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1-15 12:10pm Think Tank: youth football tv

Jan 15, 2014|

Garland talks to WWL Saints Sideline Reporter Kristian Garic about a controversial upcoming show that features a youth football league that values hard training.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't -- your reaction is going to be to this show. When -- personal of the subject to which we can talk about all or -- was in it. Even have little -- -- -- about. What I'm talking about new reality show -- so blown two and were content of the subject Copeland exco. It's called Friday night hikes to boy Mikey yeah it's. And the big headline. For the good news news. A terrifying look into the world of youth football in XX. -- really sure what the Esquire network news but at the -- it's going to be shown on. Tonight I think it's going to be in the at 9 o'clock eastern time news if Clark central. It's the Texas you're in football league. -- thirteen Euro notes. Ended the primary ones in this video or -- Euro. And -- our bread about the football league big save big league prides itself. In toughness. As well its ability to prepare its leaders. Or high school football. -- -- India says so annoyed me as porn at work and have -- As criticizes. During the trailer and was -- -- -- auction and they infancy and the whole program. In order doubtful league. These are two football -- Is not part of the U football safety program. That the indigo. League. So -- at his. I'm nurtured talent in Texas could have been doing -- and number. A called beauty put ball. Portrait gonna hear we're gonna run sound -- and some other walking into the view there aid rules. And about. -- the issue does not look like honey boo -- from other. Likened -- candidly in it and control over thoughts. And she's. Telling her sullen. In and the suck -- -- in a toad you have you won't play. Gonna be hidden part of and they -- you right. Yeah keep him. And then. In the sound -- through here and she basically says they were -- Dolan would -- society. The gives everybody -- That's our bright that's a -- of the world news. And then. You're here this maniacal coach I think. Murderous start screaming at them right. At the very beginning in the streaming. Isn't part to do is certainly won't get -- LeBron and let's go to -- number one. We were done with -- everybody gets a trophy everybody when everything gets a fair -- we wanted him to understand the value of working hard. And their like again that's so we are introduced to junior Broncos and their fantastic. They've put that helmet on it's time to go to battle and I -- not. And why this isn't as fast as kids are not always -- is there's always all right Al. At the coach -- contributed bureau players. And then comes back in and gives a reason why did they do. Football sessions in this form and cut cut number two players. Some kids -- everything is just the -- you're not an -- -- football field. It's going to be okay equipment -- and we were real jobs -- -- -- lie and see how fast how you are gonna send. In and then after big big hitter did they use -- kids are really hitting. And then. A couple of them one in particular sorts Rollins says -- sick. It's not in the nine degree heat. And one of the more than Watson says we give them water when they're with a curtsy coach says it's okay because it's mine you know and degrees around. And -- one point accused. Crying and then -- And then they send him through. A series of what looks like or tourists. Workouts. And he's he throws up again. Give me cut through. I quit trying to resume cried you. What's an -- him. Talk to me -- knows anything and you reading what. You know you -- his own. You know. Competitors entered the -- and we'll -- -- Xavier coming up real quick solutions and so we ought to run. That's basically what it says blow chunks acute walks over peruse it and he says. Cue ball putting your -- -- running we've got to cut too deeply important to. This this is the question I have for you hopefully you'll colts to censor when -- They're leagues like this all over the country I don't know I don't like the -- But is this a good idea with the -- kids does this leads him to be does this. Remove them promotes all of society. That allows everybody garnered -- and not not the belts to get a trophy. Repairs and -- -- double to appeal -- and -- reporter. -- -- double coverage on three you know who coaches his son's football team and Christians can -- -- I'm. Gimmick called talk about the crucial welcome to show what are your thoughts. -- I don't well currently Johjima much -- anymore kids public based on future let's get ready to start like football maybe. Next fall but I mean -- coached. You football. 1112 year old age groups without. I mean he Indian playing of mine play geology and don't wanna solid last night. The -- charge it is to find a way to display this is his football players in an condition and without being in the top. And oh by the way. You -- prepared. To play on the -- and I hear a lot -- we're trying to prepare for rights -- now -- look -- you're able to natural attrition. I'm not gonna -- -- football. The violence they don't use the data. Texas respectively even more competitive but you know. All of it will. And -- am too much of an issue we -- eighty. The wave in the way to approach. Uses poison in Indy. Tradition. That much -- had. A look the there's an eight year old cheated in any -- for a lot and you will let you know will say equipment. -- they needed their help this child was more important in the conditioning. And the discipline. On the child and all of the player and you know I I saw and that. Video clip. These guys are referring to him. So all the players do when they -- you are basically what you are air at all. -- and then getting up and be piracy is faced extremely smaller. -- stored in the state is -- and I have to question. The parents to -- I don't apparently watched Matt. It -- start rolling out that you know I'm no doctor but that that. -- the onset of some sort of key issues. You know accumulated. Issues there and and you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's so they want -- condition cute animal that the extent. And they have a lot lot of calisthenics. That ultimately not applicable. To a game means she'll the ball game. Where a guy -- it will crawl forty yards. And it happened the tackle somebody -- it doesn't. -- -- that very you might view it every one of the world but you know I just think -- there's there's stuff. The fine line you walk in the coaches trying to condition -- but at the same time. -- -- over the top I think discus coaches clearly. Overboard here in -- about eight -- Either way the push kids to do things that maybe haven't done before Arctic it -- -- But this certainly not wanna Wear it that child. Drop dead on you -- you want you I mean you know because it. Eventually -- to take player like that -- To them in Tampa -- that happen but it's it's it's being. Concern should be is concerned about it and every coach and -- -- you tighten collagen in prop. -- the -- -- first brick here world will come back. Promotional spend hood and a few minutes with his parents out there coaches that are just those who view group -- this would come back. -- -- does sound bites. More of those if you just joined as we're talking about a new reality show pride in my hikes. Eight Euro. Being put through some. Of football. It. And -- one and -- duties and so bright thing to do this from wrong thing to do a good bad. There's a general wanted somebody told 3866. Rated nine and zero -- where our governor bill -- of -- opinion polls is do you worried that some youth football programs. Or to -- and cute. Surprisingly. -- 67%. Abuse big yachts. The greens were asking its it's stumbled -- reading other subjects couple notes. Tonight there is the debut when noble -- -- call Friday night hikes. Headline in the article -- -- -- provides a terrifying look into world extreme view of bull in Texas. Agassi you appeal as student really extreme problem well may be extreme but my gifts is his moment. It's. One division of Texas you. Football league. Its own and think of clock -- Monday as corn network that. In the NFL is not -- board. -- -- the -- of watching the trailer was almost impossible watching incidentally. If you wanna watch the whole video. We've got -- at WW dot com on mine. Homework page just a click on Monday and click on the true we -- to a horrendous I rent -- want. Not to miss the beginning of it what we have what sound bites. Of the mother. Walking into the field telling her -- and you want to do -- -- better if everybody. -- than you and and you got a -- screaming that the kids would choose columns and all coaches and and and they're saying things like every did kids just -- Where are you going to be tougher and meaner and can't quit. Didn't go from others saying. We're tired of everybody gets a trophy warned of tougher kids up through and where the real world. -- bitterness sound byte where one of accuses his crying. And nauseated and vomiting and they're telling him to become warrior vomit and then take off again. And this is sound. They have this one Q. Crawling there crow and called it or about forty or Erica. Red in the face 99 degrees is already thrown -- once. And get ready to have given to me cut the report. Yeah Joseph -- still love you. It. It's. You don't need me. Okay yeah you don't. That's -- given while Q -- it is crawling on the ground for grown men rounded. Wonder even grabbed by the book pulled him. And and the kid is obviously in groups for a all right and at this point we sound byte where once teammates -- Barack. -- -- and Bob wants his mother talks room and give me it's owned by it. -- He's only eight years old so I. My whole wheat but -- -- there's -- Every time -- practice and every time we can practice at so called me if you want to play better ring to practice. You can do. So -- -- I know it's hard and it -- -- and you're not gonna get stronger. -- Yeah. Yeah he needs and you didn't win that you can do it it's imminent. -- -- -- -- -- I've been out Eddie the eagle will jump to more than go vote -- don't. Make it. -- -- That's how do you get a. -- -- It's a pain is weakness in about. It's also. -- threw up never quit. Excerpts from Prague and good topics on the explorer network. That is -- -- currency. The poll video on WW dot com and while homework page group Christian -- with this. Who is coached it's and wanted Ortiz to societal and reporting coached them. Double -- -- what are your thoughts when Chris. It's disturbing to me desperately the whole thing -- as he is depleted by. Paramilitaries. In there and not yet turned it's still in the battle combat. April kids and parents and coaches -- a little called. You know mother you're going my father figure. You know talk -- others on that way. You know a lot of times parents I've found sometimes overzealous. Over the top parentage. Living vicariously. Who. That he and they want the political Paula that child may or may not want polite. Black or he'll play one year is actually part of that and then -- -- -- wants and what struck me in the you're obligated to -- -- sure you wonder execute in one direction or another but -- You know they're not one loses some unfortunate that -- up and -- one but that's part of the -- to those. It's a lot. All ultimately when he would -- about you know look at what could happen and that is instant and capital. Conscience. I certainly don't want to. It on -- Most people would not what happened to a potential outcome and it's nobody accused. Outspoken. You know devastating tragedy happens. Some catastrophic happens and -- you don't that was and what are called out that's all agree in. Especially you type schooling levels you know it's -- -- -- directors sent and it teaches teamwork and there's no other sport it's you know centered around more and teaches physical -- -- won't make a puppet. At all volunteered. But -- resentments which is. We over top. Christian there's always separate shooed the Tom -- -- -- calling -- -- -- off the and I appreciated have a great day. Are able come back got a ton of text on this and called the one says we. Edited for a pat Patrick. Become -- you.