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1-15 6:15am Tommy, Chris Christie controversy

Jan 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ben Dworkin, Assistant Professor & Director of the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics at Rider University, about Chris Christie

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker -- W glad you -- us on this Wednesday morning January 15 payday for a lot of us. As me kinda chilly today highs in the upper forties lower fifties and a lot of winds of feel even colder than that right now the winds and influences strongly but it is chilly. At 49 degrees having an average temperatures throughout the area. I was Chris Christie traffic things from the time and started -- I was asking myself and I can't be objective about this 'cause I like Chris Christie. But is this really a scandal and -- is a bridge gate traffic -- or nothing game pretty jaguar opinion poll asking used the Chris Christie scandal real or manufactured scandal. A decision even -- scandal first place Jordan scholars in the is a Chris Christie issue. Anyway a 40% seem real 60% same manufactured what that we welcome in bend to work in an assistant professor. And director of the Riva ridge institute for New Jersey politics at Rider University morning -- Thanks for -- it was a Nancy last time he would doctor. Yet our I always like to call people doctors they had that Ph.D. concede to do a lot of work to correct you do that please. I for those that know -- But not. Really a ball is Chris Christie saying it can you give us a little thumbnail sketch of how it started at one happened and then where we are now. Sure -- in September of 2013. Number nine. His rage in the entire world the torch watch template which connect northern New Jersey -- that -- New York City. As being pretty plain and trickling into. -- into the holes across the bridge closed. That we don't know that we know. Advance notice through the barrier and the local. Officials. Non panicking and these non typical ladies and -- -- workers. And people were there -- -- afford. -- went on in huge. Huge trap and check our did not appear that anybody. Really. What hurt by the fact that he and he certainly to double their response time. But -- war is significant use of public access. In -- way in the that no one really understood. I don't -- it got out when subs are in terms of traffic. He anti money now they -- -- a four hour delays correct. Longer yeah look for five hours and the people. First it'll work. And you wanted to make a good impression which suddenly outwardly. Thought about it oh fortified our traffic delays for four days it's -- While disease bridge to pick up there. I'm a bit you are right so. It's a trap and capital but kind of instruction and different things like that. Because there was no notice it when it was prepared. And people started asking questions local state legislators started in action as part of an ongoing effort to understand. Out these things -- and some document were subpoenaed and they came out. Last week and that was when the this thing we -- really took off. On the these documents showed that people in the inner circle of the Chris Christie administration. Is deputy cheap that -- being one of them. Indicated that -- order. The quote that they -- -- and idea to call it a traffic study. That they knew full well they had not told the maker and the belief in the fire department. Which quietly be -- procedures and laws that they were supposed to do. And that they were. Out on in their you know they were -- -- -- the -- That it had -- to go from there -- I'm. Let me interrupt for a second we gotta stop for traffic I think that's a good place. From tip to a place to pick it up yet so we come back so we know what happened we know now listen documents have been subpoenaed. And when we -- tackle talk about who knew it -- they think ordered it and it other than Chris Christie. Being a bad manager may be hiring bad people is he going to this now also -- talk about the future. If this could hurt him politically L six when he to -- time to look at traffic for that would -- Mike welcome -- I Tommy Tucker six when he 5 I started this morning with the Chris Christie controversy. The story issue or maybe believe it's scandal three quarters have you according to -- ready jaguar opinion bulls think. It's not a real scandal itself. And orchestrated scandal band organs -- licences and professor and director of the revisits institute for New Jersey politics at. Rider University if you do is get in the car no -- but don't know about it. A fortified our traffic delays for four days on the George Washington Bridge connecting to Fort Lee New Jersey -- it is with. On Manhattan -- on December 90 figured it was probably some holiday shopping going on there as well. And it appears to be nothing but political retribution. Knows no notice given on this no proper procedure. Did followed so that the people of flow of New Jersey and I guess New York if you my guess is only going one way would would know this and they can plan it just kind of happened and at this point I guess we pick it -- -- where some documents are subpoenaed and these emails. Show. Ochoa was that in order to close the and trailing after the bridge came -- the government. -- and from some engineers the instinct to be no support. Four in a public excuse that there are some traffic study. Traffic that is equipment produce insulin and that her. Known that that it creates it. Our problem so why would put out there aren't all that is why it's happening. It doesn't seem to hold water but what he failed to show that order came from governor's office. Up from the deputy chief of and so that led to. The two -- long Chris Christie press conference. On there. One could do in this kind of crisis. In that he gave his Mea culpa he fired the deputy chief. Fired his campaign manager who are some reason was also involved in this email and by what it is too. The question about why it's done and who else was involved. And you know. You know your media expert on lingering crisis communication. Number one rule in yet all I cared so that there's more story in Iraq. We were saying that is we watch the press conference we were saying you know accounting great names and I probably should not have says that ship has said they should have controlled this better but the main thing. Our main observations were first off. You never wanna come back with a second breast -- you wanna get it all out on the table right now and the other thought was that you know he's throwing these people that. Worked -- he says it was very painful for and they were good friends. Completely and totally under the bus and the other thing we -- that we thought was. This better be true because saying guarantee yes. At some point these people are gonna get disgruntled and come forward with the real story in there'd better not be any proof. That anything exist beside -- or that the story is in any way different than the one the governor's talent here like you tell -- then -- exams and. It you know you're you're absolutely right during his current conference would be definitive that he knew nothing. It's these kind of shenanigans. And so. Two days for Obama and yet it happened September. Are the people the New Jersey Port Authority. Over people regional airport. All the support all of these bridges and tunnels that connect. New York and new features. It's still the top leadership that spilled. -- with New York appointees and New Jersey point. And -- to new Girardi appointees. -- but he had it. -- Coming out meaning in the week. -- On the controversy and yet the governor. Went trying to comprehend a couple weeks later that I have no idea about that stuff and -- The came -- Been very hard com. That is very art excuse for a lot of people do. To accept and so. What you end up would it -- a lot entered lecture. When it is start what was. That purpose. It's being. -- -- out there that it's might be because it's this might have happened because we were just in the middle of gubernatorial reelection campaign. Chris Christie of conservative Republican. One with 60% of the vote in a place like future which is pretty significant it was a tremendous win for him. And yet. In in this little room back there was a pressure to to -- pressured to try and get Democrat. Two indoors Republican Chris Christie including the mayor. Fort Lee where is the -- actually resides the democratic -- I was not here for news we come back will. Talk about it in. It's not about traffic -- new features reason we're talking about this solar or what happens on the George Washington Bridge this is about I thought. Chris Christie may be one of the few people. That would appeal to enough. Those undecided voters of the people in the middle independence the let the Republicans Wendell White House in. As one we come back of this stick to him of most people following this character -- it's -- -- -- ones come back. 631 to text and phone calls on this as well -- 60187203866890. -- -- can always Texas. An 8787. Right now for -- WL first news and Burnett. It thank you David Blake talking them into war illnesses and professor and director of the -- institute in New Jersey politics. And Rider University Angus band when it comes down to all of this. Willits stick to Chris Christie did he do anything seriously wrong that. Would affect here is the chances of becoming a presidential nominee you know eventually -- and president and it is my distinct way it is time factor in all of this in terms of primaries and in this room. Well that the a couple of quick hurt the ball well. To him along with no windows completely what happened be colored. New quote coming out that would yeah. About who was involved more document to be -- that it might have been closer to the governor in itself. So we'll see what more could be out there. I can assure you that you don't want. In 2016. Is going to vote for or against Chris Christie in a primary that the president in me. Eight on my English and it's not out now. -- specific. I don't -- -- into really about. And -- it's -- matter escalation. Go on from being accused of being out. Which most voters are out you know. -- in the quarter likable they're eating up you know teachers unions and things like. But now being accused of abusing its power and not -- problem much more lasting negative impact. So Wile EST could it used to be. The kid who was picking on other is that it's only now being portrayed and that basic teacher. Singling out a child for -- it's not just bullying to compute power. And that they'll all move narrative that he's gonna the combat. If you don't wanna be a presidential nominee. Any study politics reliving and one thing I cannot. Fathom is why a guy. Whose future is is so bright seemingly. Would fool around with this kind of a heady. Idiocy. I don't get that -- a minus and here. Some opening statement. -- -- political scandal looks stupid. The why what they do that if we -- understood Watergate he was that note we invited it in need to recruit great he would Google in. Why did he need -- so they all don't make sense when we're used them afterward. Wanna that we liked that makes sense is because we don't really know why. It's unclear to what it is is really on because of it in Dortmund. On the mayor's democratic mayor of a out of 35000 people. Others and put forward theories that it related to. The local state senator fight old bird joint appointment in the state of New Jersey other template -- that relate to a billion dollar. Development project that was going on in the count. We simply don't know and so long and nobody really knows the answers or the people and be answered or not. Repeal them. It is one of those -- that simply isn't gonna stop believing it's gonna continue and continue and they support of the cloud everything it's creepy but it trying to IP get inaugurated for a second term next week. Is -- interesting to follow bends it did bottom line is still a viable presidential candidate bill or you can't say until the whole story comes out. It's yet he's still viable candidate yet we'll get. It. Obama heeded the tremendously talented. Politician. And that may well being able. It's it's pretty -- and rightfully really had not been particularly. But that the being out there because we don't know all be in there and here he grows. They get closer you can closer than his deputy -- out and the campaign manager. To the governor -- Then we're you know all. Totally new game. Then I appreciate you time and I enjoyed talking to -- The -- appreciate.

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