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Tonight on the SCOOT show: one final look at the Saints/Seahawks game and the season as a whole…what do you take away from it all? And, who carries the majority of the blame for the losses and the kudos for the wins this season….could it be the same person?

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Downtown it's not a factor. Actually yes -- -- it is becoming a factor before I came to the station I'd just saw little fog developing downtown right now. As I look out of our studio winners I cannot see the lights. On the Crescent City connection. So there is fog rolling in and I can see -- that far gone off the lights of some of the hotels. A downtown outside our studio winners so there is some fog and got a text earlier that. A fog on highway 22 of the North Shore in some areas was very very happy so. -- be careful if you do our reports of fog to recipients somebody else who consensus attacks not you but if somebody else you can send us a text a designated text from the car. A text numbers 87870. And go to call us with an update on the fog wherever you are our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text amber is such a -- 87872. -- be very careful no hazard lights unless your car is stopped. And if you feel like any departure hazard lights on because you're not comfortable driving and just get off the road. Find this a safe place to just get off the road and and don't drive also like just another reminder don't turn your price on because that just reflects a clear back in your face I was one of the big retail stores yesterday afternoon and you know once again it was just right in my face I incompetence. Laziness. People who really don't wanna do a job. And I realize that you you start out in life in your pocket have the most exciting job and sometimes later in life you don't have the most exciting job. But how are you ever gonna succeed how we ever gonna succeed as a country if we have so many people in this country. Who aren't willing to. Commit to excellence. And it doesn't matter what you do. Shouldn't you always try to be the best you can be at what you do. This -- one of the things we're talking about tonight and also I've realized that I mean forbidden territory here. The Drew Brees had another off game on the road and I wish -- to an -- the Seahawks. Are better team. And it's hard to play in Seattle there's no question about it and the saints had dinner with injuries. But there were there where there have been times in the latter part of the season. Especially on the road. -- I think it's fair to say that breeze is under thrown. On a lot of passes. And I'm sure he's a little banged up because. Physically he has taken a beating this season so I'm not blaming breeze for the loss. But when you're the leader of the team. Is it fair to point out that it's okay. Maybe he hasn't had great games. On the road especially in the latter part of the season is it -- to make that observation is anybody. Above. Above criticism. Here's a Texas tells us there is a wreck. On I ten eastbound. I near bullet so be aware that a from Okaloosa bury your on this crucial and every WL. Argued there. I think that you that was corrected -- -- good reasons performance has been often like gamecube and a recent game but it got into. Britain's problem in itself Atlanta give -- any help this year. He has been affects only the tenth -- but it happened on the ball -- -- that -- -- -- pretty dependent and it's thought that particular -- emotional. And he you -- through it could applaud without agency took it -- a mile course. You know the whole year. I got an if not I'm not I'm not saying that Drew Brees is lacy but I'm I'm I'm commenting on -- it doesn't matter whether it's from injury or firm for whatever. I Drew Brees has not been the shark Drew Brees. That we have seen and it's it's it's it's been a pattern in the latter games on the road during this season and I think it's fair to to point them out. Maybe it is and I'm not I'm not blaming. I'm not blaming breeze because it may not be his fault but the point is is that he has not been as sharp receipt. As he has been. We will there coupled with the fact that he's what thirty what basic there's certain I'd like to think that -- -- And that and that and that will uncle fought football player. They -- multiple political. Put the report differently about it has been reviewed. And that's not pounding the government about ill repute to America that if you sort of clinical approach make good money obviously -- We view audience and physically it will -- that told you what you're kind of. Jerry gorge called the show and I and I understand. From oak grove Ed your -- -- -- into the WL. Our. College that north Louisiana. And and -- wanna come now what you're saying. Student it. -- to just be under a lot bird disease not make in the actual or -- and that. Well and -- it. You know like say whether it's all out there yeah audiences that its board -- -- -- there to dig past that turned into a big fifty plus yard completion date him Robert Meachem grabbed the ball after it was said doctor in the air flight to Seattle defenders who almost I think both of touched it that they were -- right there in the vicinity. The reason that that ball and -- tip was because it was well -- thrown. Yeah I mean if you look at all -- -- -- note yes. You know where Egypt and gas industry that means is that the actors get -- and the problem is Hearst papers is absolutely can get -- separation. I think we need it here at that now these and. And it has something that they you know look I I I I respect that -- Jimmy Graham is so good that everybody's trying to take him out of game. But it seems to me that to some degree Jimmy Graham is allowing himself to be taken out of the game. -- -- it Q and what I think -- I think the league the I mean it go back to bite you came -- I mean they figured out that if they can -- -- receivers a couple of pit. I think some down to an extreme hours that are being out but delegate who dropped out and take cinematic game especially -- And a political show and thanks listing here is a text. That Stu reed says Sean Payton has lost his edge also. Knowing Seattle would be aggressive he didn't push his team to meet. The intensity intensity at kickoff. Here is another text and when you talk about devaluation Drew Brees first he really. Didn't drop. He really didn't drop of of that much. From news or did really drop that much from his record breaking a season. And here is another text I tearing down what sacred at this very moment Sean Payton is trying to treat you to Seattle for talk show host to be named later. From the door short Jesse you're on the BW well. And I -- that. You blow it more respect it for you let's look at the other. Boy yet and that is why it's agreed that there are some reports of people out. Toward interim policy towards you read -- should -- local. One of the bargain may yet at his numbers actually not that. I losses this year and on the 83 of those losses were you not only -- respective divisions. So -- in the state. We have to laws. I don't the truth I don't know what happened yet again. Sure that we -- -- that one can be bully and any scene that was willing to matches and put them out. We were able to political. The -- -- Seattle certainly -- To those -- laws and those scenes that. Will have won their respective divisions in the top five -- to a vote. We actually have the game one. Of the and and an 82. To get those things don't happen and one of the reasons that may cause resentment -- Basically without. -- but remember. We have. -- I agree I agree with all of this but can can. Can you not see where a lot of passes have fallen short in not not just in the game Saturday but in the latter part of the season a lot of passes. We're not accurate and and again I'm not blind. And I understand the reasons. But let's be honest and and admit that these passes some of these passes have been -- I understand that it's not his total responsibility to carry the team. But can we be honest it did admit that. He hasn't he hasn't been shot he has. On the bat well what. Everybody everybody and every -- lead. -- at shot it that we Indiana. Police com to. -- -- But what about a quarter point. He had been -- -- this year and I really truly believe -- -- on patent. It's going to address the opposite on the move. By pulling a veteran. Left tackle important state in the rookie I mean that that that can't be changed it. You realize. That change is. They want of course we will lead program -- question. One that worked well. We've got great. We have great blocking or. And and one of the reasons that drew Britain is. Fortunate not a number the -- That numbers the numbers are we had another great year -- you know I guess I'm. I guess I'm starting to believe that there's so much emphasis placed on numbers in individual records that really the only thing that matters is that you get the job done. And you win the game of the personal records are certainly it. A testament to your ability but the only reason to be on the field. Is to win the game not to set personal records his is personal records or are unbelievable but that doesn't mean that they haven't been many tee times. Win. Again I'd I'd -- just. I would be -- this. If I was an honest and say I seen a lot of passes both short and I know that there are people who don't leave a legacy anything negative about a breeze or -- or anybody but. I have to be honest and say you know it's it's I don't think -- Is shelf like in the unifil is over by any means and I would think that he's gonna come back and have a great year next year. But what I what I fines. Might find missing just his DN. That intangible. On precise killer instinct that again. -- the road. I. Think you were. First want to step of change and and -- Just turn it. Records. Sabbatical. Absolutely you know -- that line to say -- records mean nothing if they don't turn into. It would hinge on the same way but not yet. We knew what it becomes a game you're not an. Because you can call -- what about confident. -- have to get to break -- but isn't that at the beginning of this this conversation. Eighties with total respect for Drew Brees personally and professionally I've. I can't help -- make comments that -- feel like code word word where fear to make it does it mean and believe in breeze it just means I'm. Willing to admit that you know -- Feel like there's just something a little loss particularly. Optically at the Rhode Island the latter part of the season but. You know -- -- I you can -- Jimmy Graham -- you can also may be -- to believe that maybe he isn't fighting enough to get free. Maybe he isn't tough enough. All right Jesse let's call. If you hold state witness if you enjoyed this with your comment tonight numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy. Text number is it's of these -- by email address is scoots SC OO TW. Dot com. And will be right back season in Seattle Saturday against the Seahawks does this make you less or more optimistic about the -- for next season. That's a WW properties opinion poll tonight here's an update on the -- 24% or less optimistic because of the way the season ended. And 76%. Or more optimistic. And I'm one of those who is more optimistic view and give your opinion go to our website WWL dot com. I'm Erica jones' cents a but he like new numbers on New Year's Seattle musically personally huge diehards Seahawks fan. Eric welcome to the shooter right. Good look disagree game like to pick apart the things -- may -- the saints would have done better but it was steel. On an excellent plan forward Seattle and you guys deserve to win that game. Well. I think we I think we help you out. You know that first series to running plays than they would -- scoring pass -- believe in and long after the fumble in the week. We quick couldn't give you guys opportunities and and we did. -- and a couple opportunities. The ball couple times. You know. Agree to be. You know -- well -- all players on the field. At a -- and that was what was it like being stands. Well. I would change about what is. Somebody wrote her behavior or about three hours is about. It. Could it might see are under. Boot up with a -- the forty mile an hour. Shutdown in. Herbal. But now. You know one of the accurate. And the re about very optimistic. That. I would. They should you know don't get. The team. I would be optimistic very guys. On nobody said nobody Syria Pope. -- this season and the way it like it was agree it was a really good season I mean as you know the saints had a really good season and and they weren't necessarily expected to get to the playoffs is something you always want when you start out five you know. I know injuries do play apart and all of this -- it is indeed it is indeed a team sport. Way. -- Doctor degrees -- here play. All adult enough to you vote got a chance when that court like that. People get it. And the thing you know -- out for them what he did whatever adjustment he made. It to -- ball there. You know it shouldn't watch in the game and you'll see you know electrical. Like I am I do about. A quarter that there was no chance to change gonna come back. Number. And -- the the weather the crowd he it would or even harder. You know -- one weapon Jimmy Graham I was wondering the there. Because back -- Well there's a lot of -- you know obviously teams are focusing on taking him out of the game because he's such a potential threat and everybody knows that. But now I wanna talk that maybe he's not fighting hard enough to get open that he's not he's not tough enough when it comes to coming off the line. OK and you know I think it wasn't like she -- taken for our -- they -- you know. You know kind of thing had me. Doctor is taking hitters to say he was reluctant to do anything out there even -- block. And actually just you watch it into you can do whether we went and I don't think too many here. Believe it. -- -- So. But I am not a lot to be. Sector you know being called the X yeah. Elected to the states the saints kept it close enough I don't know that the game really emotionally I don't know if the game was as close as the score might even indicate. But the saints kept it interesting I mean nobody can really totally explains the last plate if you don't ever. -- Yeah and. -- Questions like chopped it coats. Sweaters you know play like that you know players -- situation. You know. A couple of times when she -- for more now on with the wind -- back in the field over the coming the other way. Kick in the and -- about land. -- -- And the. Eric -- Cisco is coming to town to you guys confident you're going to be forty niners. Who we -- look at or to match. You know once again I'm not overconfident. Or realize the other -- and -- in the arms in whole Lotta money again. And their content for us. And victory and that. I know that we can be done here we've done on a hard time here in Seattle. So it's only in the ballot winter. We can Muster together he didn't opt and so it is that you know will stretch them out a little has right now you know we seem to be a little. On -- -- again. But I Adam you know that we. When it comes to be a problem. And that's what's -- and so. Congratulations on the win and we've talked again. All right Eric you too yeah I got to get a Texans on the the other night and because I was on the year at Seattle. Among other cities again Texans about it instead I'm sure you can't wait for the Seahawks to win. You Seattle need. And I've gotten text and told me to go back Corey came from. On much of the surprises. Some my guests I'm from here. This is my home and I'm proud of it. But it doesn't mean that I can't recognize something positive about another city and that's that that's a mentality that I've I've noticed all my life in New Orleans. If you if you say if you say something positive about another city there are people who perceive that as you bashing. -- city. To recognize something positive about another city does that mean I'm bashing New Orleans and that's a mentality that needs to go away beacons. That's just derived from ignorance. And if you say something positive about another football team that you bashing the saints. No you're just Smart enough to recognize that may be there are some other good football team here's attacks that says -- could stop bragging the saints. They won twelve of eighteen games. That's. Three quarters or 75% wins caliber season. With the talent on the team it was. Show on its greatest accomplishment to be WL TV had a story that said that it is what it is hell of -- -- -- -- overseas. But that doesn't mean that we couldn't say you know what if it was bad I'm not dissatisfied. Deceased. But there's nothing wrong with talking about things that would make this season even better and again I think that's another characteristic of of -- this area. And -- I recognize this long before I ever left New Orleans to go to any other cities. This is my home I love to see it. And I love being here I love being back -- and I I say that having lived in some great cities around the country. But there are -- are. Things that we can will also be honest about it and we can also continue to strive for excellence. We had a great season. The defense of the defense can stay together and do. More to continue on the path that it's on. We're gonna be awesome next year. I'm very optimistic about next year. But we shouldn't be complacent with not doing as well as we can do and I guess we did as well as we can do but I don't think there's anything. I don't think there's anything wrong. With talking about the things whether it's the saints or this city with the things that we can do. And make better. About our city. At a to abort your text here in just a moment from Metairie Brian Euro Disco show and every WL. Excuse slowly a couple of points on your workplace incompetent. You know much like -- award and title obligate you and it. You don't care about -- job. -- not that -- a little bit of that in on the managers -- meanwhile while these managers have been on these people. Survey and then getting -- you know motivating. Thank you could say -- You know -- know this is a question that we can pass -- and is it is it if if you're in a position of hiring people. Is it really that difficult to find people with a good attitude and why is it that you can't inspire. On more work ethic and the people who work field. While -- -- -- -- a lot of it out to toast but a lot of it is nothing. The people being promote. You know it takes a lot -- a lot to be motivated to deal people engage. You know if you if you -- someone that's. -- -- -- caught -- not going to be a problem. With that man. -- upon him on. The obvious the district. And dumb as a disappointment. -- -- -- It is crying you know. It political correctness that is taking over militant. Actually talk about. To promote people we didn't. -- to promote. In -- -- And he had -- And I activity people are. He said certain positions in the military. Is -- simply. Media day -- -- -- and sort of model women promote it. And he said if a government bureaucrat and it and make people in the pocket full. Well that's -- It's it's it's it's clearly wrong and there should be there should be no quotes. I it should be based on him and he. Built -- is it partly military and -- -- employee -- And I'll -- you want -- -- the sank a seven game win streak on the road against -- -- That's unacceptable. Well I don't know why we you know I I I love the saints and I love this city. But I don't know why we we can't be frustrated and say you know what it would have been it would have been great if we would've won that game. You know and I'm glad people showed up at the airport when the saints return. But there should not be there should not be a tolerance for complacency. We should always -- -- I think we should be happy with our team and happy with a -- and I'm glad to call the -- but again this is something that is. -- has bothered me. For ever about some people in the city not everybody but some people in this city are just. Or they're just complacent at what we did the best we could and that's good that's good enough. If the city had that attitude when it came to tourism. We would be even more broke that we are now. For San Diego Cornell here and having a view well. Or are you doing sir -- -- Right if the problem with trying. I'm about it as loud and -- -- beat beat Maryland. But salt into -- Are -- whatever reason I don't know if you trade -- -- scheme and what they're not getting the portly that you speak it. In our effort about it you don't read it all straight put a lot of problems within and I want poultry is always on a typical. You always feel the beat back the pedal pedal car -- that that perception. So a lot of pro ball. -- pro ball. In a receiver. Who can immigrant and help them. They're not going to the ball they'll wait for the ball to comfort in my apparently definitive real ball regardless. Because that you know the wind when you when you think about how many did defenders have been able to close on saints receivers -- part of that is because the year they have time. Also the most they have to get there. The ball low and kind of like. A quarterback in the ball. Will be there. Hot or ball you'll feel about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- not -- on board the ball glittery. Little. Odd ball your ball well all don't we. Now I noticed some of that two and again I've I've -- love the saints we had a great year. But there are some things that need to improve and unless you don't ever want to get to the Super Bowl again I mean if it if the State's fans aren't satisfied with winning one playoff game and that's it Bolden did that we satisfied with that. Had been there are a lot of saints fans there one more and the only way you can get better is to be honest about the things that need to prove. We need in order C leader of the receiver David Katrina -- -- -- or -- when he people here in -- feet. A -- and now. Well but I love the way Kenny stills is coming along I mean I'm rehearsing him in the very first pre season game -- eighties they superdome this year said now. That guy is good and he really did continue to develop throughout the season. I Carnell I gotta get to a break here on political thanks listing -- San Diego if you wanna join us with your thoughts your feelings your comment tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text -- its heaviest having the pelicans so lost his spurs 2101295. Tonight. And there is some -- around the areas so be very careful and if you are reports of -- to us you know our number 2601878. And if there's a designated texture in the -- what do sends a text about the fog where you see it. A text numbers dates -- -- -- this is this do show. And we'll be right back but definitely well it's so good to be back -- with you on tonight's show this cute show here you know whenever somebody takes after the they're they're likely to filling during the days so when I'm not here. I'm coming back or if facility unison on no 153 FM here in the military in this part of the country. If -- if there's a game on you know will be on right after the game if you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy. Takes a -- seven he said he hears a Texan reads screwed also the last two road games. A losses. -- in rainstorms and high winds that's why he Brees looked bad in those games but he still had a pretty good passing percentage in those games thank you mr. Hayward. I am not just talking about the last two games it's something that. -- I I I noticed that toward the end of the well actually the lasted the last half of the season I mean especially are on the road but there were times in the dome as well. But Drew Brees is human I understand it. If you -- Joyner show I'm not blaming breeze for anything. But I just can't help but notice stated and maybe it's because he's running for life all the time but I can't help but notice that. The latter part of this this -- -- it I sensed -- -- could be totally wrong and only the only Brees knows himself. Kind of sensed that that swagger. Was and is as strong as it wisely and kind of sense that there. There didn't seem to be that it sharper killer instinct is that we've seen in him again maybe this is just my observation but like I think it's. I think it's fair to talk about this and we're hearing more more talk about Jimmy Graham not fighting hard enough. To get free here's a text watching with your eyes open. Take a look at how many times. Greg Graham was held within five yards. Well. Maybe so. But coach you have doesn't every receiver have to deal with. And again I'm not bashing Graham but. He should grim work a little harder. They're trying to get free of course change are gonna try to take him out here's a quick text about the fog along I twelve North Shore. It's already starting to clear up and you know this time -- -- the falcons come in effect I'm looking out of my studio windows now and a few moments ago I could not see the lights in the Crescent City connection. Now I can see -- so obviously -- -- waves of flawed continuing to move through that area and through this entire area and that's typical for the standard here. From uptown -- your under the WL. Straight scoop you -- I'm glad. Yeah honesty is refreshing. Yes you read it on the role a lot of achievements and it's located. On the all received it's not like. We love truly mean that it's not like drew it and steal the quarterback. I'm glad you're going to record because that's the way I'd feel like just. I just think it's clear to two points of the things these things out and I think the players should be pulling these things to themselves. Absolutely nobody in more than two reasons so you know that he -- on our own a lot of receipt to make that case the open flat out. Speed burn well I don't but he. He was utilized properly in some -- -- maybe I don't know if you can actually. Give him the ball to the -- now feel what you need deep bonds bounced. The second school week on week communicators to running backs. Camera angles criminal act feel Pia I mean screen passes. Need to be you know what it's more let's surprise. It can't you can steal seven and eight and nine and Pitt and well and I -- and it. Even when -- have been -- briefed and that's whistling pit incumbent plate. More more clues -- reading them. So. Didn't like it it's refreshing compared to all the -- and -- secondly Jimmy Graham has done. To fight he's really young too so he's still learning game football remember he plea he looked like it came up play and ties who don't like it. So -- him deal kind of let a brand new with the guys. In history it he's going to pick you bet you can't change them. I tried to I totally think he's he's I mean I totally think we should keep him and and obviously this is going to be one of the big challenges to the saints to sign him because I believe becomes a free agent this year. And there's already talk Drew Brees senator restructuring his country which if I'm not mistaken didn't Tom Brady do that with the patriots. We sure he's out front to surround himself with with talent because look you know the breeze still has a lot of -- NFL football life left. Hi and he gets to be a sharp. Championship. Quarterback he is a -- quarterback but he can get us further through the playoffs and he just -- a little more help around it and and I think we should do whatever we can't keep him Richard Arnold -- but like you say you are things that he can work on and I guess he got away with it earlier. In the season. Because people were recognizing him as the threat that he is until he became that threat and then they started to rough him up a little bit. Right yeah actually like they've pledged a political shield. Greater accord -- and here's a text a five questions drew his arm strength. And says Jimmy's injury affected his efforts should be part with Sproles or appear. And get. Darrell Revis. You know. Again. Graham's injury may have affected his play. But we didn't hear much talk about. How it affected or if if breezes is suffering because he was so banged up we we did hear a lot of talk about that so we expected them to be at a certain level. I couldn't help but notice is the season came to and ended in the latter part of the season. Some things we're not the sharpest rate this they have it. This is this do show what we'll be right back on -- WL one of the teens on united dot -- C Robertson and she told a young audience in Kansas that the reality show ducked dynasty. Is inspiring young people to set up -- dynasty clubs. -- -- Before lunch. At school. We'll talk about that coming up in the next are also on my experience and a -- -- be reaching a place may be experienced as some of the same stuff a right now I it is on the causeway had you have an update on the fog Taurus. I don't just to endorse short to the South Shore and from mild. -- currency for the start of a chip up sixty its ability to abilities pretty low. So the northern part of the causeway is as long. So shall Apache airport the first seven miles the drawbridge is brought under under -- -- There. Are again to thanks thanks that a date. Yet if you if you would give us an update on the longer any weather conditions -- over on the year and let's take advantage of the fact that this is -- radio and we can update to other people who are. I'm in in the weather went nowhere the foggiest. From Arizona bike here on this crucial and a BWL. It's -- and good night good night. We have some post I'm column and I have heard you a couple of times. I just recently found out about that that that -- out and so. Pretty much -- in the wrong have been written for the saints have been written you have to on the issue. And in an absolute your man appreciate it thanks thanks. With that thing. Any. Sean Payton is a big part of problem. I think in the big -- he's seen to be. Coaxed. I think your assessment that. Robberies and I think that the court appointed to very eloquently that we that they have been changed the -- -- Google -- away. But is that there need be pointed out you -- -- Sean Payton didn't. Just the -- to try and do that. The difference on Saturday even returns both came in game Switzerland and I. -- And it in the heart of the union on. Yeah I mean I hear I agree with you receive things of -- you know the other team in Tennessee and I would agree with you think to some degree Sean Payton is lost -- A killer instinct that. I -- on the scene that we -- these guys that they can't -- back but why not talk about it. I think cooler at the saint and whether. That -- -- now pulled out. And our defense it's cold and people that twenty -- currently trying to -- -- I don't think did not. I don't -- -- -- gets in the news preclinical bears don't hang on right.