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01-14 11:10pm Scoot, Movie Theatre Shooting

Jan 15, 2014|

Should people be allowed to carry guns in movie houses regardless of their credentials? Curtis Reeves, a 71 year old retired police officer, shot a man in a movie theatre over an texting argument.

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I -- I have some vague memories have found what I was like when I was twelve years -- Do you remember being twelve years old at all or being about that age. If you got really frustrated would you ever go to school with a shotgun and opened fire. Well it it's happened again at twelve year old boys in custody now. Went to his middle school in their Roswell, New Mexico went into the gym this morning pulled a shotgun out of a bank opened fire on some students. An eleven year old boy it was a critical condition and a girl thirteen is in serious condition both with gunshot wounds. A fungus is skewed firing wages. Middle school he was disarmed. And by a staff member who simply walked up into going to put down the firearm. There was a report on CNN earlier tonight that this kid was bullied -- there was a report that he was. That he was -- you know even if you are. Even if your bully it. -- you can take a shot gun to school and just to shoot people. An -- we have here whether it's with cancer with his savvy when year old man and movie theater. We're witnessing a society that is. Less and less. Tolerant less and less capable. Of dealing with any frustration whatsoever. And these frustrations lead to. People. Acting in such a way that a tragedy results. Why are we so why are we so quick to to to get frustrated today I mean I realize that it's a it's a busy world that we live in a week. You know we always you know we we only two. Collectively as a nation we needed just. Calm down and eat it that does that mean that we shouldn't be aggressive and productive and be aggressive in the right kind of ways but in terms of in terms of of getting aggravated and in terms of of -- to seek revenge immediate revenge on somebody or punish somebody immediately. For something that they do -- it's aggravating. You know I think this is a very very mild degree of road rage if it it doesn't even believe in that doesn't even really come under the definition of road rage. But -- if if if somebody in a car sees somebody do something that they don't like they -- their horn and an even if even if it's not to alert them. About any. Anything that that might prevent them from being is it's it's punishment it's a form of punishment. Or if if somebody's walking across the street and they're not supposed to be white appoint I hear people -- horns. Almost as as as punishment like why -- who who who are you to do this. And I I saw this happen earlier today there's a cart turn to. Turned left where it's clearly marked no left turn veterans highway and causeway. And in the car right behind them knew that you were supposed to turn there and just layered the horn as that person went through the intersection. Signaling to this person you should have done. And that that that's and that's a frustration that we -- we're seeing more and more. Manifested in our society. -- one year old guy and and apparently this 71 year old ex ex cop retired police officer and in the Tampa area. Apparently he has a real issue with people texting in movie theaters. And he's intimidated other people according to stories that are coming out now about him. I don't like texting in movie theaters I think it's rude and -- should do it. But I'm -- -- shoots somebody. Over an argument that it props because of that. And the guy shouldn't have -- the 45 year old whose dad should not have thrown popcorn his face. But that's no excuse to kill somebody. There are far too many people in America who don't. Comprehend. The true meaning of the Second Amendment. And there are for too many people who are giving all gun owners. A bad name. At a toward your text you're just a moment let's go to Mississippi Scott you're on the Scotia -- -- WL. You know more now -- here again at the fear. All of last hour. Is early on while back. If you like college poll layer an old man. Who wore. While courtship India the -- humbled me. And. I don't think you're an old man bring it -- primary I write checks that are describing is an old man on -- on -- -- -- I am old man and I am proud -- other. Of all time to get -- so. -- and you did a lot of the right things to get that old. -- Are. Anyway. That's where I got the so you know what they're returned by the English. But it is you know the war was ill afford the old. Are. Yeah and I appreciate you know same. Where that would. I understand. I I like your philosophy though right I you know I'd I'd I'd I'd I did a lot of work to get to be it'll guide I'm appreciating it. The only -- war looked like I am forty your word you're torn. A little note from way if you have a and I'm kind of proud of my whole place. You'd like that certain one -- cup I'll go by -- -- old -- you know that. They probably. All of -- and how much. Air in a lot of them think they're bigger than the world. And he's probably got by -- some ridiculous things before. And I'll vote what I can't let no one yet as columns that we don't know about it. And really comment on the old cops. I'm Michael sent -- that currently what intelligent -- not there. -- you know it's it's not so much about a retired police officer except that. You know here's somebody who you would trust with a -- here's somebody that would happen -- legalese for those who -- -- in at times like this for those who wanna say. -- gun control laws. Well this is a guy that you would think. Would have a -- and and should have gone and so it it points out that. That even people who shouldn't have guns. Shouldn't have gone even people who legally have guns obviously shotguns. -- it also it also points out again and I think. Did it gun control laws are not going to get guns out of the hands of some of the people many of the people who shouldn't go. Look market. It is it's so simple. And -- now and all of the all of Orange. I'm saying is dollars its first couple of me well and people who. Appear that the that the net. That they now and so -- give -- my. It would well no animals. There's about Google. -- scrambled -- but where does -- it's as simple and that in itself intelligence on the. Well and there are there are people who aren't criminals like this -- -- year old retired cop. Who become criminals because they don't know what to do with the -- We're no cops were solidly. In the shop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It felt like that -- well when he saw an album. I wouldn't call forward approached the tickets. They all wore -- wire and Robert do you yet ticket. Scott and I and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with -- I disagree with you on the the collective attitude it's that cops are are wired or. Certainly there are bad cops there are people who become police officers for the wrong reason. And I guess that'd -- sad thing about it is. They don't even understand that there becoming police officers for the wrong reason. So there are bad people in every group but there are so many good police officers. Male and female who works so hard to to keep the peace that it's unfair for us to allow a few bad ones to give all of them. A bad name but I like bringing up this retired police officer. Who. Is charged with second degree murder in this case because it goes to show you that gun control laws are not the answer. This is a guy that. The gun control laws based on what we know would not have prevented him. No current laws and no laws that are proposed. Would have prevented this guy from having a -- It's not about the -- It's about what somebody does with the government. And they're also points out that. I I don't I don't buy into this idea that everybody needs to be darned. And everybody needs to to carry their gun everywhere they go. Why -- Cisco and so accessible to a guy who was simply going to a movie. A from Slidell James you're under VW well. It's -- ago and good sir thanks James. They allotted the diplomatic if you come out to exit number one that aggravates. What people do that it's very disrespectful especially at movie. Like lone survivor. Dirt -- tell -- their. Interchange and alt. If you're phoney and lights up. They'd throw you. That the into the neighbor but a woman called they're younger on demand in hurt injured you know early audience. She called the complaint did you get thrown out and it's clearly. Stated everywhere -- and at the very popular figure people go there because broke people it's what's the name of the the year it's called L Oprah tells. What was she complaining about if it's clearly marked what was her complaint. She got thrown out which of their policy -- your fault like he wrote. Yeah but if it's clearly marked by wishy washy complain they did the right thing. But let me tell you the most beautiful thing that they pitch at this -- message on their answer machine. In the daytime -- law and and what that -- influenced. Change you wouldn't just -- Certainly out because. Ruled that a lot and texting -- They are they took their record. People need to what that you know -- you -- you know they couldn't put on its current and eat it at the beginning of every. Movie as great and it's a letter its value to refuel and and note their -- well language what you can hear it -- -- -- but anyway that's you know it's it's the sort that happened. The guy -- 71 years old on the saying that the panic. At least you know. I was six foot six. They get -- -- saying in the middle of the theater. You know. And our country an awful lot of respect for each. And every -- that everyone done. You get -- traffic people get aggravated. You know -- There's -- to Europe for people at their car on Friday and they go to the carnage. And they don't even you know no phones themselves or not the ability to be and these I don't professionally in the last. What do you think about it if you think about how crowded. Some some cities aren't in other countries. And that is that the problems that they have that that don't equal our problems you know if we. We are a nation that is so. Spoiled. And pampered and so into instant gratification I've got to be happy here and now I want and what I want and I want it now. We have lost our our understanding of patience. We have become a nation maybe not you or me but we have become a nation is as individuals who are just very very. Easily frustrated and irritated to the point where violent violent things are happening and that is very fortunate. Real water per cent and you know that's wonderful thing and travel around the country that's one good thing about the world we have crime things like that. Which you know that we have a lot of sensible and a lot of people together. And whatever and you know eighty. They don't art art community you know I'm feeling in a lot of cities and that's one good thing about it but you know. Everyone that it's. That I would -- New Year's goal is required and it was a policeman. And and he at this evidently worked as -- -- in charge of security guard from what I read on line. And I'm not sure what would go out of them a calm and yet it turned tragic and it shouldn't really say edit and you know work America. You just need to. It's a step back. Smell the -- -- I'm going to call is showing affection listing you know we we we all should learn a little bit more about the the mentality of eastern thinking. San mentality which is not a religion it it I I've I've studied -- to some degree in it is perfectly congruent with my Catholic beliefs in my. By Christian beliefs it's not it's not religion. It's. It's a mindset it's and it's an understanding of of -- self -- negative we get into all of that and we can do we could learn a lot about learning to deal with things that so easily frustrate America. This is Cisco show like from New Orleans on a Tuesday nights and we'll be right back on WWL. She is still looking really Grey's again Christina Aguilera and she's going to be a Jazz Fest 2014. The lineup was announced today Christina Aguilera. Robert Plant so -- got to read the disease that the list is at once again of mind boggling Eric Clapton Bruce Springsteen's. We have the full list on our website at WWL dot com. Here's a quick update on our -- WL pretty general opinion poll tonight. Do you think that possessing a gun. Gave 71 year old Curtis reach the confidence to confront and shoot a 45 year old man. Over texting and a movie theater. 7% say yes the -- gave him confidence to do that 30% say no it didn't. You're not supposed to carry -- -- For the purpose of giving you confidence. It would cause you to do something that you might not do if you didn't have -- Protecting yourself that's one thing but I don't know how this guy's gonna argue. That he was protecting yourself against popcorn being thrown in his face. As much as you might not like that. You can't shoot and kill somebody. Over somebody throwing popcorn in your face and apparently that's. What happened. You'll either agree with or totally disagree with -- blog tonight it's on our website at WW real dot com it's titled. -- a gun rights activists. Denounce retired cop shooting man over cellphone argument. Gun rights advocates need to stand up and say look this is awful. This guy shouldn't have had a gun and yet. There are a few people who have actually. Are defending this look I know everybody is innocent until proven guilty in this country. But there are people who are already making excuses. For the 71 year old. And it seems to me that that is. Is inspired. By those who will blindly. Support everybody owning a gun. Or almost everybody owning -- -- And went Cingular from this case is obviously not everybody should owning on us from New Orleans -- Ronald your under the WL. Group you know it's it's -- an onerous -- situation about this. From a missing. By -- guys it's forty acute. You know go -- -- they're okay. Change. You -- and April. Just like which. And you got to go and they've -- -- and -- straight week you're not gonna option in -- good -- Well you're talking about a lot of babies. What you're talking about a lot of may be it's a lot of hypothetically there. But it could be so important and so -- -- -- a chuckle chuckle to my base and -- -- definitely and in and out like model which threaten. Will blow him. Oh hybrid or did you start the arguments like this guy apparently did this guy apparently started the argument over there at the texting and there was a different way to handle -- you can't he can't shoot somebody over an argument. Thirty years. To -- ago meanwhile don't print. And -- pocket. What I've heard. So fossil ma am which and -- It -- call police or in the cops told UW. Ministry Leo and now like you. It'll be all you. Can't protect cute so they'll -- and I don't want you. And Ronald I don't what I hear out of this story is -- Unclei Jews stood up for yourself -- I'm glad there was an off duty police officer there and I'm glad it turned out the way it did did. But we're talking about. A guy who gets into an argument over texting and I agree that texting is rude but this 71 year old man started the argument and apparently according to stories that are coming from this movie theater this guy has -- a pattern of trying to intimidate people who were texting and movie theaters and I don't think people should do it. But you can't get to the point where you go getting -- and you shoot somebody over an argument. And if you do you're going to jail. What you know it is true -- is what -- would do as well -- Everybody sort text messages or won't and problem places where I go to -- and you run them out almost somebody's messenger. I can you enjoy what -- pretty. O'Brien no I agree that you can't kill somebody over it. Particularly go to what it would mean it's just happened that way you know -- it. Yeah you can't shoot somebody over an argument in a movie theater I mean there were there were innocent bystanders in the movie theater who saw this this happened and it it it just didn't have to happen this way does this. This retired cop if it happened this -- is is clearly wrong and I respect. I respect any person who feels like they need to defend themselves but I don't understand how you can claim that your life was threatened if you essentially start the argument it continues admitted escalates in and the guy throws popcorn you face and then you kill. Toward courtroom operation went out or are you gonna shooting I mean look at it but are you to run -- hundred -- -- If somebody throws popcorn in your face and you kill. There's a very very good chance you're going to jail and that's your just -- your choice you have a choice on how you react to something. Now if their rights group popcorn -- Well but I -- -- -- a lot -- to defend. Defend defend your life. You'd have to prove. In court that your life was threatened by the popcorn or by the guy who was throwing the popcorn. You'd have to prove that your -- I'm I'm I'm I'm trying to help me here because. If you just if you if you if you if you fly off the handle and you'd you'd kill somebody because. You just feel threatened but you really worked you're gonna have a hard time in court. Well they're terrible code threatened her she would do you reunion about me or. You might be accountable and watch and you'll. -- threaten me and I'm supposed to eat. All right so so what if there was a guy you're -- and you tolerated more. It sounds like you are bitter old man. -- -- -- -- But you could do this for thirty years and liberties but I'm in total. Or not nearly like -- -- world. Your -- life and your life is threatened but you can't. If somebody gets in your face -- your life better be threatened if you shoot them. Well and I don't feel better about it simple remote said in a new threat and -- -- -- secret. Well then you don't really understand the law. And you play I don't know you don't know the law wrong I mean there there are lawyers and their people listening right now they go oh my god this disguised as another law. I row I would suggest you stay off the street. From New Orleans -- under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I feel like. Q what they come out. A lot. 17 the crime. In May be right. And I feel like in Guam. While not illegal so -- felt. OK and now. I don't know whose door -- Korea on the job. Debt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is it that you can't do. You can't wait. You can you know. Crow hop com and without me. Getting angry. Can -- ban -- -- He's -- the only way you know. I thought police officers were really trained how to use deadly force an end and when not to use deadly force. When I think about all the things that police officers -- to deal with on a moment by moment basis in there in their everyday job. They have to learn to take a lie and if you can't take it then you shouldn't be a police officer. Exactly. What we are trying. To deal. In those situations. But some people. I mean why -- get extent that -- And me. I mean while you all -- forward Antoine so -- And that's you know that's going to be hard to to prove it court I mean if there are people that have that attitude and their route they're going to jail if if they shoot somebody. You can't you can't. Stand your ground or defending yourself that. That's not defending your pride it's defending your life not to pride. But I can't be wrong place. I mean. Yeah. If you. Hey what do in that situation. And opt out. Down via the man. You did OK -- -- man. Committed. -- or follow me and wrong. EDW. For me you know content. I mean that's that's that's the way to -- dot shoots somebody. Well you know and and a probable that the world today everybody. Eight. Where you know hey you. You just give me kill you. And it oral. And -- apparently that's not something that's just part of younger generations -- I've died I appreciate your wisdom and thanks for what you did as a police officer for the community and a thanks listen to the VW -- ninth. At least says he's an actual police officer Lee welcome to the -- -- -- -- -- -- Start the Mariners mr. that was at issue and watched -- you know more and more results. Here at night. But. There's just haven't -- to do but what we're all -- so there's still there's mentality. Artery the -- solution. Workers the opposite -- try it. This is not. There's not only solution which are trying to distract you get worn out which. Well there. We argue we don't know what he kills. SATA there's that we didn't come out. That would justify -- shoot. Let -- I want to be clear about my motives in and focusing on the fact that he's a retired police officer. Is for those people who are quick to use an incident like this and say well we you know we we've got to do more to control guns. Well no matter what gun control laws are on the books or proposed are retired police officer would probably. Legally have a garden so it really focuses on not availability of a -- it focuses on the individual. That should check the cooler than what the other merchant earlier callers structure ignorant. And I got out. What are the might be guarding vote. Both sides of this issue. Again it's it's not a gun control -- -- radio self control. No reason I mean there were -- -- -- -- energy or weapons I don't know well short of the but -- there are. -- -- -- -- But those that been. At night they're more they're the department privilege. And -- all of those are the people that I want to have guns in society because they have been ranked. Two or react. And obviously we don't know what you mapped this gentleman but I think what Herbert culture that the total lady there's reporters true. So -- that sent a note issue with him earlier beat -- last week over worked out which year he has until recently. Oh a minute that if that's true -- at that it appears that this gentleman. Retired officer or not. It's bigger issue than just. Being retired officer I don't think our rosters you. When does that. That he got. Problems that sort of -- -- there -- only beyond. One of the one line that you are there on orbit the since our players but in this case there's no sense war that they can open and so. Especially. Something. Stupid that's up four. But again we don't know what to eat -- or are they the church over early stage that Haitian. But he is he has something. Stickers ridiculous. That's a discussion between two world -- and yet it is. More interest tragic. I don't network which partner that's it's obviously most unfortunate for -- -- -- -- to do. Welcoming -- we -- -- results are trying. Well and I -- to be very careful with gently tonight in talking about is that this is no reflection on on police officers but I do like. I do like to silence those who simply think that we need stricter gun control laws because this is a guy who would regardless of how strict gun control laws are to an individual who would have a gun -- -- really the focus on the individual. But -- -- and the and the -- control and apparently something. Obviously social -- and those why. And again as sugar and sugar. If indeed these other report sure are true that the general -- on previous. People -- -- theater certainly get more problems and just today. Sort of torture appreciate you encouraged. -- I appreciate you taking time to call and appreciate your a perspective from part of a police officer and affect which you do firm for our community. -- here's a text that says does -- I don't understand why texting has become this new taboo. It's not against the law attacks in the theater. No it's not. And it's not against the law to do a lot of things that are aggravating. While I don't agree with texting and a movie theater I certainly don't agree with shooting somebody because they texted a movie theater. Here's a text the popcorn was like a slap in the face. It was the final straw for the guy his thoughts were to just to make its stop not to kill. If you take got to guard. Aren't you supposed to. Use the gun. -- killed and not take out a gun just to try to -- somebody. Isn't that one of the rules of of of using a firearm you're not supposed to take out a gun just because you -- -- Scare somebody off. If you take out a -- you should be prepared. To use it. And and how do you know what the skies thinking. Honey you know he was just trying to stop and I mean I guess he was trying to stop it but that's no excuse. I don't care how frustrated he wants I don't care if this is that was the final straw. But this guy -- -- gone out and he could have gotten frustrated with somebody who pulls in front of him. Any could've used his car. To run into somebody else's car he could have used his car in the same way that he used the gun as a weapon could be discourse a weapon to kill somebody. It's no excuse. Your fresh 00 what's the final straw for this guy oh we just wanted to stop it. That is no excuse for killing somebody. I don't know why so many people seem to have have lost this concept. Being civil. In our society and not getting frustrated at the point where you kill somebody over something that is not a threat to your life if indeed that's the case. We'll be right back into the WL. Toward night there was pelicans take on the Houston Rockets at home in a nest game time is at 7 o'clock on the flagship -- a 53 W -- you relish them. LSU fans toward I LSU plays old miss and SEC basketball game a tip off is that -- 8 o'clock that we gave starts at 730. And that's gonna be here on the big 870 so no Scotia tomorrow night but we will be back on Thursday night. I hear is attacks that reads scoop the younger man as far as I understand was 6566. That's. In itself can be threatening. Have you seen the size of the 71 year old guy and he's a big dude. But again. Don't pick a fight. They -- do not prepared to finish. Without a -- And look -- I again I don't like texting in movie theaters I don't like rudeness but with cellphones in public. But as bush is I don't like that -- can't. He can't shoot somebody because you get into an argument about text. From Texas Alan Euro -- show it every WL. Well -- -- -- call about the which are talk about it until carried. Out. Well -- you know all of -- -- scenario where your beard. You know open. Something that. Men. -- intelligent yet. Well hot I don't know I mean there there -- those people who believe that everybody should be armed and if if if people would have been armed in the movie theater in Aurora Colorado there may have been. A fewer despot there may have been more deaths because if you talk and a half hour. A rifle where you gonna be able to via a sharpshooter in the audience and who goes how many people you might killed trying to kill the -- once you identify the gunman and you know in those situations. When when something like that happens I'm I don't know how many people aren't that quick to define the situation in a way that they could successfully. Take out the specific government. What would mean you know it would. That would take yet government shouldn't there -- Adam. But here's a case here's a case of you know it's -- -- argument and somebody either had a governor went to go Oregon. And that's it it -- bothers me that it's it's I think it's partly due to the instant gratification mentality we have in this country we were one assault something instantly wanna take care of the problem right here. And and right now and obviously that's not something that's just confined to young America. -- that I mean they I was that wrong. All we don't know that much but hey -- by said that -- and play every hour or whatever is a lot in part about the K have a -- on that. You know somebody. Else especially yeah. Well. Yeah I -- it it -- you have to end in this give this guy did the guy vicinity when year old retired cop is claiming that he was the victim through his attorney and but he wasted defending himself because -- unknown object was thrown at him. But the witnesses there say it was it was simply popcorn and I'm not really sure what the legal justification is going to be for shooting somebody because they threw popcorn. In order a but that's who birdied. -- McCain got around someplace in our actual you know. We pick up doctor about whether I can't control back got it back control what I -- And and I agree with that and hearsay you know if you look at this on paper we have a a retired police officer. That's somebody in society that you think would be somebody would want to have a gun but I think this particular situation shows that we can't necessarily. Trust. Even those who legally have guns. With guns and end its situations like this that give all gun owners of a bad name. Absolutely yeah that's unfortunate situation you know. That should the -- did. It was epic walk right out so you know. And I appreciate calling her -- thanks for listening in Texas. -- -- From New Orleans DJ -- under the W Mellon got time for a quick comment for him to break. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I wanted to say I agree with few my father called me a long time ago you're ready you ought to go and you better be ready uses. And I I can't believe someone could go with -- did shoot someone over some popcorn factory. And I really think it affected you with the mental state. That we have in the world right now I believe -- yesterday. What 44. Suicides and military dropped by 44%. I know that partly correlated. I think it comes down to where. We're in a world where we just can't. There's just something I think people are afraid to admit that they have mental issue in though may be the -- At the that the problem that he necessarily -- know how to deal with it and he. -- he did but I don't think it has anything to do with the situation. Great thing I don't understand it brandish a weapon over someone -- popcorn your face what happened to hit. It's it's I it's crazy league in point fourteen you know it's the wild wet and 18100. I know -- you know DJ it's interesting how how how fragile. This country seems to be becoming in terms of just venting frustration Indian. In ways that. That did lead to two tragedy every week we have to learn to and basically the would you say in his. We don't know how to cope as much as we used to. I agree yeah and people like Ronald called in earlier kind of trying to scare me an elite group from an older generation and -- being a younger -- I completely I did I don't identified by your standards racial gap but there's a point where. Two -- -- and you mean you can't react -- something so in the mall. DJ am really glad to color show it thanks listing at WW -- nights will be back if I didn't get here Collison ninety and you -- wanna communicate with me what stood through my email address two -- send me an email it's astute. As COT -- WW real dot com. And you'll join me on FaceBook it scoot on the year and also was a time side sent out some very irreverent tweets. And I would like to consider to be reverend observations about things that Dicey. -- you can join me on Twitter. Is at scoots -- you. Here's a final update on our WW property -- -- opinion poll. Do you think of possessing a gun gave the -- one year old retired police officer the confidence to confront and shoot a 45 year old man over texting in a movie theater. 69% say yes and 31% say no. And the lesson to learn from this is. You don't you don't have a gun. For the purpose of giving you confidence. To react a certain way in situations. The reason for having done is to. Protect yourself. Here is a text that says I don't know if you have gotten to this haven't heard the whole show. A CNN reporting that the victim was texting his -- young daughters babysitters so which probably hear an important and it wasn't allowed conversation and that's it from Laura. Yeah we did to talk about that a little earlier -- texting is route. In a movie theater don't do it. But to somebody aggravates you that don't kill one of like John -- studio producer Jack Harris also get a studio I Escude have a great evening of Quebec on Thursday night's bloody New Orleans.