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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening I know it was a tough Monday morning there -- saints lose over the weekend and it's a rainy Monday. Not only did Seattle vetoes will be had to wake up and spent much of the day with. Seattle like weather which kind of added insult to injury. It will will talk cup or talk a little bit about the game and and there's some interesting aspects of added that the game and some of the players that I want to get into tonight. It is with all due respect that I do this but I but I feel the need to be. I'm honest about a couple of observations so we'll get into that little bit later so -- will be I actually -- your last chance but. What are your last chance is to relieve the talk about the game fresh after the after the loss it was it was disappointed because we know the saints could've won that game. In the very beginning though with the with the way it's sorted out to -- very similar the way the first game sorted out back in December and however the saints got back and it. And I you know I thought there was -- that was a possibility but he did -- -- -- will talk more about that we get to. A number one in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I am getting a text here there's some fallen on the North Shore and gives our -- in my apartment earlier tonight I buy -- which seemed to be a little fog. Saddle again did nothing significant -- anywhere downtown. But if you -- in the fog and be sure drive carefully just again for those of you who have heard us talk about this countless times. Please. Please deal with the repeating of this that there are some people who still don't know. If you're in the fog don't turn on your bright lights because that reflects more -- packing your eyes and also don't turn on your hazard lights. I don't care what you instinct tells you do it's illegal and it's dangerous. For. The main reason is if you put arguably her lights people assume that your car is stopped. If they come up to your -- in the fall against he -- her lights if you're driving along they may think you're stopped. They might slam on the brakes and cause a chain reaction. So you know this is not just my opinion this is the law so you can take an upper state police if you totally disagree. But don't turn on your hazard lights and if you do wanna. Call us if you're in support -- report that to a certain you know our number 2601870. 866889. Is nearly seventy. And also if you have a designated -- in the car. You partisan attacks about the that the fog that you born into Hillary let's. You know what I love about -- radio is that we can share things -- the people who were on the road and on alert them as to what's up ahead if you're in -- that you want to show about it to our text number is 877. It's time for tonight's top eight at eight here at the top -- things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight at a VW well. Number eight. Miley Cyrus sent out a tweet saying that she doesn't like being called an ugly lesbian. She's offended by the word ugly. Not by being called the let's speak he doesn't like to be called an ugly lesbian here's a here's a tweet that went out. I get called an ugly lesbian a lot more than one would think. Or maybe nine. Can you at least call me an interesting lesbian. I hate. The -- work. I wish for the interesting why you why some people and and for those of you who who know me and was in the shorter regular basis. You know that throughout. My entire career. And it goes on to this day I'm -- people who think again. And it's almost as if they think that some kind of a derogatory term and I'm not exactly sure what it is about well I can't help the way god made me. I can't help the way I feel I wasn't built like a linebacker. I've built the way I am and I -- can't help that like to think that I have good decent taste in I'm a clean neat person that was an episode -- on -- where. As it was a cipher where I've reversible of course people think you're gay -- you're you're single you're neat you're clean why would -- think you can we you know what if if if that's what makes people think you -- than I guess it's really pretty much a compliment. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Southwest Airlines 737. Million at the wrong airport I mean how does -- -- Southwest Airlines flights 4013 traveling from Chicago to Branson Missouri. Landed instead at a smaller airport about seven miles away. If you think about it that's kind of an easy because there's approach control. Did these pointer -- radar. And seven miles it's not like it -- two blocks away it was seven miles away I'd I'd like to think that may -- they're -- a little more attention and that. Not only on the plane but also. Also. With the approach control you think they would go exactly where this plane was so ugly -- amazing it's my understanding that the pilots. Are not working now they're not flying right now a pending an investigation and I think so. Now the good news is nobody was hurt but some passengers were complaining because their luggage you go -- to Branson. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I like the Golden Globe awards. Twelve here's a slave that was one of the big winners. There were a number of big winners but do it one of the interesting things wise I Jacqueline Jacqueline distant. She dropped the -- that the upon which -- dropping a spot at the Golden Globes last night hit -- ten year high with viewership. But the CBS censors didn't see it coming and they let -- go -- -- visit on blowing out the the S word you know last year -- Jodie Foster. That's it's something I've I forget exactly what she said that -- bullets on the fly and I guess you know the NBC sensors are to be forgiven. I mean it's Jacqueline this. She's 69 years old she -- Known as a classy actress or at least that's what I've known about -- So Jacqueline Vista comes -- to accept the award for best supporting actress in a series miniseries or TV movie. And I guess is it okay you guys on the sensors are you guys wanna take a break. I've it's it's Jacqueline Vista I mean it it's not like god Axl Rose is walking up there. Or somebody like him or slash so I guess they figure well this is a good time to take a break so go ahead take your break now. We're not expecting anything from Jack address it however she just she went to she let it fly and then she apparently I I didn't watch -- I I knew it was on. But to be honest with you there are just in my opinion. There are far too many awards shows on. And I've just not even interested in watching all of him. There are a few that I loved and watch every year by two I just I couldn't bring myself to others to one of his other stuff on TV cited -- apparently. -- she was getting the and get off the stage music. And really ignore that and stayed on the stage a lot longer than she should've been upon dinners a lot of people saying this morning. After that that tissue which probably draw a court there something was weird about her last night yet I've I've I didn't see it. And and I hope nobody's too upset OK so she'd said the S word. It really added that nobody's life is changed as a result of that it was an accident. I don't think she meant to do it and the sensors miss it but this is not going to contribute to the delinquency of any minor. Because there's a possibility that walking down the street I guarantee you. The very children that you're concerned. About hearing words like this or hearing these words at school. I'm not saying it's right. But it's reality. So I hope nobody freaked out over that had been -- CBS it's it's not a big deal unfortunately those words fly around. And if you go to the story here and have again gas station gassing up how are you gonna stop somebody and another island from saying words that you don't want your kids to hear so it really is kind of -- Really is kind of a I guess -- of reality that they couldn't hear those words it it shouldn't be on TV but if it is it's no big deal. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Retired Tampa -- police officer has been arrested and charged with second degree murder following the shooting of a man. During an argument over a cellphone and a movie theater. The retired officer apparently told this guy to stop texting. That led to an argument which led to the shooting. -- shares in -- Wesley chapel Florida which is near Tampa. Said that there were two couples watching the movie lone survivor which by the way was number one at the box office this past week it did get a chance to see if this weekend and it's -- a definite policy. It is being described by eaten up by one. A movie critic says the the the best. The best war movie since saving private right survivor looks really good can't wait to see. The theater was north of Tampa and 71 year old Curtis Reeves who is retired Tampa police officer. Asked 43 year old Chad Olson to stop texting. And I guess this was during a movie. And it led to an argument. Which led to a shooting Olson and his wife Nicole were taken to a Tampa hospital he died. -- she separate injuries that are considered not life threatening. -- sheriff's office as an off duty police officer for from a nearby county detained reason to police officers -- right he's charged with second degree murder. Now. You know here you have a police first evolved. Does the cup really need to have forgotten going to the movie. It does he really need to have a gun there. And obviously this is one of those people who. Shouldn't have a -- because obviously can't control his temper. And people liked is give people who own guns a bad name. So I am thinking you know if if I feel like I needed gun. To protect myself going to a movie theater stay at home. I'm not gonna go to the theater. In any event so this -- in an discussion deep trouble. Over taxi I've I've talked about disappear I get frustrated when people do certain things in in in movies. I see most of my movies should downtown canal place where I -- it does sometimes I go other places and people tax -- extremely rude you know taken outside. I remember seeing a movie. Ice and 456 maybe six months ago and a woman in front and he was texting. That lights up the phone screen if it's an emergency walk your bought out. You can text just don't text in the movie theater it really is -- But shooting and killing somebody over that. That's. Just another indication of how short some people's fuses are. And -- how dangerous it is for some people not all people but for some people to have guns and you'd think a retired police officer. Would know a little bit better about and what to do and what not to do with a gun but. Not necessarily. Ever for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. As more more people begin to use I use Saint John there are some local residents were complaining that now there's too much activity on the waterway. You know I would think that that we should celebrate. All of our waterways being used. Now you know where I was there a kid growing up in New Orleans -- -- Saint John and nobody was on by using John. And then I remember. And remember talking about the this was when I was so on the year years ago here I remember talking about the by use Saint John -- it. And it was guaranteed to work because you would only eat things that actually could live in by Yves Saint John which is essentially nothing. But nobody was ever on by using -- However now there are more people kayak or some more people invite you Saint John. You know I wonder if this is really a problem war. Because you know many people who live on by -- Saint John. I would say there in the upper Echelon of our society. In general not everybody. But many. And many might consider themselves to be very influential people. And they don't want things to change. But it's not there waterway. And I would think that we should celebrate. A waterway being used. And I wonder and I don't know for sure -- if you are are part of the community that is complaining about this or if you use. By you -- John you don't think that it's being abused. Please contribute by calling our our show or person to -- tax. But what we have it it happens in every city but it it's it's very very strong and prevalent in New Orleans. It's the not in my neighborhood mentality. Everything's fine as long as it's not in my neighborhood. Well think about where you live think about. The neighborhood in which you decide. To live. And also think about different possibilities -- and I think sometimes people expect. Life to have certain guarantees. Now again if if there's rowdiness if there's stuff going on that is it people throwing beer cans from the kayaks if if if -- again if there's. Raucous behavior that's that's different if again if you know more about this -- I'd do it and if you've experienced it you wanna call our show our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven at a Texas 877 at number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I was at retail store yesterday and I don't feel the need to name it and as we talk about this I don't wanna necessarily name. The businesses because it that might not be fair because it always give somebody an opportunity to just bash their competition by making up something that really isn't true. But I was -- a very big retail store yesterday. And I was just. Once again. Stunned. By the apathetic incompetence. That surrounded me. I mean it was. It was on every level. I go to I get to the cash register there's a guy in in front of me. It wasn't his fault he was trying to do some kind of -- some kind of a special deal laureates since he got an email about something. And the register to know about it so he was dealing with them well. -- so Mike cashier who's about to start waiting on me. As she walks over and very casually walks over to customer service to talk to a manager. Who takes her time talking to her because she's waiting on people a customer service. And again you know I can go and all the details that's not what's important here. But what is important is there are far too many people who don't care about doing a good job they don't care. About doing your job to the best of their. Of their ability. And no I wonder why. Why don't we take more pride in our work. And I don't wanna hear the argument that. I was paid more do a better job. You're never gonna get paid more if you don't do a better job. And I just think this is this is something that is unfortunately. -- prevalent in America. I'm not saying it's not prevalent in other countries I've been to a few of the country's evident to all other countries but I know in and and there in many other countries that take much more pride. In every job even jobs that darn exciting but the lackadaisical. Apathetic incompetence. They're just that surrounded me yesterday was was an amazing. And so let's talk about this tonight. And I I don't think there's anything wrong with talking about those people who don't apply themselves or those people don't give a damn. They don't care. And that's part of the lazy factor. In America. If you wanna join our show the comic tonight this is something you see our numbers 260. 187. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Text numbers -- of VA seventy number two -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. City Robinson as a teen from -- dynasty and she told young audience in Kansas that the reality TV show has inspired young people. To form -- dynasty clubs. To pray. In school before watch. They're getting together and they're saying prayers. In school before launch. Does anybody have a problem with that. That's not unconstitutional. And I remind you that the Supreme Court ruling in the 1960s that banned players from public schools to really banned prayer from public schools. It banned the school. As a representative of the government. From leading the prayer. So. Kits to Friday. Prayers have done it. And did this is another one of those moments when hysteria seems to replace reality. The prayers have that you could pray anywhere you want. It's just at the school can't lead the perfect yet how many people are going through their lives right now. Feeding off of this this country is going to help because we can't pray in public schools because prayers being taken away. And I remember through the whole Christmas season I -- I talk quite often about how. The war on Christmas doesn't take Christmas away from you. If there is -- Christmas faith cannot be taken away from you that's something that comes from from inside. And and kids can prayed so if if -- dynasty is an inspiring kids or pregnant if if kids are forced to per. And this is where I try to be very consistent. If kids are forced to price that's different but if a group accused what's to get together and pray there's nothing wrong with that. And we talked recently in the show about the did the teacher the Jews a fifth grade teacher somewhere in Florida. And she was suspended for five days. Because she forced a jehovah's witness student to place his hand on his heart during the the pledge of allegiance. And Jehovah's Witnesses don't pledge to anything other than god. So I thought it was wrong to force this jehovah's witness student. To pledge to the flag. In the country. Just because somebody doesn't -- that doesn't mean that they're not patriotic that's just a debt -- religious beliefs. But there's nothing wrong with praying and if your kids are going to school but the idea that they cannot pray. -- I would suggest that US set the record straight to me that's your job as a parent. They can they can't write -- a -- to get to -- already coming in here in just a moment and finally tonight. And number one or tonight's list. And it's not made any. Dare I crossed. Into forbidden territory. And say that I think Drew Brees. Had another off game on the road. And before that you down this path of honesty tonight I feel compelled to tell you my personal perspective on Drew Brees. From the beginning of his relationship with the city of New Orleans and who dat nation Drew Brees has been an outstanding citizen. Who has exemplified distill or failing and professional life. Is generosity is commitment to the community here. That's led Greece to -- and arguably. A bear on an honor I'm new orleans' favorite citizen. -- persona and his commitment to excellence. -- actually annoys him not only leader of the saints but a strong leader in our community he represented. The return of the sites not that they were ever really there but he represented an. A new resurrection of the sites along with the city of New Orleans following Katrina. In Greece continues to break NFL records. And recognizing his destiny into the NFL hall of -- is is unanimous throughout the sports world nobody argues that he's going to be a first ballot. Inducted into the into the football hall of fame. So it is with total respect and appreciation for his personal and professional model but he he he gives a -- That I express what might be unpopular. As a radio talk show host I know that honesty. Is not always popular. But the media and politics are dominated by a number of individuals. Who were willing to say what is popular. Rather than say what is truly honest. Expressing which -- popular -- Expressing what is real honesty sometimes comes with a price. During a press conference following the saints lost to Seattle on Saturday. A question had been lingering in my mind was no longer a lingering question. It became a serious question for me. Has Drew Brees lost his edge. There's nothing he can't get it back but on the road is Drew Brees. Lost his -- I'm not blaming breeze for the loss to the Seahawks. Because I understand it was a team loss and we can talk about Jimmy Graham and we can talk about Mark Ingram and we can talk about a lot of different things. But when you're the quarterback when you are the the -- announced leader mentally and and physically. -- team. And when you or a Drew Brees and you -- the anointed leader. I guess. I guess I expected. A little more passion. Not that he should have been ranting and raving here bin maniacal. But I I I think I expect a little more disappointment. And maybe I'm the only one who feels this way. I sensed. A degree of complacency and the tone of this press conference with the media after the game was simply. We fell short. Now I heard the audio books like I'd go to -- I'm going to watch the game there was some friends in Denham springs. And driving back. I'd I heard that the the press conference. Now when I saw it. The visuals showed a much more dejected. Drew Brees so precisely she knew he was he was dejected. But -- I think it's I think it's fair to say. That on the road Drew Brees is an entirely different quarterback. And again it is with total respect for -- everything he has as a person personally and and professionally on the field. That I feel like it's fair to make an honest observation. I don't see the killer. Instinct. That killer look in his eyes on the road that we've seen in the past. If you wanna join us with a comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a text number. Is it 77. This is this to show live from New Orleans on Monday night and we'll be right back on -- WL downtown like Intel that there is just have a little bit of fog starting to settle it nothing it's affecting anything downtown Baghdad at least -- to believe that in many areas there will be far. I will talk about that on the show tonight here's a Texan -- highway toll too for party to look to Madison bill. On that -- many times is socked in with fog and the text continues -- Brees has no killer look because offensive line was getting him killed this year. -- I it's I I really struggled with whether or not to even talk about this and and I can't help what you hear I can leave. Say what I honestly believe that we can only talk about what we honestly believe that if somebody hears something different than that that I can be responsible for that. I'm not singling out breeze. The other things can be said about a lot of different players in the team in general. But a team with so much promise. To do so poorly in the road and you know I'm not used to Brees having back to back of four games -- and it seems to me that he didn't have a good game in Philadelphia we want. But I this is at a pattern that. Deny I've noticed especially on the road but in the in the latter part of the season. On. There seems to be a certain. Certain. Element missing and I'm not really sure what that is it's not -- fault. But is it fair to talk about his performance or is that secretary -- that we they're not discussed. I would think that anything is up for discussion. It's not criticism it's it's constructive and that I would hope that. Brees would have this conversation with himself. On about. -- and every player. Jimmy Graham there's been a lot of talk about you regret following this game and and the league leading up to this this game over the weekend a lot of people thought that. They did Jimmy Graham. Was not running his route twelve or date they Graham was not tough enough coming off the line did not tough enough pushing pushing the defenders out of the way. On and then he's beloved person in New Orleans. But is it clear to talk about the play of the players Mark Ingram who has been really good in the latter part of the season. Drop that screen passively that was the first series and then not long after that fumbled and we've got to sixteen yard punt. You know so a lot went wrong. But if the leader of your team is not sharp. -- that's gonna affect the team more than another player not being sharp. If your -- stay with us we're coming right back -- your comments and your text this is the -- show. Under the WL does the way the season ended make you more or less optimistic about the saints for the next season that's a WWL party -- opinion poll here's an update. A 21% say less optimistic I agree with the 79% who say more optimistic and and I have every reason to be more optimistic about. -- next year when you think about where the defense isn't it the changes that can be made on offense. But those who who who might have done better -- need to. Think to themselves about how they they've they might have done better. Don't misunderstand. What we're talking about here we're not blaming breeze. I'm not singling breeze out but he's a leader of the team. And I don't -- and the only one who has seen. Too many off games on the road too much of a different quarterback on the road and in the dome and that's something that designees to change I know that the team itself was different and it's more of your text year just a moment from Alabama art -- on this crucial into the W. I could get over the holidays has been difficult to keep up with the impact. And the destruction can be deceiving. Things are it's good to be back on the Nigel. Upgrade. -- protected things. -- you really have a vote in my euphoric. Not and I think it did jump into the for the lion's den and he's certainly -- that -- -- -- mr. -- the economic impact joint. Same thing happened in here in Alabama with the thereby. Bear Bryant -- spot to be. Immortal. And he would last forever there was no there's no succession plan in place. And and they Everett in Alabama suffered the consequences. For a long time it was a very dry period. No -- Drew Brees. He's not the same person he is. Today they -- -- 2009. It is that is that the matter of of time that. He doesn't mean did he thank you deadbeat -- that sacrosanct. Position in the city that. What I just I I've seen. I've just seen so many passes uncharacteristically. Off and not just in this this game against Seattle I've seen so many passes that. Were either under thrown or overthrown or just you know thrown to. I've seen passes they were thrown into an area where I'm I'm surprised he wasn't it called for. Intentional grounding and you know was -- was it almost a miracle play where effect fifty year fifty yard plus reception by. Robert -- But the ball was under control which is white Seattle almost almost intercepted. Now let it Drew Brees is human and in everybody's going to make -- mistakes I understand it but I just. I've seen a pattern in the latter part of the season and for some reason I don't. And again maybe it's just me but I haven't seen that. I haven't seen that killer instinct now it may be some of that his going away because it's because he's he's so he's beaten up. And I got a -- a moment ago from somebody says that it wouldn't be surprised if Drew Brees had. Had some kind of minor knee surgery year or surgery on other parts of his body because he was still banged up that he was banged up no no question about that. But I don't I -- I guess I. I'm a little concerned that anybody would think that anybody is above. I've been talking about a performance especially when you put yourself in a position on to be. The guy who is the leader of of the team. Or not that not being there. I expect contained it just from just from the at that point he had about the with the with a lot of folks and a lot of people will agree that that he needs help. Never -- dusty. Rubble where but my question is it. With -- cap money under his belt. Where are we going to you know we we arrogant get the money to abide equality. Offensive -- quality folks this is surrounded. Aren't there there's already talk about it three's restructuring its contract in the assembly that it does happen and so bad debt could indeed happened to. To free up some money to assign Jimmy -- look look I love the saints team. I bit again and I'm gonna have to get to break aren't going to call I'd I'd I'd just like I can't help but notice. Juan I can't help but notice. A bit of sharpness. This season the latter part of this season it seemed to be part of a -- game. I think -- gated back I expect him to have a great year next year. But he did have 22 games that were not really great gains of these two playoff games we won one we've lost the other. If your -- stay with us this is Cisco show and we'll be right back -- -- -- does the way the -- ended in Seattle Saturday afternoon does that make you more or less optimistic about the saints next season that's -- W a pretty general opinion -- Right now 22% or less optimistic and 78% or more optimistic. I am certainly a lot more optimistic. Here's a text that read says Scott Drew Brees was not a nor did he earned it and that is true that is a very good point but. This at this city he he did it but he became the on the allegedly drove on of the saints that he did certainly earned it. You talk about complacency -- -- Seattle was the better team. He knew it everyone saw he earns every penny they pay him look at his stats. He can't be expected to be a one man offense he needs more talent around him. I agree with. But in those times when he does get get passes off again this just I I just wanted to have an honest conversation about this and I I didn't think that I -- The only one who noticed that breeze is what the team is different. On the road. But I just felt like. Maybe a little something. Was missing in the latter part of the season. With threes on the road. And yet there are people who who don't -- ever acknowledge anything negative even if the negative. Stuff is real. From New Orleans Josh you've got time for quick comment. Hello Josh. Just a judge peck on penalty fees and witnessed. -- in the next hour a -- back with more this after the there's also I was in a big retail store. Yesterday afternoon and I was. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But I was once again stunned by the apathetic incompetence. It was all around. People not doing their job. Not caring. Taking to deal. I was an ambitious guy when I was young when I was working for minimum wage I was an ambitious person. And I just would would I'm proud to and I don't want to be overly critical here but IC far far too many people. Who are lazy. Incompetent. Apathetic it's like they just don't care. I would think that their people out here who might want these jobs. And maybe they should have them over some of the people at the is that something that you notice as well as something else we're talking about if you wanna join our show with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Protects -- receipts have you -- This is Cisco show live from New Orleans on -- modernize and will be back.