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Jan 14, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As I look over some of the things that we're gonna talk about on the showed -- I believe we should flash the fasten seatbelts on because there could be some turbulence inside the studio and on the air tonight. I'd just a number of things talk about -- and I'm just learning about a twelve year old shooter at a school in Roswell, New Mexico. And try to find -- more about that in apparently this twelve year old shooter. Was bully it. Therefore he went to the school and was apparently involved in the shooting again that seems to be some breaking news we'll get that information for coming up here. I in just a few minutes graduate this on this -- Tuesday nine tomorrow night there's going to be basketball on WW alien and SM. So this -- show will on be preempted tomorrow night but we will be back on Thursday night. And Friday night. And you know I know it's still tough thinking about the seats on making it to into the playoffs but it at this point I don't know about Cuba cannot pick and my teams that that I want to win. And I respect Seattle. As you -- I've spent time there briefly living there. Answered it's a great city -- kind of what several Cisco to win. Although I stuck and -- necessarily or he said wouldn't it be great if -- Seattle this hole twelfth man thing which was so important tool that they go on and play in the Super Bowl. And lose in New Jersey and outdoor stadium in the Super Bowl. And you know I like Peyton Manning but I've also always been a fan of the patriots I think we got a couple of really good games coming up this weekend. It's time for tonight's top eight candidates here -- the -- -- things we'd like you to know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. The lineup for Jazz Fest 2000. Fourteen has been announced -- is going to be and another fantastic year. Headliners include Bruce Springsteen's. Robin thick. Santana. Robert Plant. That a group -- it trombone -- Orleans avenue Aaron Neville Irma Thomas public enemy Better Than Ezra. And the list goes on so that throughout the show tonight so we'll go in and out of some of our brakes -- some of the acts that have been announced for Jazz Fest 2014. You know you've got to give them a lot of credit. They they get to the reacts and it continues to get bigger and bigger every year at least stay as big as it has been and you. You know every year you wonder how could it be at least this big next year will it always is. I'd never disappointing something here for everyone. It is really going to be interesting to see if the the fans of the band -- Mingle anywhere near the fans are saying. Robin thick. Because that would be the repeat totally two opposite ends. Of the end of the music spectrum. On Phish fans are like no widespread panic -- -- correct me if I'm wrong here's my instinct Phish fans are very much like. -- -- -- fans -- like the year The Grateful Dead fans were they follow their bandits and it's -- -- have a band that does a lot of extemporaneous. That stuff that when they when they do their songs and and people follow Phish around and they're there are people who get in cars that they did this with widespread panic. And I know people who do this they they go from one concert to another baby hook up with people they -- they and they make friends at these concerts and they go from one showed to the next and it's my understanding that none of these shows are exactly the sameness of the ban respects that a lot of people see them over and over again. But in any event of another big wide effort Jazz Fest 2014 we have the full lineup. On our website right now at WWL dot com number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. We mention that this was probably gonna happen on the show last night the saints quarterback -- He says that he is open to restructuring. Is megabucks contract to help the saints -- players. That will help make the team better next season. That's my understanding that right now with the breezes contract in the way that it it's it's structured. At the saints are gonna go into the offseason. Right now at least twelve million dollars over. The projected salary to. So they have to do something now it Tom Brady and I'd -- believe may -- -- another player or two. In New England a restructured their their contract so basically what Bruce -- -- gets him out of money -- -- just extending. The contract. And Tom Brady did it because he just wanted to a better team surrounding him. And I speaker Drew -- seems to have that same mentality so I think that's a really good news also and I'm sure you've heard this Marcus Colston wide receiver. Said that that played it did work in the end it turned out to be an illegal forward pass. He said that was that it was actually not in in the playbook an additional -- to talk about how they worked on that. Now that -- work on a forward pass that's just the way -- that the heat of the moment it. It turned -- but you know I don't blame Marcus Colston. For the -- he could've gone out of bounds but it would have been you know just one more player. You know it really it really shouldn't come down to that it wasn't and it was in the best -- -- play if that was indeed in the playbook and like the ball bounced. And I think it -- or around the the Seahawks defender. So easily have been intercepted as well but in any event. You know it's. As we said last night and in our our poll was rather overwhelming last night the question was with the way the season ended. Are you more optimistic or less optimistic about the season in in 2014. And at about 79% at the end of the show about 79%. But setting 9% said that they were more optimistic and and I'm among the 79%. With the way the season ended in the way the season went. I was disappointed obviously as as you were with a few things. But I'm more optimistic about the season next year and it does look as if the saints are gonna do everything it takes to side. Jimmy Graham. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- Republican senate candidate. Once said. That there were not enough Muslim villains. In movies. He also said the Democratic Party is a party of sex on demand. Now at the Democratic Party is a party of sex on demand. Don't you think that they have even more. Party members than they do now. Mississippi Republican. State senator Chris McDonald -- -- Chris McDaniel who is now challenging GOP senator Thad Cochran. I made these comments it in 2006 and now they've resurrected on the website to Huffington Post dot com. On the Republican Party can only hope that he denounces these comments and that he no longer believes that there really needs to be more Muslim villains. In movies. The Democrats. In parts can win out of default. If the Republican Party fails to denounce ridiculous comments about. Rape and abortion and same sex marriage and stupid things like they're not enough Muslim villains in movies. -- use the Republican Party is not represented by these kinds of individuals who seem to get a lot of attention but the party itself. Has not done a good enough job in announcing. Some of that and stupidity that is driving voters away for the party and in you what your party to you what your party to win. Or lose based on its -- you don't want the other party to win -- the Democrats the Republicans you don't want them to win. A default you don't want them to win just because you were so bad. So it's going to be really interesting to see what the tone of the Republican Party will be as we get closer to the 2014. Mid term elections and of course will be here to talk about it. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Your City Council is proposing some changes in the rules concerning the upcoming carnival season. Now they're talking about a number of things the the full counsel's gonna vote on these restrictions next week so we'll talk about this next week as well. But a committee with in the New Orleans City Council today approved some new laws. All designed it to increasing the rates safety. During Mardi -- They restrictions include how close to the curb parade spectators. Can place their letters. How tall letters can be. How the -- are on. No longer gonna be change together I think that's that was another one of the the issues. Also appears. A ban on the tiny explosive do we make noise makers known as snap pops because it bothers the did the police sources. I don't know maybe it it may be it would Dicey this police sources in the French Quarter all the time. And those are some of the most stoic. Creatures on this planet -- I cannot believe how well. They behave. In the crowd. So it might be other it might be other people it might be other horses a bit of more bothered and -- sources but in any event that nobody needs to do those snap pops in -- sold by. -- vendors around the parades. Also the throwing back of these two to floats. And a lot of people are during pockets like to try to to throw beads and hang beads on on King -- On that the family looking call. Now there's going to be fine for out of 250 dollars if you throw beads to float. Also there's going to be a crackdown on a neutral ground a parking grills tents on portal like toilets portable toilets. On public property. And anything that can be placed in the public's. Right of way and it seems to me that these are all these are all good rules I think that also gonna consider. Banning the roping off of neutral grounds. Now realize that there are are people who think that they'd get there early and it's pedal squatters rights. They on the property during the -- sees what you don't really on that that property. And -- public safety is at stake here than you need to be aware of public safety and not just your. On selfish viewing of on of the parade and then if you gonna have a latter why would it make sense to have the latter. Back a little bit because of the latter's right up there than -- blocking every all I know you're blocking impresses you but you really don't care right. I forgot and so I forgot you don't care because he does care about what you consider. You know I should know this because like I grew appear like I should know that there there are those people. And everybody that there are those people who go to parades. And they just really don't care about anybody else. However there are people who do care about others and I see that everybody -- well and will talk about that during the season as well predicts that we'll talk more about the city council's final decisions. Some of these a possible new rules for the upcoming carnival season. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This is some very very interesting dilemma. The husband of a woman. Who is brain dead and pregnant. Is suing a Texas hospital because his wife. Is being kept alive with life support. She's pregnant she's being kept alive with life support. However that goes against her and her family's wishes. But the hospital says that Texas State law prohibits taking the pregnant woman off -- life support but there does seem to be some disagreement about whether or not. The law would actually predict a brain dead woman. Should state law. Override the rights of an individual. And her family brain dead pregnant woman. -- interpreting the state law Texas to say they must keep the woman alive. But to wishes of her and her family. Obviously she made these wishes before she which in this the state of being brain dead. Is to -- to take -- off of of like supported not remain on life support but again there there are. There are legal experts weighing in on this and it's it's ambiguous the law is. Why is not as cut and dry is as you would think. And there was an article in the 2010 in medical journal. That found thirty cases. Of brain -- pregnant women over about a thirty year period. A nineteen reported results the journal found twelve in which a viable child was born. And they did have some post birth data. Off for two years and only six of them and all of them seem to develop normally however the husband says and the husband and the wife by the way. Are both paramedics. So they're very familiar with end of life situations. And her husband says that she made it very clear that she did not wanna be on life support in this kind of situation. And her parents even agree that she should be taken off of -- support. But what about. The unborn fetus the other question that comes into play here is it that husband believes that the woman was without oxygen. For a period of time before he he discovered her her body so the husband and as a paramedic is saying he's not totally sure. The condition of the fetus. And doctors say that they're they are not totally positive about the condition of the fetus as well. You can join us with a comment on this tonight to our numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This came a little bit on the show last night we were talking about other things so we really didn't get into this. Is there a reason why. Employees should have their cell phones with -- at work to make and take calls while they're working. I remember working actor and grocery store when I was in which young. And if it was an emergency my parents called the store and in the store got a hold of but you would have never seen me in the -- stocking the shelves. On a cellphone. Does it bother you that employees. Had this awful for them all the time. And maybe I'm missing something but is there a legitimate reason for employees to have their cellphones because it seems to me that they're there. Making and taking personal phone calls while their working and does this cut down on productivity. Other police. It is just part of this mentality in America where you know. And we just do what we can we just do the best we can and you know Republican -- the phone will use the phone and we're kind of lazy because we're not paid a lot so. We really don't feel like working very hard and we we touched on this last night because I had an experience it one of the big retail stores Sunday. And I wish just once again. I guess I shouldn't be shocked but I once again I was reminded. Of how many people just don't do their job and and don't seem to really care lot of apathy in the workplace and how are -- to be great nation. If our nation is made up of individuals. Who don't try to be great. Because as a nation we can be no better than the collection of individuals that make a distinction. And do you hear too many personal conversations between employees while they're supposed to be waiting on you. I hear all the time. Boyfriend stories. Two people are taught and there the ticket the time waiting on you because they're there erupted with a conversation they're having a personal conversation. Whatever happened to commitment. At work. And isn't this something that we should change in America. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Short and new girlfriend Charlize errant. Has apparently convinced him to melt down his 65 guns into a sculpture. It was auctioned off at a party following the golden global awards for one point four million dollars. CNN's Anderson Cooper. Made the highest bid so he's gonna get it. It hasn't it is yet to be made but it's it's in the process of of being made now. Sean -- also refer to guns as cowardly. Killing. Machines. He's right. Now not in every case but in and I I know there are many of you who just don't -- -- anything that Sean Penn says but it. Sometimes. Guns are cowardly. Killing machines. It's it's not the Gundy is a coward it's the person who uses the guy who was actually a coward. And this really leaves this -- into number one tonight in tonight's list. Mountaintop -- Something else we touched on last night and our conversation was sent him. Really -- about the the saints in the final policy in Seattle it was at one last chance to talk about that following game. But we touched on this last night but there's just I guess there's a little more that's been learned about the stories so wanna I wanna get into this tonight. A retired Tampa police officer entry for distorted the tummy -- -- talking about there's this morning. A retired Tampa police officer. Has been arrested and charged with second degree murder following an argument. And shooting in a movie theater north Tampa. Kurdish reads simply one year old retired police officer is charged with shooting 45 year old Chad Olson. I think as they pronounce his name after an argument. Got heated following. A controversy over texting. Now contrary to the belief of some Americans not everybody should be. Should be carrying a gun with them wherever they go even some retired police officers. This story and -- seems to prove -- just not everybody should be armed and carrying a firearm with them all the time you think that you could trust a 71 year old retired police officer but apparently not. Police say -- 71 year old Curtis Reeves got into an argument with 45 year old Chad Olson because he was texting. And they were watching a movie lonesome this is what I'm getting from the stories and reverend. Watching a movie lone survivor which was number one the box office this past weekend at a theater near Tampa Florida. Police report that would also refused to stop texting a confrontation escalated. And Reeves then went to go get a a staff member from the theater. With about ten people watching Reeves then shot Olson who died later in the hospital. Olson's wife Nicole were slightly injured when she tried to protect her harassment. The 71 year old retired cop claims. That he was the victim. An attorney for the 71 year old retired cop Reeves. Said. That his client had a right to defend himself. From Olson. Who is now being portrayed as the aggressor. Who threw an unknown object at him the unknown object has been identified. As popcorn. A man who was waiting in line to get into the movie with his side said the object thrown was indeed. Popcorn. He said that he was shocked that somebody would have a gun with them at a movie theater. And a witness said that -- fell on him and it sign. After he was shot blood was coming out of his mouth and blood and -- up on his clothes and his son's clothes. Mean this is one of those freak incidents that really gives ammunition to both sides of the gun control debate first of -- What current or proposed gun laws would have prevented this tragedy. I don't again. On I also don't understand how. -- gun control laws would have had an impact on the type of person. Who would do this. But sadly there are many Americans who are unhappy. And they're not criminals until they allow their overzealous attitudes about guidance. To hijacked irrational thinking. And then they do something criminal. Where are gun rights activists. In denouncing. This man having a gun in the movie theater. Because here's a fact. It is an absolute fact. That it -- when year old ex cop did not take his gun into the movie theaters in the 45 year old man would not -- dead. And his wife and other innocent bystanders would not have witnessed this horrific shooting. At a neighborhood movie theater. And what use is going to do. Protect himself from popcorn being thrown at him. Mean I'd like to think that retired cops are tough enough to deal with somebody tossing popcorn -- -- if not then maybe we should do something to reconsider the training of police officers. This mentality by the way is not reserved for retired police officers. The real question seems to be. Would the 71 year old retired -- have gotten into the heated argument confrontation with a younger 45 year old man if he didn't have the gone. If you wanna join -- show with a comic tonight our numbers 26 ago. 187. Toll free 866889. As early seventy. It takes over his face of the extent. I institute's life from New Orleans on this Tuesday night. -- Christina Aguilera she is so one of the action has been announced for Jazz Fest 2014 again we have that a full list. Of their lineup on our website at WW dot com and we're coming right back. I'd among other things tonight we're talking about this and retired police officer -- one year old they're Curtis three years in Tampa Florida. He he shot somebody who later died he's been charged with second degree murder this happen in a movie theater there was an argument over demands that the demand texting. Is 45 year old guy as so our -- W a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight is this question. Do you think possessing a gun and gave 71 year old Curtis -- the confidence to confront and shoot a 45 year old man over texting in a theater. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. It's my understanding and always has been. Vets the Second Amendment. Is. An amendment that guarantees our freedom to keep and bear arms. For protection. Not to settle arguments. And for this ex cop. Through his attorneys to be claiming that he's the victim. I think once again points to. Somebody who was an overzealous. Reckless gun owner. And I would think that that more. More gun advocates. In the NRA. Should come forward at a time like this. And denounce people like this because they give all gun owners of bad name and all -- gun owners are not reckless like this. But with the -- have confronted. This 45 year old over the texting -- it would would the with the confrontation. In the argument would that have gotten to the point where he felt like you need to pull out a gun and shoot him. And you can't give the excuse or Kenya. That he threw popcorn into space. And and since when have we got to a point as. A society and culture. That we can't deal with something like that. I would be angry if somebody tossed pop corn in my face if that's indeed what happened and apparently that's what -- I would be angry. It would be humiliating. But would you take out a gun and shoots somebody and again. Doesn't this point out that you just don't have to have a gun with you every play should go. I support the Second Amendment I support gun rights in America. Their reasons that I I I can't publicly talk about. My specific. Situation with guns. Their reasons and I've -- Recommended that I don't do that but that's that's inconsequential here. Why do you need a -- with you to go to a movie figure. It is unfortunate there's some people who have a gun because it feeds their macho attitude. If he's their eco it gives them confidence. That's not the reason you carry car. You carry a gun to protect yourself. And I don't know about you but if if I feel like I need a gun to protect myself. And my wife or whoever -- with going to a movie. I'm thinking you're ill advised to go to the movies in the first place. If you enjoy this with your thoughts and feelings tonight our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 866889. As early seventy and a text number 677 from bill chase met -- on the -- show and Debbie WL. Yeah. Not the noble and order. Currently. Like I'm amber. The NRA and I have -- -- I think. Armed. And that guy is obviously not. -- he -- governor wants people trainee. And I'd. I don't think the factory he. Had begun. -- -- -- -- -- -- But I also don't think. I mean. If you had begun. Committed I'm sorry that someone in Colorado at a non. Do you think the outcome would have been a little bit different. I don't know how much different it would have been because it was just -- everybody and that to Colorado movie theater in Aurora Colorado which have taken by such surprise -- third with two machines homes and his activity. And I don't know. I don't know if anybody would mean and how many people have been on how many people might have been shot if somebody chances are somebody's gonna have. On handgun. And not to and a rifle with a with a scope wondered is it -- up by the screen how many people might have been shocked when somebody's trying to take it so you know I realize that there. They're there are these legitimate questions but. Discarded have a gun in the movie theater than he he. If nothing else he would have had to punch the guy -- or drink on him for something but not me pull out a gun and shoots somebody in a movie. I understand that but it means. I've I've been in and include words I had my -- on the back in the non. Been confronted but I never pull it out because I know I mean something like that in. Is that that -- Somebody that you are never -- -- them first. Your Clinton had been here you've got to -- you have. A retired police officer you'd think that if anybody should should -- gunning it should be that guy but it just goes to show you that not everybody who is. Who has been trained to use a gun properly has the mentality two years ago and properly I respect he was a -- dollar. And and I would be like you -- I would be angry I think a lot of people should be angry that there's not totaled announcement of of of this guy. And I think this means that everybody should have a gun. Everywhere they go. Under current record like -- and political we showed thanks listening to WWL. At night. I here's a Texan Reid says -- yes I believe having a gun on him gave him a feeling of power. And he made the decision to use it that's from Christie in Kenner. Another -- scooters a concealed carry holder carrying a firearm is a huge responsibility and not one to be taken lightly. As misuse can lead to a tragedy. Just like driving. And here is another text from Michael in Denham springs. I -- you don't agree jive keep it up it was a thank you Michael for listing here's attacks -- That's -- -- one year old is -- gun owners what terrorists are. To Muslims. If you wanna join us for your comment your feelings tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. And a text of receipts at the age seventy and this is this good show and we're coming right back -- VW well. Pat pat -- -- is coming to our concert at the ninety. Never this video from the eighties the Susan videos were like little movies. You know -- -- her parents going on around love as a battlefield. Then possibly videos and down but those were some great videos. Before I get back to. Your calls. Here's a text again scoot yeah I -- share this with you because this is indicative. Of many people who listened to with a radio. It's not indicative of everybody's losing to our audience in our audience listening thank god. But let me read this at this text against suits your agitating idiots than hell with the obnoxious. Texting. A hole the likes of whom the rest of us have been forced to appease in the name of political correctness. In your world the 71 year old should have taken it. -- probably encountered trash. Like the disrespectful 45 year old his entire career and finally said enough is enough. The pendulum is swinging back the other way now and more and more people are getting sick. Of the tolerance. Of BS. If he threw something in my 71 year old father's in my system when year old father I would cave. I would've caved his skull it. And you would be in jail. I mean that's your choice you have the freedom to go to jail. Now if the person who writes this who wants to use the word idiot to describe me I think he'd be really hard pressed to technically you can disagree with -- But you'd have part time. Labeling me actually an idiot. -- Are you talking about shooting and killing somebody because they throw popcorn. And if somebody -- popcorn you simply when year old -- and you -- -- -- -- you're going to jail. That's not me that's the law. But that's your choice I mean you have the freedom in America to hate somebody skull. Now the question is why would somebody throw popcorn -- you're 71 year old debt. -- why did they soap opera that is so so this guy who's a former cop this is what this -- -- This guy is 71 years old he's a retired cop and he he's tired of taking it. So somebody throws popcorn in his face and he takes out a gun and shoots that. These are some of the creatures that are walking among us these -- the people who are giving all gun owners a bad name. If you can't deal with somebody throwing popcorn your face not that I agreed to that should be telling. But if you can't deal with that. Gets some help. You need professional help. And you might even need medication. There's absolutely no reason why somebody should take out a gun and shoots somebody. Because somebody who starts and he gets an argument of look the guy should not have been texting. Even though the white said he was texting his his daughter no excuse for texting and a movie theater. But there's even less of an excuse for shooting somebody. Whose texting in a movie theater. This is going to be this is going to be a great conversation tonight especially because there are people like this text her. Who walk among us and justify. Killing somebody. Over tossing popcorn in their face. There's -- another case of Florida believe it was in the Jacksonville area and I think this trial is is set to start soon. Of a guy who. Shot and killed a teenager. At a gas station. Because of loud music. I guess she was tired of taking it. I guess he didn't like the song loud music coming from the car and he killed this unarmed teenager. You know the the new campaign is gonna be four for everybody who doesn't have a -- to get it done. Not because you're concerned about. The militia not because you're concerned about the but you have to protect yourself from people who are on the verge of rage. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And our text numbers 87870 and I think this text or so much for. His or her thoughts. And they're very big the content of this while he said his father Sawyer it's a guy. Which doesn't surprise me and I I've I appreciate. The freedom of speech gives people the freedom to expose who and what they are. Will be right back -- -- -- Ezra once again will be part of Jazz Fest 2014. The lineup has been announced it's an incredible lineup Bruce Springsteen's. Finish Christina Aguilera. Eric Clapton and I mean the local favorites and the list goes on. And we get a full list on our website right now at WW real dot count also the ESCO blog tonight to which you may agree with or you might totally disagree with. Is titled will gun rights advocates denounced Rick retired cops shooting man over cell phone argument. And you could read it to -- -- to feel like share with your. I'm pro gun and anti gun friends it's on our website at WW well dot com we were continuing to talk about that were kind of running at a time this -- I wanna be respectful to all of you were on hold. On please just relax and -- -- -- the news go do something you have to but stay with us to the news -- to all of your calls right after the news. Now also I'm gonna go through the highlights of that -- again just a moment ago. -- from a guy who said that the 71 year old retired police officer. Which probably tired of taking it probably dealt with disrespectful people for his 45 year career and enough is enough. The pendulum is swinging back and people are sick of the tolerance BS. So in other words if somebody throws popcorn in your face that's justification for death for killing them. I would suggest that anybody who shares that attitude. -- looks at the law. Because I don't know if you could prove that your life was threatened by a kernel of popcorn. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back.