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Jan 15, 2014|

Dave talks about Sugar Babies, What is Wrong with People, and Dumb Criminals

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's the fifteenth of January its 2014. And do what day but day -- -- endless -- It is. It's. Barney. Jazz won it today it is hot. And I -- I guess what day duties -- come I don't you can hear me Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike what is Mike. I -- -- today it's. -- -- I'll. Be home I don't see there being yours absolutely. The call for help that today is also. It burst. A little birthday -- number nine turns the Big Three five today wow yen its -- -- they did breweries which you were celebrating it by preparing the NFC championship. Means and he's not I hope that he in the family are able to. Get out there in intuitive to know listen. And spend a little vacation may be whatever it is that he can do -- Happy birthday Drew Brees there T five years bowl -- -- and pretty darn good season if you're looking out of overall and nothing wrong with. Winning that first playoff game on the road. Effort that congress game on the road through in his honor will do them on the. -- announced yeah white guys. And so I got this email. From. Jennifer win I don't know if you win and I opened it to him it was this idea if you know that the cost of attending colleges 60% more expensive than it was a decade ago. And -- does it prices -- gonna. And -- as to what university was ranked as the ninth most expensive private university in America. Not to and pay. To play different all the universities in the united. Top -- but she says 137. Tulane University students have found a new way to avoid the -- And student loans altogether. 130 seven's did it a 137. Alessio how to they do that group evolved politics. No. Not even not. 137 students going to college for very. Thanks to sugardaddies. Its -- Alone. A web site which claims to be the world's largest sugardaddies site has released its annual list of the top twenty fastest growing sugar baby schools. Sugar babies -- be people have sugar -- yes in two lane placed seventeenth. With 137. New students sign ups and -- thirteen home. Can you imagine going around introducing yourself on the sugar maybe. I. It's kind of weird he had college students make up the -- largest demographic. They claim to be a dating. Tonight 54% increase in college students thinking seeking financial aid from wealthy benefactors. In the year 2013. At Tulane University the growth was 47%. Over the previous year with a total now. A 428. Tulane University students registering and looking for sugar daddies. -- I'm one of those are all females. I would I would guess by -- everything by enlargements or could be a couple of located at sugar baby boys again when could be. Models with lots of sugar. A man on. That's not saying. When you go to this -- what you have to do it the sugar baby seeking eastern daddy. To meet quote all of their financial need yes as -- what the arrangement it is as -- you got to figure them housing. Very expensive then obviously you're parties -- in like sixty. I'm with -- per year. That this office. So as a college student attending one of the most prestigious schools. Your solution to paying for it defines them wealthy benefit. To. Put the video. And -- there. -- which get there was this year. Imagine if you wanna get it renewed for the next semesters a year -- and welcome to be a good shooter you're going to be very good. And then you have to recruit. Him. Like I would say it can't make this stuff up. Israel now writes this -- happens every day it's an eye -- University of central Florida's number 1474. New sugar babies. Arizona State number Q4 109. And why you there in and 47 Georgia's state -- 69 temple to 51. University Colorado to -- you can't state in nineteen USC to a level. So there's thousands and thousands of sugar babies across the country. -- In getting these. Sugar parents. Hate this war. That it just it is that goodness oh yeah I'm sure mr. yet here fine young well they've appeared. But nothing it. 515. -- -- -- I have become data -- yours we'll get your colder forecasts and use sports come up right after this 519 Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news on your home. And while arguments in the middle of the week that deals. Wu dot dynasty back on TV tonight at feels an American Idol back on TV tonight. Columbia. -- of watching American Idol with the new. Coach -- judge pardon me from new warrantless Harry Connick junior one of the battery. The judges now on American Idol and then -- dynasty amid all the controversy that's been around me lately comes back with. A pair of new characters. On the shadows I would get that to look forward to what are we have to report any weather. -- Lots of sunshine for this Wednesday but it's gonna feel that Chile -- the cold front moves then. Keeping -- in the low to mid fifties and winds will pick up then tonight clearing cold we know a freeze north of the lake with lows around 26. And south of the lake a light freeze with lows near 32 then back up to about 56 tomorrow still sunny Friday looking sunny and still chilly highs of 55. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I mean you wrote a -- opt out. Forties now on both sides of the -- mostly cloudy 48 at the international airport in Canada north wind at thirteen making it feel even colder partly cloudy and 42. At the National Weather Service office in Slidell so yet not Phelan very warm today with those winds picking up even more and even colder this time tomorrow so get ready folks winter is not over just yet -- a text me it's 7870s as Delgado on the list. I'm -- will be able to afford that. Hash tag wanna be a sugardaddies. You wanna do that. What you want this year maybe. I wanna watch that you want to access to mark I have never ever watch you're missing. It's very funny. I'll take your report. I'll take your word on sports because that's what you're here to do on this Wednesday morning good morning good morning and -- and I appreciate you taking my word for I feel like you trust me. In the wake of a host the tigers leaving school early LSU coach less miles held a press conference yesterday to announce a group of players who have chosen to stay and play out their senior seasons. Headlined by -- to tackle -- Collins -- many analysts speculate it would declare the NFL draft. Collins at the upcoming season will be a good one. -- to a dog before two of Washington. Look forward to an eyewitness accounts that I look forward to that reporter. A pair of defense of his Jermareo Roscoe in Jordan Allen were also among the five. As was running back Kenny Hilliard and senator Eliot Porter who made no bones about his expectations for the tigers and Tony fourteenth. He's staying here. Next season it's about a foot -- -- be to businesses and they'll need some list it's hard for this president listening here and I'm glad it's believed missing and go the distance and that's -- championship. -- to look forward to for tiger fans next season. It's been nearly two weeks of the pelicans last record to win that was back on January 3 since -- the birds have lost six in a row. We'll try to in the skid tonight when they host the Houston Rockets the pelicans looked lost their only previous meeting with Houston this season. Falling 107 to 98 just before the calendar flipped when he fourteen. The tells the playing at home where they do you still have a winning record but once again they'll be without key players like right Ryan Anderson and drew holiday tip off at seven. You could hear only action on the flagship of the pelicans won a five point three WWL at them. And the Detroit Lions have selected a new coach. One day after being spurned by Ken Whisenhunt who instead chose to -- on the Tennessee Titans the -- named Jim Caldwell their new head man. Caldwell was the head coach the Indianapolis Colts from 2009 to 2011. Taking the calls to the Super Bowl his first season where. They lost to the saints he spent the past two seasons with the Baltimore Ravens taking over the opposite coordinator coordinator job late in 2012. And remaining in that capacity -- 2013. The ravens ranked 49 in total offense under his tutelage this past season. I'm mark Menard that your early look at sports. Five point three -- -- on mark and -- and an all time with you on your radio on this web Newsday hump game morning here on WWL thanks for being a part of program. So hill is leaving landry's leaving Beckham's leaving -- leaving. But LSU says despite those four guys. Heading for the hills and those of the underclassmen early and we all know that you know sect members quarterback he's he's done with his eligibility it's -- to do. But coach plus miles and some of the folks saying to you -- got a lot to be excited about next season. How do you feel about next season for LSU at this point. Well take a look at the five guys that he announcer staying. Four of them are the big boys in the trenches and that's where games are -- is a fraud. You know at the the big fight in the trenches so. You know jamario Roscoe Jordan Alan you know if they left that will be here entire defense the line because -- Ferguson and at the Johnson are leading. So you least keeping half for you deepens that line intact Eliot Porter and out while Collins. A lot of people -- allow Carl's was gonna leave. And now you get him and Eliot Porter that's 25 year offensive line staying. And Kenny Hilliard is is has been a solid running back his entire career so Jeremy hill leaving but Kenny Hilliard sustained. Terrence McGee's staying where foreigners come in and they still have a very crowded backfield it out battery. Are you anticipating a more traditional last miles office system these be found at ground and pound running game maybe not so much. Passing at least. With. In the last couple -- well -- -- -- Jennings brings to the table in the spring and you know in in the you know in the in the early part of the season. But I I would say yeah you gonna see a lot more running. This year than you did last year because they don't have members that harmony is -- you're going to be top ten teams this. I don't know about top ten but I think they'll be at ten win team again. Yeah thank you mark talk about point five minutes sports on them beat him well AM -- them and that count. Posted on our WWL FaceBook page an opportunity folks which Drew Brees happy birthday. And now going not the Iraqi People to -- commenting like me feel free to do the same 35 years old today. Saints quarterback. -- 27 let's pitcher colder forecast as we get ready to bundle up one more time. Says tonight expecting clearing cold conditions with lows around 26 north of the lake. And I freeze expected they're felt verbally or hit about 32 then back up to 56 tomorrow with sunshine and Friday still chilly 55 and mostly sunny. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Laura box out. I guess it still is winter 48 degrees at the international airport now cloudy skies north went to thirteen miles an hour partly cloudy and 42 at the National Weather Service office in line now line gave -- the early edition of WW well birthdays. We be watching -- -- or American Idol. I come on up I have one story I know belongs in the -- problem with people violent well maybe maybe not. Sounded like this woman belongs there but then her plan war so we'll see -- the -- and CBS's David -- at WWL first news. Traffic and weather together as we get ready to usher and a couple of cold fronts. Common in this way you have you thought that it was already spring time in southeast Louisiana. Wrong winters -- back with another three this week. Before we warm up once again. I'm Dave -- thank you so much for being part of the early edition WWL. Is. You know as a security guard here in our building told me. We're now 60% of the way through the work week. And 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's January it's the fifteenth. And in the middle of the -- tan. -- mean and is. On today and is in these airlines through the house. Celebrates making it halfway through the -- and welcome. Everything you believe the first month is like a 2014. All already -- over the first half of the first one dollar deal. I'm just you Blake and half a month -- two years ago some folks they'll have their Christmas trees -- I take care of that. I've been artisans and businesses still have signs up its name Mary Christmas. -- it's January 15 folks come on out here of that. And move I had friends home and in team. Get that'll -- I have. Several. Stories here that I was considering putting in the file. One -- Obama not so sure about. But this 1 I am pretty sure they're pretty sure yeah -- impact iPods OK a Connecticut man faces numerous drug charges today after police state -- -- YouTube video of himself giving a tour of what he calls as marijuana garden. Police at the shoreline town of Clinton Connecticut about twenty miles east of New Haven. Arrested 46 year old William Bradley. Following a six month investigated in six months six months six months instigation. In the video man identifying himself as Bradley even says his -- -- says he's growing marijuana because it helps. Relieves symptoms of his -- terminal cancer. Well he also solicit donations saying he wants to giveaway of -- one of people who need it from medical reason. Instead of selling it to help support himself some of the plants -- taller than he sure. Now -- Suzy you've got a tour right if you want justices rule video clip on in Beisel took to his garden. As marijuana garden as welcome to my garden. Police say that they searched and found more than two pounds of marijuana more than twenty grams -- -- to bank of cocaine oh whoa whoa wait a minute medical cocaine. Four oxy code -- bills and about a thousand dollars in cash and drug finale. Than. You know this whole pot thing is gonna come to a head -- yeah it may not happen on on my watch but. I got a feeling it is sooner or later nowhere in this story it is -- he really -- terminal cancer and now he was arrested in 2008. They say. For having more than ten pounds of marijuana. He plead guilty to possession with intent to -- sentenced to years of probation. So. You make -- wonder you know if he had the legal medicinal thing go on -- -- he did. Now why say if he did. Words EU of not done -- -- because is now than say you're not gonna go ahead and grow a garden. You know either way if it was legal or not is again it does serve two years probation for. Selling pot ten pounds. And not the hypocrites that YouTube. Even if he does have terminal cancer which it's sounding like he doesn't he's still goes in the -- people file or. Inviting the police essentially to investigate by posting video on -- thanking him without him -- twenty -- -- first. W. The non economic and let's hope. I have directed the I was saying it's okay for you good image it was that the delayed and I guy I said the right time and it's no one hurt me. That -- but now. Eyewitness News or can't then again on and coming up I'll let you decide if -- other belongs in the wrong with people -- got us. Ride with them and his text and it needs them that it's a frolic on. It is kind of trial went -- birthday parties about the. -- -- Just kind of normal January tight -- for us that the nine usual but it's not warm and muggy it is kind of I -- frisky whether out of fifty. But it's going yet Coleman did not. Very warm today and no we're we're probably get -- hang out you know on the upper forties to low fifties for much of today -- at the front moves and colder air will be arriving at the sun. Starts you have rise though it's been kind of battling it out that's what -- had to hang tight where we are so it's a little breezy today little bit. Breezy north winds you know 1015 about the arsonist could be bit breezy TU. All right so it'll feel maybe we'll get in the fifties I feel like the forties most of the day that we -- We do troubled tonight -- -- nothing that we haven't seen already this year you know we're we're down into the twenty's with a moderate freeze on the North Shore. Alsace and lower thirties south the lake the north of the -- just typical freeze precautions if you have some special plants you know that you wanna bring insider copper. And -- -- -- your parent marijuana gardens like this I interviewed him I wanna cover those are bad. I really special plans. -- those guardians that anywhere. -- probably. A and then and south of the -- you know most of us will be it is fine. Just mind might have a little frost final -- in the east but I -- to that's tomorrow morning is that the coldest morning of the -- You see another cold morning I think for Saturday morning some -- twenties and thirties about what we're gonna see you know tomorrow morning so we go back and forth I don't see anything just crazy colds and accept and. -- but not real warmed is reminding us it's not spring yet it's. It's still way there. And we a halfway through January -- -- to our rights of my question for you does this Ohio woman along in the wrong with people file after she made flyers. -- offering a case of beer pong and a pack of cigarettes. As a reward for finding her lost dog. Is the thing it worked. 23 year old Abigail Miller of Dayton Ohio offered the usual reward after her dog escaped through an open -- She found. How should you Doug took what you found one of the animal shelter a few days later but her Huskies -- remain missing. So she put up the flyers she said she came up with the reward of a case of beer and a pack of cigarettes because she couldn't really afford a big -- -- figured well she -- done you know -- -- -- that much cash whatever -- to -- in Pakistan by. But figured this would attract more attention and maybe helped -- -- dog in threats to issue is right the man who called and told Miller where to find her dog. Turn down the beer and cigarettes. Where was -- adult apparently was in some neighborhood -- around. Paul and this -- it's been there seen it all again call all. But I know I I get it like I would be the it's just so it's -- distraught at my dog was missing that you know I would do whatever it takes as well yeah but act case of -- papacy well -- I mean maybe maybe -- -- -- it looks -- issues trying to get attention. -- the guy who told over the -- let's -- even want either so maybe it's just kind of haven't something different you know -- always keep missing Dalton you know you're are you don't think she belongs in the what is wrong with only because I know that I would be. Devastated if -- with them. And I -- and I I probably would do whatever it takes to get back to Iowa she is offering him now on some food from the sandwich shop where she works if he doesn't want -- -- -- sex stuff -- you know to try and it is very happy that our housekeeper. It's usual but it worked say you know what you know -- put on the -- just. You know hundred dollars cash or whatever she made -- -- got -- -- them. Appearance and get people's attention and -- in this day and -- now. If so -- of like now I'm in direct Eyewitness News sport. Sports -- -- mark Karr does Evan oneself. -- estimated 7870. Says hey -- about that full moon in the western sky why now I get. Brief glimpse of the -- -- between the clouds and I was coming in just a minute flat to get a real good view of it. Yet today the Foreman and yesterday. The last couple of days actually the moon has been crazy bright so much that what's it went to Monday night. I thought I had left my front porch lights on because I looked out my front windows it was so bright out that if it was atop the -- before we went to bed. And now won the -- it was the moon just crazy bright now while thank you for the while text message and -- -- creativity about the full -- That's Mark -- trying to wow us -- Right now Tuesday morning sports. -- -- -- so that they no definitely not a view that that would be nothing for anybody on the radius that they can't the only. Team. Bad things as far as I'm concerned from me here in the next nobody wants to see that please just keep. Keep your -- not that he tells all about sports on Drew Brees is 35 birthday. That's right happy birthday Drew Brees. And now -- LSU after a number of prominent tiger's announced their decision to leave school early for the NFL. LSU is less miles held a press conference yesterday to introduce a group of incoming seniors who have decided this day. Miles stressed that the group shows education over professional football. Each and all made any decision. That wave and then it fell. Career purchase. Playing another year getting a degree and played the -- -- The group included two defensive ends jamario Roscoe in Jordan Allen. Running back Kenny Hilliard and two offensive lineman Eliot Porter and Lyle Collins Collins and it was projected by many analysts as head into the draft but the starting left tackle says. He's not done on campus. For me so -- been an amendment of so likable presence. Also normal are the most. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The pelicans that try to end a six game losing streak tonight at the nest when they face the Houston Rockets -- -- lost their previous meeting with Houston back in December 28. And the once again be without Ryan Anderson and drew holiday to officer for seven you can hear it live on the flagship wanna five point three WWL FM. And the Detroit Lions have made their choice naming Jim Caldwell their new head coach. Called the last headed up the Indianapolis Colts spending three years its top dog and indeed if taken in the Super Bowl 44 his first season where. They lost to the saints' most recently he was the office of coordinate with the Baltimore Ravens who finished 29 in total offense and Tony thirteenth. -- was chosen after -- first choice San Diego opposite corners Ken Whisenhunt. Instead chose to lead the Tennessee Titans I'm more minority investor early look at. Who Wednesday at stand championship at this point as -- saints fan doesn't matter to you who win. No I mean not -- as the saints fan but this is an NFL fan and I think that you know EF two very similar teams in the nine Ers and Seahawks you have. Two pretty similar teams in the Broncos and patriots unity of Manning and Brady one side and -- on the other side you have an FC west battle I think I'd rather Seattle make it because they've never won a Super Bowl before. Other than that like him he related that you know angry at the -- up and wanna see them lose to the 49ers because they beat the saints. No I'm not bitter like -- I think. They were I think there was one of the best teams in the league this year that they were a better team in the -- I think the better team won that game hours for Peyton Manning -- disease that normally. There's there's that angle for sure there's also the fact that Denver's got. And almost unstoppable offense and Seattle -- the top defense I think that will be a fun -- watch what will do that this weekend. Thank you -- -- fifteen minutes more sports here at WWL. AM SN and back now I have a dumb criminal story coming up and I want to go from there are you watch it. Dot dynasty and it has all the controversy surrounding it make you more or less likely to watch it what about American Idol with a judge for a new war military kind of -- you don't want to. Mark Margaret happy angry at the Seahawks and wanna see them lose in the NFC championship game with several viewer texting me char one presence as I want anyone who beat the Seahawks. That's who I'm rooting for another person says. I hate the -- cedars go niners. And can be your opinion. Your forecast earlier penises. Mostly sunny today but three -- a front begins to move then and it will bring some chilly Temps heist later in the low to mid fifties then clear and cold tonight 26 north of the -- -- they freeze expected. -- little like around 32 light freeze here on the south sort. Lots of sunshine tomorrow but still -- chilly afternoon highs at 56 and sunny on Friday and cool with highs of 55. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- I'm meteorologist Clark. Tell the forties all across the region now 48 year port 42 in flight out the National Weather Service office so this carjacker. As a brilliant idea in Washington State gonna go carjacked a broken down vehicle on the road. Brilliance ago that the car guy who's in it had run out of gas. And it's taken a nap waiting for them and bring him a gas cans and I think April that the guy the give me your -- today given an average gas that he jumped out of the way and the carjacker. Had about. Fifty yards in the sputtering fraud and even began put the dummy targets in the next four hours of fun to monitor. David do you think opposites attract when it comes to relationship I've seen many relationship that happens it would that they were out. That's a match that -- says he initially and I've said this for a long time opposites attract. With the first marriage. And you tend to find somebody that's more like Q and apparently matched that bounces and things will talk about that. We'll also talk about the new changes to Mardi Gras muddy buddy drop. I must say it and went from when you from the West Bank -- on a micro prayed muddy. Muddy. I -- MA WD wide GR -- WP lawn our PR ADV. It might -- prayed. The new rules and how they can affect -- who admiral also talk about Chris Christie's. You know. Does real. Crisis that crisis are real scandal are manufactured scandal assorted talk about heard Scott Kelly last night -- Chris Christie's problems it's are gonna severely impact his run for president. Needs a little early to say that yet. Yeah yeah I think -- right -- obviously they're trying to chip away do you care who advances to the typical absolutely not I'm Donna people want to see the Seahawks lose.

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