WWL>Topics>>1-13 12:10pm Garland, Saints are out of playoffs

1-13 12:10pm Garland, Saints are out of playoffs

Jan 13, 2014|

Garland speaks to Former Saints Offensive lineman and Co-host of Fans First Take, Steve Korte.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Against some good news or even some veteran news the good news is -- and tall -- review all this hour about the saints. Good news is -- -- -- -- a little of what we're gonna bring in some voted actually knew what they're talking about it. We've scored -- -- and substance of lemon clothes depends -- to see -- welcome to -- Are you as always thank you for being my savior. Who. Could -- I've I've -- and the one thing you know. And you have to admit. When you come -- -- you get in depth fortunes when it comes to the sites. That elusive answers that very few others could possibly even -- much -- accomplished. -- higher degree. Of dog you've been drinking again -- But let me explain to good audience -- -- Applebee's or whereas scope of the questions and you can answer with a simple yesterday. Are when the saints have. Opposing team couldn't of the super dome. Wouldn't be fair of we asked them all the players who where and -- Sure this is in -- stuff yeah you're right below the road bid that would be unfair. Probably -- it -- -- ask couldn't put those little you know little portable where did she get to -- put those -- their ankle it's. There handicap them a little bit -- the Dutch are more. How about -- blocks. Yeah. To -- the reason I asked this. Is I was under the impression the reason -- and other border -- Is because. You god knows that actually make it two per national football. Or a fractional part of the human race. You were better than anybody in good football has -- -- all the college football and semi pro arena football in the opening. So I'm going to receive this search -- ordinary display. Well by hand coordination shrink and speak. And instead. -- to watch one side to. Be handicap. No warts Sulu lead to meet in your plugged words from -- -- -- -- we Biden nor its. Explain to me how this should be part of the expert. -- You know at least beautifully about read a book along comical about science fiction writer rate -- area similar story about that whether. -- -- big pieces of sheet metal around people that we're stronger you know they sort of made all kind of forget them all kind of different things it. Which sort of even out the human race if you will -- this so with that taken me back a long time I hear that. But nevertheless. He you know that the noise part of it is it is a situation where I think it really sort of a that your concentration. That your focus and -- communication. So obviously those things come and and you could see that looking first and no we came out of that were taken -- of the call a timeout because you couldn't get that you know booklet called the right way so. To -- took the blame game I guess we should say that but nevertheless. You know like yeah it does it does the -- -- effective. It doesn't have to affect your you know as well as you know what I think a lot of team to come down here. Sort of phased -- thing particularly when they go to Seattle summit spaceship. Where you know and understand -- horrible when Briscoe hokey and bopping your -- -- and they -- what is it about. Nor does it bother you Gaza would -- be explained it was. Well view you're waiting on that but things left guard to tap the sooner 1% ready to go home gore and with. Physical -- rather than verbal and big news the other team on -- second store or not it's. And I hadn't injured -- -- -- although it sounds kind of silly about that I paction etc. It's -- winding were chuckling well we do to do the same -- -- the come here. It's like have a horse races everywhere. But in some areas you get the blindfold horses in the jockey and -- when you don't. And it and it's all part of the game. I don't give them that is part of the game that -- it seemed like get along leveled the playing. There are good enough in my cruising question about go to some of the text. Any chance we're gonna lose. Rob -- to grow another team as their head coach. Luke didn't help thanks so. I don't think you want to be here -- one you know one year and then on his way that. Hey you know to put things that happen and obviously -- -- of the -- opportunity prepared to get the opportunity do it. Are you holding back. What are what are your thoughts after watching the game others forums. What would god now law and what we mean -- in the future. -- Well you know first and foremost I think the defense that really sort of has been there pretty much all year force an end. You know I have talked to him and you know I'm speaking to him -- -- Rob Ryan just from the standpoint of it really took basically the same personnel and develops -- younger guys. And then had the guys that would account good guys sort of step up and really you know jump on his bandwagon is philosophy and I don't -- to be -- that was just really encouraging to see that because really they were obviously is Spanish and get and now you know they're really one of the better defense -- -- leaks so to me that. That incurred you know I think you get. You know our corner back help the I think Kara get back into the safety spot -- and and obviously with you know -- of the event of -- Jordan and are keen Hixon and go let those guys that's -- other developing. I don't know I just I just really feel good about the defense at this point offensively. You know -- There's a couple of times that I really sort it would now what should say more than a couple of there are several times that would really sort of down on the offensive line. And and I thought they started to play better toward the end of the year. But I think a lot of times worse so incumbent upon watching number nine. And really sort outnumbered nine goes -- your team goes directly said. Sort of tongue in cheek for a lot of teams that. But nevertheless I think drew was a little bit limited on some of them. You know he really -- the factory trajectory. And other -- -- you know I think he was sort of limited to how many ties he has there were able to run routes and get off the line of scrimmage and and obviously -- -- -- -- will be able to give him enough time you know to get it done so. They go home I think -- Goodyear. I just think we came up a little short I think we ran up against a team and there's a better football team and we work our own. No one fingered I don't quite understand you know the first half. -- it happened before we don't score at all -- a lot of it is the swirling weir and there's too much noise users' heavy range. But a look at the fourth quarter. World all of a sudden we're connecting were -- then the ball like crazy. -- on end in the it would seem there would Seattle. It at super alert to make sure they continue their trip in the playoffs. How do we do so much better in the fourth quarter when it's raining more -- more cold. And were up and begin to even more and transient team I don't get that. Well you know at the NFL owners and the and the calendar is very closed and I think what you're watching -- sort of maybe the summation of so the chess game goes on I think you begin defeated. You know like the execution was a little bit better. But I think it would also there was a little bit more sense of urgency not that there wasn't. But I felt like maybe there was a little bit more focused. I think guys were dialed in a little bit more which is which is a good sign it you know at the same time that felt like they had to catch up I think that. You know a lot of times teams you know like. Like an offense that we haven't been as prolific as it is. Sort of begin to sort of get timing together from time to time and obviously. We were able to do it without you know almost to protect things affecting it as much as it looked like it expected that -- the first part of the game back. They get a cup when he missed -- field goals early on and and that sort of sparking thirteen point. That that that makes her cup deal. Wind wind Drew Brees -- interviewed he says it quote. That's my thirteenth year and you just don't know how many more of these opportunities. You have -- -- heard supports things. Drew Brees what do you think 345. Years at least slept in the pros. Our I would think so and I think he's in there at least from what I can what I know not think he's in pretty good physical shape and obviously. I don't see him lose and you don't get off the ball he's not a guy and it's got to you know huge cannon arm but I don't well see him losing his accuracy here very sharpness he's got. Great athletic skills he's got -- -- you know pocket presence. And I think we did give him some more tools. You know obviously -- work with them and I think that that -- creative mind that they have I think they'll probably get you know get that done I think they'll probably. -- continue to improve on the offensive linemen and you know I think the running game. If you concede this week when the team that we're able to -- on the football. You know what happened. So it's kind of nice this sort of see that kind of happened because of that during the time of the year you sort of get a little bit more old school. And you begin defeat some of these people think a -- that the fourteen that are really in their good points. Other things that he'd walk off in the line and nobody questioned about it and I wouldn't be quite. Too surprised to see. It would go to Denver is at this point. You know I can't I can't see New England going in there and they're gonna try to dominate the time of possession with a draw the line. And to limit Peyton -- attempts on appeal I think that the political shortest game that they can. In they they can do the same thing it's rampant fiscal I think. Seattle defense that good I think they're real good on the backside but I think there. -- fun of and is this pretty good the same time except that -- -- the line can run that show. And I think severed its -- conversely there because the front seven is it the best in the league so it's gonna make her -- and fought football. Well. Let's go to. Broaden and corner -- color. He does actually -- Our. Seems to me like we should jump on things. Are. Faster than we do early in the game. All. I don't know how you do that it. You know we try to loan to. Our public. Are all points on the scoreboard seems to me. Are what's what's your thoughts on all of. Yeah well I'll I'll I'll take a look at what he'll these yeah I think you're right OK I think there's I don't know there's a way to hear that over the fact if you compare it to. Let's say the 2009 season I can't remember watching an opening drive of the saint had a -- they can score points. And I think a lot of that has to do with. Would not only. You know sort of which are calling an index acute what you call -- real well. But I think a lot of time because that offensive line was a completely different opposite block at that point. I don't think -- had nearly. I don't even nearly -- to -- often. And I think I'll be in the run game was what tremendously better at that point that it is at this point so I think that. You know it's good that saw sensitive topic it was nearly as good as it wasn't 2000 -- I think that's the reason why we don't appear not the starters quicker I think you're leading by getting points as quick as it is we can certainly -- 2009 -- That's sort of what I look at what I'm trying to compare those parts of the things you're talking about try to start quick yeah. It won a -- text so what did couldn't keep calling the screenplay -- so many times of wasn't working. Well you know that Seattle pretty much figure that out and I think what you try to do Garland is you don't -- you don't wanna give up on it. Because we've run that play very well but the same time -- you don't run it. -- lot of other stuff that you try to do. Becomes pretty predictable. If you don't science so a lot of times it's you know deliberate that work great -- they -- -- that way. But it seemed like you know. Seattle to have had that snuffed out but the what you try to do which you don't wanna get away from all the way from the standpoint of and run that go well but that we don't do it. And actually they're gonna really have their ears perked up is that something else out. Seem go to be very proud I think the bird -- to -- Q -- did they kept thousands of sings flew in from committing suicide. Or listen to me all the talk about and it's. I got older -- -- Garland Steve always go talk to me you have agreed. But Obama. Or I've covered abduction will go talk to our role in sideline reporter Christian -- Chuck eBay Saint Louis in the rest -- -- hold on. You get questions comments concerning the saints and I'm sure you do. It was called to Sid 018. Suddenly told for anywhere in the country its exit. -- dollar and zero or seven years simply text in the column and a question that he celebrity itself.