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1-13-14 4:10pm Bobby and Mike: on Saints-Seahawks

Jan 13, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier take calls on the Saints' playoff loss to the Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to second guess Joseph -- -- -- without you there are a lot of this doubles that the casino decided Hancock county Mississippi. Yeah area pummeled -- this this. You know a lot talk about the night this season ended for the New Orleans Saints. Saturday afternoon when we get fifteen news Seattle Seahawks. -- a football game that I think well when you can look back at it. -- Mean if you played better on all -- you can beat the Hawks were ready to beat -- in their backyard you played well enough. On the -- to win this football game. Which you've got to be complete. View him -- that dropped passes. Apart the ball. And all those things -- up. It's the public or -- rob remind. You. As depleted as they -- Not have been Jabari Greer and people are rolling at the moment Will Smith Jonathan Vilma and as well as they play. -- back forty and you become even in that sport. The court outlawed altered it -- now that he NFC championship game against. Well. The Seahawks watch it three hours dread is the Seahawks strip and it prove it to game girl not -- that Seattle. I truly believe. Because in a parity and where -- at a fourth elite teams. I think we're not quite there. With the party guys in this field but I think we played in the superdome obviously we beat the 49ers. That that could be a difference maker but. You don't like you're not there offensively out yet there's not that with the Mets and and that being as it's high you structured but the reason why. The dollar credit. Pass the football what they're spread. It's pass defense and we -- look at this. I mean that's the bottom line it just shows you how good Seattle is. If you look at Dan Quinn and then Holley wrote that the I'll be there. -- -- just a short time in history. You big on as the four time and you're treated ranked number one an interception. And their passing yards allowed. And guess what the three teams before them and accomplish that that. -- -- in this global it -- and it's -- so you can look at how the Seahawks. In his pass happy league as of late. -- -- era where they are now with that being said. Nothing yep get the run the ball perfect example. You look at New England Patriots they ran the ball even though they have a Tom Brady. How they ran the ball -- difficult. You look at a perfect example -- a brothel to get the charges. And charges came into the game that level one a team that time of possession. And and the chronicles flipped the script and and date up by four when that time with the action against the Chargers note summer Reno. At eighty plus -- and in and out went a hundred and thirty -- -- on the ball Marshawn Lynch. That's why I'll would have been surprised. If we Bruce movement to stop more assignments. You don't like two games in a row. Constantly because that that's how good I think he has not you look at it we can only help him the 45 yards rushing in that first game. Will he -- up 41 yards after contact by half. So like you -- that he was ready two role still but the thing is not a dollar not -- Nicholas Payton Drew Brees had to be patient throughout the game. I'm still puzzled. At at this when all of us felt we got lucky. We don't know adept at the yard reception to -- and that I mean -- one maybe two guys and intercepted that but you know let. But they're drilled a ball bounces outweigh. Now we got a great reserves got the on the 45 yard line. Why don't we might run at it. That's all living right they've got the ball on the 45 yard line all of us that I know how hectic it was that you questioned him breeze. Our coach -- if I can end up getting at the late game. You know they start the clock you know you gotta hurry up and -- the -- all excited. Which to me that's the time. They'll run experts. Run on first down in cannot afford to get a delay could not you got -- fifteen. At their value it would I'll stick it it was down what we report to burn. The second time out on on second down with four minutes remaining I not right -- what we got their big play. That outlook with -- running the ball up a lot of times successful. Against them and if you look at it. It's as outstanding a 108 yards what are the details or point two average. You almost got to beat the -- that wrong game like Arizona Cardinals did that all along they've -- -- seasons up there and considering the conditions. It did at the end. On the I don't know what the hell -- was doing. I mean you get a great partners so then but an -- -- the ball we had the ball went about their 3835. Yard line. And in look at all the lady were trying to run in Africa north -- I mean I don't know we even know which where vertical final what happened. But he throws the ball would have retarded you know lateral late you don't have to go backwards but I think right there you got to be Smart companies and veteran. You catch the ball was not there are run out of bounds. And now like. He's not -- -- it all over and you went out of bounds. If I guess seventy a sixty yard throw where what I had to throw it and an outlook that might. Okay look at height advantage. Don't have a -- -- where Jimmy Graham. The people that I. You -- know you. You sort -- ball up then went out of bounds that it that you get a pass and a ferret or an old the ball miracle the ball popped up and we get it. The -- as a coach but you know what comedy -- -- about what a curtain and I think he was does that does that there. And I think which they -- it -- more physical than I think you just freaked out. And yet an outstanding game if you look at it overall it you know -- it catches -- 131 yards and a third one yard average on that play. UK you gotta be flexible but it is the play called got to -- -- on the move. And I think -- -- I'll try to be desperate in desperate situation but what would they be given us that chance. And at that time I've got you know football you don't have a chance but that's a penalty they. They did that that that second -- that brought about though. -- game was over there but. That's all week thinking at that I think coach -- I think that forty game. And -- have a great -- -- -- -- play. And and I think you get an outstanding job -- overall obviously throughout the season. But if you look that we had the blocked it need to get. Well we should be more conservative run the ball -- nothing we can out better chance that the media -- that the bit it's brought the ball berth does. Passing the ball. I mean this the ultimate that good in the secondary that you know the conditions been even better now. I don't get away with a win when you playing the way it. Understand this primaries. At the beginning of the game we decided on port down and his technical. I'm in all of this done now bullet that only -- it's the second time when we get cool or 04 down when in the sport it was more that fifteen. And if we target field goal it's a -- network that he hit the first time. But thought that -- that was the second guess that going on but I am telling you we'd active play a great game. Because Seattle is better. I mean I'm not I'm not gonna sugarcoat that I think if we played at times that there we've been lucky to win with birdies yes but I mean that that's -- you need the. But anyway I'll -- it to blow it up but I think it's all I think we I think we may look at that yes I. That's it but yeah you know what I think -- in. That this week. I think -- San Francisco win Colin property. The play. Great. The one thinks Seattle showed you Russell Wilson don't have to play great for him to win yeah perfect example was against -- night. I -- you can barely a hundred yards that football game of 50% passer they've gotten up in the third water. And yet it was able to win because they can run the football they got great special teams. They complete defensive secondary lead is up. But it -- if you don't you. Bob that's almost old school football let the quarterback throws ball one yards in again in wins. I mean that's. You know it's frustrating that one of original. I'm account and not psychic I don't know what -- it was that even know we remind us one -- might -- that they like plus one plus 11 in the season oh that's. Old school football and a lot of it works they'll make the 49ers. You know represent in the back to back ovals but Seattle the way they are -- that they're saying all I know is with average physical game of your life. They've outscored the 49ers like seventy son that's sixteen. You got is the Arctic now last that at that -- game big it is they'd be a party got it to kick off this season. Now you look at it that at this goes the difference yet now act that's I think even those data have double BO. I think you'd see or what occurred at San Francisco. Like -- point is seventy type game I'll be shocked if Seattle pulled out. Sam Schmidt -- I think it QB if you legally -- Be shocked if they get away with 21 points the idea that they wanted to wanted to have a -- close I -- think you know one of the things that we as we we look at how. -- right now. The fact that matter is. San Francisco and Seattle are very similar. It's so many ways that we didn't translate that in -- -- it hinders the movement better I think part of our development that line is adamant that he's so I think you got a little bit of a trade off. Out of across the board there. So I really believe that out of your square off. Networks got what they wanted. Grady Manny Ayala and that is what -- it's just about not be honest in San Diego could pick up late any more lackluster than what they did tonight. -- and -- gone back and almost stole that game report from the Broncos and pocket stay with with New England is it you would die -- -- -- we now live long enough this yet head coach and a quarterback. And as many big games go to as many championship games many Super Bowls and win it. As Bill Belichick and Tom Brady -- we don't have that. Especially in -- -- agent free agency and how every season Juliet that you season and a lot of different faces -- this entry are you lose players. Look like can you imagine they'll lose who Wes Welker you know have Gradkowski. And it's still in the AFC championship. Let -- blood on them interplay of but it I would. Tampa Bay is -- -- tip off that and doesn't look like our athletic yard ever watch it they'll watch college football. You don't want that that applied the marquee game like -- -- at Arkansas. I mean all argued he likes that guy. In any game. But you know you play the immortal -- chance to be in trouble. In Cleveland that Saturday is a big hall yeah it it was decided to -- -- Doug -- -- college here -- -- yard -- in with the Patriots. More on the second guess you'll write up that is great unity seven welcome back to the thinking -- -- -- the thing about -- a lap at the so let's look at speed up. Beat -- Hancock county Mississippi. Today's -- -- help ready jaguar opinion poll. What do you think it's the biggest -- for the Saints in one at fourteen. Wide receiver. -- -- -- line are -- back you give us all year give your opinion all. Just about across the board. Yeah I'm not thinking clearly again a number one receiver. At this point. -- I. Think the thing is I think we've got a hit on on like automatic tackle Kenny stills I don't know by nick -- I mean the -- is still a lot of him but Aaron Armstead. You hit yet I think that -- hit. And to be and it's -- -- -- what we've been doing all that that -- who you -- are not paying. This you know Grubbs and and -- well and I Backstreet and trying to look within that I'm playing like this how NFL works. You're not gonna wanna play bright yellow went to dig at tail of the lead though. Who are you inside and out I am not that it's our bracket I'm not NFL works at that they -- -- well let's go flat out stud. But three or four years that you shoot and make your teammate you helped to build up your resonate -- -- you know wanna pay. They don't wanna pay -- streak of value right now. I I know what goes on and on those that Smart teams there were able to have next man up. Make attribute that that's the nature of the business but that's a lot of players got to get watney and -- fit -- needs to me. And if you don't all we care -- meant. Couple fans make it that badly and when you win and given out when and nobody's dog cuss at each other -- that I didn't like doing your job. Last -- this story broke about Jeremy you know coming back the LSU but don't get the time and I didn't understand why Jeremy. But with been heavy duty runner high school years -- LSU bit in trouble not once not twice three times. And the risk of injury and getting in trouble. I didn't I probably -- not surprised shocked that he would even -- -- body and today he says upcoming output yet about draft till it. That was probably our comments to the -- as the comets that approach considering holly in his what unbelievable game against Iowa he was the difference maker. Yeah what they quoted him back on the -- he's got a goal you act -- you get a lot of chances but you know it's gonna Florida com mine -- Doubles -- yeah. Okay that it we'll welcome his second running back off the board I think trade Mason from Auburn right -- uniforms but I think Jeremy hill. It's gonna end up being a late second all early third round pick out no running backs -- the back and he'd. -- -- rolling the -- -- -- -- back next year to say he's been a better its position but NFL everybody has a comeback could straighten out the problems all. The problems that still. Well -- That makes no slight -- -- somebody -- -- people okay I'll go back into the year. Went up management approach your career you got a job lined up -- You got a job for me about that when I'm in the real world pole but when he thirty years. I mean all that stuff goes on on his value will let the players come back are not. If the family taking care of Arnott at night and you got to go out and they'll get what you can't. Or witnessed that yes you're right I wanted to hear that but brake ripped on rains. Welcome back the second guess you'll like it that you along with Bobby -- real with the cells -- casino. It's not an octagon -- Mississippi Bob wanted to things in his football game before we go to -- vocal about his missed tackles yeah I think you really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- him not that you know there Jack man this is one thing with him is great to be bad. But you don't miss any tackles in the secondary. You look at this game the big difference is missed tackles. Well at -- and Mike in if you look at it and I think that the spirit and an outstanding job and I think it equally well enough to win. -- winning football. Now you know can we expect at all it's obviously -- -- or in the -- We do look at you all allow that the -- is first down on Seattle's first five drives to the second half. Do we hang in there we not many pupil while and that you can't step up you look at marks on it now what Dumars John do. You -- on a forty yard. And at the touchdown at 28. Carries that he was it had to he was doing that that to you see what that's -- party has that much. How hard it is in the playoffs. That yardage total with his play -- career high. That was even better Damon's last time you because it that well when he went. -- -- to when you look at that it would accomplish. And I'll look at what we did the first time around. It will be it is time to -- marched on the arc just overall against. That's helped often a look at last year. How we like setting records in all regards but it missed tackles are nine compared to this year and the last few witnessed a 128. Tackles in the regular season well on the Rob -- -- defense that -- -- if apparel that leadership. -- in that direction they cut that total this 77. That that's a big -- to hurt 48 to 77. Not you look but come playoff time comes to playoff game against Seattle. If you look. Now that it did in the wild card game we had this seventeen tackles when that's when more strongly it's got a Nittany -- -- Well you look at his game -- -- all the Saints keep it fell so art. At that I guess that afternoon. Fifty give them. It was against the Seahawks on the ground game not. Hitting a receiver and receiver breaks -- tackle the ball on the ground game -- missed fifteen tackles. Yesterday now when you look at week thirteen. Is just -- At all and I give that you bit -- repressed. We -- six tackles. In the regular season where yesterday we -- fifteen. And then now if you look at all those tackles though. It'll and the first time around and only the -- it -- relates. But the -- if you look at it not that I'm a big -- -- pain. That. If you look we can't started studying all the things they've been there and not miss -- tackle. Whitney had an opportunity to be positioned I think I went down and I said this we held. More -- to 45 yards. Rushing that that week of thirteen game. Yet article yards after contact. In the first half because it was -- missed tackles still but that I know rob bridal -- talk about that the have a chance. If somebody down you gotta get him down. We also have to look at who you tack -- to -- Marshawn Lynch is that good. And on and I guess at the fifth he missed tackles third seeded old book because the more on the. What -- things which you brought up like him Jordan. I think on a mask and everything it just how great season you had the ability to put pressure on the quarterback but. It's does that criticism you saw Russell Wilson but it turned a corner on him a few times. And -- -- dog just ran him down at you when you look at linebackers in this league hit it in that. He has had a phenomenal season breakout season up on this note that in the fuel in a bar for this football team but next couple years you won't be there all -- It will be because I -- to our team -- John Jenkins the medical. Hopefully picked up Butler got an analyst at quarterback -- -- -- -- You got -- six guys on this football team that you can really build that defense around and hold opponents. That when he. Points well pocket date right now off policy change on offense and coach Pete regarding alternate shave off its next season. If if we OK with that we've built a -- we did this year. If outscoring the -- is allowing. Under twenty points like it did this year. And we have a top five the fifth of the Elway were not going back -- playoffs are you kidding me I know we going to be apparent that bad. Let's go to bowl but -- -- -- plays like it played this year. Goran he -- and overall. Off fantastical want they have to be the difference maker to particularly get back to the. What that -- we saw in the training camp period and I think he's one over the head coach in the coaching staff today. That's running back on you team -- Robinson. -- every the look the bottom line look -- did against the Eagles and -- you look but he did against the Seahawks. Now law comic experience he has but I know he's taken advantage opportunity as a runner yet. Is this that and Mark Ingram. There's not -- -- -- at nice that the stretch at the end of the season. But let me -- you think your quarter keep my sanity capable of all the bottom line ATP bobbled and I had they'll probably coach Peyton. Then okay you've got to go like it it'd have been you know Robertson gonna be in the game now and no problem with that because that's how crucial that what is now all of a sudden. -- at the beginning of the second quarter -- got the win and -- back -- -- we get the ball back. Like you -- that that we finally shorts you touched down start you a touchdown and plus. You know the win with you've been out -- at second quarter and you get the ball back in now what you down thirteen to zero -- Mean it -- and that time that I'm. We're gonna go to all of product that -- break you know on -- negates that pretty well with the Indians welcome back to the saying guys don't like to think about it Barrett's almost -- peseta. Be excited Hank got on the Mississippi can go to big John in -- city big John in auto body might. Good afternoon gentlemen well all right John you made -- that -- made it. Listened to all honestly think you can appeal on in the real equality you know. And as an insult to play to call him and talk with all this yearly income group of what you all. I think it's been a great season overall and -- -- resurrect media experience here in 2006. With. You know where to what we've earned 2012 Americans that could just march and this entire season that one spot more games and we took last year we made some of his program playoffs seem a future and then. Future -- And support and I was one number Buddha and -- out with my problems in our concern is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sort of television that really can drain all those walks back to New Orleans -- -- local match and we'll -- you are a pitch and the temperature was forty reasonably well. I mean that was some pretty there. And this good but it was. I was pleased with the Saints in the fact that they really came out and it's just think it will -- -- moment before but it was correct. Like they got on December but that they've made -- they probably didn't take advantage of the opportunities. But all no he does a great job and that people want a little bit more column on obviously it's. Each and every day that it applies this -- right here now and that today's -- they -- -- Am and that is that that is the case when you look at a bright future that this team is is on the absence there airport where it was last year. You are it's obviously it would need to address the situation wide receiver because it's evident. And you know that is so marked guy who lost. And it was happening who -- ultimately wants it was a wide out with Devery Henderson he's not a Nelson relief question that was on Jimmy Graham. So that's one -- we got -- perhaps come April or even create. And on the defensive side bar couldn't -- much more rough outline in that war is those -- one inning. The Saints won it on him out slowly and he ought to pay the have one thing that that is one thing I think the Saints will miss them they can't play me to someone who can cost colonel. And you all talking about how for the season and they haven't really broken ankle -- stays healthy he might be one of those the week. Get a guy exactly alike Darren Sharper. Who. Probably be any reason why the -- point of the Lombardi trophy poor years ago. Well on its appeal to Korea target wanted to create and -- -- money Drew Brees Brees and I was structuring his contract. In hand through and him. We need to get big time playmakers back there and then perhaps -- Marmol on impact on this kind of pressure that often results defense play. Because. -- -- We don't want things to me it is not all we get picked up well. The only ones not put his team this year at outside linebacker who you gonna get him back in -- that's like having an extra draft choice. I think it's I heard so much throughout the weekend. Why doesn't Seattle public -- like they used do. If not having you home in my house in -- why would I wanna put a dome on that stadium anyway I'm not -- the play that way. You fight but I'm not. I mean to me when you look at it it's got to. Got the best of both worlds in an outdoor stadium intensive but -- all that sound. And that -- that Bob you played in the in some of those situations. I play but we beat Seattle though I was -- there with a cane they go home and out there was saying oh it's a lot of it was -- because we jumped on him at the beginning to the crop -- that game. But relatively need to take advantage like Seattle has -- Paul Allen there owner is like nobody -- that you stadium that they wanted to bills could do exactly Saints were facing. They're out there personally that regional only other advantage. Where it's always raining usually that's what I bet Bob grabbed double bills note dome stadium. Maybe he want you to play the Patriots -- their terms and I mean you can understand can you imagine -- it's all the comfort for us in. September and October of a northern team happened to play in this humidity of the -- the end of September and October. You'll not do that now I mean you got a really good football team you where never asked out. Well it's like when teams use the comment. With the US TA universal watching anybody because the play Allen Hughes. It's that number that that there -- like nine because the humidity you know that they cramp and how does not even have done. Note it does that Lambeau Field when I think this -- is structured. A home yet yeah -- thought that that so as the with Seattle did. Who -- able to quite. Doing but it figured why did you pick ourselves in the foot is look at that role losses -- it yet -- the -- to me that haunt the team this season. Because if we would have had just one more win. The Saints to win the division reports -- -- -- that a company military Cubs beat him in the superdome. That's the difference pick John thanks but Kolb appreciated more wouldn't second guess she'll write up -- break you navigate them. Welcome back the second guess Schobel back with more second guessed right out that is huge break will not change.