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1-13 12:35pm Garland, Saints are out of playoffs

Jan 13, 2014|

Garland speaks to WWL's Saints Sideline Reporter, Kristian Garic.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Drew would bring you still thinking about this saying it's you want sales questions of Christian current car saw a blond reporter. It was such -- 878. Celebrity or gives call to -- zero wondered Celtic Christian good talk can be. -- Garland how -- don't you still in Seattle now Obama actually out here at saint camp right now get ready for. Sean Payton is press conference at around 130 -- thrill to assume where it's cold and rain. And yet yet it's -- the -- in the weather Palestinian. Up there in Seattle for sure down here in New Orleans security. As you say portion -- Steve Cortland fascinated by this and just. Played well within gimme yeah sure New Hampshire. In the coming season when -- -- -- go to the Super Bowl. Would the superdome would be okay if we required each player to Wear one -- Now about weights or me ankles now how about ear plugs. Yes and no -- Why Yeltsin while on reality to require the wearing earplugs but they don't I mean just wouldn't be fair for arts to. To require no okay. But in professional football IQ eight I thought well obviously a -- I was buying the -- -- watching -- television because it's. These are extraordinary. Actually so I mean the best in the best to -- bad -- of 1%. Out of her body pros who gets into it and they're there to nutrients from the speed strict eye hand coordination. But we continually taking 100 billion in make it so -- kid here. I don't get them. Laugh and it's part of outlawed prayer broke all the other things. Why do is go out and work in mid America. Well you know that's -- question but I Accutane is that that's part of home field advantage in the NFL that's why they you know put so much emphasis on and I think. There are maybe three or four places Garland in the NFL venues and I've been nothing -- point six. The 31 stadiums. And I think you know Seattle New Orleans. Foxboro. And Alex hey. Probably. Those three really. Are are the more. Not allowed -- venues of a lot of venues. And then of course I haven't been to arrowhead out there in Kansas City but that's supposed to be. Tremendously loud environment as well. There are those four I think are the most intimidating are the most difficult to -- and in most significant home field advantages. Any NFL. A northern golden moment questioned him but to me it doesn't make any sense all our bands should be played on neutral field and so. Well no just Doug you know put a -- sciences were measuring. Sound a possible to get support within the team can't hear we're not only a level playing it silly I mean Mike Ditka. Where is interviewed over the weekend he sent this whole thing with the consumer -- or just stupid but it into. Lot of Peabody as part again and again that's that's what makes -- the game so great. But if we required your blood to the team wouldn't be so great value right. And I'd just make it all right let's go to the -- truck and they say -- Curome recruit. I don't gonna input RT. Good dog. I don't use water from -- court or Christian what can a chance to merge or to ensure that meet the reps because in the new game the first -- -- And the second Amber's gain the saints won it just didn't read the routes and you know he's called the that are crippling against the -- -- -- a stop on -- that we can do against Europe's. That's. I can hear the sarcasm in your voice and in your question but. Not -- -- I don't know I think the officiating across the NFL is pretty doggone good I mean these guys degraded they get held accountable. For cards they make our calls that they make in and look. You know they're they're humans they're that they're knocking them you know make every every call -- not gonna see ever called again amid some regular and again unfortunately. Screwed up now what I have a problem with is not necessarily. Judgment calls on a pass interference. Or the crackdown on. Protect player safety in and hits the head etc. I -- probably any kind of rules violations or any kind of rule interpretation that they get wrong and to. To my knowledge. That hasn't been an impact in the saints game now it's happened in the NFL this year. But not games of the saints have played. And ultimately you know the saints didn't lose games because of officials I mean I'm not. I'm not going there I don't I think that you know the gains they lost they got out played maybe they didn't make enough place. And some -- some instances. Whether it was a factor. But you know. I'm not I'm not going there -- officials determining outcomes. Of the game because I don't think that took place in the in the State's losses this year. Girl would Kristian garic Dhahran noted so I've learned reported the saints borders ought -- -- Gibbs called two's -- general wanted to double it or text your questions comments. -- W Saturday. -- Michael Michael bureau with Christian. Don't -- I am good how are you. Are you -- are -- order. There's so I think what it brought our. Notebook. Yeah a -- from a throughout what are you. They ran one actually for the two point conversion which Mark Ingram scored. Well. And as brought. It up there probably jump. Well I think we're both there had been. I know it's a bit odd patterns that they are both -- in I don't Wear it out there who are. They don't -- when I met with some of them out there are. They are bad. They can. Without picking up what are you know what. Impact from friends and I. I don't know what that one shot back that. About the management. Of the I want you hadn't been there right at the best -- Now I mean it there was some mismanagement there would over the factors whether I mean I think that. Listen to out now dismisses -- say oh you can't blame in Illinois I think you can blame some of it on noise now however yet to be prepared for that but I think. The fact that -- Drew Brees might not have heard the call coming in of course they cut off the communication from Sean Payton to the quarterback coming with fifteen seconds left on the play clock so. You know he might if you don't hear coming in the first time he met to get the second time. Real laying it into the huddle and dire a couple guys might -- here that having -- say something about. How loud that places -- century link field. And I make excuses and it's of the reason -- last or will last Sean Payton about this. Later on today at -- and his press conference. About the that the noise issues in the communications in the clock etc. But light day about some truly feel this this and it's loud in the superdome there's no question about it but that place. It is for me it's loud in the bathroom at that place every everywhere you go. You deal with crowd issues and the way they've constructed that they've done a magnificent job. Playing right on the periphery of the rules as far as what they're allowed to do in terms of crowd noise came in -- that crowd noise. And that that that that fan base up there in the -- that stadium is constructed. It's really difficult to hear yourself even think there and I'm not and that's maybe an overused statement but -- you know a lot of stadiums across the -- and that by far has the biggest. Home field advantage of -- in the NFL. By a -- often wondered bureau of Kevlar fabric. Would protect so hard and installment promote bullet. Is no way to put -- microphones and and hearing devices in the held. No they have hearing devices and quarterback's helmet and middle linebacker Thomas on defense. -- Hendrick what what can they do that with the every player you. You know I don't know. I think that the NFL probably doesn't wanna have that kind of it dance I don't know it's a question maybe it is a good road within you can you really an AK. That the crowd noise it's an athlete as a tear you to get -- here right not a matter if you wanna you've been -- -- dead or that football field level. Out of out of won't -- see I mean I think that. That displaces a bigger emphasis. On the home Phillip -- for the saints listen if they were the ones -- to see. We wouldn't necessarily be talking about this is that he Plano home a home game and they don't want I don't -- It is just as tough as the Seahawks are -- at their place likewise for the saints. In if it had they played Seattle here in the world I think they win that game. Wanted I think a lot of people there aren't lips goings on -- announced salary cap 126 Millen saying right now seventy million over. Warlords -- -- for people like Jimmy Graham. Well -- first off it means that you know the saints have some decisions to make. With a number of guys you know and Mark Ingram for example he's gonna count for one point four million dollars against the cap that's the relief they would get if they part ways with him and in others you know it's hard to speculate -- -- project where they're going to go what moves are going to make. The Jimmy Graham I'm sure is a priority. For the end of -- -- to resign he's probably the top priority. But the question becomes -- and they got a franchise tag and that they franchise tag well -- agents say. There's a loophole in the CPA. -- Jerry -- of the Tennessee Titans a few years ago. He's a -- it listed as a tight in but he lined up. As -- wide receiver. I believe it was over 52% of the snaps that they took offensively in -- to do a principal mode stood up five million dollar yeah about five me -- I think. The six point seven million dollars for franchise tag that it opposed to eleven point six upon numbers are correct. Two at wide receiver and at the use that franchise tag would be as tight in -- world at the franchise tag him as a wide receiver but you know ultimately he's the top. Freeagent priority. Painting for the saints I think that get a deal done I mean they're not -- -- -- walk out of that we've seen. When he meets this office but at the same time you look at his numbers down the stretch. He has that he had surpassed that 76 yards receiving. Since we twelfth. Of the season so he -- disappeared all of the last 45. Heard -- Thomas who would only have a minute I couldn't didn't read it and you placed. That Graham inept play and appreciate items of what was -- the the ratio desist orders open though as what wouldn't see you know more of them in the game against CO. No. That was. That was early in the season. That that an injury happened and he while Biden we see more of why I think it was because Seattle just took away. Yes nothing they don't really have on this offense because they lost Joseph Morgan I think in training camp they don't have that deep threat two to soften. The defense and he saw the patriots Stewart earlier in the year they took Jimmy Graham. At a ball game and I think that that's where most of the focal point is forcing its opponents are was for saint opponents. This year was say look let's make anybody other than Jimmy Graham penis in the passing game so you know can they get a compliment to. Take away some of the attention. Offered Jimmy Graham or if they put so much attention on Jimmy Graham we've got another a couple of guys or guy. To beat him Marcus -- had a good day but he didn't totally dominate the game he can't. You know with the top off the defense and -- the game wide open he's more the possession guys they need. Speed deep threat that about thirty seconds what do you think you're -- Robinson. I think he was impressive. But I'm not ready to step out there and say -- You know he's without without a doubt the answer I think he's been impressive since training camp -- had a good little run here the last couple games but. That's I still think a wanna see more of them before I'm ready to and it can make any kind of you know projections on on whether he should give more time now. Crucially when he talked to a coach -- until May have been through -- you know. I don't know exactly where to send a man who knows exactly where it's like to think tank crushing great job as always and take for doing some time Boris could talking welcome hello. Excellent governor bill -- seven -- mortal 53 -- him.