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1-14 10:10am Garland, legalizing marijuana

Jan 14, 2014|

Strange problems for the newly legalized marijuana shops in Colorado. Banks won't take the cash so store owners are traveling with bags of money…and now some experts are warning that drug cartels angry at loss of income may rob and extort store owners. Does that change your mind? Garland speaks to Retired Lt. Denver Police officer & member of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Protection).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to veer appearing tonight at twelve noon. It's can be a pretty interesting. Hour of interviews. We're gonna talk to banking experts we're gonna talk to security experts. You probably remember that target right before Grossman says oh. We got hacked. And forty million pieces of customers and -- that doesn't mean they're breathing room. Driver's license to home addresses to. Then we came back to actual liberal long it's more than seven email and now. The reports of three other major retailer retailers girls from him. And and then the explanation. That most of this is coming from Eastern Europe and Europe fury is in Asia. And Morgan skewed what happens to your credit car what happened to you were a dinner at. What do you have to do to get all of this -- it's. Something good that looks like -- be with -- for a while because. Apparently every time they come up with the security. The hackers underwear on. All they're gonna talk about the story Brigham City. I was losing. What we gain for the Iraqis and their democracy. We've all those lives lost all those lives Roland all the bodies mean to all blues mines -- And get try try to have to talk to people that -- there important but the notes experts in that -- And find out what this means for the future. When we fight two major wars and crosses over -- in dollars. And it comes down to when we leave it virtually group factor of the week was if not in a rock. Situation. That's so war could. Absolutely. Turn out worse. Then we went and may decide it's it's our something -- fascinating we've done. Lot of pitchers but legalization of pot in the of the day we had days ago honorable poppy carry. In don't -- and talking about him opening up the up first. Pot retail stores. Legal in the country at least legal -- state law. And we've we talked to -- their politics Carrie Ann Marie. -- appear experts that talked about how of this was set up and what was going to be done but -- water read a week later. Pot shops. Are now prime target for extortion. Black market competition and robbery. There wondering -- the legal pot industry won't find it hard to keep that rumor it's from holding general lucrative business. That they -- control. Now the media and south American cartels. Is -- -- our roads in some old. One have been reported February strong presence in Colorado. A kid among the stores and everything yeah Brett how to billion dollars in sales -- word first five million for the week. Some of the bankers are estimating. And yearly take -- 500 -- at four and state. In 2012. Up on this last night. The Mexican competitiveness. Institute. Issued reports -- -- -- Mexico's cartels would lose as much as one and have billion dollars. -- -- crawl rule loan legalized marijuana. Organizational also predicted the drug trafficking in revenue. Would fall twenty to 30%. In this in the cola. Cartel. Would be most affected losing up more than 50%. So. The question could -- came to mama and I think a lot of this is news. Being -- By the federal government quote not prosecuting in Colorado or Colorado but not agreeing whether. Not backing a changing laws but I could be wrong too -- -- -- Richards rip. And run with -- salute tended to order Bryan the retired lieutenant Denver police officer remainder of member of -- or enforcement against prohibition. The total book -- sure Pritchard call. Good morning -- -- career does this surprise you a board boarding your thoughts on the league for a. Well now that a surprise really have been talking about the overall costs which are quarterback in the profits to black market for a losing over ten metres down. And none of that relievers uprising in the -- I can understand also some was making a lot of money is seasons change it's going to cost him a lot of money. Albeit -- enterprises illegals start be a little unhappy with that. -- but I think. And I was part of that campaign in Colorado and middle former Denver police officer and so forth from. And -- that the televised pitch for that. As part of the campaign to get that passed. Because I along with everybody ultimately believe -- them. The most to enforce drug is released dangers of illegal drugs that is the one that's. Which is start was so -- and finally make our point that how long trucks doesn't help the drug problems that's our basic points. As far as on the competition and all that there's several things going on. That's although it's is working well in Colorado nobody's died from marijuana overdose or anything else so far nobody's been. Harmed by having these them. Don't dispensaries. Potential that you just mentioned the four. For armed violence is that -- that's the cartels do -- commit acts of violence to maintain. Their hold on the black market. So that maybe something we had yet to look forward to -- so that tickets are ways that we can work with that. And that so there's -- big problems through lots of possible. Ways to take a look at that. Ability and probably won't believe -- but as we talked. I've got a television set tomorrow laughter and it's live C unit in the DEA in working where it. So -- connections. For information. Allowing them to rule brought and drugs. In exchange for. Information. Much from what the details aren't but it's ironic. That popped him during our conversation lieutenant -- run retired Denver police officer. Now memorably by law enforcement against prohibition of these drugs we're talking about the Colorado on truck. -- -- But in January became the first so at least state law why -- birds legal retail outlook it's. Everything their routes the amid about a million books in the first day of five million during the week. In Minneapolis that I checked -- loyal to its adore about 300 -- shopped and they expect the annual. Dollar amount from them to amount to about 500. Million. The problem is all of a sudden now we're hearing. The public shops could be the target for extortion black market competition and robbery. By the Mexican drug cartels two major drug court to notes. -- stand to lose billions of dollars just pulling one state to legalizing marijuana. Lieutenant. And one of the stores are red -- and it's it's. Quite possible that cartel's war higher stroll owners of clean records who can apply for a license. And then sell large quantities both legally and on the black market. Why would they sell on the black market it if it's cheaper to get a read to you or is it cheaper again. Most amazing thing is going on there's some of those stats that you mentioned is. Even during the first day as a matter fact from what I read. Prices so we're not rather hide from where they started out on the first or selling. He's been legal marijuana that's that's just a basic economic factor of supply and demand abilities. They don't have no at this point. Right so there's that factor I think that level out on these days says it doesn't most businesses and its final final level is that. But there's tremendous potential for profit in this -- people -- these said that at least tries substances to go well pockets about. Yeah there's great arguments back and forth most of which -- against Maryland most of which have been disproven. He knows he would like to keep. That going. But so there's a real problem -- -- results federal law that limits. Devices to banks 101000 dollars about somebody wanted to know what the -- it's all about and catch. You know it's checks or something that's one application. There's definitely that. And that's causing. Take for banks plus the fact that there as threat not too -- to -- from the DEA's that they engage in. And handling money or -- counts related to an illegal drug federally. That it might soon lose their chartered to be a bank and that's come after them for. Forward tourism affordably and Republicans as it relates to illegal trucks and also. There's a lot of hesitancy -- you can understand the part of banks to do that is so you're right it does make it rather dangerous. To sell this product and have to do OK so kindly do have. I've been studying this mausoleum. Near a lot of this century's -- ATM machines. So people can come and get cash to make a purchase. But some of the president to present -- look at it and machines people go away secular public traffic introduction. The Fed's decision in August in the opening period with centuries saw that says they would. With not bother. States have legalized marijuana legalization. Didn't allow this that if the other but there's a lot I think you're really kind of unhappy that the laws passed. Because it's 22 if you look at these liaisons that what they actually enforce. -- like they have a thing they talk about procedures. Every year annual list of all the procedures are totally talk about a drug enforcement facility in ninety plus percent marijuana. So basically it's mostly all -- do is is marijuana enforcement. And we can debate that forever wonder why it is as mr. Under and then a year and local police compartment you -- used -- be a balloon. In the split around any 28%. Of the revenues goes to the local police department 22 the. Even play at another part of the world people talk about velocity of the confiscation. -- that's that's her big moment. Well isn't actually a book out about the color of policing for profit. And I talked about all this money that they get from seizures and how hard it is for people -- -- their interests and to get some money back so that's another bad part of the war trucks. You -- questions. You can't use your credit card you -- pay by check all you can do is cash. Well credit card companies can change because most of them or headquartered in Elmore Delaware not call rock and we're still illegal. Do you see the Fed will let me give an example we do our little about double rubio proved -- -- opinion poll earlier today. And we ask you for -- against legalizing pot in Louisiana and almost 70% say absolutely four. The bed read the polled politicians read the -- you see a thing where they say okay we're only gonna prosecute. Bud. -- killed in the business without banks to take your money. The drug cartels will move in and sort extorting him robbing. This could become violent. And battle killed the whole -- Well. I can -- going to that in that maybe to a might kill love. It -- Tillamook and answers sure that's that's helped publicize everything we possibly can assume it does decide to. Rafa -- some kind of sensational type robbery. One of the dispensaries are something or somebody get shot either dead or whatever and also say look we don't who's going to be better students. But we've been through that was liquor stores and other things that were once prohibited. But do it didn't feds come out in -- Look career is legal all over the -- states not selective. So in the first -- due to look at their history that there were five or six states. Early on that all the potential of your. Experimenting and trying to tell people what they can't do. Five or six or -- states came out -- Leon and I even halfway through and said this is ridiculous we're not doing this for not following the laws anymore and that's. What's happening with the with their international drug war is that community UN treaty. There are several Latin American country -- housing you know this is this is too costly for us in so many ways we're gonna discipline apparently at least reporting that the countries where. Trucks have been made legal so that they can't be regulated and controlled that's -- that's our whole angle at least. Let's legalize drugs so we can get regulation and control makes sense of and do something to solve the problem -- just -- people in prisons that somewhere around 45000 plus per person some. -- you're you're retired. Denver police officer lieutenant. How many years were you in the media and law enforcement business and why did you decide to draw and -- There were police department for a 36 years sergeant supervisor street supervisor patrol lieutenant for a fourteen also street. Patrol operations. And and done I think that's our you know my career I watch stuff. People locally and looked illegal narcotics bureau system forum. A couple of years before Nixon decided to declare the war on drugs -- And those guys wouldn't we're blessed people we had you know days of the hippies you know those guys probably. So called a piece. Bucket around what certainly looked made it easy to target them and took them down. And shake them down because they were doing something illegal like -- its banking industry. And look at her pocket and find a couple of leads the marijuana legal -- to some of those guys in jail for a number of -- because they have at least. In their pocket line. You can leftovers. And -- -- out of service for a long period of time. And that's something we're just trying to I would get up to the bureau of narcotics that was because of my you know and I still -- to the state and make -- final time. Police departments. Are there to serve the public and the public really wants is what they feel needs to -- to call police. They would like to seal officer -- about the time they hang up to fall. And drug enforcement all of these things where we built special units. And depending on the size of department's major part of their budget drug enforcement money. They're detracting lobsters from doing government function. And police department not responding positioned to -- because reservist in the citizen thinks they need a police officer. Then they call and that policy I was -- other shall we find out what they call us. And we need to reassure the more handle the matter cannot be distracted by some of these other thing. So that's sort of student -- since most of my career is still standard today is listing what police -- -- -- to be done and do those things they come upon them. And the different bases and then prioritizing things rather than answer people's. The two and a I don't think -- here at the end of the story today's story. Reserves the right to call your leader -- as this thing goes along thank you so much for the time in the expertise you have agreed to. The Tenet total -- and a retired lieutenant from the Denver police officer and member of the leap. Law enforcement against prohibition. Coming up next world taught to warned of the retail out little older roots. It is -- repeal -- -- -- -- right app there's there with a Slobodan ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- --