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1-13 11:35am Garland, Can Jindal be VP of the US?

Jan 13, 2014|

New Jersey Governor Chris Christi apologized and fired a key aid behind the so-called bridge scandal. Does this incident deserve further investigation? And, has your opinion about Chris Christi changed at all? Garland speaks to Dr. Ryan Tetem, Assistant Professor of Political Science at ULL about his take.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Your entire Governor Christie 108. Minute response. To charges that he knowingly shut down traffic in the George Washington Bridge. Cause EM. Emergency. Crews to abandon their ambulances. And try to transport people that needed to get to hospital -- Physical care. And he's been to have children eight minutes saying that he did -- -- thing about it. And you had two people in the is all groups -- apparently did were wires. And required a boat and remembered -- of the people that did got a chance to -- record -- -- because it was all on during marsh grow. They just thought it was rent and -- worst thing I've ever seen. And they thought it would really hurting. But our governor of the Oprah did you -- opinion poll has your opinion about -- -- changed. Since the bridge candle 70% of these had no not at all and we're just Brian -- one of for a political analysts. Washington DC says that so for his -- Shall not it's significant drop in approvals. And threw it to talk about this a little bit but to also go to other issues. We go to doctor run taking the assistant professor of political science that you el -- propose a long time no talk to. -- Glad to have you back and happy new year good talking to you. Orchard talks. It's a 108. Minute rebuttal in this kind of crisis communications a good idea. Well you know I think he takes eighty. Page kind of kind of the Obama playbook and maybe that's what nationally. Between both parties this -- as the fallout that a lot of the news channel are expecting it duplicates. You know. Whether he likes it or not Obama saying I had no idea what was going on here and and a passing the buck. Order for him and so other politicians are taking a look at that saint I had nobody there and so across the board I think it will work for them. Palestinians don't party I think Christie may be facing a little bit more of an uphill climb. -- Well because this -- -- Can -- be the class that the Tea Party yours or far right needed in order to. I suggest that he is not the right candidate for the Republican Party you know nationally if you include Democrats and those polls are looking at the other night that change your opinion much but I. If I'm looking theories and an already I had suggest that the Christie was a little more liberal or moderate and I would elect from my party. And that's kind of gives you that ability to say OK yeah and look at this two or so obviously wrong for us. Among the Republicans I think that's where you Esther really. A particular benefit to court struck. How about the argument had. If the Republicans. Ever expect to control the presidency. Or our congress and in both houses again. They gonna have to attract the Hispanic vote they're gonna attract some of the alternative boats. In Chris Christie's all the more and on the horizon that can do that your thoughts. Well I mean I think that state if you look at the statistics not necessarily you know we go back to 2004 and George Bush's strategy. This strategy according the presidency look and to recruit out Hispanic sure independent voters are our alternative -- whatever it was just to get Republicans who haven't voted in 2000. After butts and go vote and you know he won by basically saying current saying -- get four million more Republicans the votes were registered Republicans. So I don't think necessarily that -- needs to be made now. If you're looking at a suggestion -- maybe illegal immigrant -- amnesty program where you're gonna -- thirteen million new voters into the voting. Spear if you will very very quickly and yeah Republicans are absolutely gonna have to make headway. In terms -- Hispanic voters but I don't think it's going to be well let's start independent -- well let's target more liberal voters that the Republican Party can. Bunkered down and -- But didn't wrongly the end. His helper the mentioned that you just married did they drive that same exact thing in the last election and that's. One of the reasons they lost so brick. I mean it's great to talk about hunkering down -- they tried to but I think they also did it unsuccessfully in terms of making identification across the board you really have to convinced. Voters that there is something at stake. In order for them to get up and -- and that's party members as well as non party members and so I think Romney was kind of a lukewarm candidate for a lot of Republicans and as a result. A lot of them stayed home -- back to 20041. Of the way to Colorado about Republicans off the couch and into the voting groups which he targeted battleground states. By putting same sex marriage amendment on the ballot and so. They would go to the polls -- bat and then while they were there they would -- George Bush. So you know you you've got to try and find a way to to get the base out regardless if you get the based out. In a country that's divided you know 5060 they have the chance to win without having to trying to target independent voters. About all things political all low border on the alone with the power expert doctor Brian -- -- Professor of political science that you will tell propel Sharon very quickly and then get to a number of other things. Supreme Court is considering whether the President Obama violated the constitution. During your first term in what they're talking about it. Congress recessed in the -- some appointments during that time. What you see happening there and isn't have been real consequence. Hello as -- victim to electric producers. I think that there could be big repercussions if the Supreme Court does not side where the senate in saying that they have the ability to. Confirm anything that goes through basically. What you're looking at is -- the they're getting rid of the filibuster in the senate to patent to kind of stalled presidential appointments it enables him to push employment servers on -- -- -- the power. And now he's trying to use another weapon which is. If they're not meeting wanted to go at that point everybody where there might be vacant seats that the senate hasn't got here. Remember it being challenged because the Republicans have not technically better and I'm in Greece that's what they've had a according to a 1993 ruling. It beat our congress is out of session for longer than three days and the president can make appointment -- -- Public and didn't have a Republican senator -- about once every day. Yeah will be sent -- to order and then close it when nobody was there I'm -- doing so they technically are obeying the law of keeping the senate in session. And so that's why being challenged the suggesting that yet we -- in session until you don't have the right to make appointments without confirming them through. And Chris one of our listeners has question -- -- your -- doctor road to. Well yes Garland thanks for taking my call then I'm listening you all the rarely Colin but. -- a highly sports guy but I do return or -- but -- about politics and there's an -- -- Debbie Debbie felt like when you went to break and it's about the obamacare so. Course a Republican conservative. Talking about. Call Mary Landrieu and teller that voting for Obama care is bad -- -- I'd like for professor peaking -- he would do explain to us how old voting for Obama care was bad for Louisiana. And crucial that are -- up and listen thank -- How will it. At any of that kind of the left vs right debate about can address the ad itself. -- end with her. Getting into her election. And looking at being challenged on several fronts but he had a -- -- the flip -- in the vote now talks it would go back and look at the vote for Obama care itself and what it was tied -- Not -- that strategy with a -- one on our part by saying well like I had an amendment to extend it for a year that's -- solution that's why I voted for obamacare. I would just -- and that it felt you know I voted for obamacare and I got paid 200 million dollars or a system remember back then. It was -- Louisiana purchase cynically than Nebraska pay -- or something like that the two senators who let their boats. I'm so mean apart from the obamacare probably in and the propriety of the the plan in general I think that this is just kind of trying to be much value to get voters go well. You know it's it's it's sliding left vs right and we need to get behind somebody else so that the land. I would assume have Obama terrorism minus -- and a politician here in Louisiana but nature water boy did you. Well I mean -- like it's too early to be seen amenable planned and that's -- -- kick -- until later this year and it has been so. Polarized. By both sides in the media but politicians in general that. The technology that is -- for anybody you know at my house from my students it's different than -- on the parents' plan hurt you know until they're 26 years old so it worked for them if you. Down and -- either Republican you say is about to exceed their well I don't know you know it's doubtful society. Oh please go to the doctor weir yeah -- that's great but it can. And a lot of people don't understand the second half of obamacare is all about student loan Lori taped ER. So this whole debate is so convoluted it has lined up but. Behind the left and right that nobody is actually gonna get any mention about it at all. -- -- all right to governor general talk again of him running for the presidency. Number one do you think you will number two doozy of chants. I don't think he has a chance at the presidency. I think it. She's doing it for name recognition I think if he runs you'll be competitive maybe in the southern areas but if you look at the midwest. If you look at the New England area if you look at the West Coast they're gonna bring their own. Republican candidates so more than running for president I think -- -- have any any possibility of being vice president deployment there are someone within the cabinet. But I didn't and the recognition out by actually capability within the state I think he's just trying to let the rest of the country -- career years. I end would bring when you Serb run for vice president. Siavii ticket would go to Chris Lee beard ticket for him. I you know. Stay crispy chicken adult ticket would be very interesting because Hewitt has more moderate Republican at the top and then a more conservative Republican in second position that -- A -- some of the cheers in the ways that. Adding Sarah Palin that -- use that example creeping -- -- as you can hear Palin. Do you complement the McCain ticket because McCain was seen as a moderate Sarah Palin helped a lot of conservatives to feel good at that. That part of our sides are being represented so yeah I mean you could -- compliment. Them in that way and you were also at originality. -- Chris Christie could hopefully capture key so they can. Of the New England area and then Bobby Jindal be stronger and shout and -- you locked -- kind of two areas and you just have to work and the midwest and the West Coast. We're drug Jindal heavily affect only the allude to you know vote being. Minority. I don't think so -- Garland. I don't I don't think Latino vote goes it's a minority -- minority the Latino vote and a lot of polls that we see. Has been much more along issues. And what's interesting about the vote is. Those who have legally become citizens of the United States what we're finding a lot of them. -- very Republican values about the government staying out of their business in India would make money the way they want. It's kind of -- that gray area. Maybe not citizen and hurt at amnesty bring these people and where they haven't have the opportunity here to I I don't know too. Get into our system at center or or what have you that make him kind of an. -- got about a memorable and ask your opinion -- she's in and they proved time and you'd -- Most of America's youth robot well the Tea Party particularly in this Sullivan dominated. Score. They are not big government activists either. If there's a new spirit and American wives and climate of anti politics it's a libertarian. And the article Clinton libertarian is becoming a force your thoughts. Among college students absolutely. The new group that we have millennial coming up our anti government anti establishment anti extreme. It's more moderate and toleration is stay out of our business and let's be who wanna be the problem with this is that at the least likely group to vote. And so they can coalesce around. All right are not our Brian I'm. Around all of the candidates from the libertarians as much as they want but that doesn't mean even show up at the -- so that's not a secret to your money on. But both political loved course people -- when they get older but -- assumed that both political parties. Look at that saved were old the future looks like a little scary reminder of change. They might now but because the seniors into consideration that's still their stable most. -- their biggest voting block they don't have to worry about even addressing accuse the concerned youth of America yet. Professor good talk can you do to ensure we would call you a lot in the coming years and you have big great day and in talking -- doctor Ryan seeking proposed through political slime it's added you LL. Governor bill 170 AM -- 53 year at.