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Jan 13, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: one final look at the Saints/Seahawks game and the season as a whole…what do you take away from it all? And, who carries the majority of the blame for the losses and the kudos for the wins this season….could it be the same person?

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-- cited the golden global awards said they hit a ten year high of viewership and had been very very big ratings last night I. Yeah I admit I didn't watch it's it there was other stuff on TV and that to me to me there's just too many awards shows on. You know I pick out a few of them that I'd love to watch. Stupid big points and at some some other ways as well. But I and I just wasn't into it last night however Jacqueline destitute when she was receiving the award for best supporting actress it seemed like every year somebody drops something. She dropped the -- Bomb which is I get studies potent as the F bomb. But she drop the the despondent and others of speculation that she might have been. Intoxicated. Again I didn't see her I saw pictures average you looked a little on -- the little and sketchy to me. But I don't know whether she was struck her heels are -- and maybe she was just acting who knows any of -- she drop the -- bomb and and I mentioned this earlier I guess I guess Wendy. The CBS sensors were doing the show last night they thought Jacqueline visits at the at at the podium going to take you break now we don't need to worry about Jimmy. Axl Rose gets appear. Keith Richards a summary like that like -- you guys sent get on the Biden states are close to the point. -- visit -- particular break now -- -- obvious and if if kids heard that. I don't approve of the word being used like that on television put it's I could hurt anybody so I hope nobody over reacted to that. Also we have learned that -- -- dynasty teen star city Robertson. Told a young audience in Kansas that the reality show is inspire young people to form -- dynasty clubs to prayed before lunch at school. They say it's okay it was -- -- praying. Before lunch at school what if it's a public school. Well actually this is all very constitutional. There's nothing unconstitutional about practice. Contrary to what many people believe the Supreme Court in the sixties did not -- prayer. But public schools the Supreme Court simply banned the school. Because it represents the government. For leading the prayer. And it that we don't know why because we're prayers going to be land in a -- one -- and its gonna make everybody happy especially today. Mean it was difficult in the 1960s can you imagine trying to have one. -- freer than it was accepted by everybody today now it would be absolutely. Impossible. So the US Supreme Court does allow prayers to be in schools I think this is great. You know I'm I'm very very consistent with this. I may not. Agree with the school leading a prayer but I have no problem. With -- spring -- school. And effective your kids have gone to school with the idea that they can't pray in school. And it's apparent you have the responsibility. And certainly the right to tell them that they can't pre. And the truth is you can pray wherever you want I can pray wherever -- Sometimes mostly brief prayer during a commercial break. I'm operate when I'm walking to the station or walking home at night sometimes. So you know you can really pray anywhere and your kids can absolutely pray anywhere here's an update on tonight's WWL pretty -- opinion -- -- just the way the season ended make you more or less optimistic about the saints next season. -- 5% say less optimistic and 75%. Seem more optimistic. And I can tell you that I am definitely more optimistic however I'm I'm. Venturing into territory that is. Is in some -- forbidden territory. I'm admitting that I think Drew Brees had another off game on the road. His stats may have been better than Russell Wilson's in the game Saturday in Seattle but it does it mean that he had is gonna -- as he -- had. Drew Brees especially in the latter part of the season on the road. I don't think he has been a sharper quarterback as we've seen in the past now I'm not blaming troop -- so pleased you know with with with the show. Every night. There and when I'm on during the day. I challenge you to listen to what he's sent. And not hear what you think you heard. From the beginning of his relationship with the city of New Orleans and -- dictation Drew Brees has been an outstanding citizen arguably today he is in New Orleans favorite citizens. His persona his commitment to excellence. Have made him the leader of the saints -- one of the leaders at the city. He represented the saints rice to excellence. He represented the resurrection of New Orleans after Katrina which coincided with the saints Bryce two axles. -- continues to break NFL records and recognizing his destiny. -- to the NFL hall of fame is unanimous throughout the sports world so it is with total respect and an admiration and appreciation for his personal. And professional life and the model that Drew Brees gives the world. Dicey something that might be considered a popular and that is that I honestly believe that. That there were a lot of passes that were under thrown. The big -- fifty plus yard gain. Grabbed by and Robert mission which rock. Robert Meachem in the in this Seattle game that was an under thrown ball. And so I don't think there's anything wrong with. With recognizing that. Brees may not have been looked as his passing records are great at that start what matters. The only thing that matters is. He's winning. And I just have seen them a pattern in the latter part of the season where and and maybe it's because he's changed maybe it's because he's beaten up. And of course he has because he has at the offensive line hasn't had the offensive line to help him with the running game so I'm not. I'm not blaming -- personally. I'm simply recognizing that he has not been able to beat the shark quarterback. That we've seen. And when I I heard his press conference I admit that I I went to a -- springs to watch the game with it with friends. And driving back I heard all of the point after and I heard -- at a press conference. When I saw what I felt a little differently about it but when I just what I heard it I just. I detected. What I thought was. Too much complacency. Well we just fell short was sort of the tone of the the press conference however when I saw the video audit. -- he did look very -- dejected. And and down. But we shouldn't ever be complacent as individuals as a city. As as it is a team. We should always strive to be the best week can be and I am I'm sure that priest is having this conversation with -- -- Don't think anybody should be a totally above especially when you are. When you put yourself in a position and indeed he earned it the when you were in the position of being the leader. Of the team. A city and nation. The spotlight is gonna be on. And I think it's fair to to point out. Anybody that might not be. Living up to what is expected. Of them and I don't think Drew Brees is is -- he's at his prime. -- expect him to come back and have a great year next year but I just I didn't see. That swagger. In him the latter part of the season on the road. And I seen him before and I'm not the only person who has noticed -- also I think it's fair to say -- -- Jimmy Graham needs to. To learn to fight a little harder. Now when he's -- Going out for a pass and he's you know he's he's he's finding that since he's got such a the great talent and since he's got such a great record. That teams are are taking him out of the game. But if -- really great receiver you find ways to get open hiding distinction do whatever they need to do to keep Jimmy Graham. And there is already talk of Drew Brees restructuring his his contract. -- from saint Charles parish Greg your Adobe WL. Here are active and how you doing -- I agree you're you're 100%. And and sort through. Is -- or someone -- back into the but shall he would agree he knows he has. It's it's reflecting you know back here. And I agree with -- told them earlier in the year. -- -- chill. And because it was Japan that was being talked about. That you didn't get to meet him enacting. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know stretch in output quality ethnic -- And of course it was close something little Q what is don't -- -- All the double but I agree that you -- why he wasn't there. -- particularly up in the third quarter a year in the old quarter -- -- you know is built to acting and we credit scoring too much. That would they'll still play patent -- at Waco. Well I think it ego run the screen in their bye note that the law -- one time we couldn't run the story. So now we've become a kitchen and ones during the I think you'd need -- sometimes. And and time on the other receivers. You know it's loaded no -- another ten. I think yeah I think Sean Payton is as a play calling coach I think there were times when we we talked about this up but I I think there were times he became. Too predictable. And complacent like you say. You know I mean we have the game to game without -- win. And yeah you know into -- -- really -- all described above -- let's play an active again. The defense did there were a few times at there was one time in particular win them. When Louis where is attempting and I say attempting to. To tackle Marshawn Lynch and it's like you you can't tackle a guy like that by hoping to pushing down by. By touching shoulders I mean you got it he got nailed again. And so there -- there were few but but overall that the defense if if the offense -- played up to the potential of the defense we would've won that game that we beaten I think heading for the super. -- -- I think what this -- goodnight to your domestic front. Greg I'm glad you are going to go show and thank you for their blessing -- your -- stay with this if you wanna join us with a comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Our text or were they 77 if you wanna get an update on what we're talking about tonight every night we sort of show and 8 o'clock with a top eight at eight. And you can get an update on the topic to date it's on the -- page on our website WW real dot com. Also tonight we're talking about but -- experience I had in a big retail store yesterday. And I was just once again reminded on how many lazy. Apathetic people there are in the workplace. We'll talk about that twelve we -- back into the W well Drew Brees and Sean Payton both reflect on the 2013. Season that we've got those stories on our website trending right now at WWL. -- dot com I here's the Texas go Drew Brees isn't as good as he was in the past by two when he is. Is the most motivational player of the saints have ever had goes saints we love you through and I I've loved Drew Brees as well. I here's a text is -- also he has old slow receivers that can't get open. Well if that's the case then he would be under throwing receivers he would be overthrowing him because they weren't fast enough. Here is a text of moving forward three or four years left. With the saints greatest quarterback of all time we need to load up now. -- take some risk and try to get another Lombardi. Before rhesus. Retires never forget where we came for. I understand where we came from but we all want to win the Super Bowl and and I'm sure the saints won it when the Super Bowl as well. And in Seattle's a good team and it was a tough situation to play and the saints are injured we we had some key injuries on defense. But the defense did its job. I couldn't help but notice it through much of the season especially on the road. That. I didn't see the sharpness. And and maybe it's injury may be its play calling maybe it's other things. Whatever the that the situation is I didn't see the Chris sharpness in breeze that I've seen before. It doesn't mean that he won't come back next year and be that sharp. But there was just it which is something that seem to be. Missing. Italy -- himself knows if anything is is is missing any said great guy he's a great quarterback and his record speaks for itself. But I don't think there's anything wrong with. Being honest and it's a thing that I noticed. Not just in its last two games. But this is something that I noticed a throughout the season and and like -- -- of keep track -- -- visited the season went on -- and just couldn't -- comment -- If you wanna join us with a -- tonight our numbers 26 ago. Point 870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number is 877. A 2 hour morning -- WWL first news with Tommy Tucker -- we'll talk about. On making adjustments. During the the offseason for the saints and what steps do we have to take to get to another Super Bowl and how many years will that window of opportunity. The open Sean Payton says something I -- -- he said that the window of opportunity with -- is still wide open. Totally agree with that whatever caused -- to not be as sharp. This year. -- if we're gonna get to the Super Bowl then that needs to change a joint Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning to VW offers news from six to ten here -- -- -- -- And here's our -- VW property jaguar opinion poll tonight to does the way the season ended. Make you more or less optimistic. About the saints for next year give us your opinion by going to WW real dot count and from -- Darren -- on the Scotia good evening. -- -- that we'll. He went straight throw are we should thank. When we disagree with certain. Part and pro or return -- -- when he's withdrawals are. It's. Worked for -- as reported it is. Rule has been on the early in their theories so in some meat and -- typical. And -- -- all in due time. I've been in the season -- -- and so -- -- inaudible. From the one it's an extra problems for. Jim Ingraham. Been dealing -- Internet and now wondering if there is black -- but were. I think we -- the boring somebody like our own income. Oh. -- know people would chime in transition from basketball players to. -- intimately even -- shocked -- ago. And popular -- -- -- -- it was in our great community here was on pretty you know and now what is -- runner player and an topic you could be sentenced her. Boring plea -- verdict on some great -- replacement. So the two. It's time -- charge and we cannot -- -- or. I call them. Well perhaps it Daryn I would I would have to agree that there are times that I've I've remembered they're talking about and after some of the -- size I thought there were times that. John -- to his was too predictable that's not something that you expect from from Sean Payton and if if I think he's -- if -- I think he's predictable is watching the game then you certainly know the other team it's -- figured out to what's gonna happen and. And that sit in the room where you know -- is -- in Britain. The right our. -- on which we don't have bills -- receive about them. -- We now -- -- -- what should you or maybe it. All the time to have the legal it wouldn't make -- to. Well it is all about whether. It's almost as if the substitution tells you what the play's going to be. Right when no one Greensboro. And create an -- and -- grows corn and -- is not a block. And Powell and figure -- recur -- seem like they're cute they're broke. Are being patient care shot here and RB you know it helped him come along but one. We thought that things like. -- -- -- Yeah. And dad did there was a lot of that there's an Andrew admitted that in the game if Philadelphia -- who won that game but that was not an outstanding game by Brees and he did talk about trying to forcible. Darren I'm glad you called Schoen thanks for contributing to our conversation tonight. A from Slidell junger on their BW -- good evening. Thank you give him a little bit more optimistic and I want to throw a couple of things -- I think we are in conflict transitional. Trying to become what the book and has spent thinking more running any. And are up into blind. You to improve by thinking let's keep gangs. I mean it's still got some more ago may be in mr. -- Burke who went to the bears are former operative line coach. -- one thing I think it helps the site to home it's. Or -- to land. Artificial -- And separate from the defender more easily than McCain on the road -- -- -- and it's just when you. Correct you'd get sharper Kyra we're not bury -- And so I think it makes it different from where he makes a big -- early on. And in the weather conditions for one -- CNET. As being basically. The weather effect does more mean more -- on what we generally good -- in Philadelphia. I think Obama stated it is going to be really good player and I didn't think we're moving in the right direction. Oh I agree with you and I I'm part of the group what our opinion poll tonight that is very optimistic with what I saw the -- -- -- I am very optimistic. Well. In regards to drew and I'm just dip in here I haven't heard anything from anybody. But I think enters the real trooper and I just suspected that might keep him complaining fully when he throws sometimes. He did -- work in order. -- and I mean I've had five knee surgeries on the same day that neatly from from snowboarding and jogging but I guess I've I've. And and it when I got back to playing tennis after my knee injury I I could not plants. Regret in this -- and so I'm sorry. I don't think it's a devastating -- -- but I think it's -- that he may not equality is always only sometimes. Especially what about the perjury under. I can't tell I can totally relate to that and -- do -- whatever the reasons world I just thought it was it was fair and honest and and sometimes being. Honest on and on talk radio is not. On the popular thing to do but I would brother be popular because I'm honest. I thought it was the honest thing to say whatever the reasons are Brees -- not -- and he looked he had a great year over 5000 yards send me. His stats are great. But he comes down to being eatery winning quarterback we're losing quarterback in games and they were there were times of what ever the reason. That I just felt like. Brees wasn't as sharp in the latter part of the season especially on the road and you've you've got to be sharp. On the road and you eat it if you wanna get to the civil if you just -- field a team. What's one thing but nobody wants to just Drew Brees says it wanted to just get on the field and play he wants to win and fans wanna win. Well I think it's a real important they're the latter part of the city and that -- thinking he was well you saw on the east. And it becomes -- acknowledges that -- on the entry report. And they just a -- report the other more. To go after he like -- I think it is in the right direction and. And yet -- tomorrow and well -- play well against. Look predictable but I think Sean Payton was trying to. Obama brought into line to grow and produce more than it did earlier and the nets which supporter running while they'll they'll be. And and we didn't have -- and yet and I do think. Whether it's definitely expected to order affected ill and feel good -- trying to. Grabbing on receivers hitting you know. We had a debt we had a very difficult time look at Russell Wilson is a very talented young quarterback and he's also very mobile. And then there were times that we were so close to getting him and he just escaped -- a positive play out of it. Yeah well the key -- -- -- he would young -- very quick condolences in. And the doctors not -- that -- that kind of athlete but he's obviously. Super talented quarterback I think did. I don't mean it would really disappointing first police yet but but I -- think we're headed towards being a little bit more balanced on -- -- preaching. They've been up into line improved and I think it will articulate pitted there the last couple games we get a little more balance. Our defense certainly improve I think it really -- we a couple of increase Eagles beat wide receiver. Will help secondary in opted to line get better but I'm really optimistic because. We didn't. Seattle a tough tough tough game at all and we competed with -- anyway I liked where we're at an excellent -- John I'm glad to -- I'm very very optimistic and that's -- WWL party jaguar opinion poll. I tonight based on the way -- season ended argue more or less optimistic and give -- -- opinion by going to WWL dot com we give another update on that coming up here. In just a few minutes here's a -- still listening to tonight's show is like listening to a group of morbidly obese people discuss fitness and nutrition. No one has any idea what they're talking about it. I wonder what the basis of that comment in it's. I hope it's not because. Somebody who wasn't in the NFL. Doesn't understand football. I hope that's not the foundation office. I everybody's entitled to their observations. And their opinions. In the observations are wrong then and be specific about the observations. Give -- some specifics. Here's the texts that. -- have you ever seen Drew Brees wearing gloves the size this last game. Another point. No I hadn't. In the first game at Seattle back in December. I talked about at the very beginning of the game I was concerned because I saw those ear pieces they were aware. And I thought how could that not throw you off. Before this game at Seattle Drew Brees said and and people. That just disregarded that comment because it came from me. Before the game Drew Brees was talking about the -- is -- -- probably aware he is because he said it was distracting. And I remember his exact words but essentially you put your finger in your year. It distraction. It make you feel because -- if it's is it might not technically throw off your equilibrium. But if if if if something is different in your ear it's it's it make you feel different. And not only that but -- that he could hear himself talk. Well think about those times when you. Initially going on your your. Naval and area and in nasal area. Not Fuller is still there with that are forty and slip I don't know. When you have something going on with your year and nasal capacity. Or cavity. And you can hear yourself talk that throws you -- and apparently that's one thing that -- experienced. Now. What is Drew Brees to do. What does he do before every play. He -- his fingers. He couldn't do that. And I know there are some people who are gonna totally dis credit the -- As being too superficial. But when you are thrown off in the slightest little way. It might affect your performance. And there are things in whatever job you do. If you're slightly thrown off by something artificial or something that you can't do that you usually do. It could potentially throw you won't affect Terry Bradshaw even mentioned Drew Brees can't -- his fingers. So. If these. Psychological things weren't that important. Than other people would notice them as well. And while I guess to some degree -- might be needed. He has to figure out whether or not. They they they benefit you because of the other things of the 30 and I think the lesson to learn from this and as I -- love to use things like football as a metaphor for life. The thing to learn from this is. Be who you are. The yourself whatever it is you do in life for don't don't start doing something. Different if it's not part of your. Your routine. If at all possible keep that routine even if it's something simple like licking your fingers before we play. Or the ear plug in your in your ear. Those things can easily. Throw you -- might seem superficial but hey everybody is human and susceptible to those kinds of those kinds of of distractions. If you -- -- -- pressure right which Europe thoughts and feelings are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- receipts have VA severing this is the -- -- and we'll be right back with more of your comments. Honda VW well so the latest season ended Saturday and Seattle are you more or less optimistic about the saints and next season that's -- WWL party general opinion -- Here's an update 2.2 percent less optimistic 78%. Or more optimistic and I'm among those who is actually more optimistic. And there's always something fresh and -- our website at WW real dot com and the United Nations still buzzing about the loss to Seattle we have analysis from vacation -- Bobby aviator and a season wrap up from the big chief Deke Bellavia also video from -- -- and Kristian -- also the latest on LSU running back Jeremy hill. Now deciding to go pro. And you know. It's so easy to get injured why would you or would you go pros and you could. And audio back cannot wait to see this guy. In the NFL if you wanna join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. A text separated states 7870. Here's a text -- do you think that maybe just maybe 2014. Might be the year of the saints. The University of Phoenix Stadium. Is a modern day and powerful host the next Super Bowl. The saints are destined for that game remember I said that biggie uptown. From Houston Lloyd you're on the -- show good evening. -- -- -- -- -- Okay -- this continent about about. That they come -- tonight and I am also among the optimistic one. They like what we need without seeing them in the it's the gangs. Bill -- on that the jail. The run game paprika. My own request Martin he's as well money but -- did you have the with things like like to go. And then one one applies. We take years -- -- blown away. And in one actually pretty -- Laramie. Yet without involvement in them if that big -- That you have to look at it. You know -- would you choose these two New York the carry. Marketing and then enemy as a big game. And consistent. In when he went in the hole -- it. He would try to. When. And I want somebody which he used to doing what you can't do it. In little more like it was the same thing. Oh -- he was capable of and that and -- -- we believe that they'll be used to achieve the same carrier Robinson. Is did -- get -- Is no invitation. Is Trout line the old there. When I gave -- had been cut for the argument that have been. -- I don't think and he is you know he's had some brilliant moments recently. But that he is not relieved and converted his talent from college from Alabama to. To the saints and you know anybody who thinks that this game is not mental. And it. Could not possibly explain. Why Mark Ingram. A drop that's screen pass meets third and sixth because of the opening series. And we think about the opening series in the first game against Seattle back in December the opening series for the saints was so important. So here it is opening series first two plays running plays Robinson's Sproles then it's third and six. And -- drops. A screen perhaps that is absolutely. -- And then after that a sixteen yard punt and the -- get the ball on the forty yard line. In the that we put on defense. Warming is except two and Ryan Lee -- did that round. And -- -- everybody they'd blow the game more or we did but yeah we'll ride it would back. -- -- We didn't have to -- -- We -- have -- in the car world vision has brought hope for more that season I mean we plea in court right which didn't have been. That he's been in it. You know in and out came and it will come Sunday but you know -- -- -- full. Compliment. The secondary. My dad update the game would have been no no. I I agree I agree with you -- defense did all it was asked to do and in the offense didn't live up to the performance of the defense and and I think Rob Ryan did an excellent job of mean there were some key players who were out. And you know to get -- like the Carolina this is have really young guy so. I have like total optimism about the saints know obviously. I'm Mickey Loomis and Andy and Sean -- are looking for. On the next Drew Brees because that's gonna become a reality within a few years. But right now Drew Brees has still has a whole lot -- -- and I've -- for him to come back and be the sharp passer that he was. But I don't think he was in the latter part of this -- this -- what I -- get to a break -- political -- show if your -- stay with us. Also -- your comments coming up and I guess it's going to be after the news at eleven when I talk more about this experience and -- to be retail store. I've reminds me that they were far too many not apathetic lazy people in America. Who simply don't care. About taking care of the customer. And I'm not demanding. -- just it was just yesterday was a ridiculous situation. We'll talk about that when we come back into the WL I retired Tampa police officer has been arrested and charged with second degree murder following the shooting of a man. During an argument over -- cellphone in a movie theater will tell you about that coming up after after 11 o'clock dean -- under the W -- a time for a quick comment from. Based artist like the saying oh 11 oval one -- -- when you're -- that whatever. I was sort of former facto -- state applicable for seventeen years some qualified several of you who. Are. Let it's -- Drew Brees came out in the and it goes on outlet. No big you know it. You carry it you cannot change something so. In eight and basic. At the last minute. Well. Where is brought out on the Brady is delicate. -- easy form and breezes that much. Passer and if you lose that touch with that glove that little bit of variance is going to affect you. And they -- he recently as beer in their game. And also the airport saying it just great -- -- even your blood. I get a chance against it to break a Politico. About a hundred pixel -- will be back.