did they know about it -- -- that they didn't telling the truth so he assumes. That there. That they were playing but it was a bit straight didn't. In the end and actually kind of thing that what will dog him politically. If he does what a wonderful precedent because of because he has the -- the first saw. In the image of being sort of a top manager no nonsense guy who. It's been stunned that that looks like. There's that kind of sloppiness. It and that kind of political. Activity going on without. There has done knowing about it that becomes a problem for. -- everything good about doing New Jersey governor Chris Chris the -- -- took a 108 minutes last week at a news conference. That tell us that he didn't have anything it was shutting down a bridge. And and in the process a lot of emergency bureau golds and tens of thousands of very aggravated people it was George Washington Bridge trapping that he going. Two of his. Closest associates did without his knowledge. Think about this and everything political brawl on poultry political analyst president -- -- -- for search group. A broad. Boom boom move on no groupings for the couple quick questions about receipt. I'm. I was -- I think it was yesterday that. A Christie's mental. The man who first introduced the politics I think of fifteen years old and -- to -- them all the way through. They did an interview with him and he said you know. Got to think twice about whether -- not -- want this guy as president. He's he's got a record have been addictive and bullying and where we knew that somebody who Zhu min toward -- -- you say you turned to replace sharing being careful about. Voting for this guy is that something that has legs or is it just all part of politics. No I think that -- it lags decades America traveling with a body like. Tom Cain who has a very well respected former governor of state. Who -- just say that you know he knows Chris Christie is a bit -- himself he knows what it takes to be a leader. And for him to express doubt likes that. I think -- is the problem of course stay in and follow that course we got that dealt with -- and talked killing men in the try to get into. Makes a statement it's important feature that would. That that would indicate is because the new Opel trust conference and. How do you do that kind of thing because -- -- if I remember correctly. They're the reason that mr. -- says that disease he'd turn Chrissie. Turned on his son politically is that core. -- -- you know it's like getting a political situation whether Louisiana. Security theoretically tell the people of doesn't -- cross current relationship where they're supporting. Certain people opposing certain people for different things -- would. Open strategy. A while back you may remember when triple Burke. All tight end Chris Christie in an opportunity to appoint. And the senator and and -- -- gains from one of the appointment can't change in your who has been the state legislator. And Christie get in Albany and so perhaps. That. The canes are seeking political retribution against true a lot of trilogy here you know. When you get into what what people saying even if it's somebody who is as well respected this can't being. There's always a political back story to. The music -- Britain and -- opinion piece by him and he basically said. If if this sinks Christie. This sinks the so called Margaret green and the GOP. There'll be no Margaret in the 2006. And embrace. What are your thoughts on the. Well sort of Chris Christie. You know it is just the moderate I mean he's governed as well where conservative. You know and -- even though he is. You know position on a few issues. -- -- a signal that he may be more moderate than than some other people in the Republican Party you know still salt conserve. And and of course the conservatives. Who brought against him or going to try to portray him as being the moderate so they're just calling him a moderate and saying that he's the candidate of the moderate wing really attempted to attack and got hurt and urged political prospects. Anybody who was considered to be actually. To moderate which means too liberal. For the pace of the Republican Party will have a real struggled getting them. And is that Chris Christie and admired extensive polls. Of six -- rate Republican brings a Mullen. They can't stand him because of his quote liberal. Or do you what do you see him -- does the Republican part. You. Good. The Brawley do. Well and the Republican Party that almost at New Jersey certainly done very. They voted for him with near unanimity for re election. So this past November and but but the point. The Republicans need to understand whether Chris Christie so that the candidate. Is that not only -- group scripting code is ability. We -- the Republican base vote for -- shown the ability to get or percentage of independence. Hispanic. And even from Democrat to vote for him and if Republicans want to elect the next president. They're going to be a candidate who can -- that that doesn't mean it's it's only Chris Christie. But it means that the candidate who could country over the long. Would what do you make -- -- the reports today -- think -- barrel government. Gonna investigate -- -- and Chris the use the hurricane Tse -- recovery month. Well you know again it depends who is this politics and that law in order to Oakland where -- you know. The audience for a -- that you -- -- or. Or are popular right now -- -- awful lot about -- were corporate money yet. And in -- different stories in the abuses in the different things that can happen so often happens knows what that situation. But but you know again today. And don't think there's been anything that's been. Well publicly released to discuss that I would guess that the aspersions on Christie if they order a certain point we have to take a look at. Argue later make judgment that the -- Are further detailed drills and admittedly strange question. Oh yeah we look at this so much of it could be politics so much of it could be real. Claims. The general -- held preferences are in the win at all hours that just. The grid is where it's always been though -- is going to be and we only short right in the -- A behind the scene -- really -- watched political what's. Well I think that general populace has oh sure certain about just like saying you think they couldn't. See through politicians. And politics. Better than the politicians and the people practiced politics. Generally understandable leave and and I think people get essential whether they think. Chris Christie are are likely try to do their job is doing a good job or whether he's Fogarty and and end. And you know it is abuses in if you support our total up until the voters. Even though they they -- -- people on the scene. And they may not seen everything. The way people behind the scenes mixing it I think the voters will ultimately get a Accenture does appear unlikely they would most politicians triggered. Some cases -- its decision. You know what we're gonna accept this person's personal failing. And it'll be impressive victory electing pressured with things that happened many calendar recent election. Wrong bush -- you always have perjured beyond the show always learn some open. I appreciated his time you have agreed Tuesday.