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WWL>Topics>>1-15 9:10am Tommy, do opposites attract or repel?

1-15 9:10am Tommy, do opposites attract or repel?

Jan 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Marina Sbrochi, a dating coach & author of "Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life," about whether opposites really do attract

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Moving right along and hoping that I I don't miss anything up here in his last hour marina. Mom is rocky joins us right now they get -- ranked. -- rocky a dating coach and author of stop looking for a husband find the love of your life and we're talking about this match dot com surveyed -- -- to be attracted to your opposite for awhile then you look for somebody more like Q. And I got to tell you -- long time ago. I I said I amended the phrase opposites attract with. Opposites attract for the first marriage then you look for somebody more like you -- MI on anything here and a. Being being being -- -- -- ago that if your program. And I and I get I would be -- pretend that as well. -- you know -- the only 1 o'clock so tell me about what it is that. It makes people initially once somebody that's different from them and end non this is this is not -- I'm looking for is because like conflict or. Are people not -- and I and I on things. -- -- -- that we you know we all want equality that we don't have some time and bill you know maybe lack. Carefree partner and I like I really wish -- could be just like that pertinent people organized and on it true you admire that quality and other people whatever they are. Initially actually something that you wish you'd -- -- happily ever read again at some point he has ties. Yeah I think I don't like eating your initials are on their relationship -- Do you like everything about her it Sony -- learning different things and you're doing something -- don't normally. You know per -- And then once you get and -- that. -- -- that and they were eagerly -- turn into the real people that you march and then you're different and think you -- like you know like. Tripping at exactly 5 o'clock. Kind of like by the in my hand and pretend like eating exactly I heard back at that time I -- like -- -- either can't. -- and conflict of all these little things. Which -- like a big deal on the first three months when he -- you know each other on your back here. So how do you. The objective in in those first three months because you're you're right you know it's new it's fresh. Everything you say is so witty everything you do is so cute and NF says site while -- in the world and they do and it drives me Kris. Is the rule of thumb never do anything long term in the first three months. I like me you know might likely can't be that aren't like them to enjoy. So I don't see -- need to Russian saying in the premarket. -- you're currently you're meeting somebody and yelling and you can make an extreme -- -- even longer if you. Roll out -- -- -- process a bit longer. And that to me is the key marina -- how do you extend that three months and make it a long term thing where you accept somebody for who they really are and and I guess also do you like you -- -- some of these on their best behavior for three months. How do you know if it's love or not. Well I think the only thing you can tell that truly love -- -- and there's no way around time. And now might be true that you could say you know I can say that I. There's a lot of my life when expert and I -- I like I I'm still in love that guy that could be a line you can have that initial part that you know if that's true. At least a year. Because that takes at least long term really an advocate for you on the percentage you can't call like little things and matter -- six months' time. Well you really can't. You know naked -- at your back early peek a longer time in the beginning. They get up from less heartache later that it reader on the road side Mary after six months old chipped it out -- and -- -- -- not rent or people like. -- before it gets you book tell me about it dating coach what will what is a dating coach do. Well -- actually can do it for certain people that maybe an eating out a lot and ordinary of that very year are now coming back out. Or maybe somebody in so busy working part time what I cannot but -- -- -- turned out there high and tightly they're like what they do about and tell. I think it -- exactly -- them and I can get -- cleaner on you know for everybody from people -- client few. Just for Hillary can never made it he was very insecure. Parent either overweight I -- not luckily got back into it and now he he wants some help. Should he learn that bank and -- school he's now and it made birdie trying to learn them early tech coach Capel along wherever they are like can make the most either. Have you ever looked at somebody like it GM or coach of a professional sports team and -- -- He had a good run Diana tell you it's over so find some books to read maybe take up partnership and a bottle or something but. In -- hit know much has that ever happened. Well no because like I truly think they're at somebody or everybody but at the same time -- have to work like that and -- and looked at anybody. It's been inflexible and not. Not to listen to my advice and I can't I think that if you seek out an 88 erred by. Should properly. So what would you tell. Somebody and I presume the advice might be different if you -- older younger somebody forty years old been married eighteen years once -- out there or somebody 25 bullet. Or is it the same set of of things that you tell him about appearance -- personality alert that is a different and it. The other thing is that you book is -- looking for a husband find the love of your life. I noticed it doesn't say spouses they're different between different Sweeney approach and a male would take as opposed to a female. Now like to be honest I had them -- product Gelman -- might not at -- future actual network partner. It would be for anybody it could be you could be gay or lesbian and so it can be a -- working -- you change that board partner and then at the same. I pretty much I think you could be out and you have to really really truly. Between yourself and find out if you have a whole local budget. Mentally she isn't an -- and other thing you should not be seeking a relationship right now you need to work on your -- first before you can even get to that point. Speaking at someone health care like Elena buses to look there. You know physical appearance is I am a believer to try to look the best -- -- And you know people are are born at different features and something the shop like -- -- I know maybe doesn't look like everybody but Sheila. Mile and guess what someone will love you for exactly the U -- Are at same time make you feel like he don't like shower area where elect Cheney made up pressure cheap. You know they're -- a personal hygiene factors that that should equity and that are there. Where it is humor factor in all of this can Umar override looks. Can't armed and if you add up anybody ever experienced this. I needed somebody -- -- not smoke and hot like the best looking guy ever. Elect you know on his personality. He learned he was super negative in Britain became ugly can be a part time. Concurrently. And that -- I'll actually -- okay it immediately Ian. No more you know -- -- -- coolest person I ever match and we needed for a very very long time. And he became cheaper infants and I tell you but the first guy. As a -- effort I would get really elegant looking and everything that you think you can -- quality people stopped a look at him on the street like. Typically. But personality -- Boring nothing if day didn't like the travel did it like heat out it -- you anything that on the couch and watched TV and back on me. Witnesses marina. I didn't realize that was you that was dated him. She or more -- real -- -- it did a law ultimately come down is what I think he comes down to people entertaining each other because I always tell my daughter who's just beginning -- date that. Forget looks forget the rest of -- you can find somebody that respects you and with whom. Even do -- a mundane things of life doing laundry going to the grocery store when had he is entertaining and fun to use that you guys. Men on India that is the truth because when you are eighty year old. You're not care about milk and you're gonna care about somebody exactly that you have fun. On the -- to it you know hearing that -- you see smoke and honey I think it still may be little. Well you know Agha gave good trait that -- anything. And we're done thank you -- I appreciate Tony name of the book is stuff like looking for a husband signed the love of your life we appreciate your time thanking.

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