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1-15 7:10am Tommy, Mardi Gras changes

Jan 15, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks listeners about potential new laws for Mardi Gras

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And I don't mean to sound like -- Jimmy kinda hear anything but there seems to be. Since the saints lost on Saturday and -- a general Molly's. Udonis I think yes I think. A general Malays here because Italy money -- coming up march 4 -- And it isn't gonna carnival cruise some balls are going on -- otherwise you know we hear about the big Jazz Fest line yeah and -- Sonny gets crazy busy somewhat agree it's Patrick's day -- again. Jazz session at the golf tournament and -- kind of things on on fire just. But but but right now you're right there's and others like it not on the ways and a a dead zone I don't know what to call alone. A law alone was what it is now so we'll do our best keeps entertain both. Like here that -- yeah. Yeah. -- go back to the little girls and -- on effort panel about that. All I was limited yeah -- in July ever and I still haven't we just got to go back the planet and we listen evidence. Mexico City dateline Mexico City are. Deeply so it's -- -- was. Give him indeed Guillermo -- year remote gray areas they are. Pulled over and and it checked and maim innocent of anything and drink and an in your voice in the cars and he's strong he's drunk. And -- of thing and -- K let's see what's going on now come on out. Is and so -- UPI story Antonia. So please look in the vehicle money they think somebody else is going to be in there but instead it's the driver Gil year -- -- as pet parent. Thank you and you know thing. He then you have failed to sobriety test he was arrested on drunken driving charges and I don't know if the parent heard. So many times that this guy it was strong now we -- -- picked it up. Kind of like -- all in and out of town or bring to yet all right. Just like to say a lot -- of data sets no parent that's stool pigeon. -- to the -- in the jail waiting until because he said that. Did the bird is -- Ayman -- times did suffer stressed yes if separated -- now don't I sure hope that parent -- mosque itself. Why -- jail after six and you know what he comes home. And again and. -- you look. -- had an apparent he hung in zoom yeah. -- -- Have less TV time put a sweater on and give a speech in front of a fire -- is now pressing our general malaise something like -- -- as we got all pumped up and now it's just like not you can't yeah yeah up. And in terms of you know I got to get a text here's buddies saying they want. Seattle. To lose they want San Francisco or Denver to win because they don't anymore members of the Super Bowl club. Which makes cents. I -- combatants -- about the new changes that have been approved by a committee away as it relates to money grow on get your take on that -- counts of personal LaToya Cantrell joins us. From district be. Tommy Tucker David Blake amber O'Leary Jordan -- and you all back in a flash under the W. 717 Tommy Tucker with the highs today of 55 but it's gonna feel colder than that with the wind and then. Respect of freezing tonight -- of 26 on the North Shore a hard freeze all precautions there. And down South -- -- light freeze lows of thirty -- And what and head of the rest of the week high is on Thursday 5655. On Friday 854. On Saturday and in the weekend. Partly cloudy -- 20% chance of showers Saturday NN. Not at 10% chance on Sunday. And time zone around six years Sosa might be another -- those beautiful -- spring days day that would be perfect. For a Mardi Gras day which happens to be on March 4 this year and a pretty jaguar opinion poll asking you. He -- think things need to be changed about money -- do you think they are fine just like they are it looks like some things are gonna be changed because the committee unanimously approved them yesterday and it's expected to sail through the council and this wouldn't be for 2015. It's not like OK wants done this year will serve the following year. Is to start this year for parades season which is about a month away from beginning I guess. So here's some of the things you gonna have to deal and LaToya Cantrell was supposed to join us we're having a hard time connecting with current. That's a shame as we had such momentum going but anyway here's the deal. Some of the changes are gonna affect the people on a route for example if you -- these people -- throes of floats idea beads back at the floats -- the throws. If you can't do and that's gonna cost 250 bucks and having written in a couple of parades I can -- yet it hurts so don't do it. They were I think is supposed to look at what's on the people on the float could grow. Because sometimes you seed. Sometimes of people and afloat knows somebody on the grounds of the begin to. Bombard him with the big packs of heavy beads which is fine if there's nobody gets hit by a crossfire and sometimes it happens with kids and babies at setter. He has been like a baseball game get a pay attention when you go and not get so excited and watch the kids. They -- chains and electrical system -- floats safety exit Ryder straps and some. Other mechanics about that -- those are gonna have to be eighteen years old now and the stick man. Who apparently manages a slam those can only manage fifteen at a time. At a big parking changes he can't stop -- park on the non parades side of saint Charles avenue or even Napoleon avenue parade routes. Two hours before in two hours after. And when it comes a barbecue pits when it comes it. Couches which you know suppose they have out there anyway none of that in the intersection no letters in the intersection. Can't be on the street got to be six feet back from the neutral ground and that's supposed to help make enforcement easier and -- Jackie Clarkson was talking about when she said. You know you try to cross saint Charles Mardi Gras day. And even the bigger parades the weekend before and you can't get across people got everything set up between. Letters and tents and so forth where you gotta walk a mile sometimes is to find a way to cross street. You tell me are you for these changes. And is there anything else you would like to see changed while. They did this I don't really have a problem with the barbecue grills on the neutral ground has. That's kind of money -- on Mardi Gras day in the weekend before people tend to bring their couches out which I know is a problem for. The sanitation after does it leave -- there but. These these letters and understand even lying they. Put him in the front because you would think game being hired you would wannabe in the bank and apparently not but now they got to be six feet back from street Suze is gonna change anything that you do for modern grown this year do you think the changes are good. Or bad and what else would you like to seat changed. Tellme tell an important -- no more -- -- on public property and I don't think it's bad the people have their own toilet. Maybe this city needs put up more on now you tell me we come back 722 time related traffic. We go to Mike well I 725 Tommy Tucker with the handsome of the text that are coming in. About the changes being proposed it is melodic -- committee. Approved -- yeses are expected to sail through the council on January 23. 250 dollar fine if you throw beads back. Because they can injure riders and attacks comes in -- about King Kong. And as is common in the pockets parade and now it's not a person but I've seen a lot of times people miss King Kong and in the beads go flying across the street. And I have CNET Napoleon and magazine. The police involved. Oh pulling people out the crowd for throw and things back in and get them into text meals and Italy's new rules are fine but who's gonna enforce them. So we talk about that and are you look forward to money raw or are you dreading it. And are you already taken out you're spot which might be Disney World might be skiing in north. The eleven do you deal -- -- new loans thanks for calling your and other W good morning. Good morning earlier that -- -- like the way and a little bit will take time to call. Correct something that has started the last three or four years or -- especially Napoleon. Or people bring indeed. You're at a Denmark then -- the board -- trade. Her you know I think that began Terry is when. They started that these big tents the pop up tents that the price drop on him and you -- get him an academy are at Sam's Club wherever. Pretty cheaply. Well it's ridiculous you know they've put allowed and then what separates starts everybody in reporting goes to the street to the parade and you got it beat beat of you don't have to ground there unoccupied. It was we go back the old days where you went so parade. Thirty minutes an hour before the rates started to watch it in the left -- you didn't camp out there I mean it's just. These people do not own the neutral grounds they need to understand that comments as well. They get Terry UT told that story before about getting on saint Charles avenue. Early and as before I was traded to double WL I'm very happy that I was but. You know we dropped the lawn chairs off at 530 and angle parked the car and spread the blanket out -- had people in front of us naturally with the letters and they guy says to his friend when he when he comes up the friend says you know where winners where are you wears a spot and the guy says -- property. My property extends from the mailbox. Rock from the guy why all the waited a phone. -- and a telephone -- I -- it was. Odd that he actually referred to -- his property that's my property. Like he bought allot some winners get right to build a house. City have problems with people -- not spots and going military's. I've seen it before two and I think you have. Where they put up a tent of may be too -- together they get the yellow tape out. And like five people in there I don't think he can expect to go to Mardi Gras parade not be rubbing shoulders with somebody if it's. A decent parade you tell me to six 187. 866889087. You know ready jaguar painful. As immediate think they need more or less laws when it comes a Mardi Gras. And if you need if you say more will would you like disease may be illegal in the vise less will regulate -- to -- taken away. It's gonna happen and be here before you know it and I also like to hear from you if you. If you go somewhere. You know my day and I'm not. Much on -- parades at this point in my life but. If I miss -- I feel terrible and having gone skiing when you're in guarantee on never do that again not only because I missed. Marty -- because I like you on a vacation where can actually read. Texans in Mardi -- not a free for all where lawlessness is tolerated without exception where's the civility in this town. In my younger days I visited central -- at Mardi Gras more people would see the mass of sweaty humanity inside that place. They might find some moderation in their debauchery. Nolan says happy about the throwback. Man -- and -- in. And -- Tommy they've always had these money grow laws police just don't enforce them because they're trying to keep the peace. One quick when you're -- my tooth was chipped by beads thrown back riding in a parade once good idea. And I know at some point they were talking about the float riders not being able to throw these. Big packages of deeds on owner happened of that 730 will talk -- we come back right now to hundreds of WL first news and for that we go to. The guy in Mexico was stopped at a DW I checkpoint is parent ratted him out yeah. The parent was and he's strong he's strong and incidentally in the field sobriety test and a -- wound up going to jail with a guy in. And somebody's texted him -- four times so I'll acknowledge yes what is with that may get a jail -- our whole house. This. Went right bias. The onions and text about money growing here and I think it's an interesting conversation yeah if you could change one thing what would it be and should people be allowed to rope off spots. Because. I don't know what to say here because I could see where if you have the time. And you and you want to go out there and sit. For two days are you failing as a great spot and they and they do and I guess. You should be entitled to the spot -- and I see the other side of it is. You know a lot of people don't have time to do that so should they be forced to wade in the back. Just because. -- have to look over these people don't work they don't have an extended families are -- that values go down to the parade and and there you are in the back. And these are talking about. -- space can you can you rope off -- and I -- leaders and way to police that I mean. You would hope everybody plays nice but. To what the caller said earlier on -- and at a hundred miles now barely hear a lot of different things this morning but the caller said you know you'd -- they set up the tents and then. You know they roped off an area and I've seen it where again you know two big tent set up and and people expect and again you would hope common sense takes over here. But they expect the thing and have four people in -- huge area with two tents and -- it's public property nobody else can get there that spots taken. And it just seems terribly selfish to have. Two people four people and all of that big area it's like you want your own private parade known as a way it works. It will ST right now to -- change one thing about Monique law. What would it be and if you're afloat -- -- -- -- pretty expensive procedures they call -- the free show on earth brawls not a hero I don't know I don't know Ukrainian big time -- onto a Crusoe you know at the -- on -- sometimes is the Margaret -- are. Cloaked in secrecy so -- and assumed number neighmond. And under the -- protection program but I would like to know if you -- -- -- how much does it cost you. And why do you do. And did you do at one time again hooked did you do one time and in Kiev court so much I was lucky enough to write in -- a couple of times been a grand Marshal toxin right now hadn't. It was very nice but it. Alec to one -- -- wrote that the I don't know it in the I'd rather but separate from the street and you tell me we come back. 26087820386. Exit 890878. Somebody text and at the -- so. Strapped for money let -- mark spot since alum. Like a permit where if you want the space you gotta -- Meaning about debt back in a flash on WB -- in some -- about the Ireland trip people want the number such unity 80736730807367300. Just email me Tommy debit audio back Thomas and you to detail sight of Al Mahdi draw. And how much does it cost to ride in my you do it. And some -- come in my fiance spends over 3000. Dollars to ride in and Damian. Which I guess that goes. To the truth because another tanks guns in dances and Damian as cheap. As 14100 dollars minimum throws -- 2.5 hundred. Nolan says costs Myanmar has been a few thousand a ride we don't attend the ball. I once got put this text says writing and in a smaller parade between Jews throws etc. it's well over a thousand dollars a year. He tell me why why -- you doing truck in the French Quarter thanks for calling your on -- WL. It down I had a good. -- the pocket -- I'm -- block deployed but it's going to get to me and I would pay. I would say the cheapest ride. In pocket to probably get beat slate 500. Probably to about 4000. -- -- -- -- are here now for the people let that. Are on a neutral ground and on a street that have always wanted to ride and have never done it both. -- talent only if you if you could suggest one thing or a couple of things that they do or don't do. For them as -- that it should be able to rock and to watch just watch and bring. The biggest thing that throwback. There's some years we've hit some pretty bad injury on the -- Throwback week at full beer bottles. That is really. The worst part. I know now -- inside information if somebody is no one of the parade. And you're on a float the thing that I notice that I had never even thought of is the if you ride it's one constant roar of screams. You are rock and roll star -- that you turn a corner on -- on Napoleon. You feel like The Rolling Stones at the coliseum. And it never ends of the -- right yeah it is -- -- -- kilometers screen so what's the trick to get in a writer's attention. And get some stuff. You don't like it icon. And I'm on the first level. I throw and -- two. Mostly little babies. Little kids like shoulders. You get the Indians don't -- equal and treat treat that I can get. That the beat that -- this retreat. -- anybody reaching up and grant them yet but at that. The mobile Internet cable -- over lights you know the other key demographic. At some people come up and told people polite strip off but Obama. Pretty rough out there could. Rust -- is probably only. 34% double -- and it usually -- that people are at the plant screening. Yet that is loved strain. -- they're definitely the -- need to be wave back. Do you give up anything in order to do that. The 4000 or do you have enough income where he can do whatever you want. That your two to have a credit card. I and I mean but instead it do it against at a club levels seen seats instead of vacation maybe instead of -- and country club aren't like that. No you know what I. I'm attributing the statement on saint tickets and Mardi Gras. Everything else I liked it for. And at no point at no point he would he would regret. Regret 4000 dollars from one experience it's worth it when you turn a corner. It's absolutely worth it -- hole all week and provide help with loading speeds up but it is you know the weekend before. Our cost -- Internet poll data base starts at 8 o'clock in the morning that it it it doesn't end until 3 o'clock that in the next morning. And it's it is just an exciting that they experience. The guides and you don't have a lot -- it to riding your float over the same guys -- float every year. All age groups all different income brackets and -- it bankers. And to beat them. One day a year to do this it's like it's like now as the reunion. Didn't it in that much on and then we get together we try to get together to retire and the year to have so much. While truck I'll be at a great ride this year in -- again and money pressured you know it is. We always have people Telus would float they're going to be on I'll tell you isn't a parade -- -- -- on the new program probably -- -- -- I'll do that thank you. Again again and maybe -- these babies in baby doll and you shall -- in Algiers as you've been right for a long time. I -- the traditional. Think family of our we get out. A child avenue when we not rot. In the you know we -- Apollo. Area and -- dollar in the success we've had little -- all eight years so. We invite all police in in. You know -- it's a big condition you know ball was a motorcycle cop that used to -- at school at the slopes like. All August in saint Charles that parade and that's where most of the float trip today and be out at the convention center. To cut back to -- to go back to a shall go on wanted to ban. No rocket thing about this does deal in a movie theater yesterday where. -- on nine a comes out that the guy had trouble with oh woman before woman had trouble with him actually with texting any followed her to the bathroom and made her uncomfortable. The what do you think years so many people can stand shoulder to shoulder and get in and get along and have so little incidents like that. I just think it's that type of people -- -- of friendship camaraderie. The -- nature. -- -- A bit more alarming and and I appreciated that are like the bailout for atlas once again that has pretty much smaller drug to me. They go -- and let you call today. I am glad they keep listening call back 751 more calls when we return. -- money grow 21 says this BS blanket of -- which is redundant of roping off areas is made mean not go to parades no roped off -- should be allowed -- parades nor should pop up tents. If a group wants to have an area -- congregated should be all the way at the back of any open areas. And not directly along the parade route this includes setting up rose. Of letters etc. More calls we comebacks and 528 before eight timely traffic. I'm like well. As new loans money grow which is what we're talking about the council is gonna vote on January 23 about some changes as it relates to portal adds. And people throwing back. Throws at riders and sent out letters and those kind of things. It is fires and forcing letters in six feet from the street and in some text from peoples and hollering and enforce that. And maybe this might be to sample but you would think. If you to examine his paint that they mark like drainage areas where it. How much could it cause they have one guy with a -- This spray stuff that's not permanent and the other guy with a rope -- six feet long. And is let him go down a road from the edge of the curbs rail line. And at least -- -- -- they not get get a final line. And you don't want sprayed on the streets raid on the grass and then they'll have a point of reference them okay that's it and the line is back there and grants. I think sometimes and solutions can be kind of simple. -- in delayed telling on -- new loans talk about a a -- she writes in hey Renee. I am right -- me and I wouldn't trade her lover marvel -- and that's did you ride in anything before then. Parade -- -- Ike as the muses as you know relatively speaking out recent -- Tommy would you love so much about it. That crap they -- Fabulous state they Latin music they have got some signs that crowds -- great doesn't matter. Leading it is ten people deep and it is good clean fun. Along those lines an even thought and Andrea you guys and have been rained out maybe -- and I shouldn't say this I don't agree what -- What about how does that feel when you spend all this money -- and you don't get the ride this Libya huge disappointment. We still have our amusement ballpark Artie and that went right on another night so. We we haven't been canceled again as I know but it is. Great spartans get little pricey when you make -- because. Where -- five -- ten dollars -- shoot by the time -- -- -- and how many dishes and unique and you can only bring out there on the float. And because that way there. Fisher and they'd just find so that we -- and yet when it's strange catches that Q is but the. Is that thirty for the average size Hewitt began its use like -- it's only -- Have a great. Have a great ride and handling detected time McConnell would press them they're against.

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