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1-13 3:10pm Angela, Kristian & T-Bob talk Saints' loss

Jan 13, 2014|

Angela spoke with Kristian & T-Bob about the Saints' loss to Seattle.

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Two hours of fun. The Obama care -- we learned a lot. I want to thank those two gentlemen so much for always being great to last game -- -- and Patrick Taylor we just have a lot to learn that it's a big deal in this country. Now we're moving onto a big deal right here in the Marlins and that is our beautiful things as we have promoted we were going to have Galen Tom Benson on. And don't want them felt a little under the weather but they have promised and I know they'll keep that promise to come back as soon as they're feeling better and that means a lot and we want them to feel better. Been a heck of a weekend for them bites including we have here in the studio the next best thing I was gonna -- -- new best friend Bob -- there. He Bob -- you just keep coming back into my life. I'm -- truly appreciate their special thank you we're going to be talking with T Bob Hebert also going to be talking to Christian -- who was at the saint facility. Who has attended the press conference on with coach. And I understand is in and out of that locker room hopefully getting some interviews with players so we're gonna have all kinds of information. Coming out and we want to hear from you. Absolutely please give this call 260187260187. Because I wanna know what you think someone unknown. -- thought on the whole year of precincts. Was it over achieved under achieved. What's it just a beautiful year. Not for the very end of course but we had some great victories there and I think we need to talk about that too and what your hopes are for how we're gonna get to herself. Yeah next year and I'm telling you on think an Arizona team our. While people are calling him we're gonna talk to Bob about when you are watching the game what were you thinking the first half. How well that was pretty much the nightmare scenario come sure it was it was one of those things where. It wasn't. Just wondered two things going wrong it was literally just about every single thing we said. The saints had to avoid. Seemed to be going wrong. You had earlier that you that early bad putt given Seattle great field position that's the weather already immediately impact in the game. A bomb often that you get as Big Three and out gave -- very -- fuel -- but. He had the fifteen yard personal fell. And even though they only get three points it's three more plays or -- that to be on the field and you you movement into yards away easier kid to make committed to seemed to snowball from there. Annexing you know turn over marking a mall in this second fumble of his entire career. -- time nerves. I mean honestly it's it's. I don't think it had anything to do with the mental side of things like fumbled the ball they just got a really good hit laid on him. And he fumbled and that's it Seattle's done all year and that's a good teams do is they force the forced turnovers and I think that's my biggest thing that I take out of this game. Is. Just -- this Seattle team as much as last week you know where we're trying to find chinks in the armor trying to. Find ways that. Seattle was going new you know that New Orleans can get one over on the Seahawks and the -- their big Seattle's sister. Much better team. The NFC west -- build it stronger in the NFC south are now would Seattle be New Orleans I dated. And San Francisco beat Carolina goes just and nothing has really improved me is that in the NFL for. All the fear of you know offenses are being so powerful and they're putting up all the Star Wars numbers what's it what's it mean for the game. There's no more defense team played let's obviously not true. Because the two NFC teams right now are completely. Defensive minded. Om and their dominant and they're down they're Russian ball it's an old school style -- -- is a very excited we give -- before he knew with the saints. Instead of seventy nothing like the first game it's sixteen I think and all the event's success in the ground you're forced to pass one to models. Which is -- I. Watching it and I don't I watch it with a different set advising you do that you as a player. But I just kept looking at them physically. And sang it's almost slow motion. The other team but the Seahawks were just energize that they were jump that there were pumping and we'd looked very mellow. I don't you know I don't say that in a critical way and I was visually very clear. And and that's and that's one of those things where. It's partly sometimes our interpretation of it -- really read in the body language and other times. I think there is a little more on that inside and obviously. One thing that attributes that is when you make mistakes and you get behind early when you're down. Six governor when you miss an early field goal like the saints did you have the turnover to touchdown you know what it's all going wrongly that. And then you're seeing the same time -- you know little more. Frustrated. And Seattle -- time as the 6768000. People whatever it is. Behind in the twelve man going crazy and so they're constantly feeding off of that energy and so it's kind of like a beast. Then that feeds itself like a snowball when geno gets a man images. Well in her new reality if we were playing in the -- and we were. We would be pumping -- -- yeah man and I mean you saw he's all about the saints in the dome this year they were one of it was I mean they're dominant undefeated. He -- 49ers and down. A bomb they really the awards is solid team in the defense even -- didn't -- great -- it's like -- at sea dogs are deadly you know to win the problem was. There's three phases in the game you have to win at least two out of three outs later when. And I think the same dolphins lost in the special teams lost to defense actually played really well but there's no doubt that this whole season. The saints played better in the Delmon. If they've got no real advantage -- -- big -- we would have had more of a chance at the Super Bowl well I don't know if they got in the second -- even going to Seattle next week. I don't know if they would have beat him. I just think that. In all honesty this team was team that over achieved if you look where you were at the beginning of the season us what you were expect dean out of them out with a pre season injuries. Having the worst defense of all time. You know I was -- despite now forcing those turnovers -- a lot of really good things with a lot of really young guy. It's let me today and I think that it not to be diminishes the fact of last year. Yeah I'm really rotten year last year yeah and hand a relative to our previous years. The rotten year now we've got a new defensive coordinator we've got the coach that we've got. Management back and I don't think the expectation. Was this huge and then all of a sudden we were doing well and it became huge. Yeah and a bush and and that it kind of exact were ever going -- season there's a lot of nervous time energy know what's gonna have been the fear of the unknowns kind of knowing that a lot of people with coverage page coming back to one not and then they start -- so hot they're five and oh. And the number we know are very same growing number one number two in the power rankings. And in over those last few games to finish five and five. Fuels are you frustrated so good they looked earlier now. I still think this team do a lot of special things many easy basket of the Fagen made the playoffs who won their first ever road playoff game. And I just love the bag they did with young guys and they. They found out -- young guys are you really play this year couple rookies. I think going to be -- get ahead in the future and Katie Carlo. And bear arms and had now left tackle I thought does. Take that first half of his -- in the Carolina game he's an excellent. I wanna thank John and Jim -- on the line please hold on but first let's go over to act as I got a great -- Bob Hebert sent right year. Who can answer so many things we have Christian Garrett who's over -- saints' facility and attended the press conference with the coach Christian. Hey Angela how are yes Sean Payton wrapping up his into the season press conference a few moments ago we're in the process of get them ready for you guys in no way that he here momentarily and also we talked to us several saints players actually the Roman Harper and quarterback Drew Brees and just getting him in breaking that sound down and of course the pending question the big question from saints fans. Another T Bob and I got quite a bit this morning and getting on social media about. The possibility of Drew Brees signing our restructuring. Is his contract and of course here is Drew Brees talked about that -- -- as far as our team I know that our team is going to. You know. It's spend whatever they -- I don't think our team has ever. Since I've been here in a situation where they're not going to do -- they feel like they need to do in order to field the best team. So within cap constraints with whatever. Whatever they feel like can you do I mean. For me obviously I I I signed a six year -- where I first got here I'm two years into -- five year deal. And hopefully I can play that out and then can and inside another deal from them and continue to play this game even longer. Decided compensated very well I don't take up for grabs for 12 but players came because all of this -- -- this locker -- and all of the -- that we intend to. And more from Drew Brees here. Breaking down the -- possibility of him. Extending their restructure his contract analysts. What what what -- whatever I can do to help this team. If if they wanna come to me and extend even further the great. -- no listen listen listen very sorry possibilities. As to what can happen here. So let's just let this off season. Start I mean if it's what today's the second may have it unfortunately. We overseer wasn't. Whatever hopes this team win and -- the best team. Can you help. -- cornerback Drew Brees there we'll have more for you coming up throughout Angeles remaining thirty minutes or so here on our show. Yeah and how how just how odd is that -- -- what -- job do you have aware. I don't know the day after big media day after something maybe is argues immediately air. I'm something goes wrong day after project you've been working on pins or some you immediately have people coming up we'll pay you get that. Readers are taking less money so that he didn't see how about other goods is I don't know it's it's it's a little odd to me. How that immediately the first place people are going I think there's a lot of different factors that play in the salary cap. And a totally different factors at play and how this whole free agency. Season is going to go and it seems a little early -- be talking about. Fell out of mind that he loves because of the numbers came out today -- -- projected to be you know seventeen million dollars over the 126 million dollar salary cap for. Next season and you still have a contract to work out with. Jimmy Graham and Sean Payton talk about that earlier and they will be actually got to go to news. Here a little bit -- and will will have that for you which on -- set about it Jimmy Graham and a possibility. In reading between lines if you will come about them. OK now let's listen I'm intrigued did tease yes a very good just not. And we're definitely going to be holding on -- mild or -- on let's go over to John in -- hello -- John to him. Yeah I don't plan to Lindsey Bob I don't don't any -- what's -- -- good. Well enough that we had a great here there is no question about that. I -- -- up next year we would go where I would change you know -- to -- Player also and a giant of the Super Bowl. When I do have one concern. I noticed that. Every time we go to no -- it seems like we always score pretty quickly. -- and in that initial image Seattle -- and I kept thinking. Our Donald nickel back the no -- you know straight from the Arab -- down sixteen of them. But I felt like there wasn't an urgency truth. You know a bit to try and combat I don't know like we waited too long slump and then you noted at the end of the game there. More than no -- and -- and we scored in like what 42. Yeah and that's also what Seattle is giving you hook yet exactly you know aren't. Read my book when I don't notice leg no leg in the game when we were ground. While we're would go to no huddle you know or like. You know at the -- this is a thing -- -- I don't this is -- that they got a lot of teams deal with. We and -- you do it every now and then I think you kind of increase your chance to be ineffective because change of pace. It's maybe more unexpected you -- years on a whereas if you're doing no huddle the majority of the time or viewed or not all the time then. Well they know that's where -- -- they noted expect I think that's gonna lessen. The effectiveness of it's -- maybe that's why he's seen a little more sparingly used -- know what is it. Always. -- you know just to guarantee. That it's gonna and it's gonna go right a lot of times in -- no huddle. He would have gone three and out and all the you've done is go three and how -- taking nothing past the Eagles -- locked up yet know exactly I mean that's a week. I tell you turn the ball over twice -- get in the eagles' game. Without getting punished you are forward because they couldn't control the clock. So that's as far as I know -- goes. I think the -- I like Alec how they run it like they do it -- if you do it all the time that it becomes commonplace comes expected. John I really appreciate the call let's go quickly to -- and applause. Yes -- went up. There are people out well what what it would sure starts on -- Jimmy Graham. In the game you know especially like how they shouted and New England also -- things done they took out -- game completely what. -- you -- to be in that game big time yeah now one -- yet and. And that's thing you were talking about since KJ Wright got heard that you know Graham was. Maybe in a factor more but it there's one player in -- -- -- about a ton of things going in this game of our by the entire game really definitely guilty. But they would not hard too much but once they had did not -- I did not expect. Graham to have a good day Seattle's just got too much talent in that secondary they can match up well that about mean they have three. All proves not Pro Bowl all pros number one. At their position in camp chancellor Earl Thomas or German girl Tom's guy you could be city seemed winning defensive player of the year and if you watch a game there's a couple times. We're geyser go an overture grams back breaking -- balls and live action on the -- pass interference of the man I don't know that was pretty close and then he -- those replays it is. Scary almost how good these Seattle players -- time met up at secondary take a lot of pride Mitt. They and -- when you have that much talent back there in the saints have Graham and did you know the rest is season a lot of times is Graham and then. Everybody else almost 60000 or we're gonna take away your best. And try to make the other guys beat us in on a day where the weather was as bad as it was. The passing game was aids aids affected heavily I don't think. -- -- did you watching where breezes throws are being placed here in the game he was definitely more an actor than used to seeing him because that weather. And so -- you take away Graham you're go to guy had a day like that your offense is gonna struggle to get a gallon and that's -- Seattle you know that's kinda. They're game playing going into admitted seemed to have worked out. Quite nicely. And we have a collar I think he's risky. Keep who's over there and the show Lamar Ford Saturday at a ski before he started or you -- I gotta give you props man also -- and gets talked to today. He said he said let you know when -- I'm a real that I'm a real that guy he calls like he sees it and despite all of our. You know a turtle optimism delusional optimism if you will. Keith was called it he was keeping it real. Call -- like he's on he did not think the states we're gonna win and he's that I got called a real that -- -- on the game they lost -- -- that unfortunately. Unfortunately I think you are exactly correct to -- yell fire. And how -- -- at all -- that like he did you president. -- -- -- -- -- -- now I would pay even comment to that point if you remember right I think it's somebody's gonna -- opened the secondary that there is. And -- at -- -- called it right there Mike -- I'm not. Now you did -- he said. He said it was going to be low score and the weather's gonna effect it I think now keep the mean. I gotta give -- do you do I this is just once again proves that I really probably should be doing this at a nota dot com. Had. He got open -- keep the real day -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gonna get down and give Chris credit to ease would fall under that can't Christian message actually chose Seattle in the game. Think just in case anybody that out to just in case anybody wanted to go to his house later and let him know how you feel put his -- into it later. -- Eighteen I was gonna say it -- thing I'd tell -- -- the op like body would say we are. -- -- That is jury felt that he told his. We are all you know we all had a little squirrel on the Saturday looking back -- judge 20/20 all. Gave me the value once again it's Kristian -- teachers the Seattle Seahawks to win. A casing takes chance for the Oakland correctly accident and no it doesn't say you -- Seahawks went and did you drop student. -- again as we are great. -- go by -- damn good one man -- that can grads there. Real that that's that -- Christian -- you were looking at it like this man may be little more realistically. Yeah well I just felt like I told you about earlier in the week you know what a Mondale last week yeah. That existed like that matchup come in and they just don't match up well -- I think that was proven especially in the second there I mean -- about talked about. You know the three all pros that are lurking back there to see for Seattle -- now also -- like the fact that ago. To that environment under the Arizona Cardinals went up there towards in the season and got a victory but. I think that. The superdome and its own right is intimidating special environment and that it's a significant home field advantage for the saints. But man you'd be hard pressed finding a bigger home field advantage in the NFL. And wanna have a century link field with Seattle Seahawks I mean just in the way they. Embraced the fans and in really get the fans. Fired up for that is that I game in the witness against obstructed I mean there's a number of factors there. That I think played to lie. They have such don't go event but ultimately you don't have a -- two events publisher yet have a good team so. How much of that god help when I was watching I was looking at the fans and what I could really see is the head on their colors. But there were fans like ours yet yelling out salutary as in the same game yet again and they have a real connection just like the city new worlds in this and the saints fan base has. With a team that intimate connection they have with the saints is very real up there at Seattle as well and Angela. I know I said Sean Payton spoke to the media though awhile ago we talked about Jimmy Graham and of course that's also top of mind for saints fans. You know he's a pending free agent in the got a lot of time here -- he does start to march 11 -- time that. Negotiated deal but was in the saints coach -- -- and -- We have Smart fans. And so they don't we don't that they are. They're Smart enough to understand that. Just like we have in years past we're gonna we're gonna make. The decisions as best we -- for our club. Moving forward and they're going to be able read closely between the lines. And understand that. We're going to be in good shape and they're not going to be in a panic. That's about as close as Sean Payton will get to. Tipping his hand if you I think that by telling you the fan. Base either Hillary closely between lies he's telling you read between the lines of what I'm just saying. He they're confident they're gonna get a deal done here the de Vinci caveat it's like a month. Listen pay attention here OK you know but you know listening to Jimmy Graham last night that guy wants to hear yes -- does -- as a meanwhile what you wanna play. The future hall of fame quarterback in. You know put up the numbers in this system the way she -- -- -- -- good in this city I mean yes and your beloved here -- and I religion. Okay he came in here is a relatively. You know football poppy right and having played one year college -- -- look what he's look how what he's blossomed into may be arguably the best tight end in college football at any NFL and I'll -- -- yeah. I was trying to listen what you're saying always say in their houses say what -- Jirga but football's I was nine years old and up like Malaga and as good as Jimmy -- and the bad -- golf loving god given a shot of the -- over -- now you look at the numbers also -- -- -- that raw natural athletic -- these wanna but if you look at the numbers -- mean they're just. Now. It shows you that. He he's merited. An opportunity perhaps a sign up big contract and don't don't. That's so and get caught up in -- while these guys are overpaid it's what the market allows is the going rate is just the way the NFL is now get caught up in that. Guy it's nobody should make a 120 million dollars well that -- should he sees it -- A league in the business where that money's available that he it's never gonna pay -- about. Get their money because. You know I this thing people expect the players be so loyal and just -- like play for free but. How have -- ownership standpoint. They kind of -- you like a tube of toothpaste and you're all squeezed that would make up that last brush out of there and they can't. Give -- -- more -- that I gonna keep you around they like you that I get a good team and you know he's somebody's gonna make the money. Minus yeah yeah exactly exactly have a caller bill from Baton Rouge bill. Oh good I was going on bill. I don't know much listen. -- radio today -- station up in Seattle. There site he. But they're what others say -- wish. Interview it was say in. It is titles -- book he's spell horse in the site didn't play site football. Expects its group rate would. Brad that was some long -- you say it could eventually. It got really good actually suited Jimmie well what would bring in our debate. Eight bit all rocket was watching one it's it and they'll be suspect -- in Bartlett rumble. You talk about the rain I -- it again. And I'm sure as as there's a kernel of truth in there I'm sure it was very hard to see. To me that's a player that post game it's a little tongue and she got object Graham he's more just commenting. On how bad the weather was. The fact that you know that you know maybe they could have veto he was struggling to see at times but I don't I mean -- really believe that I don't think they had. Jimmy Graham would have just gone untouched. Into the end zone I think the weather played a huge debt to -- and the same way the Baton Rouge builds your you know you're looking over their bigger tiger fan. The same way sometimes it had attacked her and I can -- -- -- sometimes you know in the fall. We used to have what we have opposing teams come in we -- -- Tiger Stadium and that he. That August September heat as a huge advantage. You know teams that are from down they can handle they they're sapped. Before the eating for the game even starts and had to -- no different in this situation we saw Saturday and they had a dome team. That he's playing in dome and still knock against the players had to go play in a completely different environment. And the wind and rain and that's the environment that Seattle's in that online and the rise anytime -- that. On top of the crowd noise on top of the fact that Seattle has that down roster. I mean they was even the weather's it is a tough tough task. -- yeah the -- bank did. -- professional Cheney. Yeah you've got a suggestion was you know that the coach in Sampras says go when he went and played in the pros and stronger last week against. Bring. If you look at whether Columbia accuracy is not well against -- it. Yeah and and -- but this is and this is it being that cold. And Bailey would know it reviews these very cold. It was -- But it was also draw. So maybe not as much balling players even though he didn't see. A ton of offense that San Fran Green Bay game. Either and I think the saints tried to adjust their game plan was to keep it on the ground. The now infamous screen pass game -- could not get. Seemed to get going -- You know while hindsight is 22 when he did it work I don't know if you would have had any more success. Trying to go deep did that kind of weather just because of the winds because of the rains and -- IE how you can't judge trekked to the ball. It just is tough situation saints tried to adjust but it still. No matter how you spin it Seattle had the advantage when it started to rain and wind started to think about. Wearing gloves. Gets you know I I I feel a lot of people kind of going after Brees but you've got to trust that he should I go like. Again he got a dress that he's not doing anything. That he thinks is going to he didn't just show up out there it was gloves that he wasn't like guys it was last I'm gonna try no -- these. He's trying to do what gives it the best chance to be success totally. Any practice with the last week he was -- under a pre game he won't once before this year in Carolina. I think that. Don't get too hung up on the gloves thing is much Hitler. Get hung up on the weather was a factor but also that secondary for Seattle is very it is really really and that's another thing when they're more -- -- The home field advantage Saturday yeah. And in our last minute or so domino from YouTube guys. Who's going to be in the Super Bowl. Who Christian you go first I'm currently beating Christian Olympic. And I'm taken Peyton Manning and the Broncos in the cl -- oh his man crush Tennessee quarterback power if you know what did and that's where it's a matter almost bloody good 49ers because it plays a good but I can't go into yards now can I mean I have -- learned -- lessons. I'll say Seahawks. Hand. Patriots -- your job seekers are. I wrote this down so I remember I can vary due to a -- your wonderful guys. Thank you I think -- thank you thank you okay here Angela and I don't like everybody joining us all day now let's go to Don names in the newsroom.