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1-14 7:15am Tommy talks to JP Sheriff Newell Normand

Jan 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand about a string of vandalism in JP and recent movie theater shooting in Florida

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Your new Norman joins us right now endeavors in Paris morning sheriff -- you do one. More good thanks for taking the time weather's not. Initially we invited the sheriff on and talk about the vandalism in Jefferson Parish soon to begin with that there we're gonna get to. You know the incident in Florida injuries generally speaking guns in movies and what the losses here in Louisiana etc. Sheriff -- what went on in Jefferson Parish a couple of guys cause a tremendous amount of damage. -- -- -- We we -- their course for -- in white male one -- Dakota ultralight don't want me. In our interviews that they had gone out and pellet -- shot hundreds vehicle windows in multiple neighborhoods across parish. And when asked about the reason for. Said the board. Where we are now about a -- 40000 plots in total damage to vehicles. Now we have pipelines limited on these two individuals are sitting in jail. Our hopes is that we -- aggressively prosecute these Chu young man -- And hold them accountable for the damage it inconvenient to their cause some issues across the harsh. You know windshield or side window caught out on I mean hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. A lot of inconvenience a lot of time revenues to take a war in order to get paired. Think of that nature coordination with your insurance company and -- You know one major pain in the neck as a result that you guys who -- not true. How do you draw the line between. You know summons an innocent prank and not encouraging any of this at all but you know kids sometimes -- this I had my house a onetime. They throw toilet paper on trees is all that a crime or does there have to be -- standard for damage done. Well I think in this case it's clear that I'm in very the clear intent to -- origin and cause -- in the people's property. And you know the downstream applications that this is majoring in being its list of folks some people financially strapped not able yet to be repaired. In a very short period that time major disruption to their friendly and then. And everything else in the not a piece of too little and consider all answered that a lot of vehicle on something that do a political around the parish. -- destroy people's property. In -- port that's fine. Our shootaround -- the law that don't go out you know wreaking Havoc across the -- -- Extra. Yeah I love you you're -- humor because. If you think about -- board but not to damage your own property united take your you year video games there are games system or whatever it is you have cellphones and destroy those. You're not that bored you just bored enough to go damage some -- properties. I'll tell me about the the the guns in movies and Louisiana line. And it would how does so that apply. Well they you know not really so much where there'll and and and I mean I really believe it's more about why. In Paris to. Why isn't it folks steal that -- and the state to use it -- -- in -- in order to result consulate. It appears unfortunately in our society today there's this. Total interest Arctic -- life and property and he's a true classic example were talking about. 1111. In the -- property in Indio on the other end of the spectrum human life. And that there's an assist total disregard that and it completely totally astronaut definition of course -- In our society. That relates. You know this thing starts out as a disruption in movie theater. Where I'm sure you'd be in Panama and where folks say that whatever other do and how until it is more important than anybody else strange. Within that theater I don't go to movies it was someone talk on cell. Our talk to mark talked to one dollar. Create some of the destruction there. We just don't generally respect for each other and society at large you know. What are certain protocols and accepted norms of behavior in -- relates to certain activities that we engage. -- -- that kid -- going to a movie this would never. You could literally here and drop ministry. Because every every one you know respected one another -- accepted normal -- it was in the year. Yeah I got a theory that it all went to own people's wearing neckties. To movies but like I don't know how are you on a lighter note you know and be dry sense of humor. A short added yeah I appreciate that you share. Great thanks so.

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