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1-14 5:35pm Sports Talk: LSU Recruiting

Jan 14, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to Mike Scarborough of tigerbait.com to talk about LSU recruiting.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- what do whatever I can do to help this team. If if they wanna come to me and extend even further great. -- -- listen listen listen Bears story possibilities. As to happen here. So let's just let this offseason. Start and it's what the -- the second unfortunately. Real which wasn't. Whatever hopes this team win of the best. Saints quarterback Drew Brees go to -- -- -- -- the -- got him -- that. Kevin thank you for calling WW them. And it got protect -- -- all the big spread but later on our technical. Game time. Play it and that they need to pick it out got out. Every -- we thought we all we appreciate to pass him but to break enough we we want to hear which is able to break and a bogey another chance to maybe hold the phone -- -- -- -- -- -- you gotta say. The hit. -- -- It came out and play. You're opening game being injured they've got man handled and camps like. In a while and chill out in -- bush in the last game. Was it -- -- and not been knocked out. The play actors off and I think. Really -- want to say thank you as gun shy. From everything that went down a couple of we went out last year about it out there and B I think it really out there. And just slap them -- a -- and get there and say okay your reply. What else out there now I want to admit -- be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh call. That Jean needs to happen mentality. Slap shot on somebody your -- or. Any UK. And. -- a player and knock somebody out hitting a ball. Over that. Campbell. Yeah it Kevin I think some fans what a game in a given the Saints saw -- the benefit of doubt may be who would have got an office of an appearance of penalty pushed and often. Like you talking about our Raphael bush having old school mean. I knew him and it's sort of flagged it I think what he he -- he showed Percy Harmon. Then maybe you came back too fast and and Andrea like you said put the wood on him. But as we've gone get ready go to my score -- than me today -- also happened you know I have to say anything is that you play. Do all the talking with -- haven't Jimmy Graham and his inexperience. The football feel will be forty game. As -- -- the fifty yard line one team warm warm -- once side of field but it team warms up on the other side. Okay it's only Jimmy -- goals on the Seahawks side. You know he's kind of doing like the proto pro god you know like you know like almost a union guy and I it was so bro -- Dillon. You know like a good luck in today's game is in some wrong with the. He went on Seattle's -- the pits what you do want -- to crying he would on Seattle's side and and you know they looked at right now -- would how you doing here and Eagles as Jimmy. Bruce Irvin said Jimmy and they -- him. And let them lightly and you better get out here so Jimmy Graham thought man they'd just respected him so -- members -- -- way I don't have answer questions. So Jimmy is expanding like. A good luck to you today you know man and you saying that's -- don't know you better know who you do -- that -- All bundled the Seahawks hopefully that I don't think the 49ers have played that. Oakland may be going against a certain teams and at bill one Asik and they -- -- -- like good luck today and all that. The Seahawks will like man you better get -- can be -- -- -- but. And it will create your friend Bruce Irvin servants and dol. On and off the field now. Jimmy -- does an outstanding job all the field. But on the feel I always feel witnessed not just I'll be re already there we -- house yet. Thank you Walt can't call a ball yes knocked the hell out of somebody got it because -- I'm telling you. And and that's why -- -- and all they got. Jimmy Graham -- they go oh wait you don't know what you fix and get into and that's why you almost as it just go and play in -- -- actually in. That you have to like. And going confront them or anything that are no pregame thing in Indy Jimmy Graham light like that that's the only game he may be one or. Repeated -- and and does -- look on about Richardson. He comes and so they billboards than me or is it. He is are these hardcore Italy is the Max Kolb or a tiger -- dot com dog does now might. 81% of the odds gain LSU offense this year 67%. Of the touchdowns scored this year. On no longer there we'd take about an embarrassment Landry Beckham. And he'll. What what what does LSU hand how how can a piece some -- -- -- time coming off of the greatest offensive year in schools here. I mean look at -- we talked about it offseason with the struggles the defense known that we did. You know the 2014. Can be just -- on the football. And what it was that long ago and aging and isn't real competition at quarterback. A lot of excitement would definitely -- running back in and played in Germany -- But you know when you lose those two great receivers and quarterbacks concern in the field. That's scary proposition and but look you know on the opposite like who's going to be the excitement about that the wide receiving. Hold its coming in in in brain in here as a true freshman quarterback. But there's definitely some holes to -- and a lot of question marks going into. Spring football in info -- Might have whenever I get delayed -- -- is -- the recruiting trail is heating up. The regular tiger -- -- com big recruiting week and coming up this weekend and the 24. And -- that all those names together for you tiger -- dot com. Now Mike you bring a -- it's -- line coach and what your opinion and your take on this I have an opinion. Now look at they have a number of outstanding candidates. And and I know the likes of -- -- -- -- about thome when news of and offered -- line he was outstanding. And and and that he knew the tricks of the trade so to speak. You know helping them also. Not just run blocking but to be a pass blocker in the and you got the likes of Kevin -- why. You look another wanna rob sale these mainly stayed on the sublime it and you look at also. A Cam Cameron and who he's familiar weight and he probably has confidence in a going back the Baltimore Ravens -- Todd Washington. And Andy Moeller. So it seems like they have a number of candidates but. Oh what direction that you think they gonna go win -- do you think it's more called a cam -- caller is it less miles. Well if you Washington was the guy that was recruiting. I think initially wanted. But I was shoes got eighty Edelman because of the salaries that they -- -- in. Big hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to now is to draw inquiry or. You know you don't get. Coaching staff payroll in college football. So you cut -- and draw at least you're still going to be important picture and -- or that you would. Became our -- you know he hasn't coached for two seasons. So. We're told that Washington is the guy that the amount of money was gonna take to get there. That. -- -- it wouldn't approve that. Salary. It looks like -- -- right now that the that the front runners -- -- from Virginia Tech it was a it was a problem before that. Can you mentioned -- focus and some others. You know it's been a history of smiles that you look at the ages of the coaches and he brings -- And he doesn't have a track record of bringing in young coaches guys that are not far removed from -- graduate assistants. Everybody around I like -- I think he's afraid. They might know more in him. I'm just tell your truth that they afraid that likes that kept them alive -- innings Bulls a two. A -- bogus and that topic coach -- -- -- and all the line meeting room when the what they're talking about his over his head. Well. You know I -- keep when he's up there he -- like to help coach up until linemen. You know I talk to someone the day and have to play well. You know Grimes company I'm -- now. What state he sells when you know him and Jim would carry overs from -- step I know that they. I had some serious. Disagreement that's why -- left right. Yeah so. You know and and that and that's always been an issue that is part of the reason we don't really have access to coordinators he doesn't. You know it's believed that he didn't want anybody else can credit for anything so. Mike hey yanked I if you will come back wanna find out who -- coming up and it's over the weekend as analysts use. This is this the prime time now just a few weekends that's for national signing day. And LSU off and it's a cloak of it is going into the draft houk and he retooling this -- out of town my -- tiger made a comment with a plus. Call -- -- mark my kids they will get Ali is a sports talk on the BW it. Mike Scott are tied -- bay dot com is whether several players including the bulk of the offense segment Borough course was his final year. -- Beckham junior and Landry awful going eligibility going to be. And FAO Graham -- big big close what is out there fail as judicial of this class. And who's coming off campus and a couple weeks. Well this committee this weekend is now I do frequently on cars courses the big. The big left on the board Costa. In a wide receiver woman's apartment deep into the end from Georgia. Grievance he should be -- alignment problem Jackson Mississippi. Committed to me. Trying to verify his teammate Rod Taylor optimum would indeed be here. In opposite I'm Kelly I think those guys who they would they would look to finish well. Poster on -- count on the defense that. Tackle from. Self rule that was committed to Miami indeed committed I think it's imperative that they finished with multiple defensive -- And in the coming weeks and DuPont to undertake and that's. Of course come out a knee injury questionable deal. And to me. You know they again. It to mid eighties probably eaten them deep and so -- -- about -- collapse. Maybe it could be in the top two in class but it did. You know some of those defensive linemen the you'd be talking about class -- very good but didn't -- needs. So Micah it immediately district if LSU does not give Mauer tied Duke Reid did did the number one receiver in the country the number one offensive linemen -- a country. And the number one athlete in the country often Louisiana would be going somewhere else is that correct. Yeah that would be correct. And Duke and Florida State -- real player Metallica. Mike what is the given that given the silent again dollars and -- -- Go to tiger -- -- Tom and got a lot of Florian in a lot of stuff for a message boards and we reached out to -- recruits a lot of new steps can be coming your way. Mike always oppose it will be staying close go to these next few weeks. My eyes are tied debate back problem -- We -- I guess we are paid to give my opinion. But TN of the best players in high school football in the country from Louisiana. Three of those positions as I just told. Malick -- -- receive beating all athlete. And -- around -- -- offensive line. It LSU Dudley you know one of those of one of those in those three a lot of state to a Navarre said they are that's unacceptable. They have this in an aunt and an invitational and -- -- it. This is not Alabama. This is not far. This is not California is is not Texas. Regardless so what what shoot what affiliation you win it. There's not a note they'll be ex Ku in this state it kids up right with like Alabama -- Auburn. Like Texas Texas Tech Texas say it and those who bay Florida Florida -- prostate Miami central thrower -- -- -- -- on acceptable. He's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia visit WW.