WWL>Topics>>1-15 4:35pm Bobby and Deke, Pelicans host Houston

1-15 4:35pm Bobby and Deke, Pelicans host Houston

Jan 15, 2014|

Bobby and Deke speak to Pelicans Color Analyst John Deshazier about how the Pelicans match up against Houston.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight at 7 PM it's like a big network week off a year at college hoops and NBA hoops. New Orleans pelicans at home and I went in nine and eight at New Orleans Arena taking on -- the Houston Rockets in any field when it comes down to the post season the Rockets will make a deep run. In the Western Conference by the look in any. From a how to -- older. Division is when you look at teams like Houston San Antonio Dallas and of course the Houston Rockets in Memphis for the ballclub play good last night against Oklahoma City the -- and -- call a game courtside tonight pelicans color analyst John -- Asia. John this year JD thank you so much for the time and then now I think we all kind of -- build -- football welcome -- to that that the home Scripps championship to sue -- And now they we start to focus -- on May be a little bit more out of basketball with the New Orleans pelicans. A we talked to Sean a few weeks back. But JD I issue fifteen it's 42 a -- all -- see what all his team he's been through -- -- where do you think the pelicans are right now. Well I mean there are things that you know for lack of better terminology probably a little bit right now talking about you load the -- QB bury the topic is Ryan and -- -- Tyreke Evans had two holiday beer out -- drive and and Laura and yes it's or not exactly sure what and a couple of you talk about. An MBA now where is that in particular. Totally you know it option that firepower. Under an early part of the season what you've got three guys now probably combined to average about should be -- game. That's a big chunk of what you like to do offensively and a lot of oh a lot of leadership also up. Right now deliverable you know and that would be in the NBA you know you guys though especially -- beautiful athlete nobody gives a rat's behind you -- -- -- -- impact they wanna take advantage of it but they cancel the right -- -- kind of suck it up the plate -- You know John and I think before I get to my question. A perfect example -- he. You know you -- -- next man and a lot of times it does depend the next -- -- -- EC never can use excuses. But it's unbelievable. -- Belichick and the Patriots have done. Considering on both sides of the ball what is in on offense our defense and you look at whether -- -- I think they help us out when. You know when you might talk to a particular team no matter what the sport all injuries injuries well. I mean apart for example the pages in my days till I get it done but John that question I have. I mean and I don't -- -- maybe you can explain to me and how this team is structured. I was look at look at him last year and now and how money ways against his velocity when you talk about defense. Scoring defense in the -- leg is not even the same philosophy. As far as what would you putting on the court what you produce and I'll look at the pelicans. Or 9829 and chewing gains in which they hold opponents the feud and a hundred points. But there's six into warning -- opponent scores when they score a hundred or more points. So our right bid to me I thought they would be in good scoring defense is it is different players different makeup because I know -- -- money -- Boy if you -- play outstanding defense. And likened those gains we are nine into a because you all the opponents on the hundred. Well I mean you're exactly need to be reached at the -- to be featured in sports only -- -- -- grab. That sort of trouble be there it'll all this because I know where you -- with a much more here Richie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We've typically they'll they'll. Jokes you know they want more scoring in the league at the more it is. Yet they'll know that -- Certainly at the end of the way you'd think that made. The team to get to you look at the basket. Two to -- deal where you can be sure the important thing that she notes -- the real estate report line. They want -- -- you content to post and they don't want to give you need to pay them a lot of time. Even though it comes to give all one -- -- -- did a lot and you you'd play. You know and being simply. These guys -- Given the proper rotation there that they can too much did it say okay. I got my guy give me and unfortunately -- you know if you all that you guys get cute sometimes you that they give you came back and and that's what they have a lot of time NBA. You know great team defense you take care team is back. You know when you added injury what happened what you know ball and I think it may be a little bit if -- have gotten them easier cover up -- -- beat. If you talk about five guys not about you that you could quit line and -- -- decision speaks you can't go over because nobody honestly the -- you people mentally do you like it right. I would equate it to them yeah I don't look at the monitor reached but you know I've usually got back Albert right in the big man that it in quite the -- -- Man JD if they could be speaking here there's not a team though is in the finals last year -- final four it would take a player like that. Exactly and so you know when you lose that I've put guys you can't replicate what did you meet certain like you might give you might you know -- about the -- but. -- a long term are you talk it 21 o'clock thirty games. You know I've got a can get back to church goalie what you get a guy and an and it's Ers are bad but you look at our. Now John you look at the maturation of of Anthony Davis and where he's at to me. The light ball is clicking and you could see where he's been out there a dominant performances now vacated by himself but. Blowing you just look at at the numbers are recorded what double -- of four of his past five games that you look at the past five games he's averaging righted point three points. Eleven and a half rebounds and you throw went shooting 54% of in the field. I mean that. That that that's unbelievable that that that's that's hall of fame numbers I'm considered the best set of best out if you continue to do that. But as a blade and -- that he Davies those numbers are unbelievable. Bobby integrated thing. He really you know and -- you know -- -- you know like hopefully everybody pitched he really didn't have a go to move right now he built a lot of what he does. You can't break running and not get the rebound put back. You know they'll they'll give them a jump shot out hot but he's not a guy who take it out on the block and do you political ought to write a book on -- strong enough yet he's twenty years they'll start that -- like old people look at our true you're. Even -- that Blake Richard stripper that LaMarcus Aldridge are. You know those kind of got the Dubai for ten got right now both would be doing that pretty much on the top of the without having a -- -- -- Or a camera to a signature move would we what we -- right now really is just the block -- gotten beaten have a field. Job when you look at the team tonight to Houston Rockets -- you know they they put only show in the playoffs emaciated -- they're very few players is this. It's not been able to -- -- comprehended apartment early eighties to now that had explosiveness. In him when they got the ball in and you really feel like they can score. In a guy like James Harden and he's like that how -- that say what the move would Dwight Howard. This team will be able. Be -- small pin earmark about what they do -- -- post season are they ready do they have the pieces isn't just about our continuity coming together as one. Took him to hand him make a deep run on top of Western Conference semi Western Conference finals play out a RRD they had the type Emeka. Well they got that make up to me really their only problem is in the playoff generally generally as well it will be that you'd like to play more -- James Harden and and -- you know half court full court that really matter with him. But Dwight Howard you can get to -- to what you -- you kind of go out of the coast speed -- Q how are purely if he hit it 4% from the line up where -- -- right now. It hurt me because. Certainly in a tight game down the street you can or can't get on the court because he's the liability. Out -- it -- because if I doubt -- big -- And they don't have and they -- you -- out of their secondary did a good ballclub and put him at the -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- my -- he's not gonna get out -- In a year -- life. That's where they got -- and you get in the playoffs and the game -- -- what equipment I mean they have the whole you know highlight real thing on regular speed and you know that -- you know hotline heard about it although -- it slowed down in the you bumping on the -- at scorched and all of a sudden Blake Griffin and the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the problem -- that. They don't you out well. They don't have big -- at it rules and they can't really get the looks that they get there at a regular season. Italy or whatever they load the NBA and all these. That's what you thought about you know that would have written on the board because now you've got to do what everybody in the world exactly when what you don't do what you gotta do. Torch for that game here you -- you know everything about you. And John Boyle looking at the delegates schedule doesn't get any easier. -- -- with -- -- -- Golden State on Saturday and and that we all know like -- -- it been hard hit by injuries. But you look there in the midst of that losing streak now at six games what is gonna take. To turned around and it's sitting -- out of the rock is the Warriors a tough challenges in. And is -- maybe Jason Smith have -- a big game against Dwight Howard are all what it's gonna take. I mean I think for the most part you know -- is gonna have beaten them to -- -- out and what do you do -- like I would what he does actually it's well what. -- our protect the play. Equipment that. Speaker got between eighteen foot jumper didn't get it on the shot at how that would Angela that part of it like around the -- -- was a bit. Potentially it ever really buy into it and just went out for the most part I mean we are the main. You know a lot of time at the end -- and the image of Bill Campbell like the other night when they law that day. San Antonio there with the stretch at the end of the third quarter and left brief repeat that -- not they score. You can't have that get that thing you did you use it cannot have that bit that they they -- they demanded that bet that your work and Antonio won that game. That you have to figure out how to compete. And be competitive and play well the entire 48 -- did not speak about right now it -- it too much our power play 42 -- They got a whole 48 out of the and hopefully they can put them tell them to win now the question is if they get there who don't finish the game well -- you worry about that when you get there but wait. If you can get -- -- you get my deal but already -- characters and what you get to the slot but he. You gotta get that is why -- agree to the ridiculous and always do. What is our for the. Color analyst for the New Orleans pelicans take them out I won a -- three offense 7 PM tip. New Orleans Arena John decision dating happening value on Twitter at it made her. Jay thank you so much have a great call tonight or identity and are good habit to you are right job decision Shawn -- The play that play color analyst for the New Orleans pelicans on the exit to the pelicans 1053 WW -- him.