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1-15 10:10am Think Tank: anonymous online reviews

Jan 15, 2014|

Garland talks to WWL listeners about the legal recourse of defamatory online reviews.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the -- Eric. Twelve noon. A rib crushing Jericho and -- to -- -- too -- to bear. To Bobby bare. We're gonna talk about something -- stumble. And I don't think Q you've got time and listen there's. -- going to be horrified by it or you're going to be totally onboard there isn't your reality -- surgeries coming up call Friday night. -- New reality show of the spotlights. Taxes news football can exported thirteen. The kids in the video and aboard we're gonna play their audio or about eight years ago. -- and isn't it you're -- coaches. That are quote trying to open the month. You were here parents who say. -- brought accuser -- and tired of the everybody when -- improve the attitude in this country. One to learn. Toughness. And and competition. And going through pain to get to one. And what you're gonna hear a couple of eight year old kids -- more of them entered into that two with him 99 degree temperature. Their old uniforms new year there hitting just like -- -- in college union the boom boom -- and pay at whole thing. And and through -- -- I'm in nine degree heat to problems start crying. And while they're being screamed that two month and the sort vomiting. Breakthrough. The -- -- there ailments. And won the mothers killing the -- From. And -- -- the coach is telling you come over here blow chunks and let go again you can -- In the -- that the parents who believe in the coaches leave in his. Is that this is really good for them later on in life as can teach from the -- and -- and overcome the birds. Teach him anything -- ignored them or you can groom. -- world we're gonna run sound bites at the end of bring Christian and I think Christian. Is a coach in the innate football league I don't know if it's eight years ago linkage younger and and team Bob Hope -- grew up with the daddy and and played football -- elections think you know football too. Or bring them on. Let the clock probably only have one reporter or one gifts from the so far both were probably in the -- something in this now. Because it's something. And actually. -- Driver whose car we've heard about. And everything Barbara over the last three years. Is primarily about a Google car. That his role on the -- from San Francisco. To. Whom Mon -- well on a daily basis and they've got hundreds of thousands of Marco. On this car that drove itself even that curly Q roadways in San Francisco. Would know acted. Never hit anybody and nobody -- -- well that for somebody that are combined. Would have stopped cars that can do. But he drove itself. That entire time and everything -- Brad said. You know this is the future of a long long ways and future. Did a couple of shows and something could ordered to mature renewed -- exploded to a theory. That being too and you put to bring in -- is done in more than eight and sixteen and 32. In -- to be short order. You have -- every thirty they have progression. Forward. And what's happening in technology. Is just that. There's something -- things calm words wall. That missed the more I think back in the 70s80s. Computer. Technological genius and I think Krugman -- all out there in -- with was -- into. Predicted. That computers would double -- power. Every couple years. Well -- actually he's been writing but they have more than doubled every couple years. And and what they'll look at now with the driver whose cars could be 22. With the first cars on the road. And will give -- details on what -- and what to expect and as you know the question. Will you ride and drive. Imagine a future. Where you don't have to bother. You don't have to have picture. You simply call car. And it shows up it's ruined dork. You get by and we don't just -- -- ago or -- pope's. Type in your destination. And boom -- -- Totally new paradigm. Of transportation. Board would you do it. And think about all the questions it's round. We'll come back for a at least for a moment could we weren't able to get in the experts on this who lives -- should think. This web site called Yelp. I've never been on -- that think it's currently in use is that -- It's. Website you can -- -- and recommend businesses. Criticized businesses. You've done business with. Well there -- a bunch -- anonymous ball and we've done that for poor but the -- it's the commercials. That anonymous blogs and this -- cleaning service. Decided that those anonymous blogs were untrue probably competitors. Posting. Via -- about the company. So the file a lawsuit -- so for so far lower -- court has looked at -- their lawsuit. And didn't demanding that -- Turn over the identities of seven people that Britain on the most blockers. I call in the cal or commoners. And sure there's some reasons to -- anonymous but most of the time. It was just being critical it would seem like at letters to be editor -- editorial replies and TB EU's stability to debt obligors. So what do you think about more and more. We are hearing about the ability of the courts. To comment view and even if you're an anonymous block. But thoughts and more coming up in the pink tank -- rob but it with the double BO negates liberty -- -- 53 at. Are welcome back code here -- where we're gonna talk about them or try and get some constitutional warriors and just couldn't getting -- -- three tone today and but. A partnered up you. It -- -- these comments sections. Web sites newspapers reviews stations Steve musicians. -- you like them didn't read them all. And walk. And and why is. That causes laws. To take time out of our day I would assume most of those working for living. Got a lot to do try and accomplish citizens take command. Together on web site in spew vitriol. It's it's our First Amendment right. But but he's changed. I think in the way we don't. In the old days letter to be -- listed to a call. Or checked to make sure. The name -- song and it was scrutiny. Television. You could replies to an editorial showed up in person. True people who you work. Both with the Internet that's not true and we don't show whose world. Everything from I can -- America. Teachers of journalism to ethicists. That say that is getting more angry. More rewarding. Because it's all undercover. Well -- in pursuing ruling. That may affect. Some parts tell -- which 260. 187 or anywhere in the country told pre -- -- at 66 created and so. According to rule bad -- in a ball we've been on the whipsawed when. Program -- wrong things primarily. Account like injuries listed -- -- -- -- to get on and tell people you do business with certain business here it is good -- bad. And the court ruled that -- The web site itself owners. Or going to have to own mask the identities. Of seven on all of this review boards. The court in Virginia. Said the people took to yell leader of the details of their dissatisfaction. Over carpet cleaning company. When they -- to wonder student. The right including. News is we horses right of Americans to enjoy in the induced him to enjoy it. But such complaints in order to received legal protection. Must be factually true that -- not lawyers of the news is that crew. Such complaints in order received legal protection these are anonymous comments. Must be factually true. There's no constitutional. Value. And false statements. Of the governments to Yelp is also mainly by people. Use find businesses. In Korea are using. GPO so I think analysts and -- and some shoes. -- -- -- -- Big -- carpet cleaning company believed that the seven. Reviewers lock. In their Yelp reviews. It is it's not about the little details of the review is wrong. But they were made up all dealt -- -- The seven reviewers were never customers at all again and that according to the corporate company. -- -- That is indeed Kennedy's -- the reviews or faults. And that there additionally. Calls form. -- of reviews or defamatory. Funded interest in. That you can't really prosecute the media. For defamation. Apparently our laws and -- -- Europe there and to in the wrong patent called incorrectly to center when it -- But apparently you -- then prosecute. Anonymous. Responders. On the web sites. -- what they say is undeclared defendant or you can -- And the carpet cleaning company. -- -- know who made the bureau is the roots subpoenaed -- -- with the intended to -- computers. But earlier this going to Court of Appeals of Virginia. Ruled that helped most of its seven anonymous group years. And and go back and look through history in the all of those beaches central completed Arab Americans First Amendment. Supreme Supreme Court to have repeatedly. Protected right to speak anonymously. That the Europe on this flip it back in 1960. It ruled that an enormous pimple leaflets. Brochures in the wooden boats. Have played an important role in the progress of -- -- 1995. They went back confirmed that position. They sit under the constitution then all of his sleeve template tearing. It is not a fraudulent practice but an honorable tradition of at BP and dissent. Now do you believe that hold true on the Internet. Because. A template tacked to telephone pole. Even bat. I'm in a newspaper received by a very limited -- people. Put her on the Internet you breathing -- there for the world. The court to win on Wednesday. That that bright of anonymity does not does your web sites -- in great. The -- to free speech is the city easily guarded in all of -- and to -- expression. Broke analogue to digital. And then the court -- and to have blood in this case. Defamatory. Speech is not entitled to constitutional. Protection. So. You're looking. Number people suburb of them will have their identities revealed who's going for -- But if they lose that appeal there identities become public. The media picks and they get -- And even if you haven't done anything wrong in our legal system. Somebody's injured. And paid through -- knows that the vendors. Shore if you win. You win the defamation suit you lose. Because a goodly amount of money is -- going way from Norwalk. What do you think 200187203. Anywhere in the country 866 dated no -- Zero and it says are welcome back Albert think about. Is at least in mind. An area of the getting bird -- We've done in the number show. About what are called coward commoners. Whether -- Web sites. Whether it be bloggers. Where ever -- and now the most comments more. Than who's law and and like I -- embassy. Bitterness pacts like numbers. And I'm from. And to me I understand the first two million and below du pre speech. But. I think quarters and Compton. Is what we're seeing in Virginia. There in their states Supreme Court or you -- rather. Have ruled that -- this is accompanying. That accepts people. Lauding were criticizing. Companies said that in general and configure -- like -- -- don't tell like her views on them. Hotel. And there were knowledge. Attack comments. On -- clean -- And the carpet cleaning companies and where to everything they're complaining that does not -- never happen. So they've filed suit. In the courts agree with -- in said to yell. You're gonna add that to take the seven people. Deborah -- anonymous reviewers. And review. Their ID. Revealed who they are now if that occurs it is being you go to the State Supreme Court. But if that. Gross through in the devoted to review I can guarantee our legal system. I think it's and again orders calling for a minute think in this Britain. Ago where if you get sued whoever wins. The other one pays. Would get sued and you wouldn't you know -- anything wrong when that -- -- Has to Pena and there are lawsuits or Paul or -- more. When it comes to that type of soon. I think. Would this. You have the potential. Of getting sued something to do it anonymously. And if you're -- -- attitude repealed. Then you're gonna have to go through the when the troops routes. A pain for warrior two defenders and it's not cheap. Lot of people have been put they actually rule. Higher court systems. And did nothing wrong. And and one of the things that leads to -- the -- growing. Anonymous speech movement is missing. Number one and the courts are getting more and more involved in. In mediating the income I mean via the speech. And of India. Battles. And trying to figure where it is irritants in. The Atlantic. Go to the Atlantic. And do it reached court rules Yelp most on medal period didn't it is seven anonymous reviewer. -- basically. What this says -- you read through it is very confusing. Sportsmen and bright but. In this case. And then group but -- of the you'd if it -- really computes. But that's the part. That I think most anonymous. Commoners. Don't understand. And earlier -- and honestly. Happened and booby papering. There lived and no one for a victim of -- defamation Spaniard didn't over the work. You print should dire crawler and yourself you. Classrooms. Everywhere in two rounds out. Lead at least very good detective work nobody's gonna find out who wore as long advocates. All I'm with the exception of highly sophisticated. Internet users and keep them on. In this say recently revealed. What ruby. Ruby. Messing with our Internet encryption system. -- So maybe even encryption. In the near future won't work. Right now you have to have you were. On sites as you know you might have to have your Real Madrid for a because. They can find. They can go through your Internet service for. If you wrote your diatribe. On the wrong. Name whose website. There's a domain name provider. And -- hosting service. Poland and Ireland and -- and an anonymity. And Spurrier is someone out there. Always knows who you more. Each were going to and -- could be supreme. And it didn't win that reducing compliant. Courts and have to decide what the claim is meritorious. Whether the anonymous. Blogger. Deserves protection. If the court. -- and if that the court find that -- should be well and you will rule. -- And in the courts are battling. How they gonna ballots -- very real concern to those whose good name in portrait is it today. But those who may be vulnerable to retaliation. And employees weeks ago and order citizen please -- whatever the but he. What I think we're seeing. Is is -- -- crossover. Between gold in the news. Fuel way of identifying. Old ways of attacking without being known. Is giving way to technology. That can be. In Camden. And just -- just by saying it's your personal -- -- Apparently according to this story. That's not necessarily true depending. All in the short. What do you think. Time change and getting better getting -- and rules carry. Or it's just the natural progression into different technically. Gimmick alters did you or 187 and told 3866. It'd and zero points. We're we're a ticket -- basically how the future. He is is running that. I should say it's in the past. His running into the future. Faster than ever. Counsel for a change. But I'm talking about. Him. Quantum theory. Expert intra group what does that. Really interesting. Book by two people trying to figure in the show. Eric -- -- and and remove Mac OP's. New book fascinating book called the second machine each. And we just got through talking about. Virginia. Courts. Telling the web site they had to -- do you. -- different tiers of several anonymous bloggers. Who attacked anonymously. And retail company. And they're saying that -- -- -- doesn't. Apply in groups -- concerned that its. Board right now. We're looking in recent advances in software automation. Self the self driving cars that can be subject of the next hour robotic factors. Artificial intelligent. Would would or not only replacing blue collar jobs in the past rape and now also white collar skills. Even master chess -- Get approved its lawyers and -- -- one of the partners. And she told me that. What. And they call. Young people that commune in actives. Research assistants. Days. Or being replaced. Out of places like India. -- the work is done much cheaper much faster and more scary. By software. That's been developed. To take those jobs well and good. Legal department -- color dropped. Something very big happened over the live league and decades being built in every job I've read and screw. Now we're gonna talk about it -- program. People I've been there I've showed that tree to -- but -- one of -- in Portland expo in Q. Is certainly didn't have -- be the prudent. Leaders over the broader open doubles starting -- chosen paths and they. This goes back to the story of king and he was so impressed with the man who invented chips. Chips chips and he offered him an award in bitter suggest that rice. To -- him. He asked the king to simply please agree and whites. On foursquare. -- -- And then have each subsequent square receive. Twice as many greens as the -- 246. -- -- grade. And they realize. That 63. Instances. Of doubling you. A fantastically big number even shorting -- one green. Like eighteen -- trillion grains rice. And the federal we finished. One half of the ball. What does it have to do with it. More -- law. It's most computer experts from word of what pisses. I guess is missed more -- declared. Number decades ago. That. There will be a relentless doubling of digital computing power about every two years. Unlike the steam engine which was physical in Dublin to perform. Doubling its performance every seven years. Computers. Ball -- and this doubling factors this X Purdue and true growth. Or going at warp speed. Now we're in the second half of the picture of sports so to speak. Producing cars -- drugged themselves and trust. Jeopardy champion super. Computers. Beating trucks champion. Flexible factory robots. Pockets more wound through -- equivalent of supercomputers. Just a generation. Ago. So the question be columns. Never discount there and like American members and they. Professor out there and produce threatened recent and get on board. Written a recent book blurb where he says it is better in the next ten to fifteen years. He's predicting. That computers. Doubling and in more than doubling in power every two years. -- movement X but -- troops beat our brains. Or moving an evolution average -- And his question is can we. Keep up with the technology which created and I think. The store we talked about the reporting five minutes of the show. Were -- in -- court. Has said to seven anonymous bloggers we're gonna have to -- who you re definitely. So you can get -- Certainly comes up against the person and in some very confusing market. I think it's it's it's a sign of the time what do you. Call rub it over the we called that victory that would appeal -- celebrity -- -- the --