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1-14 8:15am Tommy, Saints championship window

Jan 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to the Big Chief Deke Bellavia about the Saints

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy -- 816 a nice -- today because of 61 partly cloudy right now morning in the fifties. Or forties and turning away -- big chief Deke Bellavia joins us right now now. Now that the saints season is over the big chief is gonna take lengthy vacation. And I guess we'll talk to him again in July right -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- it's something you would and did. Yeah you definitely effect the -- -- -- went in and out around because the end when players like it MobileMe when it went into complacency faced. It's a similar challenge in trying -- -- it'll be handled people feel support from the last week of July. 21 of the year is over. You know where they. Well and and policy at the Winter Olympics coming up on a new -- big. -- -- at this time they would public greatest players have and that they Louisiana ready MBA all star game so. It's about the little outburst got him it is it was it was just football season but now they don't -- Yeah I and I know your big combined nordic and that's why I've met all of the light light it up there yet. Think it's in the Olympics but let's keep Mubarak for god Drew Brees and he's willing to restructure his contract and he said he quite like that daily. Now it was it was wouldn't be within and between Christians and comment. Yesterday there was no -- We also as well the -- show about it's basically it was a Drew Brees is he would be would do anything you know pretty. He would be doing anything except -- as we've been built on I think probably he was. It was a situation where couples like it's giving him a couple more years these and -- in -- -- -- It's something that they would that they could you know they know. You just it's like these things -- a couple. What can you do about this year economics it is not yet it is to restructure. I mean think about taking less money on in the immediate heating up in city that he would be would do anything. To nobody. And there was also some discussion of window of opportunity. And Drew Brees and skills and get better and a nice 35 Tom Brady is gonna turn 37 in February and Peyton Manning I think is already 37 is a non. The -- those old. The windows. You know it was that the truth to these things happen right now and I -- a -- -- but -- -- -- process. It makes it even started that and that in the body and mop -- process process process the process the process. And then of course that the intimacy. Talent when Bill Clinton -- the window window. Those two things been injured it was that the teams did the unit that the quarterback the team has come and play golf on. Like the atmosphere of what the big things with Atlanta. And they were posed the question to a thirteen in three Matt Ryan. Tony and -- -- if they elect anyone that would close. There was there was interest if you didn't do. Some -- would pose a question about Bolivia's state involvement on the coach here we've we've mostly -- -- mostly in the window wide open every year. I think Atlanta's window was closed -- money through a brick through. Where they threw some good now because they have not -- this year so yeah I am an. You know we it. So that we would compare. Product in the global fight and I. That you had to look at the -- look different that you probably because of pro I think some that we see All Saints was quite the enthusiasm makes it will be better. I have for -- works. -- -- season and make the whole war is that different people it's not like he's probably the collegiate years. Yesterday that was exit meaning that the alliance. That they. What again. -- -- -- -- it can be maintain can be it can be it can be changed his. It's an itchy is that -- attributed -- -- indeed that's so typical he -- in places that have now via. It's because that the challenge that you added it what you what you got so close and so -- because they -- in the world is no guarantee. -- these difficult with the playoffs this year. You go to Japan and what forefront the issue so if every it would with a pulled a twelve -- originally before some -- -- these different. Ideally they'd they talk about NFL teams and it's you know I get better you get worse for you not. Stay in the same about Drew Brees if he's not getting better not get mercy -- say insane. He'd say yes -- Big -- when he was -- -- shield in nickel based and you feel one report via AP's that he failed. As good this season -- he's never -- he says he's always look at the beads are on the the I think you would be inclined. The upward move toward the end of a bit that we talked about -- mentioned that in that article she chose his that you feel good. The economic. When you goal game and let's face it -- a little -- Drew Brees at the numbers issued in 2000. No. I think with the -- around the place else they lost by eight points a day. So to meet -- help you grow. And I don't think anybody Trojan horses as high as forty therefore a quarterback that people think -- -- lead. The -- there were a lot has probably -- and Drew Brees. And the camera is in no particular role. You're the top -- war well disorder that is a tough call for quarterbacks in the quail this year so you -- if you liked it. Eat your chances of being in the policies and compete for a change until. -- fall probably didn't duplicates of the teams targeted -- people to quarterback. And ought to -- move the game is facility that the objective Kristian Von. You know he's a guy and a is not a critical to -- new quarterback of Arabia and India equity. It could be getting the gas samba certificates that -- he had done and Saint Louis. As Seattle. Yeah big free agent deal with what Matt Flynn and. -- it looked around become the Indians beat him college definite you know beat out Alex Bentley because it's. The championship you've also been hit it hard to get those -- about as -- ago. Title for alleged he'll let me ask you real quick Drew Brees is -- and offseason conditioning animals from from what. Everything I've read or seen so how many years did do you think he can play given the NFL rules that protect quarterbacks. -- -- out -- -- -- you pose that question I would say it may be 1015 years ago would lead quarterback but they can now. I would say from a standpoint of the number that you got. -- Between Korea five years. Yet. Appropriate you dig appreciate you time I really do will be listens afternoon and -- loved it without your brother Tucker thank you --

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