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Jan 14, 2014|

Scoot continues to discuss why the Saints appeared to not perform according to their potential; he also mentioned miley cyrus and folks who don't do their work in the workplace.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Retired judge Tampa police officer has been arrested and charged with second degree murder following the shooting of a man during an argument over cell phone in a movie theater. The retired officer apparently told the man to stop texting during the movie that led to an argument. That led to the shooting. County sheriffs in -- Wesley chapel. Florida which is near Tampa. -- said that there were there were two couples watching the movie lone survivor bombing of a morning nap but they are two couples. Did engaged in this in the beginning. There watching a movie lone survivor which was the number one movie at the box office this past week. And the a spokesperson for the county sheriff's office in -- Pasco County said the 71 year old. Retired police officer Curtis -- past 43 year old Chad Olson. To stop texting. Which can be very arguing can be very annoying in a movie. That argument went to the shooting Olson and his wife Nicole were taken to a Tampa hospital. Where he died and his wife is of which she was injured but she's she's not suffering from life threatening injury so she's going to be okay. The sheriff's office at an off duty police officer. Detained reads the -- when year old retired police officer until the police arrived and they charged him with second degree murder. I guess this is really a surprising because you'd expect a little more out of a retired police officer. You would think that somebody edited it has gone through the training of being a police novice who would know -- little better how to control himself with a gun. And I guess the other question is who's packing going into a movie theater and I realize that there are many of you who believe that you should take a -- where every -- Obviously. That's not the case with everybody all the time because if this guy would not have had a gun -- and then I don't know it Woodard and a bit -- fist fight winners Seve when year old guy if clinched a 43 year old guy I don't know maybe. It gun control is not going to solve the problem of negligent people having guns. And you can have all the gun control law as you want and I don't think this retired Tampa police officer. -- it would it would have done anything to violate any laws he Pete certainly was probably. I don't know if you missiles carry a gun into the theater but. I don't know maybe he went out to his car who knows but did this is a guy who obviously. Didn't know of the properties of gunning and and I would expect more out of a retired police officer. And I guess the other point is you you gonna get that man over somebody texting in a movie figured the curriculum. You gonna shoot him to shoot him and his wife. Now I've talked about it before I was that -- a movie. Or maybe was six months ago. And that the woman in front and he was text and it was really -- Because the they'll light lights up on the on aid to the phone's screen. And it's it's -- it was it was it was distracting. Now I don't care whether she's paying attention to and movie or not. But she shouldn't distract anybody else like myself from from watching the move. And if you have to get a text and take it outside there's no reason why you cannot get up from your seat and walk outside. And that this this texting in movies is just added another example of how. We seem to have lost so much. Respect for civility. You know we just we don't we don't care about other people mean there're there're there are many things that indicate that we do care about the people. And we're kind didn't we come to the aid of other people but they're also a lot of things that happened did that just proved that. We really don't care. And we're very in considerate of each other maybe not you -- not me but people in general can be very very inconsiderate. But -- I'd like to think that you could go to a movie and and not need to take a gun with. And I'm I'm hoping that there was nothing in this movie lone survivor that. Somehow ignited the the cheese no. Level of this -- when year old retired police officer that an argument led to him shooting the guy. Also earlier tonight we were talking about a more people are beginning to use by you saying John. And there was a time -- I was going up in New Orleans nobody was on by using Joseph I don't ever recall seeing. Votes or anything invite you Saint John and maybe Rivera just recollect. But but more recently. I'm residents and and I think maybe this is it partially due to not only the popularity of things like kayaking. But there have been a lot of people who moved here following Katrina or from other parts the country. Where kayaking biking and things like that walking are a lot more popular than they have -- in in this area. So maybe that has contributed to it in any event there more people using by you saying job there more hijackers. However there are some local residents who are complaining that now there's too much activity. On by using -- And I would think that we would celebrates. The use of any any waterway. That we have access to. Now I don't know whether this is one of those. Not in my neighborhood mentality swear. On people think that the use of waterways is great unless it's around her neighborhood. And I also don't know is if those who were on by you saying John. Have not become -- And if anybody's been on on by using Johnny if anybody's been in that area you biker you walk along by using -- you little replacing John. You want to contribute to this conversation I mean are people rowdy. Are our people in the kayak -- video via boats at the the -- drinking. Are they throwing beer cans invite you -- John. If it's if it's rowdy behavior that's one thing but nobody should complain about activity. On on. A local waterways like by you saying John. But so often there is this mentality of -- you know all its foreign but I just don't want it to be in in my neighborhood. And actually not fair because if you live on by you saying John. Unless I'm mistaken you don't own the body. And you don't own part of the volume. And if you buy. If you buy a house. -- waterway. That is open to the public. Then you should ultimately anticipate. The public might use. That waterway. And you should not be overly sensitive if the public starts to use that border way again and less. Unless there's some rowdiness and I'm not a under an out of where if you wanna join Russia with a comet to Wright -- if you have seen anything -- by -- saint -- and I'm not aware of our numbers 26 old. 1870. Toll free 866889. -- early Saturday. And our text interstate 787. They are quite often there are proposals deployed. Restaurants in a neighborhood restaurants with bars. And people will go to bars and restaurants in somebody else's neighborhood but they don't want it in their neighborhood it. But the truth is they're going to a restaurant bar. In somebody else's neighborhood. And they're OK with that. Also tonight and now I'll get to this board -- me it's a couple of your calls and I at a few text. -- -- talk about experience I had yesterday it'd be retail store and it was just such an a new blatant reminder. Of of laziness in America. Now again there are going to be people who we're gonna take this the wrong way. I don't think there's anything wrong with criticizing things that need to be criticized. Whether it's about the city. About the football team. Or about this country. And what I saw yesterday was a typical. Scene in American retail outlets. And that's not something that you should see everywhere it's also something that is more more predominant in this part of the country. That it is in other parts of the country. To join our shooter right with your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text numbers 87870. A from Pascagoula waiting here on the -- -- to be WL. Dignity and Ku coach bill Goodling. Could look at all of our god the Peabody award -- -- about one was the shooting on the Florida. You've seen. As a big pieces story. Retired police all there -- mean -- how are you on dude. The year terrico are hoping he could be a careless. Oregon right now and achieve them by a topic of a lot to distort media from pokes up and -- It is is it is possible but it's also possible that human beings are fallible in and just because you're retired police officer doesn't necessarily mean that your. Are an outstanding citizens we would hope that. That everybody would be and -- and there might be something missing from the story but we don't. We don't excuse behavior just because well he's a retired please answer it it can't be his fault I mean it might be but you you're right it might not be useful. You know and but it wasn't it was itself he was in self defense if he's charged with second degree murder. Bryant I had an experience our show -- -- walk and -- and now -- ever thought this would ever happen as the number of other I'm not gonna get into that but it would just involve the police -- the ball ball a lot of what this person to -- to -- Would they want to -- And caught you don't want apartment it was -- -- -- would ultimately elected did they do. Well we will -- when I should -- -- that the pop in the miracle nobody. -- to note that the money. You know didn't end. There was a woman with pre written from a well why put that up and wanna turn to quick -- -- -- more wide market share of if you give up if you give them a great thing called remains slaps away until adequate to protect. And it honestly honestly your wife was in -- in the chair apple. What qualities you think you -- mister commissioner. I had no idea so again and she says -- -- or long story short she get probably. Well the next thing you know that a little -- -- there are. Bringing the cup beer cup signal meter. And the woman pressed toward the -- that we kicked a chair in April -- -- Come on -- -- wasn't the first time that we get there and sure you brought audio reports. With a little bit because. It was a drug habit and pick apart patient in the middle of of the parking lot on. Saturday evening at the show what all of it's an art school. All different whatever. We're going to vote thing -- went on it was the end results. Well we want to -- in the India for the property but oh what. A woman should -- on the people. She'd done that before Vietnam. There there aren't there are people liked -- and I've I've told this story before. When I was in Denver my apartment complexes it was a during the summer. And there were times when it was so dry in Denver and utterly no rain but the lack of -- humidity it's so dry that there are. On the or fire -- warnings -- -- warnings not to buyers know it's cigarettes they're there're there are burned warnings and that was -- burner warning in effect. And it this woman I was hitting and -- -- and end it by mailbox in the apartment building this this woman who were cigarette down on the ground. And I've I've said today don't you think you could have put that out in your -- trying. Well she'd been kicked it under the car she likes to go to the whole story but she exaggerated the holes that she was so. Outrage tonight we dear confront her about that on -- and of calling the police. Time and so this had to go to court it was it was thrown out. I go to anger management that this woman was totally wrong. And the police chose to believe her. Over me out a little proudly opt in so there are people like that I've experienced one in my life. That's exactly OK all on an indictment. We get a bill that would put my coat and a do you remember -- the hit column by street John and watch and show. Like like I like I would like. On like award at Florida Keys took. Late -- cypress garden type. -- I'd I'd now that does come I had not thought about that. Since I saw that when I was a -- I didn't think about it -- you brought the development people what do come upon that at bat but yeah. -- blow it would mean like it being people you know. Sure you go out in that. While. That courtroom -- kids. Caught up in the evening and non -- a little picnic apparent than watching -- show. I had forgotten about that but yes I do have the very vague memory of -- scene and we got like you know five or six skiers all along and did it right yeah are critical there was an amazing that they can turn those -- around invite you say -- exiting that wide. Yeah but there but it would -- they had that going on the -- I wait I'm glad you called Michelle thanks solicit -- -- -- -- you say John enters its criticism of too much activity and by you saying John. And this is so this is typical of what happens this is some to meet all of this is part of the entitlement mentality. And I know that there's this image of a certain. Class. And group of people who feel as if they're entitled to something. But entitlement mentality transcends socio economic boundaries. There are some really. Very nice houses along by you saying John. Now if you live on by you -- John and that's a public waterway if it's open to the public. Are you entitled. To it being as peaceful as you wanna today. -- two -- via text here just a moment from my Texas Dexter a year on the -- showing to be WL. He's. Trying to play it but. You're on on. -- -- but it that it out. See all. All walk like. -- Easy. Vote in the war. -- -- -- -- Q. So a lot. -- And I guess what we're at war your. -- It. But -- -- Darren and I and I don't think yeah. -- Swap -- shell. On one way. -- the city mark. But. You know it'll go for bigger. Jets got. -- -- -- It it is right in my. Impression is that these some local residents of the ones complaining about it too much activity on the -- the waterway and I'm wondering if they're just not happy because. There's more activity on the waterway when this used to be a peaceful pristine place which. I hit it that's never guaranteed in life and and so we'll get upset when when things change but here people are using by you -- John and I would think that would be very positive thing -- and unless they're trashing it. Yeah so there are certain there are what are your. That what you see. All the spot you. Sure patent for you back. Stared like Ellen -- -- -- But you know question is. Should day. I mean if you have a half million dollar house and by you saying John I'm assuming that you would have the means to vote to move if you if you really didn't like the area. And and I guess the the ultimate question is. Do we have a right to demand that our neighborhood remained exactly. The way it was when we move didn't. -- And it and should. It's human nature. That small. It. -- GAAP income spectrum of written area you let it or is it. -- Not only not only -- the us not only of these activities that are hurt are catching on around the country by its -- so many people have come here from elsewhere. And this is -- in part of their life and it's something that I've noticed in New Orleans in and coming back here a couple of years ago. -- that this city has has changed a lot in terms of awareness of biking and ended -- kayaking and and things like this and on I think part of that is because they were people who came here to to help after Katrina and -- stayed and also this is a a wonderful place to live and a lot of people choose to live here and is going to be even more people from around the country coming here with a new medical center being built. And we're gonna see more and more of the on big city cosmopolitan changes and I don't think they're necessarily. Bad things. It all -- All outlook cheat people moving there a lot of the younger. And you know. It. Get a bear that each -- 08 issue. It's -- where it needs all. That. Area there are. Unions shortly there. -- well again -- here and I'm sure their people did in decades the the excuse the rowdiness of Jazz Fest. They excuse the rowdiness. And dimming and sorting near the excuse the routing is -- everything else so what's so. So activity and by using -- changes like in and enjoy anybody would complain about it it's going to be interesting to Dexter this turns out to be a big problem or there's just a few people -- complaining. Want what they feel mine. You know it would be or what -- want to know and apple -- Actually. -- that would that the again. A rule of the the crew of kayaks. I didn't error. I'm gonna tell the show thanks ballistic I've got a couple text here about kayaking on by you see John which amounted to if you join a show with your comment tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And a text numbers dates of the seventy this is this -- a show like from New Orleans -- will be right back and to be WL. In Miley Cyrus has sent out a tweet saying achievement. Doesn't like being called an ugly lesbian. She says she doesn't like the word ugly. Here's what the text -- I get cold and ugly lesbian a lot more than you might think or maybe not. Can you at least call me an interesting lesbian. I hate the U ward. Did you not offended by CN and isn't it interesting. I mean look at Miley Cyrus. She's a cute girl. So if somebody is. Calling her a lesbian. Those -- the people who war. Not hoping she's a lesbian and they're calling her -- lesbian. To make a derogatory comment. As it being a lesbian in and of itself is it. Derogatory thing. City but being game and there's those of you who. Have publicity over the years those of you who have -- to -- just recently at WW well and you you know my history and what some people think of me. And I people called the gave it like it's a derogatory thing like -- it. And some of the text that I get it's not is nice as gay it's the F word derogatory word for for being gay. It doesn't bother me I really find it kind of humorous because. It's not true. And if it was true I would do would be open enough to admit -- I mean I'm honest about. So many things on the show why would you think that I wouldn't be honest about that. But you don't remember that signed filled episode and you know I can't help the way god -- being me god made me is certainly gave me a certain look I didn't choose it cited a plastic surgery. I looked the way I look I can't help that I accept that I'm happy with myself I don't really care what others think but I find it interesting. That. That people use that is such a derogatory slurs selecting relate to that -- Miley Cyrus. I remember the site filled episode where Kramer civil jury of course people think you're -- You're single you're neat you're clean of course they think you're well if those of the characteristics of being gay then why would that not be a total compliment. Also a Southwest Airlines might be be heard this in the news 737. Southwest Airlines flight. Land at the wrong airport. Southwest flight 4013 was traveling from Chicago to Branson Missouri. That's an example those. Needlessly discuss an -- never been there ballistic fun place. But it landed instead of at the Branson airport Atlanta and a smaller downtown airport about seven miles away. Now. I would think that approach control would be able to tell when something is seven miles away in this -- not going into the right airport. And that the crew has been grounded. I'm glad they've been grounded pending an investigation but. That means -- airport was like two blocks to the laughed it was seven miles away and it did the scary thing is this was on a smaller downtown airport. It for 737 it was a small shorter runway. And they figure out a way to take off I mean and it probably did you full flaps or something deep to get off the ground that they were able to. To take off this this shorter runway but that could have pitted a disaster. And again in in the in this modern day and age of the technology and and the way flights are are followed and monitored with. Not only just did the tower but with. With air traffic control having their development flights are monitored days every step of the way -- across the entire country transferring from one. One. One air traffic center to another air traffic center as it's amazing that this plane was. At the wrong airport no one was hurt I guess the good news is the passengers all got their luggage space coast. The edge of the Boston into Branson. Here's our WWL party -- opinion poll tonight to based on the way to season came to an end in Seattle on Saturday argue more or less optimistic about the saints for next season. Tony 1% say less optimistic 79% -- more optimistic and I certainly agree with that. A we've been talking about to -- -- Saint John. In a written articles on the Adobe WL TV website. -- titled some by you saying John residents want to limit activity along the waterway. My impression is that there are some presidents on by you saying John and some. Made the ferry very well to do. And they don't want anything to change it but this is a public waterway and unless initial sucked in if I'm missing something please correct me. But this is a public waterway and I would think that we should celebrates. More use of a public water. Now is the kayak -- are being rowdy and obnoxious if there's profanity if they're throwing beer cans or wine bottles in this. In the in the volume that's a whole different story. But I think this really touches on and I don't know the situation. With its complaint with by you -- John. But this could be part of that not in my neighborhood mentality where everybody's fine with something until it's in their neighborhood. And then there's also this this feeling of entitlement. Remember when they were first talking about putting -- stadium a new tooling football stadium on the two point campus. And they were a number of of people uptown and again that's an area this populated with a lot of very well to do influential families. And some but not everybody. But they were -- -- there was a group of families. The complaint. And they tried to to stop the building of the football studio -- the -- campus. Building studio to a campus is gonna benefits all of the small businesses uptown -- of all the the businesses he just in that immediate uptown area. However. It is gonna bring traffic into the area. But do you have a writing your neighborhood to say hey wait a minute I don't what that in my neighborhood. Thank you should have a right to to fight for what's yours but is it is it is it fair to block progress. Because you don't want your neighborhood to change. And progress is just is is part of added to natural changes that did take place. -- everywhere so again I don't know that much about this situation -- -- read about this today. But I couldn't help but think about. Some of the houses along by using John and this might be the result of people who are just complaining because there's there's more activity out there. Here's a Texan -- the people who kayak -- rowdy. There's a huge number of them who kayak at one time. Okay that's far and I don't see how you can stop that. I want what are you gonna do even get they're the kayak police out there and -- PDs going to be in kayaks and they're gonna limit the number of kayak first. And by you saying John. I mean how would that not be an infringement of a freedom. Here's attacks some people are just miserable. And they have to make others miserable in order to feel superior. And they have nothing better to do in their life but complain they need to get over themselves. Here is another text I cayenne I used to kayak on by you saying John every weekend I was amazed at how much people used it. But I never got the impression that we were rowdy or obnoxious. It is a rather nice place. If you have -- and by you saying John if you live in that area if you know more about this day and I've I've read in the news. And you want to contribute to our conversation tonight our numbers 2601. 870 toll free 8668890870. And a text numbers 877. So yesterday I was in this huge retail store and and I don't feel the name to the news the need to -- -- orbit it was a huge retail store. And the guy in front of in this is in his fault but the guy in front and had some issue with an email that he was Santa -- I didn't pick up all of it but he was supposed to get some kind of discount. Well distorted to recognize the discounts so he was you know rightfully arguing for -- -- discount. And I -- not arguing but today he wished he was it was very pleasant but he was he was rightfully. On. Trying to correct things that he was in -- entitled to this. This discount. So the cashier instead of checking me out the cashier casually. Walks. Civil registers over to customer service. And I guess as a manager there. And the managers busy taking care of people customer service of the manager doesn't talk to her right away. As -- she's over their time standing there and it but I didn't have to be anywhere so it was okay. But I just noticed and then there were just a couple of other things that happen at other registers and I just thought I was surrounded by apathetic incompetence. It was just a reminder. Of this mindset in this country. That there are just too many people who. Are lazy. There are too many people who. Don't do their job to the best of their ability. And may be part of that is the fault of management. So finally. The the cashier Beebe did did manager who's the cashier at a customer service. She finally leaves all those people. And then comes over tries to take care of the situation at the register where I'm waiting to be checked out. But again this is not about me this is just really more about the inefficiency. On of of so many people in read it what it's like in general but it's most noticeable to you would to me. In in situations where it's it's it's retail. There are some die hard dedicated young people out there and older people as well. There's some people and you see him NIC and it just really don't care. How are you could ever advance in light if you don't care. And I never buy this argument that. Well if I was paid more I would care. When I started out making minimum minimum wage. -- pastor my -- And I work so hard that I got promoted from. Racking bottles back in the days when you you would get a deposit people were bird turn their soft drink bottles to the grocery store and get deposits. I -- from racking bottles. To have been doing something else and then I just I I dated better than anybody else. Wasn't making much money. And I got promoted to cashier. I got promoted ahead of a bunch of other people to cashier. And I don't see how anybody can expect to better themselves if they don't apply themselves at the job that they do. Sometimes we have setbacks in life and and do our job is not always an exciting. But no chance to apply yourself. At whatever stage you find yourself. In life. And you know I just I tell you something else that I would do. And and maybe this is totally impractical but would there be anything wrong with telling people at work. That you cannot use your cell phone. What -- assists no doubt. People working and they're taking personal telephone calls. While their work. Now I made it through life and you may have gone through your life. Where you didn't you assure you you don't like a contact we contact you when you were at work. If there was an emergency. They called the store and the store told you what was going -- But is there any reason whatsoever. Why somebody should have a cellphone it work. And allowed to make personal phone calls. While they're on the clock. I don't see how that's. Productive I don't see how that's any kind of a right. And you know often we talk on the show about how. This nation is a collection of individuals. And as a nation we can be no better than the collection of individuals. That make up this nation. And I don't think there's anything wrong with talking about the things that need to be better. And one of them is changing the apathetic incompetence. That we quite often see in the workplace. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight our number is 26 cell. 1870. Toll free 866889. Is early seventy. And our text number is 87070. -- scoots we will be right back on WWL. I get the impression that the -- on personal calls it if if the this forties to contact you -- get a text you or because simply. Only over the -- let me do you really have to have I guess the question is do you have to have a cellphone. While you work. And doesn't that cut down on our productivity. Are from New Orleans Mary you're under the WL. Yet -- typically -- in law and I haven't played real quick that that the -- that goes to Emily. And got done -- -- employees and anyway Alan Davis bill ladies and now actively compete mainly to this. On that from me because I've been -- -- -- poverty and I -- located on the -- And benevolent -- -- -- uniform on you know what you tell me. I have to. So I love that name on my neck and I couldn't believe it. A look at the name tag around it's not without compliment exactly you know what when the next week as the man yet. She doesn't work here anymore. Well I again she should be surprised. So -- that they and that when. Type of the war and -- -- can't -- -- has more to get back at the side never to nab the ones in the pot. Didn't want to get back in the -- and camera people around. And they checked me out. That -- About. We're going shopping and then by land and now. And on the view and it jewelry. Item item by item -- -- -- more intense and what did talk -- -- like I am not even today you know they pick up something occasionally but. Now I've seen it happen I think it's -- horrible. Mary I see that -- I -- I've I've gone on there and it's not like I'm demanding anything now Coulter to. Two to cater to leave I. I wanna see people doing their job not just taking care of me but I wanna see people doing their job that to me this is signals something about. On about that mentality in this country that a lot of people haven't I. I hear those conversations to and they're slower checking me out because there having a conversation. With the person there working with. And -- I should be unacceptable yet their took their totally distracted by. Their lives they -- just want to say that. -- am going to call the show thanks for listening if you wanna join us with the your comment tonight our numbers 260. 187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text number is 87870. Do your job your work do your job. I don't think it's asking too much. And it it also. It also train -- To to discipline ourselves to the point where we do. We do a good job when we're work and that that teaches us character. Now I'm not an employer. I don't hire people. But when you hear about the unemployment rate and you hear about the job market and when you hear people say there are no jobs out there. It's hard for me to believe. That people who were so lacks -- -- -- and apathetic about their jobs it's hard for me to believe. That they can't be fired. Is. Is there. Such a shortage. Of ambitious people. That we can't field the workplace with ambitious people. And look I love this country. But this is something that is has become part of our culture. And it shouldn't it. We should be more attentive. Again maybe nine you lord need that as a nation we should be more -- We should demand more of of those who are in the work place. And everybody should demand more out of themselves. This is dispute she'll hang -- ever coming back -- WL and is a final update on tonight's every WL pretty general opinion poll the way to saint says season ended in Seattle. Are you more or less optimistic about next season. 20% say less optimistic but -- 9% say more optimistic and I'm certainly among the 79%. K I've got time for a quick comment welcome to the -- tonight. I'm good I'm just used to -- when you that you work to -- department stores you. Well I a lot migrated here from you -- -- -- to be. And I the public at great people are a lot of true Libya and good good good good good good -- and you know you know big -- It. I took -- -- the street corner of the high. Level work on it now or. Light. They spoke of people. K year right and you know you don't you don't you don't see this this apathy and in every effect you don't even see this kind of apathy are all around the country -- I'm not beating up this part of the country but we could do a better job -- demanding excellence. Everybody expects opened on the problem -- the government can't -- -- you know you got a picture -- Okay congratulations on your success I'm at the end of the show and are really appreciate -- restaurant. My cards -- -- and bought an apple look at your aren't things opening here thanks for calling gay. -- -- --