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1-14 7:10pm Sports Talk: Around the League

Jan 14, 2014|

Deke and Bobby go Around the League with experts to talk about the Road to the Superbowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to the final out all of sports talk about the -- he came Bobby -- Deke Bellavia coming averages few moments we'll talk about the four teams that are. Left. In the national football league championship week here in the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots the first gave -- Sunday on WW radio Burlingame had to San Cisco 49ers. And the Seattle Seahawks while other Seahawks and 49ers in the NFC championship game and the Saints on not cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com after the -- to go to school. Of town for top top thank you for calling. They removed it in the idea that it was. Good to point to make you guys and the point is. You know you may be an issue the property. This is bogey and at least and again anarchy rocks and maybe he's scored -- -- no. Doubt that he now. There -- probably could do. That you know and they beat -- and the other. Not this season and what -- school -- scored. That -- goes down in the post season so we were given -- the -- Yeah it's a lot of bad things that even though Mark Ingram had a strong finish this season. That they still think that a Robinson. A build upon what he did against the Eagles and the Seahawks. That you know not knowing the status with clinical bobbled Pierre. With his contract if you look at Pierre was going to be Anderson is the now. -- he's a possibility that. On that thing to release him but -- league talent to take a pay cut. -- salaries -- three million dollars. And -- and I look at Douglas -- Pierre. I don't know hobby you know approach him about maybe negative -- Cutler. Restructures deal but they have a lot of fans in the street as well as even Ingram did did they still make. That maybe the best bank write a bad as back right now is Robertson hero. That is whether that sent me an orbit it and it just made. I it's in the pot. It would it would ultimately it will. Be at 10 o'clock PM consistent. Week to act that Tutu -- you know. Restructure overall pick. Win. And at all between -- to. -- -- -- -- -- -- Internet but I don't think we go to appear a little bit more focused and keep it up. You know if he. I -- I hate. It was value is a better now than it was and again in his season -- But I mean is as far as the value his cars are what we we talk to coach Payton on him on a coach who showed -- Monday after. The Saints beat the Cowboys include Peyton was you know he basically shut down anything that was out there about rumors as being traded in an -- garbage that was written and so forth so. Went to -- move in full. He's coming off his best season. You know they've invested a lot of time into Mark Ingram has -- what they wanted to do maybe feel like Bobby. His best to sit become and -- -- it is right when you do all his break it down. And the use all of us and we talk about movement followed future. They'll be allowed things to say -- mocking him showed he could be upon the good stuff. But I think from a perception. Of the former running -- we talked to guess we talked to. It all sounds good but it would be one of those out wait and see approach this he had done a -- -- Yeah and to me when I was more impressed with that anything -- Ingram did was his performance. I Carolina. I because I know that deep into style. An -- when I'll look at them and notes I'm just think in I want to see him like 87 yards in has worked the ball yes and no hill vs. Great game hating is the Cowboys the Cowboys have been -- yet to look at. The opponent. Now that's what I say if if you're. A running back and you have to look at the defense so we've gone against -- what yards are getting like. -- it's you look how stout the Jets demons that line is in. Okay you have success running against them. This -- -- I think what we did -- don't with the 49ers how we mix it up. Right you look at Edmonton and then also -- -- we committed to the run I think we had success -- that. Consider because even the conditions at Seattle did you think it would thought we'd run the ball more to pass it. Or have an opportunity because it win and all of that so we've actually in and then on a high note. As far as us running the ball where it's same like at the beginning committed to season. We are ranked 25 it was like. Like we felt like we had no chance where you know who we united to close you know four yards a carry. What about before we went to the top and outbreak may be able comment on it Drew Brees in the season it was anything different as the losses to -- played a bite from -- yesterday and -- get -- take before we go around the this is Drew Brees when he was asked how he failed on the season how we feel during the season. I feel. I felt this good. At times -- other felt. You know from -- football. Just seeing things processing things. And and so that obviously got me excited you know just feel like. I can do this for a long time. Play at a high level for a long time now. That sort of stuff for you know because. Obviously you get older there's other things that you know from week to week just the challenges. You know keeping your body. You know ready to play at the highest level -- and that kind of thing I mean. That's just that's mother nature -- -- all of us you know but. But I don't feel like you know physically mentally psychologically. I feel like I'm still on this upward tick. Certainly won't let myself. Believe otherwise. -- Bobby now -- -- -- drew had to say people asking was drew little all these years of them I mean yeah he's off he threw for 5000 yards he was so what if he was an off heated through the 6000. Mean c'mon. Is not gonna play perfect but everybody has high expectations. For -- because. Big. If of the game's all said and done and doesn't have 300 yards -- and drew was off this game. And it's outside they. And it is a lot of expectations there and the one thing that I could say that I don't think. He's heading in the wrong direction our he's reached his peak. Is silly because he's healthy. He was dealing with a shoulder injury or -- war. Is near or something where maybe was hampered. But no if you look in the game's all said and done. That that I. Think he's ready to roll going -- -- Now decade changed rather quickly considering his age now -- the season -- progress years to come if he does get hurt but I'm saying right now. That that I think even if we don't need to get better as a running team that he still can be considered among the elite. For sure two of 93 years. As far as in the conversation which the Tom Brady's Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning's of the world now. That we can run the ball better. I think that all of prolong his career as is common sense that. Then all of a -- that window of opportunity which Drew Brees is that it being two or three years he go anywhere from like three the five years. But you know that's why I was seeing less of drew is more when he's throwing the ball -- say thirtieth 35 times -- vs. Four of 45 to -- was a San Francisco for announced the kgo TV in San Francisco for a third straight. Sees in the 49ers in the NFC title game time appointed to get to the Super Bowl. For a second straight year Mike Hsu -- now Mike 18 dominant performance by the 49ers especially in their second had the red zone defense was phenomenal. They shut down Carolina a hot ballclub what eight straight whose team is are rolling I think we are in store for a hell of -- -- -- any -- teach him to game. Agree with -- it is organized. Team the final four -- red -- defense and calm -- and I didn't turn that thing be over good offensive Carolina would be -- -- actually forty -- -- the first. They get so many penalties to keep drives alive for the 49ers. Work to their detriment here on their power through four passes in the second half so. I still haven't seen consistent enough offense in that like do it. A lot and that's sacred that -- mediocre teams that are in the plan out Carolina has been there awhile ago. They showed there inexperience with all the penalties. But point you know -- their cup itself -- yet here in the policy. Yep might -- it -- what is the perception I guess amongst the media members who covered a 49ers and also the fan base well on the whole hard fought game of the 49ers beat Seattle at home. Would you look at the last two outings at Seattle. Really got its bank will the score like 74 to sixteen something like that -- what does your big are they confident. Because their training and Andy have. The owner role as far as wins. Good to me and I and I told my apartment -- this. That that I think -- of college cabernet plays well I think -- win if he doesn't play well the united you know. Well out there and agreed great game you know Colin -- in minding your memory of a certain age you throw out there against. Colin again that green break now than it -- mind. I think Seattle. And he -- really scared against that defense he really has never had a good performance out there. And I think yeah like all European time here and cornerback like it will probably determine if relentless self. They're very topic going and they beat him and mistake bought the Seattle. That derogatory witnesses and but I still think Seattle has it bandits and the ball field here because as you know it is slow out there and so Arctic communicate. That. They have -- finally get on in the run game so they can you know not after the Camelot on his arm and there. He -- you know he played in that they're sitting -- Green Bay you've been consistent again Carolina. There. Well I think again -- crank or a little more ball and a because throughout the world and that is -- salute to quarterback in the league right now and so I think on the -- -- does the law itself. -- they definitely want the ball. I did -- market and I think I don't I don't think I'm in amounts I don't think Russell Wilson I mean -- Colin has to play great I think at the end of the day in an immediate peaks. You know he's -- what said -- five yard rush in the policies are CSN that if he just goes out there. This -- out his team it is is solid enough veteran leadership enough Ambien and done that enough to have. Took -- -- -- it and they dedicate gold red oval -- -- mistakes. But I think if he can go out there and and managed the game it doesn't have big peaks in and make those mistakes I just a San Cisco -- -- team right now. Well but it added an Alice Talladega I say it would help sell cabernet. Is that Michael Crabtree. And he did that's what -- against Carolina and you look at them lopsided loss he wasn't available at the Seahawks might look against Carolina he had three catches. 26 yards and look what Anquan Boldin did. And because of maybe the double teaming crap to -- -- -- at eight -- is hard to 36 yards in the and you throw in now Vernon Davis. I need to be that that's why I and again has that helped a cavern it somewhat -- that Crabtree is available. Well that match and I think you know he sent that to be honest with you -- they -- up well for you guys you mentioned by you guys now. Yeah I'll read that much appetite and now. You know admitted that it Ingram against the Marlins -- and they've actually done at that Burgundy the last couple of -- play. And then you know old and Crabtree in the in there -- -- streak intact in that went man to man on the corner and all the -- doctor answered crap out a little bit of it to get -- there and being touted corner Bobby you know they can shut down receivers so it's going to be. Oh man on man like that intact in which kind of wears out the fourth quarter where did you read that point in that effort hasn't turned the ball over. And I think bring it that one -- You know that key in the playoffs is no turnovers that when you're able to get the defense at the 49ers Dubai. I think. Yeah and that's why they also the court and -- the run the ball but the -- -- that the -- that Seattle's secondary can -- -- really can't afford not receiving -- Figures as involved as they have. Yeah you know like I this is it other added the damn hot I mean you know us this of the Steelers did the Packers did it the Giants needed no rhyme or reason just. I just think that right now I suppose I come out all of them. I think San Francisco was a wanted they wanted standing back and look at and we'll know Sunday -- would be out of his conversations Sonoma. I just think right now they have raised big game and he did it they did earlier. This season before the regular season ended they raised their their mentality today post season and talent devoted to go might give official prediction the 49ers and the CO. I think in the -- compared to a field goal and I think like you said the order it's been going and it out -- look like -- that football gods want them back in the Super Bowl back to back years nobody's ever law and come back and won the following year now. -- -- -- -- Right now that is the 49ers have not say it's really going to be field goals there and make it their front of the doubt here that you can build some under eleven points. You can -- or not their -- that -- are so poor. I think it's in the count them of that they'll go out and follow all the. Mike you would know what to do it yourself on Knowles championship and a matter of championship in a while mosques that man had perfect sense -- UN. Broad daylight I was stuck in green and whether the fly back -- -- they had a lot -- couldn't watch or listen to. The south Florida State national championship game and it Watergate turned out to be like him back volley so -- -- so. And I know that the -- 41 period at that might have been out of the -- and year out -- talk about Monday. Kgo TV in San Francisco covering the nine as -- -- each game to game might she might always a pleasure thank you so much of the time. And I got to -- minor and they are but I went crazy is that and -- comedy and he said Frank Gore. This why -- 49ers uncommon and also Frank Gore had 84 yards rushing. On seventy carries against Carolina as the audio and that you look at what this things get against the Seahawks a 108 yards 26 carries four point two. I just think that the 49ers will be able to run the ball against this field knowing YouTube you make you make way more Saints and your -- mean seat. I look at is it. I really don't care who San Francisco's my knows that -- I -- I just think that that's the way they are right now that is -- and could be out Sunday night but and it is. And all my ducks fought and lateral on nose tackle I agree -- in the across the country and that's like 10 o'clock in the morning games started to beat Carolina. -- -- Coming back what you -- on the New England Patriots visit WW. And welcome back yet it's it's an AFC championship game. Yes the New England Patriots it again. And it's Tom Brady and Peyton Manning just what the networks are a record day historic numbers are expected in the AFC championship game in Denver. Way the Broncos in -- Beat patrons that number one seed Broncos at number two seed paid gentlemen -- -- -- -- -- several years now. Talking doing an area sports particularly the New England Patriots for the big WEEI. Dot com Chris price. John just now crystal line says this on is you know feel Baltimore field about four points. -- you think this game is that close and do you read anything into the first meeting to tell you anything about Sunday's game. I think this team is going to be Eric Close I think when you look at the history between eastern England had not just -- meaning that. You know you look at these situations. Especially the Patriots lead in the post season that you can ever send you a lot closer but a lot people a lot of people ritualistic. I don't read too much into that first I think that there are certain fundamental elements could take -- game. I think -- cute things that they need to be -- Meat mixture of the Chernobyl and what first ought to have truly come. Targeted big part of their parts -- so. Expected to play a Sunday. The Patriots didn't -- opera house you know -- -- up Robert Gordon that's what. Arm is in there are also personnel moves. Did it that it didn't reach into the creek -- that the quarterback at that could be viable -- of the other interesting thing at -- to thirteen. The two best players that the Patriots have been -- -- got our our. Post did not play second after that that -- sort of course well. There's a lot to work place that is what -- -- so -- But it too much into that first. Yeah I agree is that those and actually you bring public there blind you look at the pages and how they defeated the Colts in the and you look at also. How the Broncos -- able you know to defeat the charges. And and kind of dated. Having at by having big running games if you look at the Broncos Iran -- 133 yards 82 yards by no -- Marino. And that we all know the coming out party -- Garrard -- had and also I think Stephen middle he's back in the Mitch it -- so. Do you think. They'd have to be comedy -- big an attempt even though you have the likes of Peyton Manning. And Tom Brady dead the bowl teams still gonna wanna run the ball like he did at the game here. I think the secret to go to run the ball but it entered or -- it less than me out over the last month or so -- what has split the Patriots have been pretty dramatic -- the last 45 games. Didn't really run first and second run third team to augment it with a passer and then we've got. I I I think they're gonna continue to -- it but again I think the pats got a clear pick and roll and that. I think the Patriots are matchup that included look defected but Miller is now. Denver the creatures that out. Even with those two guys got a lot to the book the speed of the local truly struggled to stop the pats. I think -- -- -- all a little bit more in a lot of the same time. He's going to be dependent how the -- -- I think the Patriots are able to go into the club on the ball. In -- particulars and for our sixth minute drive and a don't. We bleed that clock go and so our pick and a lot -- that helped start chip up the told a couple of process. But I I would say that the Patriots -- -- throw the ball. More -- coupled with a lot more so. Now -- what more can you say about Tom Brady obviously. You know pages and that they won that other Super Bowl victory is sitting got off to a great start was at the youngest quarterback. At three as doable victories under his belt. And and you look you can obviously see what he's done what this team. And -- a lot of different players but it's amazing with him and coach Belichick. They're now and there are a third consecutive year -- in AFC championship and and you look at it. What is it was a Dugan the -- became the first in a pro quarterback. The throw over 6000 yards in the post season. So ahead of -- that they've had 6000 yards that means volume playing a lot of well football. Yet you know -- interest in would look in his resonating it would have been a starter since 2001. Well he's you'd almost do for reports he's being in the field really did that that Stewart received and -- on the red Raiders so. You know you can actually -- sectoral -- -- clothes -- -- you'll -- corrected -- get to receive about. Yeah I I I agree that Oprah is what it is that you -- -- outside your program or the great. I looked at it if you are able to. Well these last two victories keep up with something -- both about a or quarterback or -- -- -- -- whether it's -- and Brett short work two to talk about it because. Well I won a Super Bowl harder. To dirt -- around first or support or six. -- -- -- All the guys don't go for it -- -- a lot. Of the sports boring. But I think a lot and let a lot they'll be in order to that comfortable. You know Chris when you talk about the fullback as quarterbacks. In his league I think what separates that their team with -- And even though he's had a lot of changes like you mentioned this is not taking anything in light of it but. If you take time away from the Patriots past the opening the Patriots can be eighteen minutes -- they can win the AFC east. We saw ahead aren't Aaron Rodgers -- in play we saw what what have they meet Denver if Peyton Manning and -- I don't think I thought they did maybe middle of the pack in the -- And every don't have Drew Brees I mean we may read anybody's I've -- team may be now. I had five or six -- OK at bay head of the book but my point he hasn't been what the -- him players and all that said. As great as it's being in new Patriots fans have called initial thought he made it. And like with Tom Brady went went dead date does -- and what life is -- being like that over there without Tom Brady. What -- -- -- other leader Charles Barkley was in the Patriots locker divisional play a game after the win over the Colts and he would he has yet to speak at a meeting I don't think you guys understand is that when Brady and Belichick believes this team is -- -- complete you know select a better. So. It's going to be a lot -- talk. About you know a lot of people wonder about what life after Belichick and Brady is going to be I think you're just thinking that. The point you bring -- You think back to the 2002. Additional are -- a little -- -- out of play -- But still I I hit for that would -- coach expects coaching. Ideal world class and it just looked at around them to spilled -- is that picture so that. Present your outlook for Roger talk about what. Places like I think a lot of people understand. We are living for a special. Apparently and obviously struck out the rest of Red Sox. The Celtics are still want to generational marriage between Belichick and bring their ability to take it in from your year. And beat them comparable content question here do the well it Cilic at checker pre. -- record. I go back yet let it be it's like a star in the board of them and we're going. But yet there are pretty typical of trigger so yeah it's been that your question -- a lot about what was popular. Well they're doing and Patriots have a strong tie this into all of the plate in three Super Bowl CU winning their first. And a victory on Sunday would give Tom great opportunity who has three Super Bowl titles to possibly win a fall Chris. Price over the Patriots for WEE. And I. Dot com Chris always a -- comment thank you so much for the time. Undertaker or right all right what check on the Broncos up next to the AFC championship game right here on the home. -- the NFL title games this Sunday WW. And welcome back. They'll close last year they get beat deep on a long ball -- media feel they can erase that feeling from a long long season. With a victory Sunday in the AFC championship game we're talking about. The Denver Bronco the favorite throughout the season ANC to get to the Super Bowl there one -- away a -- -- has been with us. For many. Weeks and he has covered in -- area sport in order tarot card on the Broncos endemic area sports a mile high Sports Radio in. I think the majority of people and Obama I'd say it was about it was demo would be here in his game I don't necessarily know it -- ball but short. New England was I'm not surprised but Brady and Manning matchup now in gamba ami amateur fans that we've got to be salivating over. It is this city -- We region really at times I mean it is that the team of the mountain time zone at times on the that everyone forgets to get to places not Denver is like New Orleans in the fact that Broncos incumbent want you know and in Louisiana. The Saints number one knows she's probably close to a close second but yet it's crazy around here it's there's an excitement. And just. Get the matchup of a Brady and Manning in it it's that it's the two. Old veteran quarterbacks in the AFC -- to the hall of fame. In the NFC that the two great defenses in the two young up and coming spread option quarterbacks so. You know it's -- -- debate is going to be. The old burst into and the offense vs the defense no matter who wins. While ago when I look at their big win -- against San Diego. So although here we go game and then poured water and he eventually won obviously 244 to seventeen bit. Considering their previous two outings and you look at San Diego and yards is right behind him as far as time of possession. Know that possess the ball 33 minutes and eight seconds number one in the NFL. But it looks like the Broncos those -- -- flip the script and they had the ball for 35 minutes 47 seconds. The charges morning 433. When I saw that that I was like -- But that they kind of beat down the Chargers had their own game and when you considered Iran a 133 yards and the -- Marino getting 82. I was impressed that. God you know that the team that. Has had to make patchwork of their offensive line losing Ryan Clady. Having a guy like Manny Ramirez start this year center for the first time ever you'd never taken it snapped. As a center and an anecdote game but you get somebody like most about is that at guard and there's a guy knows all pros he can run behind it and and it's not that there community product you agree with this -- -- appealed to recruit visits it's not necessarily how many RQ Ron. But how well -- how effective in and what times. You run well and I think that's the Broncos did when they had run out the clock. They did that they have the four minute throats -- kick themselves for not doing another onside kick is -- is what I would probably guessed. So yet. When they have to do and and you look at -- ball rookie I was constantly he's coming along. -- can get some fumbling issues early on and he's he's he's really held on the ball well and so with Marino ball you have an effective running game. -- led and are you look at. -- -- Broncos -- at right now and you know in the title game for the first time in eight seasons. -- I mean as is John Elway feeling as much pressure as a Peyton Manning considering you know. You know his decisions in and the whole city of Denver they're all exciting great opportunity go back to this doable. Well what does it take as far as the pressure. I I think it's there I think it is it's an adrenaline rush for Olympic he loves the competition. I think that's what you got back into it -- mean he's essentially you know you can give them whatever title want we just talked about this earlier that. Com PP call whatever he's edgy yeah he's the wanted to make those decisions so. He sees the team come about I'm sure he wants to win as a competitor as much as -- -- Now when you look at. Can you take any -- From what dimmer in their regulars using game is that New England is -- a loss in overtime. Are you do you think it just completely different environment playoff time cameras playing at home. You know -- Tom Brady has said all weird on the dogs soda and the -- of what Bo -- what is your take as far as. Where his game right now at this time playing one another compared to the regular season out. Why I think that was kind of -- Luke he -- the the Patriots won the game hitting a guy. On a punt. They want and the Broncos were up big could hold the lead. But. I think -- win this game I think to win by at least touchdown I don't think it's going to be some blowout but I think it will and it's going to be. Mid to upper may be good that the sixties sunny sunny day it could be a beautiful. Our backs that that -- today is that I awesome to put extra -- men on on on -- -- whether it is in his in his body not. Not really that the misconceptions. And -- think that are from down it to you is it because. Everybody's soon we got to put on the ground right now than others right. In and -- name is -- from -- few days ago but it was a beautiful day today it's going to be beautiful rescue league in walks total today. But the rest of the week pulled up pulled up on an -- for whatever you'll see it can be beautiful weather -- week. And that have been through a lot of unsure. Now fifties and sixties that that kind of out of the ordinary but there's nothing great Hugo Ortiz. As though it's going to be beautiful day perfect weather and I think that will help Broncos but I think the Broncos. RR I just think there are better team at I don't think New England defense. It's going to be able to handle Denver's running game you know. An and I think you. I just think the Broncos -- so many weapons. On offense. That they did that. They will win this game. You know how can -- spot you onto a big problem yet -- -- so ago. -- in KN OW IC -- ran out thank you so much of time to talk to give before the week at a time and. -- -- -- we appreciate it will come back and a put a -- Iraq but he's Bobby can beat Bolivia. I was point two about it we have a TV sit here in the studio it's the left -- -- miss Theo. Has I don't know like the news see any in any decision Thai police captain accused of shooting a man that Dan. Over texting in the movie. And -- that. They sort of -- of his main. In the like a fan I mean. You don't agree realities aren't -- -- the -- that you don't look at any ticket that you can't and he -- -- well the as like I mean OK you know it's both with the -- -- we've been holding. Out Peterson navy jumped him and he beat him -- because -- like road -- kind of thing and I would have gone his main issue it is mainly -- -- -- Cool basis sports talk on WW. -- can. Write out a day if you will bid who would you take in the games Olsen. I would say you. Organizing the Broncos. That if I was betting with the with the numbers. Yes I'd say -- with the points Oakland where you give points -- you give them points and -- the I allied. The Broncos at home. And I think. The 49ers Italy Australia. So even though the game points and that I think is going to be a field goal I think I agree that Mike -- and model teammate they will be very similar. The world we witnessed in San Francisco. A few goat tie game but I did today Vick did is because they dig himself a hole. At the -- deal yet -- hate that. -- that that campaign I don't think nobody can go -- dig a hole yet know the you know I cabernet got the got to get off to agree Antarctic I mean trust Frank Gore. And they got the best solid lineup I think they can run the ball. Against Seattle and I think they gonna be patient. And -- -- get a run Frank Gore and I think -- cavern he's playing a lot of confidence right now. Well don't get now at WWII dot com also it's a great. Post season and out of the Christie Garrett Saints -- Arab or give -- perspective that nobody else can take -- christianity -- a morning. Vote double cover it's -- 6 AM the nine. AM I take a look back and see how much of a defense of turnaround are Saints defense the BC it's phenomenal when you look at the numbers. That's at WW dot com a job Bobby and myself Friday from four to eight as we'll talk Saints football. -- talk about recruiting. And the AFC and NFC championship games. This Friday -- down bone. Forward -- on the West Bank that's a must Allison and Don -- scooters and -- Sunday Bellamy has always -- -- KG can anybody a bad on the way it was all good -- be able.