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1-13-14 6:30pm Bobby and Deke with Jim Mora

Jan 13, 2014|

Bobby and Deke discuss the Saints' 2013 season with former Saints coach Jim Mora.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to the final coaches show of the season here on the north Saints radio network of well who openness would not be the final coach you show but. The Seattle Seahawks beat the Saints Saturday evening in Seattle 23 to fifteen at the black Eagles season. Came to an even coming up later in the program we -- here. Off of today's with the players called in the organization exit meetings end up press conferences -- -- some of the highlights with Saints coach Sean Payton had to say. Also we were here with Saints quarterback Drew Brees that this NFL analyst -- -- -- by expert Micah Terry will be with a score and extend its and that -- Mike's thoughts. On some more announcing the players for going eligibility in college football what it goes to his draft board and his belt on the final four teams in the NFL post season. And of course analysis on the entire season this weekend's game with a cajun cannon Bobby Ingram the first double Workman. Former saint coaching great and NFL coach Jim Mora to the coaches show coach -- as always thank you very much for joining us and coach so when a season comes to a -- in the playoffs so take us through what hate coaches do it in what goes through their mind that there's such a long grind and it's -- it is over seen a night with a snap of -- Yeah experience at that time in my coaching career. -- -- these guys. You know you work hard all see it week after week after week in. Very intent. Stressful. Focus. All of that -- and then you make the playoffs which is a big deal because. You know you can't get an -- -- and it's hard to do very -- you. And then you have that -- and follows that it's over -- Daniel. And it said that there are no question about it and that show up at this part. And that you guys feel that you know it's part and again. Thought it Pratt. -- -- on the day after the game and an end you know like a little bit about Seton. You know like it's part of -- plan out so. I've -- a positive thing about the -- and there's no question about it a lot of games you don't make the playoffs. And and then on. -- And it didn't let me the only thing out and talk about things that your final -- proper. They hit a lot on on the but it -- It's not -- no question about it. Now -- are you look at this season in particular other thing we've structured there were unbelievable at home. What they basically average. Over two touchdowns those scores scoring offense at home or on the road. The scoring defense. -- even 36 points better in the -- been on the road. What what do you are taking whoever party you'd beat the Saints are right now I think. That looked obviously. Holly played out. I think you have the four best teams you know in the final four novel look at in the NFC. You look at the part honored that the Hawks I think that's right but considering how you know good I think both teams are but I think right there. I think -- this -- of parity in the league you don't like your opinion on the is that. And I think -- Wie hits the cat owners -- only got a great chance to win. But over there you gotta have the brakes going away and I think it's -- with the 49ers even if we would have beaten Seattle. At that day it would have been tough to win at San Francisco reporters -- but. Like we've beat severed his goal early in the dome -- like out chances at home. Against votes yet it's -- it's the whatnot that's out on the road it just shows you home field definitely made it different this season. -- -- -- -- term coach in saint -- out stretched. What would it matter where we played. What it -- otherwise what are we were indoor outdoor whatever. We were going to be hectic particular day and we were you know we're gonna win a ballgame. -- never. Believer. That that it didn't stop playing on the road and I never -- that Archie -- you know I've ever coached that way now and guys. We get on the road it's what. It development proper we got better. That way. It seemed like this that that. About the air. Quality here. All year and don't into -- and -- -- Q did you watch it could go back if you can't. And look at on our. And how it record when -- coaches. And maybe forget the last couple years great game. That are our most of your year when we were a lot of really good. Away record. -- you. -- that and I public. You know we were a lot eighteen I think it's going to be a problem I want -- independent. If we play -- -- play indoor outdoor. No match now on the road underwrote. Airplane. And we can win. It or. Look at a -- about -- at all or. Outside. And how. Important. This year I haven't performed better -- There -- -- thing about the other day picnic. A lot are better. Game. A better coach. Because I think shop that that much better coach. Pete Carroll and victory journal look at Allen shot the accuracy coach and is -- a great job. All ball player a player that that that the shots are better. Or saint. And that's why they won. -- game and play. That much closer more competitive game than that game right spots. It well. Whether or not came out like that they came. Out there to play and now. We're one game. I don't know but they -- better football game and Daniel. And our victory. In that final four or the -- -- when -- say that -- that the and one Saturday regardless who they play. Now you know coach -- and now look at this that at this shows you kind of like. But what they've established in. You look at a stout defense vs that's the out offense but I mean -- -- -- what did -- do best. The Saints obviously in the Drew Brees. But they've had wanted to bad passing attacks since 2006. But I'll look at it and win. And -- -- that seahawk defense they were his support team in NFL history. The rank number one and an interception that passing yards allow. And other three besides them bell ended up and -- -- -- No -- I look at that was their strength pass defense. Vs the Saints pass offense. And he definitely won those two battles but the question I have. To me and now considering. How well we ran the ball you know we ran the ball 26 times. 408 yards four point two average. But then Drew Brees threw the ball ultimately. I think we play -- -- a few times. But -- -- -- like maybe I saw it on that have to run the ball. Particularly if you look at this scenario. Where we -- now the ball bounced away at Robert need to kick that connected. Fifty yards tip drill reception. But this state 25 yard line now -- only down eight points. But yet if you look at it all -- side you know to start the clock and it's loud we get penalized for delay game on the next play it -- forced to burn. Their second time out on second down and it's four minutes remaining in the game. And they've got a forfeit fifteen. And we -- -- a field goal instead about. You know -- for the first down but I'll take it on fourth down after it big. Pass play that -- -- never ran the ball a couple of plays. Yeah -- do it so I'll need to sit back and second yeah okay. You're you're familiar former NFL quarterback. Era era era. -- for operating well but -- originally. They are all the time you'll hear from people getting -- as a former college. So I'm playing golf with them and John Baker again what this stage -- -- like -- -- executed. What -- UCLA -- unit. It's advisable. Don't know who you who you are now so he's not like there. Is there a lot different in some some kind of hot streak that that -- -- -- that. It's yeah. -- agree with that. Logic it is Saturday it. Sports -- Palm Desert California. Elect has. I was like a friend of mine. And I want to pay close attention to every little play an issue you work -- soccer ball back yet again. -- Figured. It out like I have a hard time being critical culture. Haven't been coached a long time. Part time they have that guy you executed that that. I don't -- Internet. -- -- I'm not and that side and I'll. Eat credit. He is. -- have a hard time second guessing -- criticizing culture -- -- -- -- at this late. Now you know coach what you look at this and now to me now we don't look at Vegas and now the -- on the team if you even argue the dog in. You know and and had an hour I would tell you we play in the late eighties early nineties that fans -- looked at me and might have been extremely disappointed. With the -- that approach at least you cover. Arsenal and it's a -- I didn't lose money and India were all happy it just destroy their mindset. When I look at. Would you look at what the game finished. And guy and an end I either out on the hobby you these odds to win it it look at but. That they ate and ate half point underdog now that it went to eight point wood guess what they would arrive on. Because that's the ultimate one if we if if you agree that boggles -- mind a look at those Vegas odds and I think man you know what. And look at it is meaningful game in they were right on. Where it was right at eight points I mean that does that ever come across your mind how they figure that out. Now. Now but. -- supposedly. Experts. That didn't. 10 o'clock -- Way to Maryland and a lot. And every week and look at each team and at that record on a roll on the thing. That I. -- It. -- looked like. You read nowhere that. Act now and you know. -- and we began the quarterback. It accurately. But all right. Outlook -- read and what he'd be gone at it now. In that -- in the please help me and I just look at it directly with the 05000. Yards passing and that -- where I've -- in there -- role. -- -- More quiet the arts on it your role. That he is healthy. I mean up which sort of yours and maybe even our. It. That it's Ron running game that. Would be more and it -- -- -- -- up. I -- overshadowed. Sending the ball. To and that person that thinks you should ask some. Not quite sure it might be up like that let you know anything about football. I'd have to agree I think when you talk about the top four quarterbacks in the national football it. In order I'm just -- -- -- operated. Brady and Corey. And Rogers those -- guys and robbery -- right there with those guys teach it right up there let those guys no question about it. -- -- Coach Jim Mora coach mark thank you so much for donuts we certainly appreciate it conducted this offseason. Thank you very much in your guys. In the -- it and they're all getting out there. A couple weeks ago and I'm sure I never called -- which I felt bad about China. And it didn't want that they are. Locked in on I'll get Aubrey I don't do it okay. Look at your overall what are they -- Right to RI. We will continue the special edition of the final Saints coaches show of the season on the saints' radio network.