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Jan 14, 2014|

a retired Tampa police officer has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder following an argument and a shooting at a movie theater. Curtis Reeves, a 71 year old retired police officer, is charged with shooting 45 year old Chad Oulson after an argument about texting in a movie theater. Do you think possessing a gun in a movie theater gave Reeves the confidence to confront the 45 year old man?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Last night on the show we touched on this story it was just just coming out about this in the sky yesterday -- one year old retired to Tampa police officer. So -- it was getting into an argument with a guy 45 year old guy over texting in the movie theater which I think this is deplorable behavior means you shouldn't -- a movie theater. However the -- confrontation escalated to the point where. Apparently the 45 year old tossed popcorn. At the -- when year old. Which inspired him at that point to take out the gun that he was carrying to the movie to shoot the guy who died later at the hospital. His wife was with the guy's wife was injured as she tried to save her husband. And they were people in the that the lobby who witnessed this horrific event. The scope blog tonight is one that you leave the agree with or disagree with and you can read it and share it with your friends and and coming -- like its titles will gun rights advocates denounced retired cops shooting man over cellphone argument. Nobody should -- live in the theater but nobody should shoot somebody over. It's been getting into an argument in the Second Amendment protects you. When it comes to keeping and bearing arms bearing arms to protect yourself. The Second Amendment doesn't give you the right to keep arms. To settle an argument or to get back -- somebody. And I have to wonder with a 71 year old guy had actually on gotten into an escalated confrontation verbally with this guy if he didn't have the gone. Guns are not supposed to give you confidence. They're supposed to protect -- They're not supposed to make you act in a way that you wouldn't ordinarily act and I think this goes back to George Zimmerman and yes we can bring that up. I -- rehash that whole situation that we can focus on one idea. Knowing what you know by Georgia rim and we have ever gotten out of his truck. If he didn't have a -- Now he may again we went through this at the time -- he may have felt like his life was threatened. I understand that that's what the argument wise and that's why he was found not guilty he felt like his life was threatened at the point of confrontation. But would he have ever gotten out of the truck if he didn't have a -- Anna -- should not put you in a position of doing something that you wouldn't do if you didn't have a -- Not what it comes to. -- getting into a situation that you might not get into -- -- to protecting yourself if your carry money if you protecting your family great. But also very quickly before -- get your calls that I will get them momentarily. I want to mention once again visually frightening text that I receive from somebody who said. That the 71 year old retired police officer was probably tired of taking it. And he was probably just respected overs 45 year career said enough is enough the pendulum is swinging back and people are getting sick. Of tolerating BS. And he said that if somebody threw popcorn and and my -- when year old father I would -- there had -- And I am getting a number of text. Absolutely denouncing the mentality of of this text. Here's one that says. -- -- the text -- who said that he would crush the skull of the 71 year old defending his father from the evil popcorn slayer is probably a criminal. And he idiot who makes that kind of comment. Is in a text is either. Past criminal or was to go well I don't wanna go into the rest of that -- it's rather a derogatory. And here's a text it -- assault with a bag of popcorn that is a deadly weapon for sure that's what it comes down to meet. You can't. You can't allowing your rage in our civilized society. To lead you. To kill somebody. Over an argument. Over somebody tossing. Popcorn in your face. From Arcadia police a year on this crucial and every WL. Did I won't let you shall I guess I'm one of those radical monitor on fire around. -- radical moderate you know our common sense radical. I appreciate that elected to not again here in your voice. You know I'm thinking about that in terms they -- right -- -- we should have retired cop and cool mama recurrent feature. And I think I'm a man like Nancy that you. Let them with my shooter. -- -- -- -- Victory or street is. Oh probably -- cute girl and beat a lot of guys shoot him. I -- Patiently. In Iraq and to think that I have gone bad and that can actually got hurt from it. I don't know who they are they think like that weren't -- at an all white men are possibly hand. But just -- about caddie and we actually -- in pop a cork on a lot from the pocket take it anymore. Back on the and it killed him. Such hand. The mental -- From 199097. And the petty officer and maybe. He -- this country. Forty regal can marry other young child I'm happy it will. League we have. Kept it all we call he call it all up it -- do you know. -- -- theater before them. Pretty tall and -- tax day care incorporated. Baby sit and think she thought I particularly -- and the work she can't but the the purpose of getting a text could have a daughter again I. Come -- -- you're -- that's. And I it's my understanding that this was happening during the of the probe the previews which you know I I tolerate I I tolerate people a text I don't -- things like that during the previous even though I wanna see the previous but once the lights go down the movie starts. That stuff has to stop and you could you if you need to do with and you just take it outside. -- how -- ball -- lot of the web based chip channel I want. That it back in December up to -- is -- -- last month. There was another girl she she kept it kept it you're headed to the -- that this particular issue Kirk. Three. That he he had war -- her protects me she got up to actually went out in the lobby and he'd follow her and -- -- -- And she went into -- effort to get white from the -- out of hand but. I'm looking at young people by because he's 71 back because it. Didn't report it are hard at her side at high blood pressure got -- got a -- -- -- No witnesses to -- should do -- pull -- done. Yeah I don't know guy got a text a moment ago it says that he went out of the parking lot and I guess there's still that we're still locked we're learning about this case says it really to me it. It just doesn't matter and you know what if you. If you if he actually went out to get his gun then to me that's first degree murder not second degree murder because it was premeditated he went out to his car. I don't know if he did he went out discarding get a gun and so that you carry with that the death penalty. Picture and you talk about it and I you know you know. -- -- the ball and her warm. -- like me -- not a fresh. He gets hot enough but -- at the French did you track walk polite and thank you are meant to ring connect and I thought well I'm. I do I do. You give -- -- pull up and down and -- should they. -- and that is trigger happy. Some people -- I -- I'll tell her -- I think people literally in this country expatriate -- in the country Australia. And there -- countries that have stricter gun law and I'm not there who are we actually went right their children. -- -- -- -- -- That the problem that I have with. With. Supporting stricter gun laws -- I. I don't think they touch the mentality of the people who are gonna do something wrong with the gun anyway and I don't know what. At this cup when we would've been hit it and how to begin. -- I realize Saturday and and this is a guy who obviously had a gun legally soul of the laws on the books or future laws I I don't know what they would do to keep a gun. From a man like this so it really comes down to never. The availability of a gun it really comes down to the individual. Who's using them. All we gotta remember that he every -- -- a lot of people are unacceptable. Absolutely and you don't. We Shatner looks great debate frequently would look good at eating whatever you jagr 77. Yeah. Pretty different but she got -- about -- then we have to start wondering about the elderly people who have at all. You kind of get older and all these pharmaceutical. You know open -- -- protect all kinds of medication that we know what that student and call all. Well it's going to be interesting to see whenever Chris have been there there are so many people who are totally responsible with guns and so many people who are elderly. That they have guns and exactly what to do with guns and it's. It's it's unfair to put everybody in the in the same category but you're our. There are some gun happy zealous in this country. Who allow guns. To feed their ego and give them confidence that apparently they wouldn't have if they didn't have the gun and that's not the purpose of the Second Amendment. It's to protect you not to own a gun to to make you a big shot her to feel like you've got power over somebody else and it seems to me that that comes into play here. But you know I think get to talk about his economic team and it was about war that they feel that won't survive and action. I'm a bit -- if you only think that you're not gonna protection against the great military. Might. Ever say what you got -- -- military. But you're not. -- -- are actually. And that's -- but that's eight. That is the hysterical rationale of those people who say they need to collect guns but you can collect guns and Obama's supporters the Second Amendment. If you collecting guns because you're prepared to fight the government. On. -- -- -- Because -- I don't but if -- and and and there aren't those there are those separatists there are those those those people who who think that way but it. If year if you're. If you're collecting guns to protect yourself from the US government. If they wanna get -- they're gonna get -- we're gonna do you know you can go W shotgun and try and shoot shoot -- Well exactly and and for those people who say that -- note to those people say well. You know as citizens have taken over countries. They have but they haven't done it without the help of the military so the military would have to side with the citizens over the government if that's gonna realist -- I -- what put me out of my on network on the -- XT. -- that there. All right Lisa and I appreciate that you admit that your radical moderate because you know what most of this country is is is is. Definitely their content in their opinions they have conviction but their moderate and they're not part of the silent. Majority -- actually they're part of -- silent majority they're not part of the the vocal minority and those who make the most noise. Are actually in the minority and this show is. Is a forum for those people who actually. Represents most of us in America recently you called the show. If you're on hold you stay where this will take a quick break and I will be right back -- your calls its dispute show. Under the WL I hear a few other things -- we'll get to -- as the show goes on a twelve year old went to his middle school gymnasium. And he pulled out a shotgun today -- was in Roswell, New Mexico. Opened fire on students waiting for school to begin this morning. As CNN was reporting from some some person who knew the kid. That he was -- it. What are ridiculous reason to go to school and shoot and yet as we've talked about on the show. The term bullying has become such on media. Buzz word that. If it's a link to something and all of a sudden it just seems to have so much more. On contemporary importance he was bullied and went to school we've got to do something about bullying. Bullying has always been around and if you're not teaching your kids to deal with being bullied -- Dare I say it feeling as a parent also has a case in Texas of the husband of a woman. Who is brain dead in pregnant. And he suing a Texas hospital because his wife is being kept alive on life support and that's against her and her family's wishes. A state law override the rights of individual. Brain dead pregnant woman state -- says keep the woman alive but some argue that since she's she's she's brain dead the law doesn't apply to her. So we'll get into that a little bit later. Here's our -- of do a pretty general opinion poll tonight do you think that possessing a gun gave a 71 year old man Curtis Reeves. The confidence to confront and shoot a 45 year old man. Over texting at a theater. 73% say yes the -- gave him confidence. 27% say no it didn't what do you think you that your opinion by going to our web site WW dot comparable Melissa Berry year on the -- show good evening. Yes yes I unity means I'm good. First -- -- in between individual. He -- and he'll have some treatment you -- response would go on with it would look at the weather and put a -- qualifying -- -- -- -- related bill amounts to. It's an -- in its report became the mood piece it. He lets you look for an opportune legal situation which we can use to -- That means who got shot with an integral to its payroll tax -- about the immigrant from the idea. This may have quite noted he -- -- and kitchen guys in here. Barry I can't disagree with that yeah there's some there's something wrong especially with somebody who's a retired police officer this is somebody who's obviously trained in how to use a gun. This is somebody who -- trained in in in dealing with. On stressful situations. And -- you know for this guy to be this kind of this kind of an aggressor this kind of a bully and now he now he's claiming to his attorney. That he was the victim that he felt like you slate which threatened -- from from an argument or from popcorn I mean you can have a hard time proving that in court. Yet yet there -- -- I think I think what happened expected he went out to be kill somebody it is some people who have gone and I'm a comedy about. There's some drug -- at least create the ignorant you complete. Big picture that think that they can he get to debate it drop in problem with that. And the -- that they would -- this will be felt the pinch. Ballot bowl would be to -- security. Holes so I don't want -- beat out the care permits an article about argued that -- -- -- I'll. -- Yucatan and compete with folks who -- initial report it would look at them will be. -- -- And it went public what do you. Politely if I'm somewhere in the wake of what happened to look at -- -- abuse about to happen and that district which -- -- You know and everybody should show common courtesy and in a movie theater and and texting and a movie is wrong texting apparently he was texting during previews which. As intolerant as I would be if texting during movie I would be tolerant of texting. I'm a regional conversation on the phone during previous as much as I wanna see previews I was still be tolerant that once the -- would sort -- -- -- -- -- -- I think -- will what it would accomplish. It's company noted that only happen equity you used to have collection in Connecticut but -- -- the governor about your senior citizen doing but it will be at. And it recently so I guess it. Discontent personal issue that we should not -- react and think that has -- out tan. Terry I totally agree with you and a pleasure listening to a derivative -- night. -- Texas Paula you're on the -- -- have a WL. Poster -- you log time ago my mother was warned its sang at the Roosevelt hotel home why do you remember that conversation. They are ever call or log our area. You know I told you before my background military. -- street -- church's idea. Well the market -- agree it chronology tribute -- worst of the on human behavior or human sexual behavior or put. Our search burgers and imprisoned mostly child molesters but you know use of force that the cop was wrong. I would start believer in the second member of the that Scott leads to say. Because. You know it was -- in our -- so much you know someone called your name. -- use deadly force some -- mama's name. He can't use deadly horse. You know -- popcorn -- The only reason to use deadly force is responding to someone else's is legal at least source period. In the discussion. And you know we were trouble lot of things like there's are class -- went to art armor were probably the charms caught verbal judo. Which by the name it it's just what it is and I'd be escalated. A lot of situations in my career. But what are the things are much say. If you ever have to check a large. Yet never forget it's the worst thing in the world have nightmares about it. You know it happened -- when I was in the military and -- Still we -- that person. -- -- -- Yeah and you know that's something you don't just decide. Oh yeah that it was just sorry for are sure that you know that's still. I mean to this day that you never forget it if it's not like. Well it's like in the movie trading they would didn't watch it it'd like extra prayers. You know you take a large it's it's. It's something you never forget you live with a for the rest your large. And and it's not so good that the -- popcorn somebody. You know you got to think about the fact is you can't respond aren't and that's what I did in the past what are responded -- someone's legal deadly force. You can't respond to a insults. Or or even threats but at least force which so what produces a weapon. And weapons I -- could be at things from rockers big softball. -- and to a nicer -- a baseball bat. That's the only reason or respond with that police force. Is it gets someone's illegal use of deadly force so the -- piece -- pay the part she was -- -- fuels so sorry for his pick them. It was the victim but I always thought it. There's so many of the basic for the called the manager and and I heard behavior -- did okay. At the very least I'd get up to believe -- just -- money back and and and -- -- but -- but check July oversaw but he sort popcorn. And the rector of the church -- You know but but but your last call or write a -- -- -- the -- -- fortunate that we would say. These are arson related incidents but the issue an arch. Is one is one saying that we almost understands. And and and our nor talk about anybody is capable. Of any sort. All remember that. I mean the issue art the way it is. You know there's a saying that the -- -- towards at what time at the human animal. Is like -- -- -- no other animal in fact this deal is the slick play pain she dole just simply for the enjoyment of human beings are capable of -- he's saying. So you know it doesn't really surprise me away it's just try extra did it. Because the human part I mean. I was involved absolutely things in my career that not a greatly reduce artistry. But discard -- situation but first. -- are really enjoyed our conversation our I appreciate through what you've gone through in your -- I I appreciate you sharing with us eat your knowledge of this and what it does feel like to take a life even if it is. Justified and I think what we gain from this conversation though this is an isolated incident and nobody should panic when it comes to going to a movie. But we learned from this is. What you're saying is dead. That people who do these sort of things. Don't ever think that they're capable of doing something like this. And and once they do it I'm sure they're very regretful. But you can. You can talk yourself you can. Train yourself you can train your kids to deal with being insulted you can train your kids to with a deal to deal with being bullied in the it was -- we've talked about this countless times on the ship. I wish the bully for a a number of different reasons and and would have been done the perfect. A stereo type -- -- seek revenge in in some way and I knew where my dad kept his gun but it never occurred to me to go get my dad's gun and I just learned to deal. With an art to this day. Some of the text that I did. Would be considered. On so degrading that it might be considered a form of of of bullying me but I just I don't let it bother me and we all need to be prepared to deal that -- again thanks for going our show. -- How I get toward your text here in just a moment some really great texture are coming in Moscow to a New Orleans -- -- under the W good evening. -- -- -- -- -- notes if you sister was and it. From Harvey glance welcome to -- show. Group -- But you'll each of these early nineties all. Now Colin I'm text you -- me you don't wanna be tough guy. I easily topped with -- on on. Right or maybe when he -- ago. At duke job. It never leave my house. But -- miles elect a while ago now right. Here don't go nowhere. In LA it's an accurate in it. My misunderstanding something on guns are supposed to be for our protection. Not for aggression and not to settle arguments and not to seek revenge correct guns are for protection. Correct -- so. Why would you go to a movie theater if you felt like you needed to have your gun with you. Actor and why -- -- carry it. Okay and it and it covers all these people. This is it public sector and you're right to carry -- rhetorical -- -- in the right you know musket would've been twelve. You wanna go out and here's the law school -- you must. Look at and you'd talk about. That he did point out there and witness history but mr. White House to act like. And in announcing the and they work. The right -- that job in this state so it now results are. And -- problem. That is is still one organization is in directly to treat this call these people like terrorists Eric deepen our end here. Recovered it and my other keeping us in fear the NRA does not. Does not fit the description the definition of sort of terrorist in this in this country. That's what they're not not hesitant about like. Whenever they need money when he was in the story about. Well he beat the NRA. And it does take advantage of tragedies in order to generate money and I in I've told I'm told this story when I was living in Denver. On my governor I would occasionally drive to taos New Mexico horse and only single a San Jose state Santa Fe, New Mexico New Mexico. And win when we get off the main highway onto I 25. There was this two lane highway that she would go through to hook up with another highway. And in the middle of nowhere there was this. NRA headquarter building and across the street there was a landing strip with a Learjet. So here. You know the that and I'm not criticizing -- -- for having money criticize the NRA or those who are promoting gun control like criticized both groups. -- -- use tragedies to advance their agenda. You know borrow -- right -- or you know. Who Huckabee cleaned it up and make it better make it more easier for people settled a problem it would have gone. And Pavel and finally where we start. Figured out how to stop people who. What he's done that don't earned the right to own. And what have you heard right that we be respectful to the -- you never expect the -- and firstly -- -- -- first in Egypt in a -- play. All I'm right -- I agree with you it is it is. It is never the weapons fall Lance I'm really glad to color showing you don't have to wait to so long to call us back if you wanna join us with your thoughts and feelings tonight about this are numbers 26 -- 1870. Toll free 8668890870. And -- text number is 877 here's text. This just proves that cellphones. Cellphone misuse. -- abuse is out of control with the rudeness of people even though it did not give him the rights. -- to be shot. I I agree. There is there's a lot of rudeness when it comes to cellphones and it's really aggravating and I get aggravated and I get irritated. But I know how to come down. And if you don't know how to come down get help. Or learn how to calm down. This is the -- show and you'll be right back and a BWO. -- line up for Jazz Fest 2014 has been announced it includes. Eric Clapton. But I was just sorry. Yeah. I know like today you know we never we never had any of -- the performers that we admire we never had any of those people doing any songs about drugs or sex or anything like that right. No it's just today's young generation it's exposed to it. Which is why I continue to define myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation -- open horizon don't be so. As so hypocritical. -- -- it's your -- -- to Simone I wanna share a couple of text with you here's attacks it reads. -- -- the NRA is no different than the democratic Republican Party. I totally agree. Here's another tech CRE may take take advantage of tragedies to generate money but liberals take advantage of tragedies to take away our Second Amendment Rights. I lost -- like this because I'd like I'd like to know. What liberals. Has literally taken away your Second Amendment Rights. And what did that liberal do. Now realize that conservatives and liberals talk -- all kinds of stuff. But I I'd I'd like to know. When you lost your Second Amendment Rights. Where were they taken away. Conservatives liberals the NRA. A lot of people. Take advantage of tragedies. To generate money and attention and that's San a for the -- short break here on -- WL. Yeah -- those who I'm good. Both tours that. Oh thank you talk about not so. Public. With so. Opinion that we can call. Exercise that right in the freedom of speech. However some -- needs to be instances such as. They're idiots that referred to use in video. Message in the text. That's type of people it's scare the hell out of me. Because this Garrett couldn't. Probably going to install Lord Byron and buying ammunition. And do something stupid like the -- -- Well it sounds like that it texture as -- kind of rage issue. He has issues no doubt. And you know being a McDonald. You know. -- not live in the country Obama so. And you know I have a gun for protection not only from people but from animals. -- -- No I mean if you live out in the country in the North Shore I mean you know you never know when bigfoot could walk out of the woods. -- think Greg you know I certainly understand. Why a lot of people own guns in in including yourself. But there are people that has this disbelief that we should all be armed and we should have guns with -- -- everywhere there are a lot of people who can't handle their temper. And air raids and in this this case in Florida approves it and -- 71 year old retired police officer gets into an argument the guy apparently -- popcorn on and and he and he shoots the guy he's dead. So we like to -- as a bully. You know. 71 Euro also ultimately it -- -- -- He'd been bullied probably flight that flight lieutenant policemen. And money carry it goes on. But like usage go out -- -- get to go on the comeback and shoot. That's premeditated. I'm still a little unclear whether he had the -- with the in the theater or left again and I'm hearing and I've I've read conflicting stories about -- today but if you went to his party get the guns and that would be premeditated first degree Merck. Yet it Asian or. Greg guns are for protection not to settle arguments correct. Correct the thing. What do you want to make sure that I was -- missing something here. You know -- look like just say -- I appreciate. You know. The venue for free speech you know you you and WWL you know yelled gullible afforded us that opportunity. -- enterprise and I appreciate that you recognize that and that's why I read text like detects from from that guy I YE awhile. The ideas to flow of the thing that we do sensor would be profanity or is slanderous comments but I'm not -- Simply censor. Opinions. A -- -- I appreciate you calling a -- and enjoy life in the country tonight. Norway that are active -- I hear is thanks -- here's attacks that reads I heard the theater shooter was attacked and feared for his physical well being. A lot of this is gonna appearance social networking sites. There will be a lot of tweets of the a lot of information flowing out there defending the gun owner no matter watched. And it's wrong to defend gun owners. No matter what. Because some gun owners don't deserve to be defended. Now. We don't know about this situation in specifically there's still a lot that we don't know. But witnesses there say that there was an argument. That escalated. And then popcorn may have been thrown. And so that led to shooting. Does it scare you that there -- people I like that in this world and if the guy did have a dime you might have picked up something else to kill the guy. The gun was just a convenient vehicle to kill the guy and he can never blame the gun itself. He blamed the mentality of the person who has that gone. And unfortunately. Giving a bad name to gun owners are those people who have guns for the wrong reasons. Was he threatened to. He's gonna have to prove that in court. -- we've got to stand your ground law now stay underground against popcorn is that what this is gonna come down to what. I'm not defending I'm not defending the guy whose texting in a movie and during previews OK maybe maybe sell. But people need to be a little bit more respectful with their phones in their conversations it with just with with people in general. But he somebody's really impolite that's the reason to shoot them and kill them. Christina Aguilera is part of the lineup for Jazz Fest 2014. It's his or her early hits and we've got the full lineup on a website that if you want to -- this is this cute show. -- from New Orleans and will be back. You've heard about this story we've been talking about it tonight is do you think possessing a gun and gave -- 71 year old Curtis -- the confidence to confront in -- -- 45 year old man. Over texting on a cellphone into theaters. 76% say yes the gun gave him the confidence to confront him. And 24% say no it didn't give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- account and I I think that really is the issue here there's a lot that we still don't know about this case. But there are enough cases that indicates. That that Unser carried by some people for the wrong reason. Not just for protection. But to give them courage and confidence that they might not otherwise have. And I don't believe that's what the Second Amendment attacks. You're either go agree with or totally disagree with the blog -- -- tonight for a website at WL dot com it's a turning on the front page and our opinions. How will gun rights activists denounce retired cop shooting man over cellphone argument. A from Larry Brian you're on to -- WL. -- -- Thank god go to Egypt -- -- -- life. You think Bill -- should be absolute last resort you know you appear in your life and it's that's when you see you could go on. But you know. I'm in the forestry you know you don't want the movie you could deal with idiot texting and too easily it just wait. That we can I band of the movie. On the weekdays -- opened on a good day. -- hopefully and the way you Wear it like early in the week day whatever and you know. Etiquette problems -- piece called stupid or because you know obsolete in a red light on the -- -- -- -- top. To all that helpful. To Portland State. It and she's complaining about the traumatic. And when it's -- school zone that way. Brian I'm gonna have to get to I'm really glad you brought that -- I've got to get through news break but yeah outlets start talking about the frustrations in movie theaters in the frustrations in society in general. Even though it's a recent issue it's important that we come back.