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1-13-14 7:30pm Bobby and Mike: on Saints-Seahawks

Jan 13, 2014|

Bobby and Mike take calls on the Saints 2013 season and their playoff loss to the Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to this that you get show Mike and they give Bobby a pair of finishing it up here from 7:38 o'clock and we're all throw it to school. At the top of the 8 o'clock our we're gonna go to telephone lines real quick we gonna go to home in Dallas. Don't you know huddle with Bob and Mike. I might buy replica thank you don't. Real quick observation. Sean Payton. Weren't in the game. A lot. During the last game was effective. I would hope there. What he with eye opening up to me why the reason being is there it's -- -- humans do. Follow what the Patriots. Who had won the Patriots beard yeah Bowa and how. Brady nearly broke away how beautiful would be we did not have a -- Impact. Polling group refute career -- pars then pick your children. Tony I agree with you but you know you -- who you wore. With all but yeah I think that'll make a little bit of but it just have to move -- and the ball because. Mike indicated that the court is he Bob all -- at the line. They'd much rather broad block and pass block especially on it yet this on the other side because -- -- -- more regret that. Now we built what we are we are -- many notable but. What I'm saying it's that the Mike's attitude out ran the ball 36 times -- -- only with thirty dive. There's 2006 that got them all right we've -- -- -- six times we've run the ball short week that. Now I'm not saying all wood on the ball or you pass it. Whom we had one -- -- negatives in the ball hard at times I would much rather that Oglesby. Pulled -- a 5050. That we went ahead. But I had a 33. Rushing attempts at in. That's what you got there 35 at -- -- have that because. Attitude or point guard the rugs and that I'm opinion. And we a straight passes for a second third down. Will be a complete that pass that -- the yards that we ran a couple of more plays. It because we haven't sat. We athletes at the Eagles and not a team meaning me. People look at me he would run the ball a UCL. I thought we -- now how to provide a small -- yet putted ran riot. How would be surprised. Mean England most impressive game when he dedicated the Carolina Panthers regret it now I oddity that it happened. Right against the Jets on a baby -- against the 49ers the Cardinals they're thirteen. But I still think at times. That meant that more and you'll order prolong a career. That on the ball more thirty to 35 -- refuse or the 45 times. That'll make -- -- better and I think you'll get all of the line more confident that we can run the ball game and it came out. Not a thing every opponent with them but -- your opponent considering what we did it. Come play all the library the ball at the Eagles and -- They wanted things to me is is setting the pace early in the game I think if you can do that that's where the running game homes Paribas. Because then you pick on a run on your track instead that they ask that you can't you book nature run the football well it is an. Mostly activities better on. No a lot of that it needs to stop them in imagine if we get -- get better running team. Like if action actually going to be even better. -- But they need to light back in a -- Able know what could be caught in between -- it -- that run. Are a get back at that's covered. They -- -- things that's happened in offseason ankle broader -- About this and that's always -- -- stays that exactly that's so not that that in this league states the thing you constantly change -- what it -- it has to get out of you to be a better running team is you got to get better up front offensive line -- secondly no. -- -- Lleyton -- that can pitch you. I think. That is the guy as best runner is -- Robert rock. I -- Escude I think his condition. That he should get more carries a few mild left tackle. It marathons that you file that left tackle now what you do it the other spots. Could you -- John reasonably you're right court you don't arms that's going to be a left tackle what happens at that right tackle position with Zach. What happens with Phillip went day and we you look at the numbers that didn't -- is gonna get. It is what it fourteen that's a big bill what's gonna have to make an adjustment up front to beat what you're talking about more but that's out running the. And you know what you look at me -- I don't know it's contract. Politico about that. Let regular restructure with the couple out equipment you know the guided his appointed me. And at him because -- the Italian. Jahri Evans has been at all pro right out of global -- and all wrote this year no he was -- a global. We -- in truth -- we need Jahri Evans to be dominant but healthy architect you know because that's past Russian a Michael -- it. From Tampa Bay. -- that I don't know how to go out there but to make the -- pass -- which is getting pressure it was the guy Jahri Evans is blocked him. It luck and I'll bet. I'll tell you it was inside asked and at film and I'll look at it at that everybody got to look at the -- bobbled the line but I still think. Either way I thought that we think we struggled. As a pass protect -- about it Charles Brown. Our arms that I think would make -- do a better job at all with the line in the pillow and given them a little comedy at its swagger. Be committed more to run. We should never I'm that you feel amongst the best not what you wanna call it -- you look at the party -- the alt get radical or mobile. How their structured we should never have a game. Now I'm not a 100%. Typical. You never have a game that run the ball on the twenty times generic hit. You like the Falcons and Matt Bryant out there it seems like you're -- that run the ball -- the -- of the game or 78. I'm telling you that that that's not. Winning percentage got that might say that they've felt like that guided that ball but he times -- their defense at the cut that back. We go out you don't. Want to rule it. Well you block that that they are getting sits the one thing I'll look at the Packers. And what they -- a rut and all of a any great Eddie lacy went Aaron. Rodgers was that available all of a -- the Packers can run the ball. Look out a -- that they got that's. It helped them like that next year. That they noted how confident I'm telling the Packers bobbled the blind even to think public alignment linemen in general. The rather run block the path -- You think he'd be more aggressive. They -- is when you look at. What really fueled offensively the -- now you might have a great team. You know what all sorts of lines pretty damn good and they've made it got attacks and Anderson ran out of my tracks tax basic needs a good football player he's not in the lead back. They -- it they make them look good with the holes that dale. -- Rams ran on this dog ran ran on the thing. And look what this -- it's all right well you definitely. I'll tell you look at the quarterback they had -- -- that argument between them look you is it. That I'm Alan Embree could be even better. It doesn't matter what you went got to block people like we setting up out of racquets. Just when the game I would like to be like thirteen victory in an average game we win like 1813. 24. Sixteen this pop out like that yet. Well good. The Vikings all means you haven't won back now we look at that point yet because I you got the running back in one of the greats -- played his game. The -- but -- -- -- -- and you know Matt Cassel -- it you know people who law but that's the problem there. It's it's really at that critical position that's why -- really believe -- ban cell. If Houston this household you know they get you -- regret that that it day you die -- -- go back yard. Is that good and beat a lot of back. Not advance Al and a little bit of pressure be even from all of this that you know what I'll stick it to Jerry Jones got the hottest ticket in -- Johnny and now. No lie at the three that he almost a no brainer. To keep the home quiet home. Be a lot of pressure and I think John M et Al can handle it but before recorder next column like them indicated. I think look at the final four teams available you look how they got to this point. As great as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and look at the Patriots do in their game against the Colts they ran the ball. What did. The Broncos -- Nate Manny Eddie threw the ball what -- -- No shot Marino looked at red card at 38 are the ball well that they ran the ball. Not ready brought up on how to feel that 49ers are structured. That is a big guy great young quarterback Russell Wilson in college parity if you blood rushing but it still calls go without a bit and he's still wanna run the ball. Or will have a lot more here on the second -- show. Right after this break you know all that negates that. Welcome back to second guess -- Mike Hilliard Bobby -- there. I -- -- this post of the casino -- -- Hancock county Mississippi we gonna go to Heyward in Biloxi Mississippi Heyward hit a huddle with Bobbitt might. I don't buy you might -- a long time does not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Into any kind of the intent of the law he went on to. Promote an incredible -- injured if they had. -- -- -- If you if you. He's been able to handle more accountable and get it got in the and in. Well I'm an accountant and you'd agree agree. Play it won't be repetitive. And the capitals aren't about how he usually turn the ball with the body is an adequate and he's a novel. Talent and a guy -- you know hopefully. On Tuesday I was on the and you've -- but. A lot of times you an idea. That's that ball real equals body. Sometimes it's not -- with their hands but a lot of times because. Most passes of being thrown open middle hit that ball get really close to him before you make that -- that isn't natural tendency. All of a guy that's going to go to don't not yet but over the middle. Well I think. That Vernon Davis got way better hands than Jim Ingraham you don't like who is strictly catcher in the ball pants White House to move you look accident. Always seemed Jimmy Graham in the past on the who's dealing with the thumb injury I think now that that that's that we'll have more -- yet. I think we can also -- closed Garnett Clark -- you know better but it. Important -- -- happy but you. But the thing is that I think. -- U he actually do it to notre that the three maybe in the offseason. I don't know Jimmy Graham. It -- it ballots are somebody on board the pro am. Maybe -- what you close water but it separates him immediately on the and it it in the column in Vietnam and coming up an old news. It's a different officiating crew -- it you know it was different names but there's no reason there is no reason in the world. When -- that it and records mean it is that you look at every -- Like -- the Patriots. Against Seattle a couple of times the right way it is they'll wait Jimmy -- shot out there's no way I reacted if they keep himself got -- technique. Used via -- and -- -- -- -- athletic and at that physical ability and not ever let that happen so what do you teach him. Then -- You know it might tell you if we do this technique. They might call -- -- there -- Which you might get get away with it seven -- got at the end. Yeah I thought I got a which you ought to get the bat the bat don't you gotta happen it does that make the difference with you succeed or not. Haywood wanted to use that day in this cat and mouse. It's depending on the officiating crew would you look at bits of holding penalties and -- some games that -- ball a lot more than others. -- and some games it's just let up on a play the same thing up that's it guys I think she's got to do the same thing well you gotta come batted some kind of way. And you know Hayward if -- if you look. It went they would show it replay in slow motion. A perfect example. I'll be at the old new Atlantic. Carolina man that's 49ers game with everything going -- I think it was like yeah let everything go my buddies all the elves at the slopes that aren't. -- -- In the secondary. I'll be able letting the party united and that is it that back be. Physical and there was no way anybody was that you would. An economic shirt in the -- -- -- -- -- that pocket every play edit it really from a game standpoint I don't know what to get a phils. You don't want to leave the game with all the penalties that you could potentially throw every time you on the football they would know wanna win that game results and it. All. Carolina had thirteen penalties the 49ers had eleven. Gauntlet that also he didn't look. Yeah -- I definitely don't. Is it a little bit EB. You don't want that things that that -- that -- particular appeared on it would explode I'll be back with more second guessed right up that is rate you would negate them. When the development body after we finish up your own second guess Joseph. It's going to be on you pick a final look at the Saints vaults gain in the season as a whole -- Expectations. Were when he -- -- we're gonna go to John and Orange County California John you know how to without it might. How our guys. Well amounts of Miami at the -- you know. But my question is where it can -- it. We've been missing. Guys like him to put pressure on the line back is pressure on us -- haven't seen Darren play. Well the only eat it and are now you look at -- production teams are aware and they gave plant in hand I don't want to eliminate -- -- He had three rushes for two yards. Any at five receptions. Thirty to New York against the Seahawks. -- you you've seen the utilize him along with Pierre thomas' screen game. But note Darren Sproles you know that wheel -- well maybe Eagles flattened out. That you -- to burn a number of teams. You have to look at who you going again -- it up this -- line that -- a bit -- the this the ultimate marriage ban since the out there that good where. Oh well maybe you haven't seen Sproles have the kind of gains that obviously gritty forwards came on board. That was a big upgrade I mean Reggie Bush who's good but Darren -- is truly great. In his state uniform and don't fall like Retief and that's the bottom line of -- to is that thanks for your buck he was a bargain. I don't know what his contract that -- to look at look at that. -- -- you want to -- form right now that's a lot of money but considering all purpose yards and what he's Purdue's. I think Darren Sproles. Has definitely been you got you think the bucket money's worth -- it is a uniform now with that being said. Will we haven't had any had a crucial. Kick off return against the Eagles. And the status to win a game and all the team in the NFL this year that did not have. Even if that does not effect that the effect on you look at like. -- which go over to fumble interception. Our. Just look at a couple of kick return. We haven't seen the likes of that. It's Courtney Roby and Reggie Bush his rookie year so that's that era we have to address after address you are not as. As good especially in a punt return game. The Saints team. And we've got to grab -- -- that -- -- -- -- Bluntly -- resolved goodnight people.