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1-15 11:10am Think Tank: self driving cars

Jan 15, 2014|

Garland talks to Fortune Reporter Dorin Levin about the future of driver-less cars in America..

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Or were already welcome back could be a big -- does this show we've been trying to do literally for years. I remember reading about Google core fingered as the Prius. Driving it alone via against it says only one long coats. Federal help. Which direction -- which cities they went to prom but. It's hundreds of thousands of miles. And the card use to -- -- as well and -- open thrives itself. And everything I've been able to -- and they have one accident. -- self driving car was stopped in stops and somebody who did it from Obama and in too many. The whole concept where there and that it ever -- should be. In our daily lives it is fascinating Biden immediately by the -- it would change from the new thing. And -- I have a constant search on Google or to colds and well and the latest one. Door and being. Who was writing or fortune. Gender of the of the total and just close the commercial realities. Of self driving car and were lucky enough to have -- with the storm welcomed the -- or appreciated that time. Yeah thank you very much for having -- -- and. True and how. Well that's a question or audio out where and how close are. There is not a definite answer to that because -- He researchers. Pushing forward very quickly. But I can tell you that it'll be quicker than most people think. And it will happen if they -- questions were to happen on their cars -- from Google. The ball kind of -- maker the automakers are making score. And built -- they'll be safer on the road than people who -- and today in most cases. So that's what's gonna drive the technology world which still killed 30000. People. The year on the roads in the United States and worldwide the numbers more than you know. So that order compelling case to -- that you can create a car that basically and protection. From making -- You should have that caller. To be doing the -- it's on Friday to post -- the driver all the mistakes because they're distracted because there. Intoxicated they caught -- Carter because. -- -- -- -- So I'm quite convinced that this is going to happen. Parliament is gonna happen probably stages and the manufactures not going to be Google. It's going to be. Folks like in General Motors and Toyota. And -- They're the ones were these course. But every dimension Google. In your article you'd -- talk about -- -- executive. It -- his word driver lives please -- piloted instead of their executives talk of product on the mistresses the driving. But Google. -- -- That that this was going to be driver -- -- something for elderly can called to come pick them up that home in the block and can do this saying. -- things right there. Well don't get me wrong on the -- barber who let them user technology and I couldn't get. More credit than that. They deserve all the things that they've done and I think that the idea that there ball that our car yet we have a good idea for. At the end of the day. He meant that your congress shall use. And Google. Actor Clark and our software. Then and right now that don't exist put Google software engine car so that they can drive themselves. And and that truck and auto makers haven't really different from all pitched what they're doing is they're creating. Cars. That over in that little country. War war war of the functions of -- let me get your. Outlook. Now right now at some coal. Traffic -- that. Trapped -- that it is day. Kind of a combination of adapted cruise control. Which is cruise control and basically automatically keep you -- -- court review. And link change. Which automatically keep you in -- way. And put systems together. And at eight under forty hour. And that are actually they don't want people going high speed and accurate reporting for our relief. You can return. And we are battling traffic. -- -- are our. Editor Patrick which would -- -- pushed -- contract -- happened over war or an hour. -- you. So this could be people drivers. But it's not. We are those car and the reason these auto executives no one. Did your network because they don't want people. Up -- Completely. Inept in that situation. They can take you can -- at that particular opting. And that's what they do not go at -- different -- Setup in India in -- or go to Korea. Where it shouldn't. Regret -- corporate. With all the answers at all. Software. Navigate the Rosa. California. That's not a system that the auto industry in retrospect the -- Learn from and other. Arab. The auto makers will. Learn from workable and Google word from what -- automakers -- better. They'll help drive innovation -- that topping happened. -- relentlessly Harper's. -- when we come back to its -- -- -- the different reviewed told true and we're talking about self driving cars in and that. Definitions. A resembled those of you and but come back and talk about hundreds. In the actual -- of those. More ball. Applies to all of whom come back in encapsulated. Those definitions very quickly. And looked at how that affects. The amount of time. And the -- -- drive those cars in the future all of -- it would it would call that thing into. Over the finger -- about a subject Joan tried to do on the shrew Pro Bowl in time it just never could put the pieces together. While we're talking about a draw ever lose cars Google. Has been driving one for using California. No accident -- car driving wrote some sitting behind we go but it. Car driving itself I think the driver Lewis scores also being limb tightly. Under control its. Driven in Nevada at this morning and and everything up -- over the last few years has been. We may get them around 2050. Now according to -- your article we read in fortune these cells and as suitable sell a driver -- score by 20/20. And Google have bread and -- article saying they're going to be doing it by 20/20. War. -- And we've got the author of the report and -- Doran. Being with the -- Of what else to kind of strange questions we've we've done shows -- Or next credentials theory that what happens when you -- two for 1632. And warns wall. The wall. That predicts doubling of digital computer power every two years which as of bird. The question news. Which one will take longer. PX potential doubling of technology. To deliver. A driver loose car or. The cost. In your article you point out last year the controlled systems. One of the robotics corps' old trunk of -- LD vehicles this year. Collison chipped that functioned as the brain so -- on board about the sizable. But all of that equipment is very expensive vibrant raid or hybrid 3-D. A bread. Shocks and -- Which one is -- -- we're down more. Technology or cost. Well. It certainly impossible. Site answer because like until you. The computing power. -- -- -- contribute to wait and see that seat at the storage capacity of its. Ability to treat it use. Continues and I can showed that the the cost of all of the Accenture and its shapes in order to properly is going -- her. So there -- components that we. An import global like one is that censoring. Itself and that it's comprise the a couple of different systems. You have radar. You have -- are. You kind of a laser. Centric system you have the picture. And your. Cart car that it -- -- vehicle technical community should. And moderate and important is because. Are still. Operate out the week in -- in the prior -- By now they operated partnered with other parts of their ways. Four. Scientist to figure out. Figure out how cheap car weight from one another and operate safely in the same bar somewhat and seeing the car you look forward. Some of that is -- our senses the car there so we'll await a court. Imposed on its envelope and and so in each. Frankly communication. Carson is another car and come to this intersection at. Well now or coming at sixty about or get that stop that you have to proceed so. Right now. He a couple of -- like it's that stopped. Seeing green light Rezko. In the future probably would not going to rely on those systems. Because -- the region and the actions. People. Were paying attention. Were able to -- In light that basically -- Are approaching an intersection straight or stop the car. All of it is I don't your listeners probably think that this step on the actionable. And it really trust that -- and should. -- targeted. At it and enjoy the Internet once. The actionable it's early days in terms of what it could change our allies. This. Technology today is so. Challenging war that should because the scene so asterisk. That people who there are -- and draw our shop stops. -- and you turn. Learning to do all these things. Which when done properly keep him away. And -- -- sort. It in paper. That we are much more reliable. System. -- very intrusive and let live for and so the question you do that in your report. A car that automatically parallel parks itself what happens have been hits another car what happened when -- would Corey it's the gesture. What happened when the truck you -- -- -- car you you're really answers. Well what equipment in certainly within certain legal framework okay and right now. Are -- other car are hurting people cars are doing all these things a little -- -- -- there it would it would and has. That bill. -- accommodate those. Generally speaking what happens is in those. Systems is that we have -- there were no fault insurance system on. Staged or we have. Yeah litigation based insurance and some states. Over what went -- large numbers of so look at and we can figure out comedy -- happened with in the large number of occurrences. We could then charger body participating. System in particular. Body. And that I'll go to pot and then it's -- we have an accident you'll -- it from pot that's the way it works now. It is. Driver that's for sure to draw I think let's say -- it's been driving that it is going to be full -- No it's not going to equal both -- is not going to be offered said Cilic and or control but it sure that it that are in the system out -- and that's really right around quarter it's going to be demonstrable. Very true. That for every. Let's say. Billion trips in the vehicle the number of stakes accidents are far -- what happened today. And that's what could be a counter for buyer since that would accommodate itself to -- there aren't sure that set which will accommodate itself. This spot. Which in in. A lot less costly and a lot -- shouldn't today because today we have lots and lots and lots of accidents and they have to be accommodated by. The legal system and the insurance. So I I wouldn't worry too much about that. People are Smart and figure out exactly how to. Count equitably for those occurrences which don't work exactly the way they're supposed to and that will. This is one of the delusions idea tell me how horrible all please use shortly going to be 20/20 maybe -- it. I'm at home I don't look more. I -- -- I -- driving that your. I called water -- maybe out of your water over. Scenario -- score -- certainly want Google to seizures come by epic Camille pigment or more I'm going to some big war brilliant -- -- look at him. -- proceeded to where people don't own call hours it's like a cell phone you'll only April when you use. I think that's that's quite reachable possibility that outcome could I think actually can happen. And and that's. Further on the road obviously but you know at what point oh let's just sort of think about that as a program archer. You're driving and driving car as we speak. And I cruise control on my car my car does not have adapted cruise control but some car -- control. Some will have a -- it could troops control is a and he radar. That -- basically. Will allow me to get no closer then some number -- but I specify cloture. The cards are. So I pick up -- out there our. In that car in front of the strike very -- or at cluster to that car. Personal reward this -- -- real slow down the court will slow down itself. And I failed did you take further action it will stop before the cart trying to. -- So that should -- the system basically a cruise control that 99% of the time works to keep me in. -- in XP. And then in the event of a slow moving vehicle in front -- will slow down an Indian. Eight the unlikely event -- on the great lecture on the interstate stop and I failed to do something it will stop the fort. And there and -- cruise control. -- not that I don't know. Our premium vehicle right now argue that it works. And in just like cruise control if you're rumored rival is. Vehicle. And something happened jewel like -- up on the break and take control right. That figure out for the time being. There still will be built the is -- real well the accelerator they'll be great and you could override that -- -- -- -- war. But there will come today what it will be so notable that there won't really recent so well why -- well. I mean if you don't like want to control cart you want to drive the car and that's that's what you look at you can get that. The systems that exist today. And that work that these -- introduce more and more cars. Well. It published the text like you try to read what you try to talk on the oval you draw. Without really diminishing the state in the situation at all. -- and I get the feeling the future is not going to be boring thank you so much for the article in the Tom great talking to you have good. Likewise thank you very much -- you and your show. Will call you again. All right Dora being gov fortune reportable come back in and us. Drive those cars were good for that you would you bio 166%. Abused so far -- or double or do you approach to drug -- opinion polls saying you don't. -- -- -- -- -- --