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1-14 6:20pm Sports Talk: LSU Recruiting

Jan 14, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to Les East of the Advocate to talk about LSU recruiting.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk a huge percentage of their offense is ball going eligibility to go to the NFL draft. And recruiting it's on its on a huge year -- Considering the best year may be -- over the class of 2000 with Michael Clayton Marcus BA's and then Ellis shoot a national championship but right now -- issue is. At best and -- I and we save millions of Mensa. In a state of Louisiana. Is always retaining. Some services for both players staying in state and LA issue that's social type. -- -- -- -- -- He's Haywood is now the talk about lets you do all of these players covet him all season Beckham. Landry. A member of it you know I think talent is there. But this was a special group to try and say that. You won't miss a beat or they won't be missed. Absolutely gave him he looks -- good. One of the most productive receiving tandem and probably CC history not just LSU history and but you decent tackles. And try to. Jeremy hills and the list goes on and on and you attacked that all on. Afterward that loss last year. And -- program -- can lose that many talented people and actually -- time and not be affected by it. It doesn't mean making plug the holes and can't still be competitive. But that they're -- the only I don't think there's any way around that. Now -- so what is your take on this side is this kind of behind the scenes and I'm just speculating. And you know how we are Ali's -- is excited Jeremy -- gonna come back -- with men -- net. And have that 12 punch do you think maybe. That behind the scenes maybe someone told them while you know like I don't know there be enough carries to go around that maybe just need to go ahead and turn pro. You know and and and also tell him and and look you in and on a high note yet an outstanding. Game. You know -- -- the bowl and he definitely. And I'm speculating here again a top three running back going into the draft. Would you think that maybe could came about. Are or. All right I'm just blown smoke. Guys I think mountains similar I'd probably do that yet at all no jeer old eagle -- -- -- And then -- performance was like exclamation point. Demonstrating how ready yeah it's been in that talent I think all the time. Deliberating it talking to bury people. I think -- I was. Considered coming back LSU and I just get so pointer in those deliberations and conversations. He came to. The only things can happen to him is that in stock would go down a little bit because you shared the position more next year would wondered format like he's dead so. I did Jeremy product of being so -- -- active for his decision I think ultimately the only one accepts. -- piece of Abkhazia where those -- got all the great work Debbie Debbie Debbie that the advocate. Dot com less -- these kids that a in the state Louisiana this year you'll you'll love -- football like myself well follow it. It's a special year in Louisiana right now you know. I guess the biggest one -- number one at wide receiver is a Malick -- du -- he would certainly help out the class. This is certainly need there. But you know to to have Providence team and right now that are considered two of the best in the country and also from Louisiana. Basically plays to go other places. I would think -- just just from a numbers standpoint you warning these kids so excited to Ian because in year is 60405050. I don't know with -- If you wind up not getting out you know they -- In Wrigley in the -- go back to where we put the ball result -- keep Louisiana Louisiana it takes on a different meaning you because. There is that no other school to rabble LSU but he from groups like the on other states in this conference. That's a great point -- and you know there's there's two ways of what I guess you could surely. You know if you know getting five in the top hand. It's still gonna make as one of the best Ellis you classes all time that may be up there with the 2000 class. When you look at the opportunity that was -- And the fact that they are getting abruptly happened those top players. Then it makes you wondering at LSU is as strong a grip or tells you knows you did not have a strong grip. Well -- our own the state as it once did and that's a major concerns on all. Now unless I know it's boy that's a long way until they. You know has spring ball and then obviously got to stay healthy and and who's stepping -- go through two days and you have the season when you look just face value against the on the service when you look at the schedule. I think if LSU kitten. Obviously someone. I think it's me wide open who's going to be the quarterback but it just seems like obviously whether Iraq. That the schedule won't be as tough. I mean this as far as the way you go on a plane and -- -- opponent. That. That expectations against going to be I think an LSU fan base. That may be evening going into the ball game at the come away it would at least in -- Think the expectations will be comparable. To what they weren't good the last few years you know like he's and a lot can change between now. And and the bull you know with recruiting in the spring practice with how players develop or don't develop. Cal -- you know at this time last year Auburn look like a cakewalk. And everybody schedule and that certainly wasn't the case so. You know it's -- -- project that's more out about wood and that. You know because the schedule because the players coming back because of the recruiting. Yeah expectations and still be pretty. Perhaps for ten win season but. You know why I think there's that sense that big gap between them. And Alabama may be is getting a little bit bigger each year I think that that's way on people's mind. Let's talk -- folks spotty on Twitter. -- At ease and -- he's one of the best in the business and as always a pleasure thank you so much will be talking soon. --