WWL>Topics>>1-14 4:10pm Sports Talk: NFL Conference Championships

1-14 4:10pm Sports Talk: NFL Conference Championships

Jan 14, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the NFL Conference Championship games and who is the prettiest QB in the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome the sports talk alone indicates he -- Bobby bare. I'm Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program -- go around the league and a 7 o'clock hour talk about the final four teams. Remaining it's it's championship week in in the -- -- and you know. Will speak with. Mike Sherman took over the San Francisco 49ers Chris price from the -- to WEE I doubt Carmen and -- and Terrell cope with the Denver Bronco. Operated jaguar opinion -- He's online at W did you dot com watch other San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks in the NFC championship game instead of this thing. 260187. Is it that a defense better coaching better running game. Bennett in the trenches on it just better teams. 866889. The rates in the you can text this it 87870. Bobby looking at the makeup of a break -- that I gave you Seattle I think San Francisco -- a slam dock. Other big quarterback. San Francisco got us and everything. Yeah talked about Colorado offense defense special receivers receivers coach in and and I say that and that's not brought to -- when you have led your team to three straight. In you coming off to suit elbow has not been done me any time in the history -- game well there. About going to say coaching I think and I respect big Ngo and Jim -- ago way back to him. When he was the quarterback University of Michigan. But I think if you put Rob Ryan and Sean Payton wouldn't 49ers team right they have the things to get back out and out on talk about. Did that those teams and am not saying if at all let you know with a what you say coach and I think to have an edge in the coach him because they got better players -- -- and -- and strategy and it and that's a valid point but is a reasonable Al can't how many good plays -- Right David did a team a team game but three Nolan out of an oh that's all to do and elated structured. At quarterback I think at their -- -- line. I think me take that approach Alex make him take them only so far. In -- Colin -- would be that individual. That ultimately could bring -- a -- bowl championship now. With that being said -- cabernet. Meaning he was up and down this year it wasn't like he was a slam down of consistency. Like a Tom Brady. And Peyton Manning Armas is like I Drew Brees nor Aaron Rodgers. When you look at the elite of the elite. It is like you almost expect. They don't have like a bad month are they don't have a bag a couple of weeks they might have a bag gain. But he -- the bounce back now. -- cabernet -- the 49ers. Are better than the Seahawks but all on those the last two times they went to Seattle big -- They got outscored don't seem to 7874. To sixteen. And and the reason why one of the main -- -- cabernet did not play well. And and I think this time around of -- -- plays well they can beat Seattle in Seattle and then also the X-Factor. As a Michael Crabtree will be available. Which he wasn't the first time around. You can look at Carolina and outstanding defense and and what occurred in that game is they were -- with a Crabtree -- teams Anquan Boldin had a great game and you got Vernon Davis. But I think if you played a neutral field. -- -- the 49ers are better than the Seahawks. But you look at the game in San Francisco. Oh lord of foreigners were able to win I still loving it's it's what it is seventeen. A tight game you'll all money you'll all money we've been. I I -- in Seattle simply because their home if of the Iraq San Francisco I go to the 49ers. If there is a neutral field goal of the 49ers assembly. Seattle is only loss of one game. The past two seasons. And it was a slugfest -- game who knows the organize my game that time -- game to game the loss of like seventeen to 109. Russell Wilson even though you could say maybe hasn't played as well as of late. It's amazing how he steel comes up. With big plays there was a crucial third down against the Saints. You look at the inclement weather. He throws an outstanding over his shoulder path on a crucial third down. I looked at tickled this season Seattle I Carolina. Mean Carolina's. It's outplay the Seahawks even though you know it's in their own backyard Russell mills in this like he makes a big plays in. You know with the help them overcome the Carolina net and and to win that game. It just say that when you -- Russell Wilson out. That he comes through and that being said I mean how many teams. All of a sudden. -- mean the game was in doubt because it's always which when you whenever you with that one scored the Saints had a great chance to win when you think about this. Russell Wilson had a hundred yards passing. And they were all nearly control of the game and mean it wasn't like. Guy -- you know the Saints are given it no it just seemed like David ebb and flow of the game the only control. And you didn't think Russell Wilson was playing a horrific. Even though he only had a hundred yards passes that -- be structured in Maine will be mistake yet and and that's why. Both these teams are built like that that's why I -- right now what do you wanna say the NFL lore. And FC AFC they got it right I think the four best teams. Are in the final four and I look at the NFC that I still living right now where -- Iraq. Going to make shared expectations. That there's no reason to say -- a top sixteen nowhere in the playoffs. Where a top sixteen where a playoff team we should demand ten or eleven now wins. From our franchise now. I don't know we go past that I don't know legal pass the divisional round there's not a -- we still as good as. In order Seahawks sort of 49ers I think -- destroy -- it kind of -- broke down this season and then I think I'm truly be an objective about this. I think at the Saints go to Seattle. Even it would have BC and the got to go to -- is guarding we got to be lucky we have to have a great game the ball bouts await the wind there. I think if you played ten times this harris' goal right now it -- in Seattle we will end probably a couple of times maybe three. Where I think in his superdome. Is Seattle McCain is -- on more Sam's has a computer Seubert colony flip a coin. I think it's a 5050 deal and look we got a crucial call that went I'll -- on Sunday hit on drew is the 49ers. And you know how the ball bounce your way we won a game. That's why I think it would make a difference even next year. That if -- -- overtake a team like Seattle San Francisco. Come playoff time that we have to play him in the superdome. -- this -- it to go out west and play in San Francisco or Seattle because then if we would beat them it would truly. Be an -- to -- the thick of things the right there. And a lot of times a lot of franchise that's what they hope for. To be in the hunt and have a winning a playoff type team but to say to -- that -- best and you -- -- voters who -- are represented in -- is suitable. -- not quite -- -- ring in the fight. But like I said it would be enough said Mort and us being the favored and it would make a difference because you know where you play in the game because we were so dominant in the superdome. 2601878668890. Attended combat that testing key thing will lead us off -- won't hear from you too while the Florida town has its the oaks in the championship game instead of this nineties Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia this is sports talk on WW and welcome back to sports saw he is the Kasey -- -- Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia. Values -- -- idea coaches show we got any email. From -- This is -- I -- on the show it has always come out Courtis around the world. With -- who dat nation is allowed a window here in Germany so Guinness in Germany want to give him a blow we -- it did is we -- we. Dennis in Germany Dixon now officially we've been recognized and -- -- callers via England now Germany Japan Australia Australian. As the love. I think we've been heavily call from among goal Mongolian but I think that was maybe Bos. And I I don't Baghdad on the beat themselves service there that's in the middle. I've got to do it at all that we go we just thought off we -- in -- thank you for calling debuted at Uga. Yeah I think he'd be in about. Officiate because they hate to say yes but it seemed like -- Wilson would would. -- It's basically get pressure all morning. They didn't call old. And it looked in the light at least 45 Toms they will grant that strange dirt. The way we do what you call holding on their offensive line our right back all right. Yeah. And baiting column Dolphin and it got away all week -- them back. If not -- managers. And I think they had some dude outcome of the game. Is it because that it would be a lot. Yeah it would help the Saints. Yeah what will bring Al Rosen. -- out just as Allison as a as our lovely board operator agency's web -- a -- Bobby sit across from me and Allison is in the studio. But how different everything and I asked us as a which he takes you said that. Well -- Donnelly was going to name is. I don't know that that subjective I mean I evening go back there at the play that frustrates me. Is hold and hold ago when do you call that what you call illegal contact all of that I don't know you got to almost overcome that elegant back of the Patriots game. Junior -- was the grabbed around the neck. On the last touchdown pass by Tom -- over Jabari Greer or is it but dating call Holden. I don't let it slide and it was a couple of games that maybe the Patriots got robbed a look at the Carolina Panthers game -- Heatley. I mean is that it was a tablet a couple of times the Patriots got robbed and you could -- may be work to their benefit and to Saints game. So I think 88 88 goes both ways that when you rely discipline that now. I -- say we had a a crucial big play they say a completion. To Kenny stills -- say it was like 3233. Yards. Act against foothold -- -- doesn't count. So I don't know that that does make a difference but but to say. That. You know that they were just called and hold it against us and that damn wouldn't go that for. Okay add one other thing on the first two field goals that the Saints try right and hit it at Wembley may. Why why not go forward because of the weather conditions -- I just -- -- -- -- go forward in the fondness you gotta do ground. So are you saying go Florida fort down I think we were part of Ford down three times on the goal -- with the heat up at. Four. Well right he had an opponent's game that percentages things well don't they that I had a problem in the first half while went part of -- down the wind supposedly it was in our favor. And -- kicker made a field goal looks like it wasn't. An adverse situation I know the wind was gusting and it would change. But but I had thought maybe. That at that time we would of went for a field goal instead of going for a report now considering it was going to be a hard fought close game. Verses what occurred and went -- of fourth and fifth when leading goal Fordham for the fifteen kicked a field goal. On the stand down and distance and who you're going against but to me we never should even have been in that situations simply because. We lucked out after a 52 yard reception by a Robert Meachem we get the ball on the 25 yard line. I mean it would have been for the fifty Bihari haven't run that line and you -- run a play. It's that again and delay game first of fifteen pars if it eating at the Seahawks -- the odds are converting on that. You gotta be kidding me. And and is -- the wins not in your favor right -- I thought right the end so let's say we just on the ball for the second out considering when all's said and done. We averaged four point two yards a carry. Soliciting is there to fort down and you got about five or six starts ago that afford down that you probably go -- Instead it Uggla of the fuel and that's finalizing. -- necessarily accountable. Even though yard -- professional level and you have to be held accountable those conditions. Look at their first -- -- -- A couple of you never you've got to spin the ball toward laces are heading towards the goal couples and he barely miss that would now they the one. He -- hit it it wasn't as dedicate a pure hit as he did the first one but I still say the wind wasn't in our favor. So no there's a lot of second guess and at angles along when you mutually break it down the situation and play above play. And -- all I know is is that you're going against. That the Seattle Seahawks and considering passed out. Seattle isn't to say there -- -- it. Why I think going into the game where -- Payton and drew everybody we need to be more patient throughout because if you look at Dan Quinn. And his defense you know we took about rob Ryan's defense we look at Dan Quinn and what he's dealt with the Seahawks defense it just the fourth time in NFL history. That you had a deep as those ranked number one and interceptions and twenty interceptions. And passing yards allowed. And that I was only four time that ever happen in NFL history. Guess what. That's -- to sea dogs got a great chance. The voters -- the other three wound up in the Super Bowl when they were have beat women they were able to be number one interceptions. And passing yards and and you throwing their what they've done. As far as their pass defense -- has -- in the fall ball the Seahawks unbelievable pass defense when you look at this that is from -- sort. Football perspective dot com you look at to see holds a sea dogs they've both won that the top five -- the advances in the last 65 years. And the second best is that 1970 merger music -- a passing. Of rules that they have now that that's that to me is unbelievable that's going back to like post World War II hundred fifties. That really led the C alternate top to NFL as the guys that you considered a rules. And the way they are -- and that's under it would -- achievement in pass defense. I -- man who had a full bore a consummate all of the open -- for quite awhile before -- -- against later in the program WB and use them for thirty campers it was on me. Yeah welcome back to sports hockey that -- did an -- -- a bad. I'm big battery operated jaguar pupil while all of a born again it's sealed in the championship game instead of the sites. Is it coaching defense. Their running game better opportunities that a team it's cast a vote online at WW dot com. And out of the saints' season is over all your rooting for someone if -- San Fran is it Seattle. -- on New England on you do say that you know an odd thing -- I -- react. Jonathan -- they might be entered the pain. Tied the game as I would think it would cheer more -- Denver. I think you know like the pretty boys in Norman Tom Brady. All -- and on and no I'm just telling you up to -- I'll tell -- how people think live. Ayodele like the northeast bias -- sound like him -- movie but it command you that's. Opinion let me tell you what I think -- I don't know let me tell you let me tell you -- -- people think I've got the bad thing. They don't like the Patriots could and aren't these by -- -- because the media they want the Patriots and it's noble good with the New York. Other than that it that there is no there's no Jai does -- regional influence and because -- bullets that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. So that's why I think the don't want the Patriots. And you know I don't think that when the party that is -- they could care less about those two teams. 'cause they do not like Jim Harbaugh and they do not like Pete Carroll -- statement. I like them because I know players. -- -- I know Jim Harbaugh personally. I know I know Pete Carroll I know players who have played liberals particular coaches and a lot of them. Now view on the outside looking in and UK stand. -- out on back to USC in the field gates stand Jim Harbaugh and his maybe his mannerisms he's way more outrageous in his brother Jain. With the Ravens but I think they would tend to cheer more but the broad goals and Peyton Manning because New Orleans connect. Okay what does that add to the beauty. Because Tom Brady pretty boy syndrome. A because he's from the northeast. And that's like to begin to chip from being over a time -- you'd told me all about it not these blasted -- I was followed. But it was like you'd just say birdie just to say pretty you know -- boy Tom Brady a lot of people are jealous that Tom Brady because as his kicking needed to I think it -- -- -- -- the GQ. Looking guy. Who's that who's the man to man and is not many guys like that now we're pretty broad -- my -- mandated to have as they. I may -- first. After activists and wall for the Patriots. When they were the biggest underdog a second biggest underdogs who -- -- -- three and he beat the Rams a week could Spain because they NFC west of that tonight time. He got a little of that. But Jeff Gordon did do. -- now since he's -- again almost already announced locally you know I don't know but I'm glad you're back even even -- -- -- Wallace OK I have a sixteen game it's a little a little longer opinion I don't I think that I don't think. Not that I don't think people say that is always cite an opinion poll you how -- Sosa why -- let's -- and let's break it down. New Orleans area. You gonna tell mitigated tunes that it's here that Tom Brady overpay Manning filed though we use b.'s that's what he's asked why they gonna cheer but top Peyton Manning all the Tom Brady are there other teams. -- fourteen left. It would be in this area mortuary the Payton man because the local interest compared to what you have with the Patriots. Those Seahawks -- not as I know I'm right about that. And I the other day and aren't gonna TF and I and we know we're talking about Tom Brady and why you thought people did cheer for the week and that's why I'm a title locally and I am talking about that I was insane people want gonna pull him over Peyton Manning. I was talking about and how we used in now do you -- Jeff Gordon at first and -- I'm saying locally but I don't know -- but I am telling you over the course of time locally globally broadly. When you a long way in -- -- he bulletin respectable listed as well Brady to meet if commando like Tom Brady is because they they wanna be like. -- Tom Brady would result what the Patriots you gotta be kidding me when he plays an adverse conditions and those weather conditions what he's produced and supporting cast. They don't come any better in the net. Man on the is bigger Tom Brady's and it's become. But I think -- who in the hell really knows Tom Brady but that you've sought a New Orleans nobody know Peyton Manning SEC. New Orleans our team and our national poll for pained me to add that at that that's all I'm saying I'll tell -- that that I think now some somebody in my nights they. Love that they wanna see -- is gonna handled adversity Pete loses again right because I think Peyton Manning is the greatest regular season quarterback ever. But what he has to do. Amid going Eli batting in the same category as -- I think Eli is good. I think Peyton is great. But you -- what is -- both Payton has won only one in the opening wins another snowball and it did that the world at the football world is rule. And and how they judge and it's part. Because I'm tonight at almost I would -- to win. Silly because I know what he's accomplished how hard that is to be as great as he's been a while all those games in the regular season. But until we can win. And at least one more suitable the biggest thing we can't get it done okay get it done and I don't think it's fair but that's just the way he's gonna be judged. And I guess a better supporting cast. Then Tom Brady so we should win and he's playing at home. Know at the Broncos got muggy day I would say it's a choke job. It if Peyton Manning. And the Broncos don't win at home you could make it's it's held well they loosen up but on the take it theater because they went to New England prize and they lost that overtime. -- because I think. People look at. Peyton Manning has a better supporting cast as far as weapons. Then. C'mon Tom Brady throwing you can even name their receiving -- alleged truly follow football knowledge Garrard blood out of the Broncos could stop him. If it's amazing what Belichick and the Patriots have done. Considering that's why you never can use injuries as an excuse and I abuse it is -- that excuse looted Jabari -- dedicated -- Carroll. But it's amazing what the Patriots do if like next man up. C'mon a Wes Welker is one of all time greatest reception receivers good golf is not there and they're offered to still productive final. I'm telling you I raised my hands and talked now. The point back to Tom Brady will move on because it over a course and I think people know we could talk to each other what you like to twist. And my thought was was analogy about Jeff Gordon they may say he's a pretty ball. They may say I don't like what I see I think they do they respect in his pocket because -- and a guard. But I'll continue what he's from California well I I'll opt out to right and NASCAR people how they at Talladega -- Jordan. Rednecks that like NASCAR do not like -- gynecologist from California and make -- an -- -- -- but -- expected -- Because every day and I don't have another do an ambient pretty. -- and I don't have a big wide -- fought to -- -- exit. Is because he -- and I don't think he's ever been a bootleggers NASCAR start it would -- bootleg and and again away from the Cubs -- in -- -- lately if you sports can say is that. Each ET me track commode Jeff Gordon does the team or. The one that the bombing about it and everybody is one of the Peyton Manning and I -- I don't like the Bronco like I -- Jimmy Graham would do Ortiz. And it took a column and I love it if Jimmy Graham in the game would get all brits have been affair. When they try to hold you come back to the ball maybe give a little elbow thrower so. They get a call -- get some separation. You think fans think they have held it against Jimmy Graham beating Alberts have been affairs though Davis at what he's he's trying to write a -- -- go to Purdue. And I love mile like they got to a crush that Tom Brady Mort Drew Brees right. Note Tom Brady Tom Brady. Would -- about Tom Brady got GQ looks and he's a man to man and yeah he has Davydenko -- Peyton Manning. You managed a great player but he -- you -- got to hide our way to look at dude don't you know Tom Brady's level grows to about Peyton Manning. When they've Manning can act as a -- used to be is southeast of these single you don't they would go out Juan Ayala guy as a quarterback at Raanan. So this is when Payton was -- they made it right at Tennessee just the league. And so like a lot of people like in his place in hand -- ballroom dance and they all like a lot of people around him. And I -- I'd -- -- -- -- -- big an annual human -- is limited nobody or human body and mean nick Zito and into a -- and -- oh all right. -- More quarterbacks. I -- -- number ones Tom Brady. Number twos Russell Wilson. Luke looks out the -- demanding sport. Look at cabernet looks like square garden's Oakland's Bob and -- we come out -- and -- no idea -- the lower area see anybody else ya feel welcome from and that segment. We win. From -- my -- pretty ambiguous who was voted for who did Jimmy Graham needs to be tough but do the best quarterback in remaining in the playoffs that's what I do every day. This is sports talk on WW and welcome back to sports talk watch all the 49ers and Seahawks. In the championship game and the Saints on let's go back to the phone Bobby will go to his go to -- to go for Ron Ron thank you for calling WW yeah. Would have a player that would have been a good -- on -- -- Kolb is number not that previous -- -- in the that was pretty funny. Of course I think those two teams in the playoffs over the -- and that our bases stealing got a great offense. If needed to capitalize on the opportunity you know I knew that that the Hawks have a great defense by. Targeted it'd probably wind and also did -- defense. -- -- Seahawks have agreed secondary and see forty guys have a great linebacker clueless. And David you know be all over evidence he would either way it -- line. Right thing about this when you truly break Dallas if it -- that it did the bits of line. The linebackers in the secondary. Okay. I would say if you and I'm talking about. You look who's always amongst the best as far as where they ranked in the NN FL nudges NFC -- FL not talk in my Carolina. The 49ers. And the Seahawks in his secondary. Obviously got to put the Seahawks first. In the 49ers right behind him in nick Carolina and is as their weak link is a secondary. Now you look at the line backing -- to me even they've very productive I put the Seahawks live mega -- third. And I put the 49ers line back hidden it's like one and 18. When you can -- -- time -- Thomas Davis Saluki -- still think they behind. The 49ers line backing corps. The day and you look at defense of line that you put the Seahawks third. And in if you look at the even as stout as the front seven is the Carolina. And they're -- of line but all -- mid being back and he's not on suspension and he's ready to roll. And it all started with the Packers playoff game. I mean I hopped united pick the 49ers. A number one in the trenches. -- Carolina and and and in the Seahawks I mean -- that's why I think you know when you look at how they're structured how they're built. I think that's when you look at the advantage -- they have over the Saints as good as we. And -- of the name just calls feeling. Feeling and some people giving some people don't -- no rhyme or reason about it. This is their feet and instances. And I tell you an aunt -- were two on one about that deters and ironically it's the novel we sit and talk I wait mode -- is it hails. But out today which -- -- -- money at an apartment -- pick and when I got bush. Win Colin cabinet the Canadians on Sunday and he did it Superman. I'm wrong like. Admit that it. Advance from that point don't beat the airline as you know what I'll -- on it now -- beat him my -- thought I mean it looked like he was more than one for a picnic and you and you know this is sports talk on -- did you. I Debra mops and biggie now called balk in Eugene open Lions will wanna hear from you. Wow all the fought as in sea Hawks playing in the championship game this weekend. And the Saints Arnott -- -- -- keep -- place took our identity this is WW.