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1-13-14 5:10pm Bobby and Mike: on Saints-Seahawks

Jan 13, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier take calls about the Saints' playoff loss to the Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to second guess your -- can tell you Bobby bare. We'll live with that so most of the casino beats in pounding. Mississippi come Oman businesses that in the area that's -- they're not -- special edition of this thanks go to shows and radio network. Moments like that coach Jim Mora be home with this and that 730 tonight Bobby and I returned to the second guest will be on from 7 or 8 o'clock. -- multiple lines and go to -- there in Houston Hector you know huddle with Bob and Mike. A guy I don't think more than make up a couple of quick comments and then out this year which I gotta say it. They don't be jealous and I think part of our problem and I think we need help on the offensive line. Particularly on the TV you know I don't know that -- and I don't think he's been the -- on his contract. And -- -- regard to wide receiver. Maybe we need another one more receiver just like we have. Market cold when he first came in. I'm into illegal I think our two primary need and I think. And also to what you think about me beyond our receivers coach I don't picket -- the accident occurred on the left. I'll -- Hewitt hadn't been as good as the word pat. That is my opinion I am not final commented. Other rob linemen getting in the award for everything that he's gone with -- defense I didn't you know it was posted on and that cop. Last night a lap of the game when we bought the Seattle. He lit agreed to turn around and any NFL history. And not only teammate Jerry don't look like -- -- -- well hiring him so I don't mind not getting the Al -- what he's done you get -- -- -- coach. -- and I -- they got I don't know if they how that he here they should win it yeah I mean it doesn't look audio it was ugly. Hectic does go to show you coaching matters. All the -- but it is a players' league and to a certain extent I'd agree I agree. This team was a 79 football match you would not shown me. And then he comes back you win eleven games but the best thing he made an off season brought it Rob Ryan. It would a lot of the same personnel that gave up more yardage than any other team in NFL history. Look what Rob Ryan was able to do with this defense goes he showed you coaching doesn't matter. And it you bring the wide receiver coach whoever if you were coach of Saints fans remember this name. I know he took typical for coach. Johnson when he went to lane Hendry Allard. I mean who doesn't know if you followed in its US Henry L with the Rams. And that's it means you remember all I can tell you this. And Hendry -- is a great player. I'm not behind the scenes that go up five consider him a great coach but I don't push our record straight when hammer around if you could coach. If we could coach coach Payton would have Barack just as he'd liked him. Though he'd have around because he thinks he get the job done and if they evaluating every position. Let it be developing a young receiver. All would be doing. Play in it play out his fourth not only being. Pass receiver running Iraq but also run blocking. Are you do of what you're asking. You know love with the court is that you can do is for you assignment. Now. With that being said hit reality doesn't have. The emotional. I guess personality of CJ. He's not gonna you know. Really people should be loud does not his make up but that doesn't mean that he cant coach your receivers I don't know what happened behind closed doors. In the meeting room with I'm here to tell you that if you think Theres been a dropped ball. With the receiving corps. And you think the coach at the problem. I actually have comments that coach Pete would address that. And he would just keep him Maria Elena around because he likes them. That'd be still around it because coach -- thinks he's doing a good job. Well he showed last year a god brought in Steve Spagnuolo. Would it was the first day. He got the pink slip out the door so you're not cutting it on me just like a player that there's no no loyalty in his business. It doesn't matter your player are coach. In that spot you're trying to win games there is a certain a little bit of that -- Because they got rid of his brain coach skip very -- -- an equal that they had a history you know. Does that hurt that he can't -- tenth game that are understand the responsibility. And the task at hand so. I mean the bottom line if you coach -- be willing to move particularly at that a lot of different places. -- the Garland the cockpit videos out and out all the talk that he didn't. The new bits of -- go to University of Alabama. Yeah so ending all of that puts me because knocking his door and the relationship. Between Dallas that they can pay him. Oh Woody Woody could make it US CU offense and all -- -- does it mean bill exactly and that that money goes a long ways. A hole had better that's pollutes or Louisiana. Prepare the Los Angeles -- -- you basically. You are doing exactly and -- going in that you could to keep your best effort and and you could be a bad job. Whether it's recruiting no way you coach you know whenever you ask you to do and if you Purdue's that you get reward if not that you got to go to a different direction. -- in man to bill run you know Ottawa body might. Way to make a comment from it and also good in. Because two part question and one comment is Jimmy Graham I think it's pretty evident compromise on these press coverage that he will be -- -- on which we need to be on him. Are my two part question for him is one. Are we need to keep big guy you know he's that you -- tackle put on these guys here under the defenders can get him within the body art. Our mark in the line of scrimmage. And he usually out and knock somebody on the Iraq and get open but it never talk to my questions. Is do you think that you might bring in the audience to help and teach -- -- go -- and I get himself open one on one coverage. Wondered thanks Rhonda but it is it's a new world. Because now -- I -- like Goran how's your Graham -- moment like receivers they like it a mile so. In essence you gotta adjust now that you may be going up against a Richard Sherman and keep the league. We -- week. As the night in and what this offense they don't have another the only option so to speak at wide out. So if if I'll go to court defensively but that is the pick Jimmy Graham out. The teams of all Robert -- Orleans more are Marcus Colston put players. But it -- -- players I think when you opened its new -- the -- and pals. Or you go up against Vernon Davis with the 49ers. Or Jeremy. That's what you mean you're more than a receiving cool it's a change in world now where the -- and is becoming the number one option. Well. You aunt and and whether. Call it that -- there ticket. Until they come up big Grammy. At least not on it at him like a couple of -- cause a -- that -- -- And Monica are you governor -- trying to hold me and how many. In on the few -- you know lately it immediately Jimmy -- call one Robertson and appeared not dole. I don't mean to witness statement they would have liked to see that against the heat that we are like the is that you ought. What you might be past that. And at that and it basketball -- tropical -- in football they don't call while he's still learning how to play the game. I'll tell -- Delaware's Rob Gronkowski. Oh what do you think he might he -- a little bit. Party animal or whatever I'll never seem to be when he was LP beat it out like Jimmy Graham. But the -- game. I mean I imagine. You -- eat it delicate balance. It is not. How does not have to -- Mitchell of Jimmy Graham but I guarantee if you look at the -- victory. They may be utilized. The get open and then you look at the replay it's all (%expletive) Like vehicle which -- all their -- against Dallas that have been a penalty. I don't need -- program. -- That would be challenge where all the time that there demanding they QB Graham yet get a ticket them because now -- One of the things that was the story couple weeks back Wall Street Journal. On defensive backs talking about who pushes off more you know got the most votes is Vernon Davis. Irving is the idea a night in and these past on the off as the little reluctant to earn. Whale gave San Francisco. Lleyton back about it it. And it's Korda winning touchdown. Against Robert -- its -- We'll go out -- that would be great. You gotta do great things and learn the Texans at exactly. What you're that and it. -- that cheating is trying to get that it hurt all the best game -- game. Mean you -- drawing in his and it on the bottom line if they see me -- it at different games are different. It's not that -- even look at and the quality game when you get -- you and. Bob oh my god this is not the nfl.com. Is reporting. -- wise and line. Who looked good front runner with the Detroit Lions head coaching job. Head coach of the Tennessee Titans. Goldfish you know you everybody talks about how. Great job that wasn't -- Detroit you know put a -- -- -- first. Selling cars not win football games not born on the second guess show -- that has break you in the big 87. Welcome back to the thinking if you -- you obviously -- reporting again. Didn't like that no beating your head coach of the Tennessee Titans. It is the best sport yet the line's job in his pocket the Lions ownership of support families and privately this NBA -- -- pick him up this morning. And get on it. With the Tennessee instead took over the head coaching job to go to -- the admits that he -- you're not a with Bob and Mike. -- Tell me what you got. All right Dotel being -- we've got to go to new. JT you know race in JT you know huddle with Bob and Mike. Me. -- Are. Quick and one at college as a comic opera. All. Shooter caught up. Next. And I'm sure. No group. Tackles -- Not maybe as. -- as the primary. -- -- -- -- The biblical -- Went about. -- local corporate. Got a great. And they're a team you'd be an all kind of work a lot. -- And -- or. Having matchup with Seattle or oil and you're all here now and wouldn't talk about. It's like. Talk about you know everything relevant the last couple years. I'm -- perspective. What. It -- in the line. -- As vocal champion 2000. Oh -- -- it won't let law that's. And I out there in -- completely understand. Why it's important. Artistic. You know -- -- you. I'll agree. I. I think it would be given saint a lot more recognition. And raised but it is it that you. Know. Like the part in an. Omen we've beat him. -- monotony on the road. That's that Seattle has lost one time. In the that the Cardinals. At the at the end they have prides. Rushed a party night I think apart under a great team. I might look it up with them that -- the the last game. Seven -- of sixteen PB or united via the last team and -- one another. And it it went down. That that at the last minute that game out or united Seattle with that -- I think this time around. I don't know but a win and I don't think Seattle problem I'll let it be. Everything at its efforts to go up an incredibly being downwind and a lot of impact predict that played big like -- against Carolina Seattle win. Again that's why did it that they and it's not so likely to last them the -- with the but I think with this thing on the road this year oh you're in. It didn't matter what happens at the Eagles the Eagles thought the end of the eased up. And bear -- or don't. -- red development of public relevant or not that. Onward or during the the -- back and it hasn't in the in our league the top four teams. At Seahawks 49ers Carolina. And and the -- NFC east if not in that. -- -- It -- the camp eagle. And picnic -- every point but all you can bring that their front court of public recchi. I guess that's not the other day of a government Mike you know it's on eleven are doing a -- by the player but I'm. You committed -- we guard our pick you know a lot to be done about it but. Direct about the red. Now I've got to got to got Albert and warm up well. Howard. And Utley that. -- Vietnam. Now. Mean -- that they. -- Don't want. -- -- -- If the -- At that. Nobody. -- like. Nadal he had. Like Arctic. A well our. -- This week you might one. I'll be. 011. Back in the deal about it -- believe that. You can't make a call we appreciate it will have borne -- that yes -- went up in his news break -- Not -- means. Welcome activists like against Joseph Mike it to get Bobby Hebert this almost look -- casino beats attic not counting. Mississippi wanna tell everybody special addition of the Saints coaches show on the Saints radio network tonight Jim -- be on. And at 730 tonight Bobby and I will return for more second guessed. Beyond until it pocket and -- Pittsnogle where you go back a couple of lines as it better and you know huddle with Bob and Mike. Would it bother them. Yeah had no doubt probably. Shot achievement of you look back and did you notice -- compared to all of the championship here that you read it now able to relate to Scotland dropping back -- step onto that goes against their top. And he would play with a lot of times. And I think that was that was something I noticed right from the beginning. You know there was -- and kind of got better but you didn't have all the passing -- -- Offensive line play. I'll be bottom line that's it that that's what it's been all season long you had difficulties. Protecting the quarterback and it only this season run blocking. And I think that that's a big part of what you got to look got in the offseason -- to rebuild your offensive line. Because that is -- yet what this football team in 114 you look at the teams that are still surviving. If it's then or if it's New England if -- San Francisco. Or Seattle elephants have lots of better than right. As the natives that I am being objective on the practice lovely breeze -- Reid noted liberal located at the epic night. This doesn't lie he's healthy. He's not hurt so I think you know when they'll definitely out here at the stay healthy I think that he'll learn. Resort to lawyers maybe three and depending I think you can run the ball better -- -- at the port five. Now the -- applies -- that. Because if you look into this regular season. Yet 5000 dollars sixty yards passing that was his sport. Career 5000 yard seasons and is third in a row. Not not in a row his third in a role he's the only player in NFL history. Is that Johnny united -- and a Otto Graham a -- like mental or whoever won all but NFL here with. All or five 5000 yards and he's done it four times and he's done it three straight seasons. You look golly it everybody -- I'll be everybody better beat -- eight and 9/11 eighty well receivers. -- that you look now you don't wanna hear this. But he if you look at history integrate all month and a Olympic court ordered it -- the late. There are mad -- -- that you are marketable these -- the things diet. It is rare that guy. The second all time at the moment and it and Kurt Warner so I'm just now you don't need a new quarterback well. -- we got to have better weapon. Gotta get younger and I think let the ball or. I'd rather him throw the ball. 35 times the game -- at a party five and running it. Probably didn't imagine like OK in Russell will that makes plays that beat. If yet Michael Barnes John Maine aren't you had a break galore in America look at the 49ers. There Arctic -- deal ability. Yeah I'll go out you've gotten. Out a little bit blind and the can't run the ball they ran in the piled -- -- -- -- -- -- -- gonna -- got rid of him. That yet. That's why they may think like all we need -- a guy. I -- you wanna do what you eighty's that was opting out you. No these are the ones that we didn't pursue and that that's like crazy crazy talk -- I doubt about it these -- got the. I think I think somebody. Who don't know and they repeat I think Duke and somebody that would please. -- -- -- -- the buddy and thanks but it always appreciated all witness that yes you know part of that is great unity. Welcome back -- -- -- -- like it that you Bobby a bad habit this almost with the -- It's not panic not only Mississippi. You go to Brad in -- -- -- you know huddle with Bob and Mike. Bob and Mike thanks to pick and Marco -- notably the great job this year I'm gonna post some that you. Brought it to my question. Half. Actually a comment. On it teaches you that apple market and keep them you think we need to get. -- a physical back -- You know I have to look at that and thinking about it in that game against for sure and maybe New England you know we knew it was a first down and you get. You get home game that maybe two home games you know commit it to the next level and I mean could blame -- on this one game thanks for your own business running game you know. Rat I'd -- you know. Right now Mark Ingram gotten no I mean you gave up when no one being basically -- -- that yet you know. Not only that they didn't want it now. But that would -- that -- If not the one thing which is on me like every -- all of them but a bad season. What in you got wiped out at the running back it's absolutely wiped out so you want depth there just look at college football. And the depth they have at running back in what they got the day. I mean that wiped out real quick what a lot of those guys like Albert besides a -- -- acknowledged. Jeremy nose tackle acknowledged. Many millions all the got returning along with parents -- me. So when you look up and it helped me that you see that situation. One injury and did injuries -- up running back. You backed down this -- that's why if it's not a financial -- blocking problems on this football team and won fourteen. But I really believe that yourself that hill at running back with our overall -- ride. Well. Picard rock and not. I mean yeah I. Know. Me well players older history. It I mean I think -- and fielders. They edited Robinson you might give it -- -- -- rob Robinson opening. Now. I give them out because. Equalled now that he's been -- part expert Aaron. Arctic air account the up in the -- -- there there. It it them. You know a couple of bad that -- make it. -- -- you know like this statement we lost this the ultimate you know on the united. Ready yet -- -- makes them a lot. -- like that not even relevant. I think it relevant deals aren't you market the team. Because -- cowgirls. And even though I've but as -- wedding and Dallas and then wherever it anyway. We had a big game that we dominate the Cowboys but what every department lately. I've thought but now look at everything hold it like this or it might say -- we take away -- It's Boris it would stop them. UK -- awake at all how it is a -- in the ring averaged yeah I think about the seven rounds and rounding out but. -- average five yards a carry and you know 140 yard. All of you are now. You look at Ingram and he averaged four point nine yards 49 yards. An attempt Robinson thirteen carries. Yards -- point or not but it will play winning football that it's been hit like that you -- you got to fit now. It that the all their blood and I made double. -- -- -- -- -- -- In the open field you get a touchdown at that they'll look at exactly the element of at -- that we had to quit now back to start -- technicolor. Could not a or let that happen go away but I I think like -- and I think. Robert Ingram it's been where they're at I think to be part of the mix that your. And nine hopefully. It will build upon what he did this season. But this -- separate himself or that it Robert. I'll -- -- separated from the old I would say if you don't know anything date the Omega Robinson got a better back yeah exactly. So I did the article that. -- accuracy and so he signed through next year Mark Ingram or. Yeah I resigned today so yeah. Next year saw me and you're not may have inducted into that contract he's already got his money already but -- -- goes back to back you. If you wanna trade you know who is gonna step up and do anything and retired. It happened during the season why would it happen out at valley get quality Armageddon and running backs is these guys in this week. -- just telling you use the draft not -- -- we're from people running backs and when he fourteenth. Maybe a couple of rounds do and then you'll have a holds up in the third and fourth round that it is these guys because it's running back by committee. Thanks so much but well -- appreciate -- up or give us a special right after this break you in the big east. We're back here on the second -- show Mike and -- we've -- to go to Colleen all of the Paul's way Ali I'm not a with Bobby might. -- -- league and we went out and I'm. They a couple of things I -- you -- up and hit that dot every Monday and I enjoyed tremendously. Want me and you almost -- at. -- I -- -- and -- answered. I am. -- more innings experience and learn and to be on top a lot lower. More upright but what mental toughness. It appeared in the we didn't agree and I think to catch a wanna add to the full camp. He looked like a -- -- It down and how it is basically in his movement. I think you know and I think in -- break coach Payton addressed that we need him maybe get him more involved sooner maybe the key that complement the.