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1-15 3:10pm Open Mind: Mardi Gras rule changes

Jan 15, 2014|

Angela talks to Editor and Publisher of the Mardi Gras Guide Arthur Hardy to talk about the changes for this years Mardi Gras.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well with the blackened goals season wrapped up we can now focus on the purple green and gold season money -- believed or not is less than two months away. But prepare for changes. Committee with the New Orleans City Council agreed to those changes yesterday some for the -- but actually more for parade goers. So who better to discuss what's going on but Arthur hardy the man I call the permanent difference from Monica -- and publisher of the Mardi Gras guide and also who was celebrating his 42. Wedding anniversary I have to say that publicly we need to cheer those moments during their said it would wireless -- But congratulations thank you for -- abortion. Your hopeful and good things happening this money. I think so yeah and for the council for. Trying to make things better and -- -- who can be against public safety. There are some issues here that you know care and all these new ordinances being enforced. Will everybody understand them know about them in our on demand police department which is the best in the world we're almost there. You know we'll have enough time to do -- their other jobs and take care of these things we should not marketer but. They're there's certainly time consuming and at this committee of the City Council this is not this is going before the full council next right and other issues that were brought up yesterday but. They have been working with the crew leaders. Yes with the -- -- and on the committee of which now have been -- member for 25 years all of this has been vetted. And in pretty universal agreement in. The spirit of this you know and the intent is pure. The executioners were you revealed double the details. I don't think anybody knows house and play out well received in the enforcement processes -- world but. You know regular front and -- alone let's talk about -- on the -- that they don't push back right. In for years to the -- there and although it hasn't been forced a lot of should be as many feet back from the current -- is on -- or twelve Butler twelve. I think it's a wise to have universal. Six feet or as part of me in the theory is if the -- got pushed over the street you know Charles and a lot of can be rolled over -- -- Which you know you have to wonder now could could the opposite happen Mary if you want to succeed from the current people mr. Foreman. What appeared jumper and it throws and our Brothers who Smartphone -- -- the street course. But it's not a fool proof. Solution. In what -- which Martin back manufacturers and from Amare you know I mean there's there's so many. Problems areas of the -- but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to do something mean. We're lucky that so few incidents of serious injury inquiries and you think of how many people there how long the registry you know it's it's remarkable. And a lot of that. Credit goes to police department. End. To the citizenry you know we know on for the most part we knew how to behave almost no visitors. If you get thrown in jail and Margaret you'd have done something way over stopped him. Who has been you know very tolerant. With just don't cross that foreign oil -- You go to jail buster and probably -- It's also that you can't time the letters together and again and that's been on the books for years and -- same thing if one -- goes Fargo's -- you don't see you can't get through to. You -- that's but -- public safety I mean via review for years we've had grills and barbecue it's intense. In the middle. And and to search Communist -- You know and you bring up the thing the barbecue -- -- -- here while I don't know that -- around -- around in the intersections are I have rental ordinance rather saying you can't have an apologist I wanted to -- investors in his actions. I -- well more importantly now. No portal on public. Yet but I have a relationship with -- if you owned -- yet that that was going to be a tough one because. If I have a house on the part of governor senator -- governor in our wanna spend money to to run a portal that. But cannot put an apartment properties may -- the city could rent that property and are paired us. Have a -- used restroom you know so maybe there is some middle ground here but it's been happening for so many years. That how do you bring people. But I think that's really what this is about this. What is the definition of traditional my tradition distracting three letters -- -- and so now I'm not going to be able to do that -- and that's what you're talking surely surely being. A period of adjustment you. And in my concern to me that not everybody reads the paper are murmured as journalist is the show us racism there will be people. Coming to break -- somebody Mena Campos who says you -- you know not everybody knows. In these new rules all rules and farm reinforce so they'll be shake out period but. -- I applaud the City Council we're trying to do things to make it safer and veteran who can be any -- Who can be against it one of the ones that I think will be very very controversial -- the toilet paper throws. You literally one crew talks that does that but it's so popular and as such tradition and -- they say is. You know -- lying in a -- for five years prolific the world war -- a different story it's kind of ugly but. The and I'm a true where we're gonna wind up on them but that again affects primarily one group. It isn't in essence they don't want you to throw the toilet paper let's wrap -- yeah. So which wrapped you can yeah that's my interest in the year here. So mostly it's just such a beautiful moment he hit the. Or does it takes a little to entertain -- -- at the you got to -- I hope that people are listening will give us a call also. And tell us what you know these things how it's gonna impact your experience on the -- If you think it's a good idea that we need to tighten up a little bit and for everything -- saying maybe a little safety or do you think. Just don't interfere with us we know how to do it give us a call 260. 187260187. Some other proposals are gonna come up. Again next week one of them I think is a very good idea. Only because. In the almost forty years of that television station I cannot tell you the number of calls I got. People concerned about the horses Newton and there just wasn't away of how to -- but they. -- some from the ridiculous to the sublime but always a concern that these forces for not in good shape and they were not being treated appropriately. But more that they weren't healthy going out then and so now they're gonna have an inspection by the SP CA before they can. -- that the question of the problem -- to him who who can be against that on paper but if you have a parade line -- it has maybe ten or twelve policies. Could be 200 horses. Is there time enough to inspect each horse. The obligation is on the parade tariffs and -- the leader of the policy to have your -- quo were -- registrations. You know that the time to do that inspection. Is -- gonna delay a parade and you've got a parade bar and then went -- -- on them. He is -- mechanisms moved. I wonder if they're going to do even prior to the play these courses are housed in stable sure that that to me would make infinitely more sense. Then then try to do a day -- So we'll have to see is it's always implementation. In the enforcement. And then the foreign system -- how do you you know there's so many rules on the books. Operator supposed to have the minimum fourteen floats will be -- with twelve. We're gonna camp are -- gonna cancel and almost people waiting and almost always are being -- over -- Or do you find them or do you promote probation mean it's the rules are great but but how to -- we do back again. I want everyone to stay with -- Jonathan on blanket call we're gonna get -- in just a moment we'll take a break we're gonna come back. With the prince of money -- Arthur -- aren't we are talking -- already history -- to -- -- Arthur -- I'm not -- -- a difference because we've decided that Pete fountain is the printing -- -- -- is yes -- there is the Mardi Gras guide and it is appropriate that we do have some -- let's go to Jonathan industry -- Jonathan. Yes hey. I just want to add a non integrated. The letter that tactic yet had a had a friend of mine it was out mountain news in Angelina. Lot of -- in the Ukraine trying to get a beating in the will not yet been trickled in the thing. Well. My gosh yup that's every reason every now. -- and I after the black people can. -- I think it. Well I appreciate you calling a lot Jonathan and that's a good reminder accidents do happen with them. On Jonathan in Tampa. Los Angeles there it's great -- normal places. You know limited Tampa Florida besides. People besides -- point -- definitely I don't know if you mention anything pertaining to. Keep it. -- have been meet being in new programs would change that and the other question because of them from the West Bank. I recently heard that there are some parades and move some -- have moved there. Pareto Overton. And as a permanent blue. Yes it would I don't know Longoria. It's permanent Cleopatra -- on Mel Allen the Toronto -- So while in 1994 we had to fourteen parades in the west right we now have three. Isn't that incredible. That's how bad it is but. I understand the reason for you know no one wants to. They Dusan bar throws and run and afloat and they have no one or -- to deceive the parade and that really has been the issue that absolutely the solicitor they're really saying. West Bank. If you're not gonna support us when we're going to be here they'll still end of the west it's sort of the reverse of -- there won't come even -- everybody wants to be a saint Charles avenue. And more club makes a move like that the membership sky rockets. It's well it's I have returned. And do you make my day at least greet. Them. That your. Four while the list. -- you just made my day girls home thank you crumble you know. Trust me that would that would that help people on being held hostage excellent point three years there. Will come back but any time but always listen and thank you very much Jonathan for call. Don't take care -- Mardi -- words. -- -- And for all of us human being in -- -- ball every year break and our guys. I don't want to call ball. You know. -- -- He has parties and you know I do I -- public -- it difficult. To secure and is your. -- You know other and give me about it and I looked it up and outspent on that people afloat that -- By big hurdle though some don't like this would just -- children but the children. You know they sent it where it could be heard people. -- -- -- to rule book float. It should be just what all -- just a while ago. I think. Habitable but the way people pre prepared spots although the actual property -- property belongs to taxpayers you know whoever did. And body care. Almost 121212. Property -- has its actual most. Everybody in Georgia itself does not than -- that -- note or anybody hurt for. Just try to -- well. -- the. And I don't ever has been -- Demi and I talked to some of the leadership -- cruise mourn 2850. Members. You know rest. Here on the floor -- -- office -- level and on the club selection. First open outlook. Spot optical light. Blue line and then come -- to sort of you know go to school there. And outlook just hope approach to -- the great yeah Alex. Understand 171000. Seats of ornaments over the -- extravaganza. And the citizens. Well -- And so. People being -- -- the ultimate -- and thank you so much we have Drake. Yes you're calling about the toilet paper. And I'm on the causeway yeah idea. As well when we spoke at the break back at -- 96 he knocked it. And I just. That story about that celibate but. If you have a minute you know. The parade and it was councilman outlawed. And he took a real like into yet been what was your -- -- -- -- -- -- a good time was we didn't you really disputed. Reason why we -- department web. And when McCain may be on gentlemen may mystic or its safety and directed director of -- -- Mr. -- or actually Sunday. Building permit to allow construction of this but don't. It was all. Like street -- and down down go boom that we saw back then those who. And he was such a good. That we that he would be -- India agree to do. -- attracted to a request. Being -- from the parade which we immediately -- and that we could all so its second request and said he wanted. As much but what they are we getting just -- -- We think we kind of like four cases with the -- and -- do it don't -- all the oil and ribbons on the yen. And get those during the evaporate and he's 71 he was kidding this is great -- never knew Indians. Yet so but. That's -- to issue became such hit that sports are thinking that it now. Americans are telling you that's a great story mural wonderful guy to call with it and what they think and Charlotte paper I say save the -- and I think what. It wouldn't feel like it's been in the tradition and we sure -- going to be denied. Thank you so much they -- ahead of its revenue. Colonel -- everybody stay with this and continue to Colin if you have -- money growth story for on Arthur we're gonna take a break and we're gonna go over to Chris Miller in the newsroom. Can you believe that we're talking money drop but who better to talk with in the Mardi Gras guide our beloved friend Arthur hardy. And we're talking about some changes happening and we have a caller frank. Who I think is also gonna say we need another change with the frank. Hello frank hello frank where are you. Frank was talking about the -- eliminating the plastic bags around the beaten. And your thoughts. Well. I mean on the from other letters that are important gonna throw those someplace if his goal is to not have people throw. Their whole bag of beads to Laura someone. You know that's there's a lot of people's suggesting that -- the legislative means that -- Good judgment and I think province where French -- that if if it's not an impact perhaps you break it up and throw three B deserve the you know gruesome because it's. You know and people have throw one when I was broadcasting you. On and get your hall and they're doing it in most cases out of enthusiasm earlier there's a whole patio but it hurts yes it hurts a lot. Another thing that they're talking about which you can talk about is people whose -- would be to back. Home. A big don't know in this city is gonna try to enforce the rule issue with the tour and took it offline. Our effort -- to be. 500 cause you know how stupid can you be to throw something. At someone who's to Parcells doesn't notes it was some purposes. It's completely Harrison and they didn't used to do that no -- it's army it's happen occasionally -- years would. It's become almost. Tradition and a very dangerous one. And we've we've done little things in a magazine last couple years little box and no throw backs. It's dangerous it's stupid and it's a case along. So I'm glad to see them stepping up enforcement of that rule that. A -- and I have to be right there and seeing you know I'm afraid so in theory again there -- no -- -- but does that mean this is dangerous. No it is dangerous but I at a tea fell in the hole Pakistan's interest you and it's like a weapon. I got here during a large shark or a television thing -- a couple years ago it's on the baucus and Rhonda group. Kind of like to think the terms throwing it to me not that many but I'm looking for the camera and it had been starving and just about knocked down here and Good Charlotte either and that's the. Well but I'm and I know people whose teeth have been chipped yeah I was hit -- -- I mean it hurts here anyway and we're not an online. Another thing which I'm not as familiar with but they're gonna outlaw I think is the snap and pop. And yet they're saying that that that upsets the horses I've never seen that. Which you know if you I guess if you threw turner twelve moment term it could certainly go insurance and that's you know we've we don't once you've had an interview and sounds like that. But -- people react to that is if there's going off bankrupt so it's. And stink bombs to present you want the world to do that so let's just make sure the -- canceled. Okay David Covington. Now already talk about. -- That people pro and BST. A couple of because I really feel a lot pity for the that brought in octaves. -- -- rotten you like they got on well in Glasgow we eat Mac special because people were throwing -- to the front. AP call. Them do it the alligator afloat. Com. We'll see that that really is not always a battle that's what traditions to review if you throwing at and armed inanimate object a prop. That's one thing when you start throwing the people so it's quite another. Right in I would really like to find out that's got to be enforced because. I know that that is considered good example. Broadcast. Regularly. But the people compromise and I am you know college you know kids to whatever it just. Gillick and gumption to start doing that -- better. I would go see it being forced some kind of way. Tell you the first time. You know the first couple of arrest may say point oh mount your. They'll get the people's -- absolutely yup and -- -- yeah. You really destroy the beauty of split it into yeah like he says it is nice. Paper machine while attempting to let me come by dragging beaten -- take away from the artists conception. We're aware if you believe 100% thanks so much for calling. I want AJ and Connie just state tumor will be right back. -- talking with Arthur hardy about money grind some upcoming changes are proposed changes and and as you say is going to be a period of adjustment. But it's all for the right reason it's to make it better for every one. And safer we have a caller Connie from the -- and. -- there tiny. I don't I'd been at epic -- -- -- Our. Eight -- back into our grade every grade detect it. I. Am ready current security act. You know that was proposed to the mayor's committee and in -- memory serves me correctly. The reason they said that's not a good idea as what we've just been talking about. The culture of throwing things at something and really. -- concept is perfect. But once people start throwing things it may that be just at that an empty box with people on the float and firmer parks are. But it seems like there ought to be some way to do that and a lot of the idea. Even eight and carry and yeah it is it's -- Candidate in any here beat. You thank you thank you so much thing calling him -- aging. Hi. Well yes. I'd be a member of the -- it love them and you candidly about that are undoubtedly been the big deal by the right. And -- Out of grand Marshal in 1987. And when we've got to put out the I have one problem well what we've got what. And you were the only. Ones in -- -- yeah I want to stop him but couldn't quite get them out yeah -- will not fix for the pot. Dog that we -- to India and -- Opted you know I remember I was working for -- for the time government is dead yeah that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well thank you lose and we're doing a big story next year on their. What does it 135 anniversary and think like him. Yes that's right so yeah great group you know only into loans to do -- Need to support. With thanks from Toronto hit OK and provisionally as at. But that's wonderful Nigerian government and password but you know Arthur and I -- because umpteen years ago I did a story on Arthur and -- life. Q were you were the band director of the brother Martin Lawrence -- in 1986 but it was all about your incredible Mardi Gras collect yeah -- what has happened to that. Well it it grew and grew and grew and we decided that you know nobody really Jones's stuff views on the custodians to next generation in my children are -- and an interest in and so. We sold some of them to some individuals and some crews saving some very were -- who cares whether or not. And the rest have been donating to -- various museums in colleges. Most of lonely universe tomorrow tomorrow. Is this is history you know -- in exactly 1850s. And and so it's important that this step be preserved and cherished in most of our shared with -- the people. And beautiful invitational here and you would be like creeping up in somebody's attic the whole year -- second story window. But you just it was just an early passion and India are just loved it and you know I've been been very blessed to be able to do something you know are you star was cute Brad Davis give right here we divested gigs and terror. Actually BP to do something huge -- more ready for a -- hard. But it's just interesting everybody has hopefully everybody has Javier something that just deeply interest them. And it's wonderful that you are sort of the story. He and a harbinger ordered you know learn something every day where we're both you don't hear a little while ago right about the history in the toilet paper for the toilet paper the beautiful story. -- -- -- But and how long have you manager guy. This is our 38 year of its top yeah -- huge years and we also have a coffee table history of martyred rather it's now. 4 addition out of prince who we're gonna updated through the corner fourteenth season in and be available next November. And for the first summer digital edition of the magazine Rican bar on line same magazine put in a digital format. So for all of those people with those little you have an idea as our phones everything air you can do that in all of its on a website monogram. You or something else or the -- and I stay with us everybody we're not finished. Arthur hardy are very special guest are getting ready for less than two months -- And you know something I know that. In some ways nothing changes because it's still. Parade goers screaming for those beads beautiful beautiful floats but there has been some changes and I wonder in your mind when it's been. Significant. I think in the last few years the explosion of a female crews Orleans parish. Don't want to armory -- -- and Venus in 1941 than ours came in and ours is always been billion wonderful. But to go with the advent of the birth of users yes they're really kicked the door down and prove that you could have a female operated nine and and compete with the men. And then offshoot that is mix yes ours continues to to be big Cleopatra is doubled in size since moving to this the east bank. And it's just amazing. Do you think it is I don't know is just part of it is time is it that subsidized under at Marquette went infidels. In the it's amazing. And the big clubs are bigger than -- -- condemning them baucus Orpheus and -- talk you know those clubs. Continue to grow over year some of the small groups of hurting a little bit. But not as badly as the war -- after Katrina. You know permitted through that we can during so in general callables healthy. Battery has some issues. They're working to make things better out there. Thus if you wish hurricane of the grid are different than contest with cash prizes and the great thing that's gonna help this year. And that's a wonderful. V yeah you brought -- about you know we have survived war and Dan hurricanes and economic downturns. -- -- saying. We are healthy -- in general he very definitely. Going to be good year. Can't wait. So you still after all these years get excellent book over Charlie gave -- really do. The -- good yeah it is I mean you just have to which -- go on earth and I do our joy do you go to every parade as many as I can't. -- television schedule ties -- -- some time but you know their own different girl for him in each has something to offer and I guess one belliard turn of -- morris' that'll be two weeks after the autopsy says the government. I guess it's good to. No no one day they'll be afloat TU. No there hasn't already been one of none but as long as you still see the fun -- -- and -- -- can -- not come via a racist it's a tremendous for people who have never seen it yet. Other on television doesn't count I don't know it's a crowd participation and you've got to be right here in the middle of the -- the hope everybody wound groups and. That's right and we're gonna find out next week from the City Council. Exactly. These proposals that are passed him but I think we are starting to see a sea change I think so and it's all for the good hopes so. You or mr. wonderful thank you aren't aren't very much and thank you all of our callers calling -- will have another money Russia before. Before it all begins great but thank you so much. On now let's go to the newsroom and who's there yes is that Chris Miller.