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WWL>Topics>>1-15 8:15am Tommy, gender norms

1-15 8:15am Tommy, gender norms

Jan 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Elise Chatelain, a Sociology instructor at UNO, about changing gender norms and roles

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker continue our conversation about changes Simonyi -- rules. And also we're to talk about this Kanye West Kim Kardashian in things she was at a medical center in Beverly Hills and a teenager came up and screamed. Again saints say this on slot holders like cauldron and lover and then. A terrible word that begins with C and that's when Kanye West stepped in and punched this teenager. And I guess it's different obviously than just cursing but the status of thinking about. At what point do you defend a woman's quote honoree at what point issue what that one -- done. And how has that changed as an any watch movies back in the fifties and sixties and if somebody curse not about a woman a bit but just near her. You know again I would say shut up or are we gonna have trouble. And directory. UN noted talk about these changing. Doctor again as he is it mores or mores. But they do say it both ways on. And I hate boards like that. Late morning doctor channeling thanks -- -- in the time. I guess first off before we get to defending somebody's -- and an obviously somebody's. Directly I'm calling her words and and saying things like. The -- that I can take you and things like that. It did is there any debt and it shows if if the men are not as quick to jump in their. Lakers is near a woman or for example if you know sometimes a woman enters into dress very suggestive -- and then. If -- guy says while you would grade or something along those lines -- Does a man get involved shooting -- tell me what the state of affairs is in the country when it comes -- gentlemen and ladies. I got like two hours here -- ten clients that take you time. Yeah partly that is not high Harry Reid -- so. I hit it short at. The patent and I would say that in general. That the -- -- -- Respectability. And then and then I asked you that something that is. Still practice and you on that angle I would say like income -- how many. Practiced between men and -- angered -- are becoming more flexible and shifting we probably so sure that. -- the -- general chivalry. -- The way it was and it trauma to her incredible and obviously they look at it used to be. And you know and -- still haven't. A level and the L and -- Act and he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Varies actually very seductively. And she's walking down the street with her husband boyfriend money in another -- -- Org that -- baby it would great. This guy have a beef with the other guy and I can she's apparently dressing that way. To attract attention. Again when she does this -- cause in the fight over this or not and -- -- supposed to -- a fight but. I would say that general. Practice regardless of gender. The the -- Yeah I would think in general at the rules of respectability. And -- -- -- that he would be. A -- and alert again you know all of that -- it. You like that for and and I think as -- How can and it's a lot of people it's been a lot of people my injury and among the -- and I -- we -- about these issues ethnic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doctor we're out of time I appreciate your time you know we talk to you again. -- -- channeling a sociology instructor at -- knows.

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