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Jan 14, 2014|

a retired Tampa police officer has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder following an argument and a shooting at a movie theater. Curtis Reeves, a 71 year old retired police officer, is charged with shooting 45 year old Chad Oulson after an argument about texting in a movie theater. Do you think possessing a gun in a movie theater gave Reeves the confidence to confront the 45 year old man?

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Good evening and welcome back George showed we always welcome those of you who were listening on your Smartphones your computers and your tablets. If you're gonna join me on Twitter sometimes I tweet out some very reverend things my Twitter. Account is set and it scoots every WL it's -- -- every WL. You know I was in -- earlier today. And I thought -- -- way that the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office conversion rate really great revenue for Jefferson Parish. I don't know why they don't become little more vigilant this and this one place all they have to do is dispute this one spot. And they can generate a lot of revenue. When you're coming off the interstate. And you're going on veterans like where you're into two lakeside or somewhere and on veterans highway if you're going. If you're going. Left on veterans -- which -- come off the interstate. Right there and veterans causeway. It's clearly marked. No left turn. And people constantly turning left there. He's supposed to go past the intersection through the U turn and then you turn on on veterans. I just I see this so often and I'm thinking. What a great place to generate revenue. And the insurance companies -- rates could go make it make you start making more money because people are gonna get caught these moving violations. And then there are going to be raised their rates so it's a win win situation for everybody except idiots. Who aren't reading the signs I guess you we all make mistakes. And I understand that. There are a lot of people who just don't even pay attention. To some of the basic traffic signals. Some of the basic traffic -- immediate it's clearly marked. -- term. And people are turning constantly subsistence. Thought if you wanna generate some revenue interest as. Stake a police officer out there and start giving -- tickets as we talked about this case in in Tampa Florida involving a -- when you're retired police officer. And we don't know all the details but this is what witnesses are saying this is what the police are saying apparently this guy 45 year old was texting. During the previews. The 71 year old retired -- Told him to stop texting. And -- he didn't stop texting that somehow escalated into a confrontation. And during the confrontation according to witnesses. The 45 year old tossed popcorn. At the -- one year old retired cop. I either had a gun on -- he went out to his -- get a gun. But during that confrontation. That verbal confrontation. Apparently after the popcorn was thrown to 71 year old retired cop. Shot the guy he died later in the hospital. The 45 year old wife who was injured today she tried to on tried to save her husband I think she stuck her hand over simulate that in and she was. And if she was shot but here's a -- -- ever get butter and salt in your line shooting was justified. And thought the sense of humor this audience. In -- -- the sun goes down it's late at night it's been a long day for a lot of people I love the reference of of our audience. In Ireland this year some of those those text with -- I will admit that I'm aggravated when somebody. Is texting in a movie theater. And it doesn't happen to me often IDC most -- live downtown so I see most of the movies that I go to a canal place. Which is a really nice place to see movies. And I'm not an elitist. But it really is. A very nice place with for the most part it does have been at their hearts of people there who were disrespectful as well. But the seats are bigger. It's that it's not as easy to. Aggravated it today and it can doubtless not I'm not doing this is a commercial for canal place but I would write what I have gone to other theaters say in the in the suburbs. There are there are people who have just basically there are the the per capita of rude people increases. And I'm wondering why I mean it was lost so much civility. In our society. And when you talk about this guy texting in this guy gets an argument I realize that they're texting is is aggravating and a woman in in front of me and in a movie woman was texting during the movie. And the fall lights -- then. I don't I don't care she's texting -- she's not paying attention to the movie but don't do anything that's distracting to me or anybody are around her. And in if you need to text. And I respect that sometimes there's the need to contact somebody. Go -- Don't continually text in the movie it's that that that these some of these screens flash so brightly. That it's distracting. And there's really no excuse for -- you can get up out of your seat. Even if it's an emergency you can text but you can get a body your seat and and and -- So let's talk about some of the frustrating things that people do in movies and I have. I said things to people and movie theaters. About talking. I've. Says things about kicking the back of my chair. What is that people do in a movie theater or in a public place. That irritate you. But even if -- irritate. Do you know how to control yourself. And if you don't know how to control yourself and try to get some help. The world is busy. There's a lot of stuff going on around all of us. And sometimes it doesn't take much to get us really frustrated. But you can't get frustrated to the point we take out a gun when you take any kind of weapon. And you try to hurt somebody with it. If your life is to frighten people that's one thing. But you can't hurt somebody or kill somebody. Because you simply frustrated it. -- I'm going to be honest with you about something that that if frustrates me right now would take a gun and do anything about it. But somebody. It in the parking lot or I've I've park. Somebody within the last 24 hours. Obviously did not know how to park and booked into the back of my car. A small. Crack. A crack nonetheless. If you don't know how to drive would you please stay home. If you don't know how to park your car would you please stay home. He can't pay attention to parking -- should we trust you going seventy miles an hour on the interstate. And thinks so. And again if you don't know how to park admitted and stay home. Target somebody else who could park for but that's aggravating and irritating debating. And it's it's it's rooted -- and I don't I don't like it. But there's a that I can do about it and somebody thought nothing of doing that in and running off. And then there's a hold a cell phone etiquette thing and I'd just like to try to be I try to be respectful of other people and I'm sure there are things that I do. That irritate other people. And as we talk about this I will recognize anything that I might do that might be irritating to somebody else. What is it. That people do. That irritate you in a movie theater grocery store. Or waiting room a public place in general. Maybe. Some people don't really understand. That there irritating. May be their oblivious to the idea that what they do -- irritate. If you wanna join our show with your comment our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. -- a text number is 87870. Here's an update on tonight's a BW a pretty general opinion poll do you think possessing a gun. Gave a 71 year old retired police officer Curtis -- The confidence to confront and shoot a 45 year old man over texting in a movie theater. 73%. Said the -- gave him the confidence to confront this guy. And 27% say no the gun did not give him the confidence to do that. If you gonna give us your opinion go to our website WW dot com and also -- -- blog you'll either agree with -- tonight or disagree with that. If you are for gun control if you Oregon rights advocate. You could read this and they're coming or if you like and share with you friends. Scoop like tonight is wheel gun rights advocates denounced retired cop shooting man over cellphone argument. If you would give us say your opinion. Collison to 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And I text number is 877. From the French Quarter Lewis here on WW elegant evening. Are you a good. Okay. Think what you said -- ought. To date back to you that you're not in the -- they -- Because. I think. Just that idea. That you're not true leader if that makes you just want. What are wouldn't talk about. Is well let me let me let me address that first before you go -- -- On I lived downtown so the most convenient place for me to go to a movie is canal place and there was a long time I went a couple of years without having car. As a the only place I could go to a movie and sometimes I go to movies because I talk about a month a year. It's topic of discussion on knock and talk about a movie and Garcia so the only place that I could actually go see a movie. Was it was a canal place. But it's a very. Delete place to see a movie however I don't consider myself an elitist because I do a lot of things that would defy description of these at least. -- probably be beat. Go to a movie don't -- and I'll -- it doesn't -- you know -- and you wouldn't -- -- can help. While I and I understand that Lewis but there are people who on because of this the surrounding and he -- the movies there. Accurately and OK so it's it's quite. It's quite different from going to movie in the in the suburbs. The experience I don't know I grew -- North east I used to put them -- like an old than me when I was very driver seventeen. And that he got a canal place second -- there it was on -- -- -- or you're out. Well I I notice and I notice a big difference in the clientele in the suburbs and the canal place but we don't let's let's not argue that point. -- I'm tournament my point about. Well what it is important about what people would make and how to -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. Analogy when I was a young person you know not my dad boldly and Gingrich sent police said -- the good -- the people you know people -- different -- -- look terrible. It could be good news is that they -- it -- you feel that. To beat Carolina. And throughout my life I had that title. And I said you know what. It's it's it doesn't matter what people say to -- doesn't matter how people act or. The only thing that matters is how is how I achieve this could feel about it and I think that's so remarkable. That people should. I agree and earlier we were talking about another case and I'm sure it'll be more on the news about this tomorrow but there was a good twelve year old kid who went into his middle school in Roswell, New Mexico. And he pulled out of shotgun pulled out of a bank and a shot two students and there was one report on CNN that the -- was -- too well. Kids need to learn how to be bullied without feeling the need to pick up a shotgun and go to school and and at their frustrations and I totally agree with you. -- you keep people you can choose how you feel sure. That's sort of anomaly that's something that book that happened. And that is not good nor do not what happened in the world every day that what happened in the match lightly. -- -- -- -- Most people -- there's. Like five billion people in the world that doesn't happen that way you read. And I think it doesn't -- that people can beat. You know I think that the media -- news. You're exacerbate this problem wouldn't. In reality. That's an anomaly that happened and in it probably -- PA draft but at same time. And everyday occurrence. -- look at your your right but what is now becoming an everyday occurrence. Is the idea that nobody should be bully that we've got to stop bullying when in reality we can't stop bullying -- I don't. Think that you need to quit and it works it. If you're telling our kids kids were bullied. I know I know they were Lewis but -- but bullying wasn't. An excuse for for negative behaviors bullying was in an excuse for -- your frustrate -- And now through the media there seems to be this. On conventional wisdom that while well it's understandable because he or she was fully -- notice notice that you're well I absolutely. I think the media has turned bullying into one of those. Aussie lifestyle. Well I'd I'd it to Korea I'd -- the issue that there it could be used to exposing me that you I think Disney mitnick or parent. I don't think immediate causes you actually I think it's always. Another media doesn't cause the issue but the media will always look for those convenient key. Key phrases. To attract everybody's attention because that's the goal of the media to get your attention. And if they eat it if they can create hysteria if they can create fear that there's this trend of bullying going on which and you and I know there's always been -- But -- the media can focus on that it's easier to capture the attention of an audience. So would be entered -- -- to limit the media tell you can't. But he came in the years saying that. Well you can't in this country can't limit the media. Well -- -- the audience beyond the audience needs to be Smart enough to realize that it's being manipulated by the -- well you're -- you're talking to the. And the audiences telling you -- immunity to -- here or -- -- -- -- No less that what the audience this thing that's what you're saying you can't I don't -- while you're one person you can't you can't limit the media. And and I may be part of the media but it doesn't mean that guy. I I totally. Defend what might industry does and I don't buy into what plane historically does it quite often I feel like. -- call the media on a lot of things like creating hysteria creating fear and great -- you probably don't. We are recovering your colleagues. Maybe you're gonna you're saying that you're going to be -- read what we and it pace and would lead to -- don't eat. Only thing that can be done Lewis is the audience needs to be Smart enough to understand the motives of the media therefore. Would be less likely to be manipulated by the media. -- -- -- Smart audience I would -- Q recently you are OK I mean well and you're a Smart are you saying. You know. -- Who's gonna stop that well I mean week. Include. Outdoors. A well if that's exactly what needs to have I don't know how often you listen to show but I talk about this quite often -- I talk about quite often the motives of the media and it's up to the audience -- the the media gives the audience with the audience wants and if you're seeing something and you don't like it. Then the question is look in the mirror and instead of getting mad at the reflection that you see of yourself what you see in the media I give -- yourself for giving that reflection. Actually I don't really. It's it's not that I don't care one way or the other like you'd take -- that we are traits -- All right I called him and was that the blue and listening. Ought to think about themselves and understand. The only thing that they can do is control how they feel. And -- I could not agree with you more I appreciate you calling -- show if you are -- stay with us. This is this -- show. And your comments and more of your text are next on -- WL. I -- fans tomorrow night there was pelicans take on the Houston Rockets at home and investigate times at 7 o'clock on our flagship. 153 to be an annual event and LSU fans tomorrow night the tigers are in an SEC play. Against the rebels of Ole miss pregame was at 730 tip off is at 8 o'clock on the big game seven so no scoot showed tomorrow night. But we'll be back on Thursday night if you wanna join us with a comment about anywhere talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven Texas a 7870. As -- were talking about this this police officer retired police officer Tampa who is frustrated with this guy it was texting in the movie theater. And that shooting and killing him because of confrontation resulted. I've what is at that people do that that really bother you to the point where you're frustrated and as we talk about things that frustrated as. Maybe beacon realize that we do some of those things that frustrated that people and they do we can cut back on doing the things that are frustrating to others. But I think we can also learn to to check ourselves and realize what happens when somebody doesn't. Control their frustration. Like this 71 year old again we don't know exactly what happened here but the 71 year old is charged with second degree murder. -- for allegedly killing a guy over an argument over texting that may have led to the the the guy who we shot up putting popcorn three popcorn -- face. Now that's degrading and could be insulting but is that a reason to shoot and kill somebody. So as we talk about this we think about the frustrations in our and our own lives in the frustrations that you may have. When it comes to -- drivers and somebody cutting in front -- you don't you have to. Just take it deep breath. And and and check that so what is -- that people do in movie theaters have public places or with cellphones that. That frustrates you are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 878 Saturday here's a Texan reads you have it all wrong kids need to learn not to bully keep it open you may get yours. Not exactly sure what that means or that is some kind of fields ridiculous threat. Of course kids need to learn to not the only. But until we make the place. Such that kids don't bully until we make the world that kind of place. In the meantime. Kids need to learn. That being bullied is part of life. Andy prepares them what -- I -- realize how I learned to deal with being bully when I was young. It helped me learn to deal with those kinds of situations -- technically being bullied. But there is. There is that factor. In our lives as adults in the workplace. And we have to learn to deal with those things. Are from they'll chase Ralph you're on the -- showing every WL. Hey -- too good. -- common. Talk about our water is of the but there were toppled resolves all the bought apple for a yeah. Problem and Iowa better than me in the scene right illegal again would the state of Florida. One of the judge and executioner all the same time. I think you get pretty ridiculous. And -- comments you got a glimpse of -- idea. We don't like these that we don't know via web Obama book. If you love to go get retrieval weapon that slight manslaughter mobbed him. Know that -- -- -- first degree first degree murder you know. You know getting Thursday it would you can go to movies and and get schaeuble. What do you get pop called pro would you pay is about as further ridiculous something I agree hero. It's it's it's it's added and while these are isolated incidents. They they also -- today's general. A frustration that so often leads to two people. Acting out to the point were a tragedy resulted and it happens enough for all of us to. -- not be afraid to go out. But to to talk about how we do get frustrated realize that if we do get frustrated we can learn to. It -- did not. Over react to when we get frustrated and realize how insignificant -- things really are. And up and make me wonder what was the mindset that is also also -- me -- in overtime at all sort of like he should have been in the how has situation better than he did well. Norway on the stand that he left one common goal and talked manages him and and when he returns. I don't know he went outside this vehicle about the when he retired. I would think that he retire -- did that they get as. Ralph -- I agree there's still a lot we don't know but it it did have to end this way I appreciate you calling are showing thanks listening to WWL ignite. I here's a text the guy should not its own popcorn on the old man to me he was the bully. And through his attorney the -- one year old retired cop. Is being described as the victim. Saying that he was. He was threatened but -- buy popcorn. -- the -- of course the guy should not have thrown popcorn in the old man's face. And again -- I I'm I'm remiss I think in and refer I think it's wrong to refer to somebody at 71 is an old man because you know it's the baby boomer generation -- -- about seventy and I would call mig Jagger and old man -- I guess to some people he's an old man bit. You know it it's 71 I don't consider you to be an old Lambert who -- arsenal man OK -- -- year old man. Some -- popcorn and that's that bright. But do you realize what you're saying by saying he was -- you're you're saying that it's okay to pull out a gun and shoot somebody who does that. At what point are you Smart enough to walk away. If you use lethal force. Against somebody. You're going to be compelled to prove. Pick your life was threatened. And I'm not sure how this guy is gonna prove that his life was threatened. Based on popcorn being thrown his face. During. A verbal confrontation which is the story that we seem to be getting from witnesses. From New Orleans Mary you're under the WL. Yet people and make wanted to with the comment but Pavano that caught a very aware of that -- conflict but people do -- and I know very well they're doing. Want the company to do that -- but the. You know did you know you know. Don't get tickets and that is get it you gotta go all the -- -- and and people -- they get violent that we -- BP and its. Now mind about it -- I don't think that I'm a bad cop or anything conducted it wants but. Well they really should start busting people for doing that we were out there are a little about it. -- think they do know that that bad they defeated that that it. It's pretty up inspectors to -- there's too. Have they added talent that you know that they don't get to get that second they want to talk about. In the old days of that action talk about field. Not an old dogs. That came back to go out but I could go to -- -- -- -- manager. And to date detecting and probably and we want the talk back then. -- -- -- people make an all right and what it and then that it would come and get that president commonly even it was quiet and -- but I believe today it probably it was demand in the bang and leave out well and things can -- so bad but. And it went activate we weathered the main thing that aggravate me but the one thing I don't like it -- your way to put someone depart. And you've been very polite to. And then somebody pulled the item in Japan and they get out that kind of get this. Yeah that's that's -- -- that's the that's really rests really -- you -- your. Waiting for the person to pull out and then somebody is in their position to where they can physically Poland before you end and they and they do and that's. And they came. Out what it did wrong now like in -- means there's a special place in hell for people. Did that. Now. And they think they're just -- they just think they're cruising through this life and nothing's gonna happen to them. Yeah you're going now. But diet -- now maybe -- head around me now right now dependent less. Getting us. I marry a political issue on specialist and here's attacks I don't understand why texting in a movie theaters so annoying. Would you rather than answer a ringing phone pay attention to the movie. Not me your annoyance is mental. I I would agree to some degree it is but the -- when the text columns its. Even if the phone is silenced. Is the person's right in front of you in the movie theater or positioned in and from a viewer just to decide in this particular case this that this woman. Her phone kept lighting up. And it was distracting I mean as a reason they turn the lights out in a movie theater. Too dark in the theater. And if there's constantly a light flashing in front of you. I don't understand you know if if if this was somebody's like. Life support system. It was it was going off I guess it could be a little more understanding. But there's no reason. To text in a movie theater there's no reason. To be that in considerate when it comes to texting. Take it out side. And it's true we should all focus on the move. And I and I and I try and I admit it sometimes little things aggravate me not to the point where I'm gonna. Do anything stupid. Like the -- when -- old ex cop did apparently in. In Tampa if you -- to join us with your thoughts in your feelings tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. And a text number 67870. We'll be right back. They're VW well. The lineup for Jazz Fest 2014 has been announced it's going to be another incredible year. Bruce Springsteen and The E. Street Band. He's been. Eric Clapton Christine secular Robinson Robert -- Santander. Fish trombone shorty Orleans. And renewable public -- is Irma Thomas and the list goes on and on and on its Springsteen hundred Barack. The Jazz -- 2014. We got the on the full lineup on our website right now Debbie WL don't come from Indiana rich welcome to this crucial. -- -- -- Kind of shooting happened at peak reached -- -- step amid the 99 point whatever perspective detonate -- actually oops. But didn't do that. And so on board as a direct result. -- the court's. Got to that stage yet and -- every permits. Like candy. This guy lost its cool. Pool without regard. Had shot and killed. A guy at all protection. And popcorn. At what what people had an and other that -- that is not being mentioned here. It's a real -- girl and hold. Food laundry is bad. Rich I would argues that this is that this is somebody who weren't here legally have haven't gotten and in this case where -- -- -- -- retired police officer. You guys this is not somebody who got a boo hoo -- just and we'll. Got their concealed carry permit because they're handing amount. No but. -- -- you got a former -- here twenty years on the job for us it's cool and and delighted god. I mean it can't. -- I trust and now retired cop that he needs school due to go that trust that -- watcher. -- -- of forty bucks to pay for life and. In a rich I think you bring up some good points and number I'm going to -- show thanks sourcing and Indiana and -- there are. While these are isolated cases in the context of a nation that's what 350 million people. Large. It happens enough. There are people that do. Vent their frustrations. With a gun and of people who settle arguments with a gun and that's not. That's not the right that a second demand that the Second Amendment gives you. It gave you the right to have a gun to protect yourself. Not to settle an argument. Here's a text that reads. That old man had a legitimate reason to use deadly force those popcorn kernels are pretty damn dangerous. Here's another text popcorn throwing was wrong. But he didn't deserve to die in his wife to get hurt. And watch her husband die over a cellphone. And some salted butter popcorn from Gulfport senior inevitably you'll. Think. Good one of the things undertake native people that these steps ignorant airtight somebody in and Mercury and express that that irritate cute and that. Makes an even more. Or is it and may get worse about doing it but. My point that call about Bagram -- -- for six years now college and people come out never complain about a similar patent. What I would say like yeah I have no problem down there and I'll speak to about it but. And -- in the back the theater's sake continues just move. -- keep you in the movie experience. Is about to. Distract. -- people -- and that beer. They escalate in order and -- just move and policy that happened and you do news Powell. Powell. You you you'd like. There were two people say it. If you have to move for the inconvenience -- work out stretching out to movie passes for the next time company to me it's. All of that would be is amazing. Well did it sounds like you're a good movie. Theater manager and I appreciate the call. But. The bottom line is. We don't have to irritate each other as much as we do it that doesn't mean that a lot of people aren't. Overly sensitive to 22 minor things and and Gator treated very easily it. I know the argument maybe -- that can get to be irritated kind of easily because of some of the things that I talk about. But I never gonna get to the point where I'm gonna do anything violent as a result of something that is irritating or or aggravating. I deal with it but what's bothersome to me is that. That we all live in this world we're. People don't seem to even care about each other. Is in many ways in many ways we do but in many ways it's like who will do irritating things in this. Not even be opposite of what that might be doing to somebody else and that has led to a continuing. Degree -- in NC incivility. In our country and and maybe we should recognize that in and too little better job of just trying to be civil and courteous to each other. This is the -- show like from New Orleans and we'll be right back into the W well. You think anybody can have him. -- an advantage yes master Nguyen -- thick zones that. Robin thick part of this 2014. Jazz fans line up. Yeah I I'd love to see the Robin stick around and official crowd. Get together because those two crowds -- -- absolutely. Nothing in common. A from a plus Mike here on this -- show good evening. Pace could ever. New revelation for everybody. The the two states that are hosting the and -- the NFC in the AFC playoff game this weekend. Yeah -- -- states that have legal marijuana. So we believe Seattle once they get the NFC championship belt and exhibit the -- -- and don't legalize the stuff. Yet there seems to be a pattern here and the Super Bowl could conceivably be between. Two teams where. They have blow legal recreational use of of pot. Yeah let them get back but he said he. That means to -- simple bowl. The super blonde. Guide it into interesting media that's. You know the -- gonna come there are people who just cling to. What I think even though I don't smoke pays an irrational on fear of of -- and again we talked about it many times and they show Lloyd I don't understand how somebody can and supports legalized alcohol and not support legalized pot does it mean that young kids -- -- -- -- that's an interesting observation might have a political show. Here's a -- and -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight do you think possessing a gun gave a 71 year old ex police officer the confidence. To confront and shoot a 45 year old man over texting issue at a movie theater. If your opinion by going to WW real dot com if you are -- stay with us this is the -- -- more of your calls in more of your -- week coming up next.