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WWL>Topics>>1-14 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

1-14 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jan 14, 2014|

Dave talks about man killed after texting in a theater, a teacher sent home drunk, and bring your dog to a robbery

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the fourteenth of January 2014. -- -- very it is indeed the day I like to refer to as. Not Monday exactly. I wanna make sure I understand right what happened in this Florida movie theater. In Wesley chapel floors high. So authorities say an argument. Over texting. In the theater. Ended with a retired Tampa police captain. Shooting and killing a man. Who was sitting in front right. So. Here's 71 year old Curtis -- he's gone to the movie's gone deceased. It's lone survivor. The real life story. Of a navy seal team that found itself surrounded by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. And the efforts of this four man team to. Take out the enemy. -- -- Being killed -- survive. And we know based on the title and only one of them actually -- movie actually opened by the way Christmas Day. Only in select. Markets. So that's why we confusion earlier in the week about when it opened anyway. So there is Curtis trees. And 43 year old cat Olson is sitting in front of them. And according to please. Wilson will not stop texting as the movies. About star salute the whites probably on a screen. Now yet and that's a little annoying yes it's dark in the theater and news texting and he's texting his three year old daughter according to us. He was with his wife. Reason with his wife to now so there as the guy text that is the -- gardening. Suddenly there's words it's probably a little portion little -- may be -- in the back -- the seat. Popcorn starts flying according to the sheriff. I can see. -- patent but -- know a month. The movie about in. -- serious thing but phone -- artists I've asked people you know opinion coming down settle down a little bit. Take that data texting outside. And it's -- -- totally bright light in the dark theater distracting me while trying to what is movie about. Proud American soldiers shoot three of whom gave their lives. In the name of fighting terrorism. Didn't gunfire happened in the theater or outside. Right there right there. Well I understand and turn it looked and it doesn't come the other now. And I shot I saw a shot of the theater and police units in. Started to wonder mr. all I can understand I get a little bonus that about a guy that won in a yacht but all the public -- well you know my wife and I are out on date night three Euro -- with take whatever sentence for the three year old. It's bad time on this under couple text messages she's got questions daddy when -- -- -- -- hey dad and love you whatever one's. It can just ignore your three year and now. But he get up and go out. The movie hadn't actually started now. It was getting ready to start. But to shoot a guy. Because he won't stop Texan. You know maybe at that point you'd get angry maybe -- notified. Somebody to take in house at a stop texting is -- move out. There's a lot of different ways to go rather than going for your -- And killing again. Now and maybe guys who we don't know who threw the popcorn maybe get -- popcorn -- you. Your wife they're both there with their wives. But to shoot even -- over texting. -- Guns texts brings -- a lot of interesting issues. Retired police officer now. Irritating people. Taking action arts and you're right lot of issues in -- us. I was a dead yet. And retired police officers and one -- man behind bars. You can't do just to quickly if it happened that way we're being told yet that's not the way to and the most. I don't care how much. Threatening your life at the end of the exploding pop. Thank you him without him in his first WW your thoughts thanks Andy Kennedy. Big bright -- Clearing cold. Now colder. People now last. We'll take your forecast after the us Marc Bernardin was sports on WW. The very first sex message I got about the story about a 71 year old retired -- campus shooting and killing a man because he wouldn't stop texting before a movie in the theater. The guy is according to the reports texting his three year old daughter who was home with the -- This has a three year old text. Without I don't know of the Sydor was texting on the three year old daughter's behalf but actually it wouldn't surprise me -- kids these days. Now mind my daughter's fifteen now when she was too could get out -- CD-ROM and put it in the computer player computer games. Measure if there were cell phones and Smartphones the way they are now back then she could've done it. -- forecast. Starting off Chile and mostly clear a beautiful day ahead with highs this afternoon. Read around 61. For tonight will really drop into the middle thirty's if you are north of the lake. And right around forty degrees or sell it yourself at the lake tomorrow highs around 52 new and breezy still feeling cool through the day. Mostly sunny skies once again. Now tomorrow night a light to moderate freeze north of the lake with lows around 27. -- south of the lake around 35. And Tuesday will warm up just to around sixty degrees looking nice into the weekend as well from the Eyewitness News forecast center. I'm meteorologist Alexandra -- Now on WW well and as it continues to sink in that the season's over for the saints. And it just getting ready for this game is in the NFC and we find the pelicans losing again. And we find about the relative player is going to draft that we find our art. With sports on this Tuesday morning it's not Monday market that to get -- -- and and I'm not hard upon them right here and we're glad you're here to tell column. Well a couple of days ahead of his 35 birthday since quarterback Drew Brees address concerns about whether his championship window with closing -- says he feels as good as he ever ran. Physically mentally psychologically. I feel like I'm still on this upward tick certainly won't let myself. Believe otherwise have. Brees also answer another burning question of who dat nation about whether you restructure his high dollar contract to help the team make moves under the salary cap whatever I can do to help this team if they wanna come to me and then even further. -- that no listen listen this -- very -- possibilities. As to. What can happen here let's just let this offseason start. The -- dropped their sixth straight last night to fall to fifteen and 22 overall. Losing 101 to 95 at home to the San Antonio Spurs -- spurs point guard Tony Parker took over the game in the final minutes with fellow all star Tim Duncan having filed out. Parker scored three times in the game's final minutes to keep the spurs in front of the home standing -- Parker had 27 points overall lead all scorers if -- Davis led the pelicans with 42 and added eleven rebounds for the double double. Brian Roberts chipped in nineteen points starting in place of the injured Jrue Holiday at point but only managed four assists. The pelicans get tonight off before returning to action tomorrow night at home against the Houston Rockets. And the Tennessee Titans have chosen Ken Whisenhunt to be their next head coach. Replacing Mike Munchak Whisenhunt will be -- vacating his position as San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator. Has head coaching experience. He was the head man with the Arizona Cardinals for six years amassing a 45 and 51 record and taking the cardinals to their only Super Bowl appearance. I'm mark Menard that your early look at sports one. Three minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL for business -- your -- thinks he's still in improving player and that he's done the up rise to the crescendo of his career. He does and and others authorities gonna convince himself -- -- well and has as little teaser for -- report Sean -- agrees with them so. They both feel like like drew is as as good as he's ever been and he's he's still on the run and I got the calls yesterday from people thinkers not athletic -- -- arm strength is getting weaker. And drew says no line an interesting question. About whether or not he should restructure his contract he says. In the right thing. Motivated as saying we get him back in here with wanna play and what equipment to what's -- not only will hear from unpaid but I'm gonna ask you. If you were Drew Brees -- -- which you've restructured your contract. To help. Get some players around viewed to hopefully win another super people -- -- mark and are about that in 25 minutes that you can text renowned 87870. Interior thought. Is Drew Brees still heading towards the crescendo of his career he's still getting better at the age of 35. And should be. Restructure his contract would view. I'll sauce sesame text messages about a 71 year old retired cop who police say shot and killed a man and a Florida movie theater. If he would not stop texting. 5 point 6 good morning I'm Dave -- in the early edition of -- WL -- -- several people have texted. Mediate 7870. Wondering about the 71 year old police officer Curtis Reeves. In Wesley chapel Florida and Tampa who shot and killed a man according to the -- because he would not stop texting with his three year old daughter. As the movie was getting ready to start that they were seeing in the movie theater. So people of Texas go wonder what this guy covered up when he was on the street he's got that can temper then maybe there will be an investigation and that -- to warrant. Why would even bring his -- to the movie theater retired now. -- forecast. Beautiful sunny skies ahead on this Tuesday starting off cold though in the forties and low fifties willing to 61 -- so this afternoon. Today and tomorrow we turn a little bit breezy solos tonight will be look at the lake around 35. And south of awake around 41 now tomorrow we warm only to around 52 but will feel like forties through the day. As it will be breezy. And sunny out tomorrow night get ready for a light to moderate freeze north of the lake. And some patchy frost south of the lake. Lose tomorrow night 47 North Shore and 35 South Shore. Highs on Thursday climbed to sixty degrees under mostly clear skies from the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Alex. -- transferred clear and 48 at -- reporting technically at 42 National Weather Service office in excellent health services maybe ornament felt his life -- in danger well the only evidence Rupert so far of the I texting his three year old daughter threatening him is maybe throwing popcorn it's not clear who was the top court. But there will be more it -- that there will be another side of the story so we will wait and some attacks me if I shut everyone irritated me -- impairments dollars. You're probably irritable but it doesn't bug that got people talking and texting in a movie but. -- 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners it's January the fourteenth it's 24 to -- It's Tuesday as hateful ones and -- One on one more 14. -- -- it is man fascinating conversation we've been having on put about one month the most things about this. 71 year old competent Tampa area movie theater who police say shot and retired captain when -- retired capitol police say shot and killed a man it was texting his three year old daughter was at all with the that are. And would not stop before the movie started. One person text me -- 7870. Says our addiction to cellphones will be that. And in this case maybe it was this -- I don't know he was addicted it's -- as much as you want it dead to tell as little girl the night before the movie started out. And a three year old girl mom and -- probably out in the first date they've been on a long long time. And now and ends with a guy dead because these text in this three year old in the angry retired police officers packing -- in the movie theater behind him. More to come on this one is the story on -- do you share that with as the minutes mentioned Christian high school team yeah how about -- yesterday. After school officials. Sent her home because she was wrong yeah. If people that's a school teacher goggles why I got a drinking problem. OK. You have -- you know you're you're an alcoholic. This was her second DW I offense she got involved and hit and run they say on the way home from school. School officials probably should have sent you need to go home like someone take I think that would have been -- -- you're drunk you can't teach our kids drive home now. But nonetheless. Maybe she has. Legitimate you know problem with alcohol I don't know -- -- -- -- -- to show that schools teach children wrong. And it drives. And then to try to drive home. She's now that benefits the WIN. 2.2. 85. It's amazing she was able to get. Into the car let alone operated. Point 28. Flies -- point 08 is the legal limit all over three times the legal limit of alcohol system according to. Police and perhaps that wasn't until. -- eight passed under so -- was apparently showing visible signs of being drunken school sent home early. Get riding accident -- and they tracker down the she'd fled the scene allegedly. They tracker down and yet so. I wonder I've maybe should maybe she was drinking again if Obama goes to the car drink for a lot of had a -- whether. -- why you can't make this stuff up. -- if I think you can if you just can't first in -- If you drew breeze which you restructured contract to make room under the salary cap for players. Yeah yardstick or whether they're in serious cap trouble. And I think I would help out as much as I could you know reasonable. In the hundred million dollar man make averaged about twenty million this season. Oh. And he says he's saying the right thing thing -- on the -- and ask me out. -- he he -- -- -- and and and now it's nowhere near the biggest contract in football anymore couple years ago signed its. People have been you know every new contract for every and nausea so like they keep getting bigger and bigger but it. So I can't will be going up to because of any TV contract -- this thing distilling camp troubles though Brees also saying. You -- you would. Brees also saying that he thinks he's still getting better at the age of thirty. That you still on the up swing of his career he hasn't peaked yet. Or any admits he's definitely believe that -- whether it's true yeah that's pretty -- assembly there criticism. And you know you've been reading the text and messages -- beginning. Have not been all that kind and it's not just Texas it absolutely Brees is the man and he still getting back all right. Someone else's reasons no longer in his prime but he still a great QBs so yesterday we -- it was Andy's got a weak -- athletic. In bad decisions. But at least he says he's still on the upswing. A continuation messages from people way to mediate seventy David with documents that when he meant more for -- Chris Miller joins us with more on this proposal. To look at legalizing marijuana in Louisiana at least for medical purposes if not for recreational -- fly here. Or at least now only two other states in the nation allow recreational. Use a few 00. Medical but we -- ready for that Louisiana. -- god that go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a -- mart saying. In this meteorologist Alexandra cram for an ally ballot I'll get Harry while the rain is gone that makes me happy -- here for one -- he's kind of got a -- after -- that are -- -- the right. Yeah and I felt like dates it like Odyssey after a beautiful weekend yet after the saints lose Friday Saturday that rainy Monday victory Monday block. Yeah glad that that a year man and a lot of stars in this guys went in the bagel -- it's right. Yes opponents tomorrow's so it's really looking big and beautiful I agree I noticed the SARS as well usually the -- kind of makes a little harder to see the stars but it was gorgeous now. I don't know what was that without them I'm not an expert but I do know I saw a lot of -- Yeah lots of authentic you know they're always RBC is seen him credit. Today we are starting to cool off a little -- this morning in the forties on both sides like but even colder tomorrow. Yeah exactly -- tonight we have vote another little kind of blast of cooler air moving in so tonight will be in the thirties North Shore and around forty South Shore and then tomorrow night. -- upper twenties for the North Shore and it -- short yet another light to moderate freeze tomorrow night. Tonight and tomorrow night. Could be freezing on the North Shore but definitely tomorrow night on the North Shore yes and there was some thirties and south of the lake tomorrow night. Yeah exactly so yet you have delicate plants or if you have you know patsy when it -- -- -- -- that person -- -- take on delicate people maybe Al -- and Paris and how what Bobby -- today. Court today you'll be just sixty degrees for the afternoon and then tomorrow will be in the low fifty. But it's going to be breezy we will have a week until tomorrow that's gonna make it feel more like 43 -- like today that it sounds drama season sunshine bed and. To give me feeling like forties tomorrow yeah it's going to be critical tomorrow and Thursday is kind of like a repeat of today -- back to what he. Then cold and breezy and for -- -- -- -- -- think not home hot comb look down and I are randomly the good news is that no rain. Right no real green -- the next you know sixty users that that at least gave me. And got what from the -- Probably people file. As one right here in Louisiana. In -- he perish pint bill Louisiana right smack dab in the middle of the state. Police say a man burglarized the home. And brought his -- wallow with him. Did Riley say to myself you know I'm I'm gonna go rob -- -- I wanna bring my. Well it ended up being. Part of his undoing. Because not only was that your wallet pretty recognizable but it had a bright green emerald green it's being described as collar. So witnesses who saw them and an -- and the dog. As I teal green. We've been fix it teal green. But they remembered the -- the teal green collar that was enough for detectives to track this guy down. Kyle -- -- way you know faces a number of charges including Burton -- Ricky and that. Did it. I mean it. You just and we've got a burglary and I got my man -- -- got my glove consistent are better bring the -- while on got a great job with today. And a guy you know he's a lot of women walking around Q -- -- Shalala to their votes while in the -- -- -- carrier but it while in the lap in the you know little while a lap dog -- little accessory. -- -- -- While there rob a home like that in mind bill Louisiana. Now he's in jail no word on where the two while away I don't know if they found family members take it to -- of the two while with been put in the not a jail after a panel that dog intentionally Rob Bowman maybe went the town hall to upset people. The strangest things and I guess -- -- thank you like I think that Alexander and -- a direct from the Eyewitness News work. I coming up more every text messages -- 87870. Drew Brees if you were these saints quarterback. Would you restructure your deals and make room for other players around you to give yourself another shot of the Super Bowl and -- says he thinks he's on the he's getting batters bill at the age of 35 do you agree sports is now. Someone text -- 7873. It was the greatest ever -- get his swagger back. It's apparently agreeing that he is still on the uptick of his career as he said. Noses through our interest arm is getting weak he under throws all misery Steve. In a plane at over 5000 yards. I'm now five he's done well. Add to that we have Smart card and on this -- -- like calm not Monday bark because it shows that we made it through Monday and now we have just. Four days left in the work week with me for 20% of the way there we are and it today will be 40% of the way to and it and it sounds like you're not bind the Drew Brees criticism. I don't know means as he said and noted still getting better but he's got to believe that I don't know if he is still on the I don't know if he's peaked or not but I I do know he's feeling very good quarterback and bad. -- Timmy out now and I'd rather have loses who's available well it's definitely that is that as a definite statement art arts sports -- WW. With a -- knocked in the post season by Seattle Saturday fans and media alike can basket the saints' championship window is closing. When asked about that idea directly Sean Payton scoffed at such ideas. I said to our players you know you're gonna hit here this new buzz word cold window. And honestly the window as long as on the head coach here we're trying to slam and open always. So perhaps teams windows open but what about soon to be 35 year old triggerman Drew Brees well Payton had something to say about that notion -- well. You -- take each individual players say when as the window of opportunity I think I've heard that term the last three years now with regards to a specific player like drew I get that. In yet that windows bill. All the -- As a state kicked things in the offseason mode pelicans are still in full swing the lately they found themselves on the short end of the stick. The birds drop their six game in a row last night at the Orleans arena following one a one to 95 to the San Antonio Spurs. It was the thirtieth win of the season for the spurs to -- -- losses while pelicans fell to fifteen and 22. First point guard Tony Parker salted away the victory driving to the -- repeatedly in the game's final minutes to keep San Antonio in front Parker finished with 27 points to lead all scorers -- Anthony Davis did have a double double on the night leading the pals with 22 points and pitching and eleven rebounds the pelicans get another chance to in their -- tomorrow night when they host Houston Rockets. And Tennessee Titans say they've found their man the titans who hire Ken Whisenhunt to be their new head coach replacing Mike Munchak. Whisenhunt spent six years as the head man in Arizona where he took the cardinals to their first and still only Super Bowl appearance as overall record in the desert was 4551. After being let go after the 4012 season he spent the past years at San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator. Helping them reach the playoffs for the first time in four years. I'm mark -- that your early look at sports. -- -- let me ask you. Do you think the window is still wide open for Drew Brees do you think he's showing signs of decline now no not at all. No signs that I mean 33 years in a row or 5000 yards. And no one's ever done it more than -- others and Drew Brees you know Tom -- older than him Peyton Manning's older than him. He's still got. A good three to four years left in the tank I think it peak for this segment because as you brought up cute guys who have massive massive contracts yet Manning. And Brady they're both in the AFC championship game this week and playing for a chance to go to the Super Bowl teams. Despite their huge contracts have been able to put enough players around them. The you'd done the saints with. The hundred million dollar Drew Brees contract have been able to get back to the divisional round the playoffs. If you were Drew Brees and the questions going to be asked and that's been brought up a lot which you restructure year deal which you give money back. To the saints now they and they can find creative ways to work around you know how much -- -- bonus in amateur at the front end of the Bakken and -- atlas. But would you sit down with a sense that -- let's find a way for me to make less money. So you can put some great players around which you restructure. Well restructuring doesn't mean you're giving him money back it just means you get news at different times and yes yes I would do that. If it meant that you're gonna give me the help I need to win a -- -- -- I got a good point I still make the same amount of money. Yes that's a guaranteed to make the same amount to scan every distributed. Okay fine now works for me yeah but would you take a pay cut if we can end of that. It would depend on circumstances -- it would depend on circumstances I don't think you need to take a pay cut I think they can make it work. Mark -- are what make you work again in fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL IMF on the back now Margaret text messages today 78 to me about groceries and about a 71 year old retired cop charged with shooting and killing a man and a Florida movie theater. There's a man would not stop texting his three year old daughter before a movie -- start. Some attacks made -- 787 days to kind of bothers me. Asking about the 71 year old retired cop in jail now on second degree murder charges for allegedly shooting and killing a man who would not texting before a movie. And a Florida theatre one other races of the why why people and some people people need to know a lot that it was a one black one. In this story does that have anything to do with anything at all. Someone else that's at 878 and he says a lawyer will argue a clear case of Florida's stand your ground the top will go for a dark theater and confrontation. In -- forecast. A beautiful Tuesday ahead we're starting off in the forties and low fifties early on this Tuesday morning. We'll look for highs right around 61 this afternoon lots of sunshine. Tonight will drop to 35 -- the North Shore and about 41. South -- -- so that means it'll be cold to start off Wednesday with highs only in the low fifties tomorrow breezy conditions to use of feeling like forties. Thursday highs around sixty and mostly sunny skies stretched on into the weekend from the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist. Alexandra cramped for we have clear skies -- bright -- before tomorrow it's 48 degrees now at the airport and tanner 42 and clear and slide down. Is everything got to be about race you have to develop these guys in black and wider Asian or Hispanic or whatever. Have anything to do with the story. We still concerned about race. That -- -- for the next hour. -- Four hours of flying here on WW -- -- I think that every dad would you have your snake but what exactly they'll have off days when -- -- the moon in the waves in the cycles. The we talk about. I -- that Chris Christie. Is gonna talk about the traffic well we're not it would have Chris Christie what am -- talking about we're gonna talk about Chris Christie. -- would have been a helmet to easily this. We're gonna talk about Chris Christie and his problems in New Jersey and is that a real or manufactured scandals talk about some vandalism in Jefferson Parish. The saints and Drew Brees. We'll talk about is staying in. Temple in Florida yesterday and north of Tampa end of the Tampa was that the guy shoot neo went over the cell phone and my question is is that a is a cell phone issue is that gun issue lawyers and an entitlement issue where everybody feels like. This is my spot this is what I'm -- Illinois had the right to do whatever I want. Tommy -- and for the next four hours of fun to -- WWL. Enjoyed having great not Monday.

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