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1-15 4-5pm Bobby and Deke, Who will the Saints release?

Jan 15, 2014|

Should Jimmy Graham be the #1 priority for the Saints this off season?

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Good evening and welcome to sports not allow the KG camp Bobby -- I'm beat Bolivia coming up on today's program at 635 VP in this evening Lugo QB QB. As who here with Saints quarterback Drew Brees has to say as a black and gold ball fell out of post season last week in a 2315 to -- back. To the Seattle Seahawks. Also coming up on today's program tonight the New Orleans pelicans are at home entertaining Houston Rockets color analyst for the pelicans network and also Saints. Right for New Orleans and dot com John -- Asia will be with -- Gabe Feldman to a professor of sports law. Will be what -- in the 6 o'clock hour to talk about our judges rejecting NFL concussion settlement -- games thoughts on that. Drew Brees will be -- the the bottom of the avenues and -- o'clock our. And senior right out tiger bait dot com will be with a -- about LSU football and the Tigers playing basketball tonight. In Oxford against the Ole miss. Rebels 2601878. To 038668890. Hates him he should Jimmy Graham -- didn't know what priority for the Saints. This offseason as an unrestricted free aids. -- -- Malcolm Jenkins and Charles Brown to say a few. Who stays and who go we'll talk about that with some August and analysis from the cajun cannon. By the evening cajun cannon it's -- that time a year when teams thought to who are not still playing. Start to point toward future. Yet begin now that when you look at Jimmy Graham obviously Adam entities -- -- -- go anywhere I think. You know -- and hopefully is that the case that as prolonged as far as. You can't get anything done -- with the franchise tag on him. And then all of a sudden needle wanted to be bitter but then in -- is going to be arguing. Behind closed doors between Jimmy sixth and in the Saints. If you do franchises the is that why receiver areas you tied in I don't know how they get a break dead down and Jimmy sexton he represents his clients so well. As far as the again in the -- so that it's it's been -- that in nice situation I guess to be a fly animal. With Jimmy sexton Mickey Loomis in that conversation. We Jimmy Graham you know going forward trying to get him signed to long term deal with. The sooner would obviously be better for the Saints. Where maybe. Game you know you might target another player for the franchise tag on him. If you can get a long term Q deal would Jimmy Graham I don't know. Who has maybe that stroke there's argument. And and other Saints probably are more high on Malcolm Jenkins and maybe the Saints fans are. Would that be a possible I think. He got better -- fresh in the beginning. And -- alongside we can -- Cairo I think it helped Malcolm -- and his versatility to play also like cornerback on that slot receiver. So. I think that him being an unrestricted free agent aboard Jimmy Graham out of -- is that they would this would want to sign him back. Brian bright -- went to the senate. I mean we've seen in the past that not necessarily. Just as you starting -- and they'll keep you around now that's the the pin on. You know the contract going back to Jeff Faine. Go back you know John it to do and even Lecharles Bentley. They haven't really pay -- Sanders and I think and they probably think he can develop him a lead two love for that position. And you look at Zach Strief. I don't know what kind of money Zach -- once I think at times he's probably the most. Consistent over sublime that we had. They could it be a case in point. Where. All of a sudden you pleased are you think of side arms that -- left tackle in the and you -- Charles Brown to right tackle. And all of -- -- side streets playing so Morales. So that there's going to be a lot of questions is that slam dunk it which direction that they gonna goal. So what have doing Ciba but I know Jimmy Graham who what he's done. And -- Saints uniform as far as his numbers. And the sky's the limit like I've said. That that. He just I go anywhere I think Drew Brees is confident in that I think Sean Payton. I think Jimmy Graham was to be here. Even though you look at and meaningful games. And you know -- a very meaningful when you played at New England. A couple of times -- the Seahawks he is pretty much a no show. And it he struggled to say release. When you look at it in those gains when you're not fact that you gonna have a negative greed. But also. They won -- devil that you work on in the offseason. Is to get better as the run blocker. I think that's also going to be you know critical for him to truly take pride in what he's doing it to be that complete tight end. The Bledsoe. To say Jimmy Graham is I could be part of the me exits as this is not gonna happen. Because I think Adam. You know he's accomplished that much in a short time I think even probably. Above and beyond with the Saints maybe thought he would do that this quickly. And he was right on the verge of maybe you know almost surpass -- Rob Gronkowski and those records. But. You know just they'd be disappointed because we would have thought he would become bigger. Against the Seahawks but I mean think about this. Oh what does Vernon Davis really -- -- He's considered one of the best -- tied and so. That's telling me then that shows you how dominant and now. You know great that Seahawks pass coverages. And their concepts it. And what they're doing. But -- Vernon Davis gains of in his we yet but that's everybody has it -- if you if you look at it and I think YD you know like he has a chance I think. Because the 49ers have all hands of their big Crabtree -- Arnold and and Vernon much like the last time I mean let's face it. San Francisco. When their first trip to Seattle would like to Saints for a few Casilla. And when it went when they can't make it -- -- -- triple when he dug a hole this year Seattle. I don't know of anybody to go and beat Seattle in space when they keep your name is batting right comments here I don't think anybody can -- -- I don't lost one game the last two years at home so. But I think is going to be more like what happened in San Francisco. Obviously you're in the forty niners to win I don't know who's gonna win I think is going to be if you bowl game he either way. And I I I think San -- to win I really don't care who -- the idea via you know but but but but but I'm looking ahead prizes right -- it. -- in -- in your lineup and you gotta -- -- in between and number the only thing is that there's got to be in between numbers you know the 49ers. In Brooklyn and there's going to be a -- a lot of abuse Seahawks again and I I would be shocked that the 49ers. Of the sea dogs -- blowing -- the 49ers in the for a nine is it's a dog fight when when they've won Vernon Davis is not -- yes we would both agree no Melbourne days that's the reason listed at 6 o'clock hour right here on WW LAB adult and all -- -- Nadal might as weak -- how about the minors and be a Seahawks. You may have mellowed -- -- I'm telling you is like hey man if you know is one of two things happen either a win is that you wouldn't -- but what you are very common in the -- and I was going because -- would I -- I think I -- plan right now is -- prime minister with the Packers did a few years -- -- -- the Steelers -- -- the Jazz -- Then they spot in the playoffs and early December and they won eight straight Bob -- that right get brains beat out. If I get their brains beat out I'd be shocked if that happens but -- -- they go be a close game -- the way I don't know who's the women and to me and -- slam dunk that morning and I isn't going to even agreed always. -- a little -- game money. None though yet that's why you trying to convince yeah I had no official busy -- scare old tight end and I could give -- point are you an advantage though but not because I I -- the united Scandrick is you've been working on the convince me to foreign guys in Italy and so the last to -- -- -- -- was garbage. Went to Latin you which ones you gave me some of those six paled by overtime on that twenties and t.'s game as well. Like man I think on the ball forty he knows something I don't know I. Samuel. Ortiz and you've got to -- -- said he's got a big whatever it is golf president David obviously yeah it didn't get with the gigante and -- like. What am I bogeys and -- -- -- he's been in the league don't wanna go forward there are let's go to home for today -- thank you for calling WW yeah. -- -- Cracked up every night. I. Can. Make it you know. There is no. Moral collapse. Or are all back. -- a lot and got it. Our our running. Expect in the future you are. Coaching at point. Or -- Well if you look at it now if we just started this season let's say in. We have been running the ball well and then. We were terrible. You know the -- the last month of the season -- last 45 gains but it. And no there was actually a lighted in into the tunnel. Considering how well are we ran the ball not a -- account. The Cowboys gained have been allocated. I thought the effort and a balance. You look at the 49ers and those at home especially at Carolina. I think our effort there. Then you look who we did against the Seahawks so we did get better now the one thing I think as a run blocker. Tied in. And I know Jimmy Graham does he consider him as a pass receiver and tight end that he got to get a whole lot better as a run blocker the one thing Ben Watson and Josh hill. And in when they ran in their on their snaps. Dead that they were run block getting getting the job done. I view of a pro football focus in what hill judge Jose. He gained big who's Josh jail. But if you look at what he meant to the Saints in what he did now he had a couple of drops and we get mad at him but it if you look at what he did. What is 28 snaps against the Seahawks he had nineteen. -- run plays and he graded. On a positive note so him and Ben Watson at. That they were run blocking well and I think that helped this and have the kind of performance is all of a son. When the game is all said and done we averaged maybe four and a half to five yards -- run -- you know two and a half to three yards so I'm gone I'm. I'm optimistic about. Wembley workers how we finished the season with the running game going forward. I'd think. Now. I don't know what they gonna do here but when I look at Armstead. I think. He's a better run block in the Charles Brown. Now when you look at a case of Beatles signed street -- you have Charles Brown a right tackle how's that gonna help your ranking. Z that's question it's still. You know gonna have to be answered but to say that the office -- line. Is where we needed to be and though it is nowhere near but is that the same players we don't have Carl Nicks is not the same players that we had. -- in 2009 -- 2011. We had the sixth best rushing attack. I think that that's one area when all's said and done. That like I said -- before all the sublime in June and that's not a 100% but I'd say. 87% of Steve court even -- is -- much -- run block -- -- -- to be aggressive. And I'd think I'd be crucial going -- that if we can run blog then -- -- drew even a better player so no words we've playing next year. And in his like we never have a gain. And -- running only 1718 attempts that we somewhere. 127 maybe to 32 attempts and -- a habit in Oakland crane as they have Connors and all of its on line they are gonna get it done. And we're mediate now one of the things he talked about -- he was asked to a great out on what he thought his office of an idea about he says one of things he deities. He's able confident and put -- shoulders and putting more and to do. Toward the end of the season well you yet exactly and the you know odd things never change this state us and I should say never stay the same even though you might have great success of certain plays that we brag -- -- -- 2009. Of this -- play. We're Drew Brees to Pierre Thomas and how boy helped us when miserable looking as the Vikings in the Colts and really. Throughout the season. But did this year but you know as like a chess match and how -- -- coordinators how the adjusts and they might take that approach to annihilate Jimmy Graham Venus. While winning a lead as screenplay have success. Now that this number is unbelievable. Dig this Saints average it was it is -- nation. The Saints average lesbian two yards per play. All of screen passes in their final five games. The you know -- Jesus saying okay. When they practice during the week and how they get ready but it's -- when I get to look at also the defense is. He try to run screens against Luke weekly Tom as they is they can run. We Carolina -- thought that was amazing. Displays -- averaged less than two yards per play. On screen passes passes in their final five games that teams -- you know what didn't we not let them have success with within screenplay which. You know it was kind of been our bread and butter especially early on in the season. With -- about a allow them by the -- think about the Saints defense gave book. 2151. As you dogs of all -- here. They -- -- -- -- I was looking at the numbers and you can look at where any ranking my issue with 31. In two things that Tampa was 32 million with 32 and everything yields but I found not just that number but. You look at yourself meeting like OK the other team's number way we rank and -- it but. The -- that the biggest sign of improvement -- things like if you if you trying to lose weight gain weight. You'd -- doorknob not to that makes decent -- -- -- outweighed the race in the go our way now -- -- In the point is that. Last year about before forty point one yards a game out. The issue real five point -- 130 so I'm 34 pounds or less -- -- -- -- -- they've had enough aren't as good -- again Manny eight point and I history less passing yards. 36 less rushing on it. Now hundred a 167. Less points allowing you shaded hair Bobby would you gave almost an -- You gave -- 48 point four points per game last year. This year in nineteen that's a different than that -- well -- him yeah -- well. What you when I look at it is not going to be like I had a coach -- all the difference though that was a big -- the players believe and and rob Bryant system. And the scheme of course and an image -- by the let me tell you but this what happened -- -- David Hawthorne all of a sudden he's in the mix he's healthy. June eagle and it's getting more opportunities the addition of -- losing -- but Carroll. So when really the same defense now decade David Carroll on the back it while we had a number two -- as the event King David Carroll Kim Lewis. Made a big game we did leave his feet we proceeded to biggest pieces he brought that includes injuries and I was you know here's the thing about it. You know the team that finished with the -- defense isn't as problem to me this year games. Who who was the team and Rob Ryan called. The -- 32. But that's also that that that's the worst -- -- aren't NFL history you could write. Eighth as they say what -- -- -- -- -- that status they met through the Bruce in the put Jerry Jones is gonna go down in history. As as an executive when you don't like as you are in Madrid as somebody well he got rid of the wrong person that you know. Thank you. They would make Robin Jerry Jones should have made Rob Ryan the head -- overestimated his hair too long is -- time that a lot to Louisiana. There are a lot difficult times in the -- Continues to -- Louisiana thank you so -- Tonight at 7 PM it's like a big network -- off a year at college hoops an NBA hoops. New Orleans pelicans at home and I went in nine and -- New Orleans Arena taking on -- the Houston Rockets in any field when it comes down to the post season the Rockets will make a deep run. In a Western Conference by the look unique. From a how to follow up all of division is when you look at teams like Houston San Antonio Dallas and of course the Houston Rockets and -- for the ballclub. Play good last night against Oklahoma City the gentlemen that will call a game courtside tonight pelicans color analyst John -- Asia. John this year JD thank you so much for the time and then now I think we all kind of it would build a football will come to that that the home stretch championships and Super Bowl with. And now they we start to focus at all maybe a little bit more out of basketball with the New Orleans pelicans. A we talked to Sean. A few weeks back. But JD I issue fifteen -- 42. A -- all you see what all of his team had been through hell where do you think the pelicans are right now. Well I mean there are things that. You know for a lack of better terminology probably liberal that right now talk about you load the -- you agree the topic is Ryan and it -- Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday being out there grind and and and true or out and just -- or not exactly sure what's gonna happily. You talk about. An MBA now where is that in particular totally you know it chops at the firepower. -- early part of the season where you've got three guys now probably combined average about fifty point game. That's a big chunk of what you like to do offensively and a lot of well a lot of leadership ball shall stop right now -- -- you know and that would be in the NBA you know you guys though. Especially Barbie beautiful athlete nobody gives a rat's behind you injured right impact they wanna take advantage of it but they cancel. There right now he's got to suck it up the plate through. You know John and I think before I get -- my question. A perfect example eat the you know you -- -- next man and a lot of times it does depend the next man nobody EC never can use excuses. But it's unbelievable. -- Belichick and the Patriots have done. Considering on both sides of the ball what is. In on offense our defense and you look at whether -- so I think they help us out when. You know when you might talk to a particular team no matter what the sport all injuries injuries well. I mean apart -- example of the pages seem like they still get it done but John that question I have. I mean and I -- -- then maybe you can explain to me and how this team is structured. I was look at look at it last year and now and how money ways against his velocity when you talk about defense. Scoring defense in the same leg is not even the same philosophy. As far as what would you putting on the court what you produce and I'll look at the pelicans. Or 9829 and chewing gains in which they hold opponents the feud and a hundred points. But there's six into one he -- opponent scores. When they score a hundred or more points. So -- right bid to be I thought they would be in good scoring defense is it is different players different makeup because I know -- -- money -- Boy if you could play outstanding defense. And in likened those gains we are nine into a because you hold opponents on the hundred. Well I mean you're directly about the new teacher at the -- -- he -- -- -- -- unfortunately. These are apparently quite grant. Lot of different approachable you try and -- it adds a little -- in the cook. Know last year with a with a much more here Richie. You know they're war situation where they are much each -- -- the core and maybe you know some of that the way the immediate change in our field. You -- the correctly they'll they'll. Ever jokes you know they want more scoring in the league at the more tape recorder and yet they'll -- the -- Surely. Ended the way you'd think that made it all. The they have to get to be looked at the basket. -- to -- you read a gutsy pretty sure that's the important thing that she notes -- the real estate report line. They want a -- you content to don't want to give Munich in -- pay him a lot of time to rebuild elements. Come together one of the -- -- all you you'd play. You aren't being simply. These guys are. Given the proper rotations that they -- too much did it say okay I got my guy give me and unfortunately if you if you all that you gotta get cute sometimes you that they give you came back. And and that's what I have a lot on NBA is a great team defense that you take care team is back. You know when you added he would -- what happened what you know ball and I think it may be a little -- if you've ever gotten a little bit easier to cover -- -- -- beat. If you talk about five not about you that you quickly Ryan introduction decision speaks you can't go we're because nobody honestly the dirt you people mentally do you like -- -- Well I would equate that to them -- I don't want to the most through reached out but you know I've usually got back calibre right and they may have appeared in quite the same -- are. Man JD if they could be speaking here there's not a team that way is in the finals last year to final four it would take a player like that. They exactly and so you know when you lose that I've -- guys you can't replicate what did you -- -- might -- might get you might you know if we got the -- but. Oh a long term if you talk it 21 o'clock thirty game. You know I've got to do you get back to shift early what to get out of that guy and an and it's Ers are bad but you look at saga. Now John you would the maturation of of Anthony Davis and where he's at to me. The light ball is clicking and you could see where. He's been out there a dominant performances now vacated by himself but it. But when you just look at at the numbers are recorded what double -- of four of his past five games. You look at the past five games he's averaged in righted point three points. Eleven and a half rebounds and you throw went shooting 54% of in the field. I mean that. That that that's unbelievable that that that's that's hall of fame numbers and considered the best set of best out if you continue to do that. But as a blade and bad that he Davies those numbers are unbelievable. -- integrated thing. He really you know. And -- you know -- -- you know like hopefully everybody that he really didn't have a go to move right now he built a lot of what he does. In the fast break running and not get the rebound put back. You know they'll they'll give him a jump shot out hot but he's not a guy who -- -- on the block and do you political ought to write a book on you strong enough yet he's twenty years -- -- -- -- -- -- people that our -- you're. Beat inevitably Richards stripped it LaMarcus Aldridge are. You know those kind of got the next bill I did not like -- what he's doing that pretty much a probable without -- a -- -- -- All our counter to a signature move would you -- what which we have right now really. It -- the block from the guy who -- didn't have a field. Job when you look at the team night in Houston Rockets on you know they they put only show in the playoffs initiated it they're very few players is. It's not been able to account comprehended that I've been early eighties to now that had a explosiveness. In him when they got the ball and -- you really feel like they can score. In a guy like James Harden and he's like that how would that say what the move would Dwight Howard. This team will be able. Big small -- -- -- about what they doing to post season are they ready to do they have the pieces isn't just about our continuity coming together as one. Took him to hand him make a deep run -- -- -- Western Conference semi Western Conference finals play out a RRD they had the time Emeka. Well they got that make up to me really their only problem is in the play well generally generally as well you'll -- -- you'd like to play more core. James Harden and -- you have -- full court that really matter with him. But Dwight Howard you can get to look at what you were they on the adult because speed that you outshot Buehrle if he hit -- 4% from the line up where you're at right now. It hurt pain because suddenly in a tight game down the street you -- -- they have it on the court because reliability. Ostensibly because if I -- -- big guy. And they don't have and they have got you out a back there are a bit and put on the line and put him I'll let that perjury but because he's not delegate out shooter. In a year -- it. -- that's where they go to -- when you get in the playoffs. And the game -- out with the Clippers. I mean they have holes you know highlight real thing on a regular speed and you know that they're you know they're hot slider about it although it and it slowed down well. But to bump it on the it would have scorched and all of a sudden Blake Griffin in the country Jordan -- got a problem with that. They don't -- outshot well. They don't have big dropped it it moves and they can't really get the looks that they get there and it legacy of Italy or whatever they load the NBA and all these. That's when -- trying to you know that would have resentment of the board of now. You gotta do what everybody in the world exactly what what you gotta do what you gotta do. -- for that game here you went in everything about you. And John Boyle looking at the -- schedule doesn't get any easier. As being with the -- guard Golden State on Saturday and and that we all know like -- -- been hard hit out by injuries. But you look there in the midst of that losing streak now -- six games what is gonna take. To turned around it's sitting violent the rock is the Warriors and top challenges in. And isn't maybe Jason Smith have -- -- big game against Dwight Howard are all what it's gonna take. I mean I think for the most part you know they gonna do they lose to Bob wipeout and what do you do like Howard what he does actually it's well what would power what would protect the playing. They just met the speaker got it alienate people a jumper. Didn't get blacked out almost a little bit of a lot that part of it like around the basket was a bit. Potentially have a really nice and get out well for the most part I mean we are you -- You know a lot of RB in gains and big advocate of that they'll have like the other night when they law again. And Antonio there with the stretch at the end of the third quarter left brief repeat that or not they. -- -- -- You can't have them get that you -- you simply cannot have that that the tape they got to take advantage and that that appeared in San Antonio won that game. That they have figured out how to compete. And be competitive and play well the entire 48 and did not speak about right now -- -- into what are probably 42 -- They got a whole 48 out of these guys. If hopefully if they can't put the pilgrims go to win now the question is if they get there who don't finish the game well that you worry about that when you get there but wait. You know you can get a clear -- you get my deal but already be. They're characters and what you get to the slot but you gotta get that -- within three of the ball in particular is and always do is what is our will be. Color analyst for the New Orleans pelicans take them out I won a fat three offense 7 PM tip act New Orleans Arena John initiated JD -- -- on Twitter. It made. Her Jay thank you so much have a great call tonight or a jury entered -- get a bit and you are right job is -- Shawn -- The play that play color analyst for the New Orleans pelicans on the exit for the pelicans 1053 WW -- him. At the 6:30 this evening Drew Brees -- Jonas off. Parade deck whopping you bought online at WW dot com should. Jimmy Graham be the number one priority for the Saints this policies -- a shot and to be able to -- break. Should Jimmy Graham be. The number one priority this off season. Yeah c'mon I mean he's not the number one priority to be number one priority for a number of other teams. Of -- but it -- it's much more in that. They have a number of unrestricted free agents and you know they've done a great job of bringing new faces here but then also a close they talked about this in the past taking care -- home. And of -- Tennessee. -- you keep then. As far as who they want. Invest in the future. Also you got bad guys and even on the contract. And an all -- -- the played a possibilities. A -- you've been out about release or who you gonna -- to take a pig that I can just tell you. Face value. And not that we don't appreciate -- did in his Saints uniform. Within that there's no way. Like Will Smith he's due and -- eleven and a half million. And he even TV come back from his injury that that that there that there's no way -- look at his cab cost try to fourteen million that even. A guy like Roman Harper. Jabar agree there in view of how they yet that the -- C'mon that they don't have through better cornerbacks in -- but I don't know Holly's gonna come back from his knee. Brodrick Bunkley report a half million. Having to go to different direction Lance Moore I think there what Lance Moore. But they get talent probably the dig a pick -- that kind of came almost four million dollars right so there's a lot of names are you familiar with this could be a lot of new faces. And and I still think you know -- Saints then -- -- -- legend Jimmy Graham and I think you look at unrestricted free agent starters. They did to beside Jimmy Graham Zach -- and Malcolm Jenkins. And I think -- like to keep both of them. And and I think they'll make an average to keep both of them that just on the was the market for them. But they could also be -- do you know the form. Iowa Tom -- Saints next hour and coming up tonight at 7 o'clock it's pelicans and Rockets -- 1053 and it's 730 -- LSU and Ole miss. That's about it I don't WW.